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Lego's all-female 'Women of NASA' toy set just went on sale — and it's already Amazon's best-selling toy
The "Women of NASA" toy set went on sale November 1. It follows a powerful trend of Lego selling products that are more female-inclusive.
By Dave Mosher

Lego’s new “Women of NASA” set is now available, and the product has already risen to the top of Amazon’s list of best-selling toys.

The set of 231 plastic pieces costs about $25 and went on sale Wednesday morning. Its instant popularity is not surprising to those who have been following Lego’s laudable — and presumably profitable — trend of selling toys that are more inclusive of women.

“Women of NASA” features four mini figurines of pioneering women from the space agency: the astronauts Sally Ride and Mae Jemison, the astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, and the computer scientist Margaret Hamilton.

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reblog and write in the tags how you got into mass effect 🌌

i did this in my old fandom and i read some amazing stories - i’d love to read about your stories as well !!

V excited to announce that Blackbear is coming along on the M A N I A Tour this fall!

East Coast, your tickets just went on sale, go get them! Just a reminder Philadelphia starts at 11am today, Brooklyn + Atlanta at 12pm today & Toronto tomorrow at 10am.

October 20th - Cleveland, OH @ Quicken Loans Arena - (Tickets)
October 21st - Saint Louis, MO @ Scottrade Center - (Tickets)
October 22nd - St. Paul, MN @ Xcel Energy Center - (Tickets)
October 24th - Detroit, MI @ Little Caesars Arena - (Tickets)
October 25th - Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre - on sale 5/6 @ 10am EST - (Tickets)
October 27th - Boston, MA @ TD Garden - (Tickets)
October 28th - Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center - on sale 5/5 @ 12pm EST - (Tickets)
October 29th - Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center - on sale 5/5 @ 11am EST - (Tickets)
November 2nd - Fairfax, VA @ EagleBank Arena - (Tickets)
November 3rd - Charlotte, NC @ Spectrum Center - (Tickets)
November 4th - Atlanta, GA @ Philips Arena - on sale 5/5 @ 12pm EST - (Tickets)
November 5th - Tampa, FL @ Amalie Arena - (Tickets)
November 7th - Houston, TX @ Toyota Center - (Tickets)
November 8th - Dallas, TX @ American Airlines Center - (Tickets)
November 10th - Denver, CO @ Pepsi Center - (Tickets)
November 12th - Seattle, WA @ KeyArena - (Tickets)
November 14th - Oakland, CA @ Oracle Arena - (Tickets)
November 15th - San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena - (Tickets)
November 17th - Inglewood, CA @ The Forum - (Tickets)
November 18th - Phoenix, AZ @ Talking Stick Resort Arena - (Tickets)


New Owari no Seraph merch on sale in the Jump Shop! 

Collection charms of Yuu, Mika, Guren, Shinya, Ferid, Crowley, Shinoa, Mitsuba, Kimizuki and Yoichi, and a new clear file! Also, for every 1,000 yen in selected products you get a limited book cover! The Jump Shop also has a bromide machine with 5 new OnS bromides: Yuu, Mika, Guren, Ferid and one in color of the new Shinoa squad!

Stroke of luck (Part-5)

Word count: 3500-ish

Pairing: Dean X Reader

Warnings: None. Fluff mostly.

Series Summary: Dark highway, middle of the night, a bad boy driving an Impala, and a Damsel in distress. Too cliche? Think again.

A/N: There is a hell lot of Sam in this part, but trust me, y’all need to understand this aspect of the story before anything progresses, which will after this chapter. So, hold on tight. Personally, I like this chapter so much! :D  Beta’d by the fantastic @sdavid09

Stroke of luck Masterlist

Sam however didn’t know what to make of the situation. As he climbed into the driver’s seat, he couldn’t help but mull over what his brother had told him. Dean said that the witnesses’ name was Sam, and she knew enough to know that it was a witch that had killed the boy. But Sam had talked to the officers and seen through the files. The witnesses’ name there was labeled ‘Violet Y/L/N.’ Sam couldn’t get rid of the queasy feeling in his stomach as he drove off towards the morgue, something didn’t quite add up here… Or that it all added up too well.

