just weeping in the corner

I drink and I hate-watch Game of Thrones.
—  And then I go on long-winded rants about how none of the characterizations make sense, the plots are poorly constructed, and what the fuck is this dialogue? I mean really. It’s fucked. Everything is fucked. Read the books.

Poor Hanzo, so much dragon potential but nothing in game to show for it.

The Lunar New Year stuff is great! I’ve already got the new Mei skin but I’d really like to pick up that new Reinhardt one as well. 

EDIT: So apparently I’m the least culturally aware Chinese person on the planet and that’s actually a lion head. I’ll just go silently weep in the corner now.

You ever think about how the man Thomas describes as his very good friend and the ONLY person who will stay and help Thomas, James and Miranda fight his father, ends up betraying him and being responsible for putting him in a mental asylum? Or about how James says most of the people who go to Thomas’s salons are pretenders and only go to feel radical? Or how half of London whispers that Thomas is mad?
How lonely he must have been, even with Miranda and later James (because to me Thomas seems like a very sociable person who likes people) and how frustrated he must have been, that he could have friends or he could have his beliefs (and shout them and fight for them) but he couldn’t have both. How angry he must have been at society for distancing themselves from him for wanting to do the right thing.

How ready to do something reckless to prove them all wrong.

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Your white haired Keith is so? Gorgeous? I had to take a minute and breathe. I stared at it for 20 minutes (still staring). I didn't even like the white hair Keith much but seeing your take on it? I changed my mind. lol! He's beautiful, Cathrel. You draw such gorgeous boys I just weep in a corner.

Thank you!! White-Haired Keith is my current fave OTL <33

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I keep rewatching the infamous scene where Pearl leaves Steven hanging on a cliff. It seriously makes me sick to watch it, Steven struggling to pull himself up and Pearl just sitting on the corner weeping instead of being, yknow, a mom? And Steven pushes away what was probably some trauma after ALMOST FALLING TO HIS DEATH to go comfort Pearl. It breaks my heart for him. It's disgusting that her ~hurt feelings~ keep getting placed over Steven almost literally DYING. Ugh. Bad writing.

Legit bad writing. And Hell, that wasn’t enough apparently. I would have forgiven Rose’s Scabbard if that was our closure episode for Pearl, the simple yet beautiful words “I think you’re pretty great” followed by that amazing final sequence of silence. That was wonderful! BUT NO. WE GET HER FUCKING SOB SCENE IN “We Need to Talk”, “Mr. Greg”, and “Three Gems and a Baby”. YES WE GET IT, SHE’S SAD, NEXT.

-Mod G

honestly Rose’s Scabbard made me realize exactly how douchey of a bitch Pearl can be. and I’d forgive all that if the narrative actually HAD HER APOLOGIZE OR OWN UP TO HER CRUEL DEEDS. But no. she gets coddled by the audience and writers and we get the classic “she is sad. that’s all you need to love and forgive her”
its like the damn diamonds.
pearl is so fucking evil

- mod s

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I just want to say that you are a God's gift to every fandom. I adore your art so much and you just don't know things your art do to me *weeps silently in the corner*. Thanks, thanks and many thousand thanks just won't be enough.

this is such a nice thing to say thank you so much……i’m going out to get coffee and i’m sure my coffee will taste 120% better because of this rad message bless your soul nameless blogger truly & sincerely

Frozen by the pressure,
Periods now prolonged,
Withdrawn from the pleasure,
Oh, how I have nothing at all,
Tormented by customs,
A fleeting fantasy,
Weeps away to the corner,
Oh, how it just mourns,
I don’t know how I got here,
Who decided I was fine,
To clean up this disaster,
And make something of myself.

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So Karasuno has regular twerking contests and the current champion is Suga, but one day after practice, as Tsukki and Yama are watching from the sides, Yama gather's his courage and struts up to the middle of the circle and just drops it down looooow and everyones like "what?? Yamaguchi???" and Nobody has been able to beat Yamaguchi yet (it's late help.) ~Cherry Anon