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Garage Sales are surreal i just went to one and they had tarp full of a huge pile of vintage leather jackets for 25¢ each and the beach boys blasting on full volume in all my ears as an old man watched ominously

V excited to announce that Blackbear is coming along on the M A N I A Tour this fall!

East Coast, your tickets just went on sale, go get them! Just a reminder Philadelphia starts at 11am today, Brooklyn + Atlanta at 12pm today & Toronto tomorrow at 10am.

October 20th - Cleveland, OH @ Quicken Loans Arena - (Tickets)
October 21st - Saint Louis, MO @ Scottrade Center - (Tickets)
October 22nd - St. Paul, MN @ Xcel Energy Center - (Tickets)
October 24th - Detroit, MI @ Little Caesars Arena - (Tickets)
October 25th - Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre - on sale 5/6 @ 10am EST - (Tickets)
October 27th - Boston, MA @ TD Garden - (Tickets)
October 28th - Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center - on sale 5/5 @ 12pm EST - (Tickets)
October 29th - Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center - on sale 5/5 @ 11am EST - (Tickets)
November 2nd - Fairfax, VA @ EagleBank Arena - (Tickets)
November 3rd - Charlotte, NC @ Spectrum Center - (Tickets)
November 4th - Atlanta, GA @ Philips Arena - on sale 5/5 @ 12pm EST - (Tickets)
November 5th - Tampa, FL @ Amalie Arena - (Tickets)
November 7th - Houston, TX @ Toyota Center - (Tickets)
November 8th - Dallas, TX @ American Airlines Center - (Tickets)
November 10th - Denver, CO @ Pepsi Center - (Tickets)
November 12th - Seattle, WA @ KeyArena - (Tickets)
November 14th - Oakland, CA @ Oracle Arena - (Tickets)
November 15th - San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena - (Tickets)
November 17th - Inglewood, CA @ The Forum - (Tickets)
November 18th - Phoenix, AZ @ Talking Stick Resort Arena - (Tickets)

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Yes - even if L and H were no longer together, there's no way you could argue that Harry wasn't playing both sides to -*some* extent for this promo. There are things that seem deliberate and they're aimed at our fandom (the louis tweet, bee tattoo) And there's no chance they didn't know larries would interpret SC as being about Louis, yet they chose to release and promo it right before his tour tickets went on sale.

I’m actually just gonna copy/paste @iftheresnolove‘s comment on my last post about this because it pretty much is the answer to this ask: 

I also think he would never do that if either 1. the relationship that has ended. 2. the relationship had never happened and the other part of it were supposedly annoyed by it and had a kid. If it’s an actual relationship, which is what we believe, he’s not ‘keeping Larries onside’, he’s just being. Keeping the Larries onside in this situation is what both him and Louis have been doing since 2010. It’s called wanting support.

me, buying tickets to louis' tour

me: what the fuck? Already sold out?? But they literally just went on sale what the guck?
harry: *laughing from behind his computer after buying out all the seats*

Hotrealm Tour!

“Okay, I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten the hang of this tome– Hello again, everyone! Robin here– Oh. Wait. I just realized that might get a bit confusing with two of us… So if you like, you may call me Reflet! I’ve got pictures and information to share from the Outrealm we’ll be staying in! I hope everyone finds the place as charming as I do–! Only the best for all of you! Now, if you’ll direct your attention under the cut…”

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EYYY NACHO, ff9 just went on sale for 10 bucks, so im buying it. does this count as a valentines day gift?

i cannot believe just a few hours after i said, “buy ffix if it goes on sale,” it’s actually 50% off. 


this post is ffix propaganda post. go buy ffix on steam since it’s on sale and the hd version is gorgeous. 

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Yo, I'm at a corporate team meeting and the sales VP just went through this "motivational" powerpoint and it had a slide with a bunch of flames and shit on it and I said "THAT LOOKS LIKE MY MIXTAPE" and everyone just stared at me. My question is, should I get another job?

What a great exchange all around.

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How does one accidentally get a job?

Story time:

Okay so I’ve bee looking for a job for like a month and a half, right? No luck.
Today my dad and I decided to go biking as like a Father’s Day bonding deal, and when we got back, the condo next door to ours just went on sale recently and people are touring it. The owner of the whole condo complex is there and she and my dad get into a conversation about like fence renovations or something.
Enter Kirill, stage left.
I just wanted to get back inside so I could shower and feel alive again but the condo owner was like “have you ever done landscaping before?” And bam now she’s trying to get a hold of her sister who does landscaping and desperately needs an assistant.
And that’s how I might have accidentally gotten a job. We’ll see if her sister actually wants me to help, but fingers crossed.

Just Friends (A Janthony Fanfic)

I know I’ve been MIA but I wrote this this weekend and here it is. This is an au high school fic. This is VERY au, more than I usually write, but it was a lot of fun doing this one. Please just assume that Jas, Anthony, Oak, and Pippa are all the same age in this. 

Let me know how you like it! 


“Ugh…” Anthony groans, the sweat forming on his brow.

“Anthony, it’s not gonna fit,” Jasmine bites her lip, releasing the breath she was holding in, “It’s too big!”

“Will you relax? It fit before…” Anthony moves her hands away and gives it one final push before it’s jammed inside.

“Aha! I told you it would fit!” Anthony steps back from his locker, hands on his hips, and a smile on his face. He looks over at Jasmine who has her arms crossed against her chest.

“I told you not to bring your guitar case in the first place but you’ve proved me wrong once again Ramos.” She walks over to her own locker and opens it, grabbing her books for the day.

Anthony closes his and leans on his side, facing his best friend. There was only five minutes before their first class of the day but he was willing to wait for her.

He wasn’t sure why it happened, constantly waiting for Jasmine, but it did.

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this is the story about a man named