just water that i spill




licked it up

what the HELL, im TERRIFIED

Best Friends

Sometimes your best friends aren’t the ones you spend slumber partying saturday nights with. They’re not the ones who know all your secrets, all your quirks or even your birthday- your oldest friend isn’t the only good friend to have. Sometimes your best friends are the ones who drive you home from a party at 1 in the morning, buying you donuts and playing all your favourite childhood songs, not because she knows they’re your favourite, but because they’re her favourite too. Your best friends aren’t always the ones holding your hand through difficult times, or the ones with pictures of you in your awkward phase. Sometimes they’re the ones giving you room to breath, to grow, to find you five Fridays down the track in the corner of a graveyard getting high. They’re not always the ones to pick you up, sometimes they’re the ones who sit beside you. And there is nothing wrong with that.

TOP 10 Really Superficial Things to Take from Monday’s Episode

10.  Robert likes sleeping on the right side of the bed (Remember the hotel), but, he likes sleeping on the left side when he’s in the barn.

9.  Aaron takes a bath in just water.  I was looking for bubbles.

8.  I spilled my drink when I got caught off guard seeing naked Aaron in the bath.

7.  I dropped my sandwich when I got caught off guard seeing shirtless Robert in the bed. (My dog grabbed it and ran away).

6.  Robert definitely (expensively) decorated Aaron’s room when he moved in, it didn’t look like that before. 

5.  When Aaron was in the bath…I was looking for his hair gel and I think I saw It.  Also, I think I saw Robert’s moisturizer.

4.  Robert has like a thousand books on his side of the bed and Aaron has none. 

3.  Their bed is so small, Robert probably kicks Aaron so much when Aaron is sleeping.  By now, Aaron probably can’t sleep without being kicked-Aaron probably stayed awake all night in France.

2.  Robert brought so much bread for his proposal…I think he was just nervous and kept putting bread in the basket.

1.  If Aaron is going to take a bath with the door open, he can’t get upset when Charity walks in.

anonymous asked:

"I just spilled water all over your white button down t-shirt and now it's see through and man you're hot" percabeth au please.

  • Annabeth usually wasn’t so clumsy but three cocktails in and anyone becomes pretty easy to tip over 
  • she was in the middle of a hydration round when a frat boy runs by and knocks her over 
  • she runs into a chair and her water spills all over the stranger sitting in it 
  • “Oh my god I’m so sorry!” 
  • He stood up, his short sleeved button down completely soaked through and showing off his abs and swimmer’s v that made Annabeth’s mouth go dry 
  • he looked up at her and smiled immediately, his green eyes adding to Annabeth’s cotton mouth 
  • “Did Leo enter me in another wet t shirt contest without telling me?” 
  • he laughed which eased Annabeth’s worry and she let herself laugh along with him 
  • “I’m so sorry. My friend has been feeding me drinks and I finally managed to get something that wasn’t vodka and I spill it all over you.” 
  • “It’s ok, really. Water doesn’t bother me at all. I’m Percy by the way,” he said, holding out his hand 
  • she took it in hers, trying not to notice how surprisingly soft his hand was, “I’m Annabeth.” 

today on why i’m a human disaster: i decided to bring myself a glass of water to my room, yknow to have something to drink when i wake up. there is a small table near my bed which is Perfect and literally only there to put a glass of water on it. the only problem is that since the table is really fucking tiny my dog often drinks the water while i’m asleep…. so my sleep deprived brain decided i just need to make sure the water is covered so that the dog can’t drink it…. and what’s a better way to cover a glass of water than with the bottom of said glass! i mean it will be protected from all sides, what a genius idea-

anyways that’s the story of how i came to my room with a glass of water and spilled it all over the table by literally turning it upside down in an attempt to protect the water from my ever thirsty pupper