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Morganville Vampires Starter Sentences

» Feel free to change pronouns as needed. || Mix of fluffy, angsty, etc. «

  • “ Am I not ninja enough? Are you saying that I lack ninja? “
  • “ He did a ‘Batman’ and took off into the night. “
  • “ Warn a guy before you do a face-plant on the floor next time. I could have looked all heroic and caught you or something. “
  • “ If you love me, you’ll give me a taco. “
  • “ Your distant cousin, Jack the Ripper, dropping by too? “
  • “ Mornings are pure evil from the pits of hell, which is why I don’t do them anymore. “
  • “ Karma’s a bitch, and so am I. “
  • “ Your father’s an asshole. It’s not a disease. You don’t have to catch it. “
  • “ I’d feel a whole lot better about the two of us if you didn’t think I was the go-to guy for breaking and entering. “
  • “ —frothy fool-born apple-john! Cheater of vandals and defiler of dead dogs! “
  • “ Scoot over, man. I don’t like you that much. “
  • “ What, no grenade launchers? “
  • “ Tell that police lady to stop chasing me. “
  • “  I thought all geniuses read Latin. Isn’t that the international language for smart people? “
  • “ Next time you sell your soul to the devil, I get first contact! “
  • “ Weird that we got through the entire thing, and I didn’t have to hit anybody. “
  • “ What were you waiting for, flowery poetry? I hugged. I’m done. “
  • “ Gonna die of something. Might as well be chocolate. “
  • “ People get eaten in places like this. At the very least, we get locked in a room and terrible, evil things get done to us and put on the Internet. “
  • “ Horror movies are not documentaries. “
  • “ Hug somebody who cares. “
  • “ When I want to be lectured on strategy, I’ll consult someone who’s actually won battles. “
  • “ She smacked him so hard his momma felt it. “
  • “ See? My plans don’t all suck. Just most of them. “
  • “ I’m not dissing you, I’m ignoring you. There’s a difference. Dissing you implies I think you’re actually important. “
  • “ You humans, always eating. “
  • “ Did you just call me by my blood-type? “
  • “ I’m far too young and innocent for that kind of thinking. “
  • “ I don’t think I should be watching this. I don’t think I’m old enough. “
  • “ Drinking kills brain cells, dumbass. And, besides, if I give you one, that’s one less for me. “
  • “ Someone will pay for your suffering. Heavily. With screaming. “
  • “ My dad used to say that life’s a journey, but somebody screwed up and lost the map. “
  • “ Trade you cigarettes for a chocolate bar. “
  • “ Thank God, somebody sane. Well, sane-ish. “
  • “ If you ask me if I’m okay again, I’m going to smack myself in the face just to punish you. “
  • “ I love arguing with you. You always surprise me. And occasionally, you even make sense. “
  • “ Parents had some kind of sin radar. “
  • “ Don’t do drugs. I feel I ought to say that. “
Bullying is not tolerated.

So if you know me, you know I hate callout posts but unfortunately I’m forced to make one today because there is someone who has a history of abuse and manipulation without remorse for it in the Reylo community. She uses group chats and this community to find people to manipulate and I don’t want anyone else to have to deal with this. This all happened over skype and while it feels bad to put out private messages like this she has acted on this actions before and bullied people.

@jigglypuffnipples​, Nipples, or Kara made an anti-reylo-bs chat which was a way for some of us to vent out frustrations about antis but it turned sour fast and for many people was very uncomfortable. She knows full well that I’m going to call her out on this.

Now she is continuing to lie and manipulate a friend, and other people close to her. (I’m sorry this is long but its A LOT of shit awful shit and I appecate anyone that reads over it). TW: for manipulation, suicide baiting, violence, bullying, ableism

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So I took a massively long break. I needed time to deal with my personal life before I could want to write again. This little piece has been swarming my brain for a while and I wanted to get it out before last week’s episode, but alas life got in the way! This little beauty could be a stand-alone… Or a two parter… we’ll see what happens!

Amelia wrapped her sweater tighter around body, snuggling further into the seat on the airplane. She was wrapping up sending an email to Stephanie, briefing her on any remaining patients. The poor resident had no idea where she was going but had been told she wouldn’t be back for a while.

She had the patient’s pre and post op scans spread out into her lap as she furiously typed before the flight attendant came back and advised her to put her tray up and cell phone away.

“Okay that might be the coolest glioblastoma I’ve ever seen.”

Amelia looked up to see a woman, sitting down next to her, she smiled as politely as she could muster, which at this point probably came off as a slight grimace.

“Her sight and speech still in tact?”

Amelia nodded as she quickly sent the email and put her files in her bag as she put everything back into her bag under her seat.


Amelia smirked slightly. Okay maybe this woman wouldn’t be the worst travel guest.

She heard the mumblings of the flight attendant going over the in flight emergency procedures and the pilot announcing the travel time.

“Are you a surgeon?” Amelia asked.

The woman nodded as she buckled her seat belt and wrapped the scarf she had on around her shoulders to shield her from the coldness of the plane.

“I was at one point. I teach med students now. Neurosurgeon?”

Amelia nodded as the plane began to whir around then indicating take off was about to happen. Amelia shut her eyes, bracing herself for her least favorite part of traveling, moments later they were in the air.

“So what are you running from?”

“Sorry?” Amelia barely managed to croak out at the other woman’s bold assumption.

“Well you’re a surgeon. A successful one I gather based on that case.  So you’re not running from your job. You’re married. But your ring doesn’t have dings or a scratch so that means it’s a new marriage. So you could be running from him. Or her.” she stated indicating to her wedding band.