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Yes - even if L and H were no longer together, there's no way you could argue that Harry wasn't playing both sides to -*some* extent for this promo. There are things that seem deliberate and they're aimed at our fandom (the louis tweet, bee tattoo) And there's no chance they didn't know larries would interpret SC as being about Louis, yet they chose to release and promo it right before his tour tickets went on sale.

I’m actually just gonna copy/paste @iftheresnolove‘s comment on my last post about this because it pretty much is the answer to this ask: 

I also think he would never do that if either 1. the relationship that has ended. 2. the relationship had never happened and the other part of it were supposedly annoyed by it and had a kid. If it’s an actual relationship, which is what we believe, he’s not ‘keeping Larries onside’, he’s just being. Keeping the Larries onside in this situation is what both him and Louis have been doing since 2010. It’s called wanting support.

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what’s the latest on the jumbotron for andrew hussies cowardice

i wasnt able to get it since they sold out pretty much right the minute they went up

so im gonna wait till the next time they go up and hope ill be luckier 

a lady came through my line with 6 12 packs of cokes and 6 of those coupons you get from the coke company (the slick feely ones that have the box you write the coupon value in, up to 4.99, theres a limit of 4 per transaction but after this whole ordeal, my manager said to forget it, she just wanted this bitch gone)

we had 12 pack coke products on sale where they were 2.50 each (like a 4/5 for 10$ sale i think) and i told her i could only write her coupons for the 2.50 price, since they were on sale. she just glared at me. so i went to do it. her item total was 0$ after all the coupons, but her overall total was $1.01. because those coupons do not cover tax. at all. so i told her her total was 1.01, and that was for the tax. and she glared at me. Pissed off. Again. 

“Because these coupons dont cover tax, only the item cost.”
“Well i dont mean to be mean or make it hard on you buuuuuuuuuuuuuut the other cashiers waive the tax for me AND do it for the full 4.99 so i get money back." 

i just stared at her. none of us would do that shit. on our pos system, if the customers total goes below 1$ from coupons, we have to get it approved. which they never approve because it means they either a. scammed you or b. you did something wrong.

"Do you have a manager i can talk to”
i sure as fuck do Ma'am!

i called my manager and she told her the EXACT same thing i just did. we are not writing these coupons for 4.99 because the 12 packs are only 2.50 on sale. the coupons do NOT cover tax, you have to pay it.

this bitch just death glares us and says “Um Okay You say that but your other good cashiers do it for me soo clearly shes doing it wrong.” and my manager says “if they do it and i found out who it is, they’re being written up. this cashier isnt doing it.”

the lady paid her 1.01, and as she walked away she told her daughter i was a dumbass and was trying to scam customers and she would never come back again, as if that was really going to hurt my feelings. See ya!

literally the first thing I did when I went out this morning was fight with a racist white woman so I consider today not cursed but blessed because this bitch didn’t think anyone would fight her back. Imane 1 - white people 0

NU'EST W's Fan Meet Sells Out 20,000 Seats In Impressively Short Time

NU’EST W’s Fan Meet Sells Out 20,000 Seats In Impressively Short Time

NU’EST W sold out its fan meet in a matter of minutes!

On August 9, tickets for NU’EST W’s fan meet, “L.O.Λ.E & DREAM,” went on sale. In just three minutes, all 20,000 seats were sold.

The band enjoyed dominating popularity even before tickets went on sale, trending as key words on portal sites. As soon as the tickets went on sale, 25,000 people went online at the same time, crashing the website.

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EYYY NACHO, ff9 just went on sale for 10 bucks, so im buying it. does this count as a valentines day gift?

i cannot believe just a few hours after i said, “buy ffix if it goes on sale,” it’s actually 50% off. 


this post is ffix propaganda post. go buy ffix on steam since it’s on sale and the hd version is gorgeous.