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“What’s Dipper Getting Bill for Christmas?” (2.5/4)

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Getting you (Chapter 1)

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Chapter 1: How we met

“Next” the security guard ushered us during the Bigbang signing session. 

It was my turn now but that girl isn’t even back here yet! 5 minutes, she said… my foot. Talk about foot, is she getting the cold feet now that her fan boy is right in front of her? Oh, her fan boy is Jiyong (G-dragon) you see…

I had no choice but to take her place since i’m holding on to her dear poster and CDs anyway. It’s not like i could tell the rest of them to go first before me, lol, i laughed to myself, what is this? Choosing cabs?

“Next,” the security man called again. It is now my turn.

Truth be told, i’m only here because i owe this girl, my best friend, Jessica, since i abandoned her the other time.

It was Daesung in the first seat from the rest of the four. 

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“Hi” I said calmly and handed him the posters and CDs to sign. It was hectic and so warm right here, with all the girls screaming on the other side, it’s quite surprising how these boys never once complained about it. Especially the last guy at the end. He was already sweating, sweat trickling down his forehead. But i got to admit, he’s handsome though. I shrugged to myself.

I didn’t even know i had aimlessly smiled to them and moved from the three guys already- which if i’m not wrong, Jessica kept squealing that they were Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri.

“Hi,” I smiled to the next guy, G-dragon, and he smiled back at me. 

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“Could you write down the name of to: Jessica or something like that? It’s for a friend and she have went to the toilet and i don’t know if she fell on to the toilet seat or inspecting herself through the mirror endlessly” I muttered, gaining a bigger gummy smile from him and he nodded, and signed. 

“Thanks” I smiled at him and tried to move forward to the last guy, T.O.P.

“What’s your name?” He asked, 

“Oh, it’s for Jessica. You can just write Jessica” I spoke, the whole time he didn’t raise his head, just signing whatever he needed. 

 “Um, and here” I slide a tissue to him. He gave a quizzical face at the tissue, before finally looking up. 

“You want me to sign here?” He asked, pointing to the tissue paper.

“What?” I was caught by surprise from his question. “Oh, no. I gave you that to wipe your face. You’re sweating, man” I said, as a matter of factly.

Earning a smile from G-dragon beside him who was already looking at us. 

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“Omg you didn’t call me when you’re already up here!” Somebody slapped my back from behind. It was Jessica.

“So glad you are finally here. Here, your signed poster,” I gave it to her, “and the boy of your dream” I casually pointed to GD. 

“Hi,” he said, and she meekly looked at him. oo….kk…. my friend just went full silent retard with her shy smiles. 

“Okay that smile is creeping me out and this place is hot. let’s go!” i half-whispered to her amusingly; 

“S-Sorry, she’s always so straight forward” Jessica spoke, “Could tell” TOP answered her while holding on to the tissue paper i gave him “She gave me this, for my sweat” He said, and Jess looked at me like i had been a lunatic doing crazy things.

Well, sorry i did a good deed. I rolled my eyes and shrugged at her. 

The people behind us were moving continuously so Jess and I walked away.


“They are so handsome aren’t they?” Jessica fan-girled again while we were walking off, looking at those two man sitting side by side who was smiling and talking to themselves. I sighed at her for being so hopelessly in love with this group of boys. I can understand the fascination, but she looked like she was about to cry earlier on and that surprised the shit out of me. It was hilarious though.

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Jess and I continued shopping, that is until she stopped in her tracks while looking at her phone. 

“What? Why? What’s wrong?” I inspected her expression.

“Oh my god. TOP just instagrammed the tissue you gave him” She squealed. 

“What?” I looked at her as if she’s crazy. “It could be a toilet roll and not from me” I laughed at myself, not believing whatever she said. 

“[Y/N]! Do you think a toilet roll will have a caption like this?” She shoved her phone in front of me and i looked at the pictures of a tissue. Three pictures of tissue to be exact. Different angle, same white plain piece of tissue.

Caption: From a fan #signingsession

I blinked several times at his caption and i was left there speechless.

Jess immediately took her phone back from me and typed something. 

I left to the toilet since i was in dire needs to relieve myself. Bladder problems; when halfway i was about to sit on the toilet seat, my phone beeped.

I checked and there and then, i could’ve almost swore that i withhold my pee while reading it.

“@choi_seung_hyun_tttop that’s my friend! @[Y/N insta username]”

What the hell??!?!?! My thoughts went wild and i was screaming from the inside, why is my friend doing this to me?! Oh gosh. She’s gonna get it from me. 

I quickly finished my toilet business, washed my hands and stormed out. 

“You did not just-” My phone beeped again, as well as Jessica’s. 

At the same time.

“Oh my god” She muttered to herself and smiled, which leads me to look at my phone too.

There is a reply….. from T.O.P.

To be continued….