“But you definitely don’t have kids, because you’re not that type of runner.  So what exactly are you running from?”

Amelia felt her chest tighten at the stranger’s words. What was she running from? Her life in Seattle? Everything she built and created.  Owen? This man that loved her despite her flaws. A man that she in turn loved immensely, a love that she’d never thought she’d feel about someone else.

Herself? Was she running from herself? Probably. She’d done that her whole life. It was practically an art.

Amelia remained silent for a moment, fiddling with her hands. She had to given this stranger credit, she was relentless. And she picked a good place to corner someone. 36,000 feet in the air, with no possible escape. She watched as the women’s eyebrows rose before she opened the book on her lap, clearly thinking Amelia was done with all of this.

“I’m a recovering drug addict. And a recovering alcoholic. I developed a drug problem at 16 and it spiraled for a while. I pulled myself together as best as I could and got through some of my life.”

The stranger’s attention was pulled from her lap, shutting her book and tucking it into the seat pocket. The flight attendant had stopped near them and the stranger signaled to her, as she appeared to take their drink orders.

“Coffee good with you?”

Amelia nodded as the flight attendant wrote it down and disappeared. The woman turned back to Amelia, as Amelia cleared her throat nervously. She had to question why she was disclosing information to a strange woman she’d only met thirty minutes ago.

“So you’re running from your drug problem?”

Amelia shook her head explained her almost half a year of sobriety and over five years without prescription drugs. Went on to explain where she was in her life now, discussed how she was newly married. Everything.

She watched as her travel companion listened intently as she felt the words violently untangle from lips, hardly taking a break as she gave her life story to a stranger. The woman didn’t appear to judge or think too much into Amelia’s words.

“My…. My… he really wants a baby.”

She watched as the other woman nodded, her hands quickly taking the coffee from the flight attendant, holding both mugs, not trusting Amelia’s shaky demeanor to hold on to a cup of hot liquid. She put her tray down putting both down, motioning to the sugar and milk, silently asking Amelia if she wanted any.

“And you don’t?”

Amelia’s lips felt dry and breath felt short. She let out a sigh, as she rung her hands nervously.

“I did… I do. I wanted five at one point. I just….I lost my son. When I was getting clean, I found out I was pregnant. I found out pretty late into the pregnancy. And then I found out that he had anencephaly.”

She watched as the stranger’s eyes literally sparked every emotion one could think when digesting information like that. Amelia looked down to avoid her gaze. She stared at her hands for a moment before she felt a hand cupping hers.  She looked up again, relishing in the warmth of her kind gesture.

“I held him when he was born… and then he donated all his organs. And it all almost killed me.”

She swiped at her eyes as tears bubbled to the surface. She felt a tissue being pressed into her clasped hand. She took it and quickly wiped her tears away.

“When I met my husband…. I knew I wanted kids with him. But then suddenly we were married and trying. And I wasn’t… I just don’t want to let him down. I want to be able to give him everything he’s ever wanted. But what if I can’t?”

The stranger squeezed Amelia’s hand before giving her a reassuring smile.

“I could say the medical perspective and remind you that the chances of something happening to any future babies is slim to none. Or I could give you my real advice.

Amelia smiled slightly at her cantor and swiped her eyes again with the crumpled tissue. She nodded encouraging her to be real and honest with her.

“You seem like someone that’s meant to be a mom. And not everyone has that quality.  And by everything you’ve told me about your husband… he sounds like he wants to give you everything in return. He wouldn’t want you to feel this much guilt about being afraid to tell him how you’re really feeling.”

Amelia nodded agreeing with her. She knew Owen and she knew his heart. As badly as he wanted a baby as soon as possible, she also knew how much he loved her. Respected her, wanted to make her always feel safe and loved.

“I think you’re almost ready. You’re almost there. You’re scared to have something go wrong. And you’re scared that the love for a future baby will overpower the love you have for your son. Your son will always be your son. He’d want you to keep moving forward.”

The woman squeezed Amelia’s hand tightly before they were interrupted with the pilot’s voice announcing their final descend, their short flight quickly coming to a close.

“Thank you.”

The woman bat her hand slightly as if to say, not a big deal, that she gave life advice out like this daily.

“I better get a baby picture one day.”

The two women chuckled as they gathered their things and put them back under their seats as to not let the final aircraft’s movements jostle them around.

“Okay you have to tell me something about you. I just gave you my life story in an hour. ”

The stranger chuckled and reached into her bag, pulling out her wallet. She grabbed it sitting it in her lap.

“Well I couldn’t talk your ear off about my great husband or kids. I don’t have either. But… it just wasn’t in the cards for me. And I‘m okay with that. My job and my students mean everything to me. And I feel like this is the second part of my life… you know? Like the first part was someone else’s.”

Amelia nodded understanding her words more than the other woman probably truly understood. The plane hit the ground jostling them both slightly. She watched as her new friend pulled a photo out of her wallet, the photo clearly a older one as it was crumpled and weathered.

“This was a part of my first life. One of the best parts.”

Amelia took the outstretched photo smiling at how proud the woman was to let her in on a special part. She first noticed the familiar face of the stranger next to her, and then noticed the rest of the picture.

She felt her breath catch in her throat, as she looked at the picture closer thinking she was imagining things. Staring back at her were the smiling faces of Owen and Nathan, sandwiching the woman between them, all matching in military uniforms.

It was then she realized who this woman was and the magnitude of this situation. She suddenly noticed her curly red hair and pale skin, her nose that looked like Owen’s. 

She smiled as best as she could as she handed the picture back to her. The sound of her seat belt clicking off as everyone started to move around in the plane. She watched as the woman beside her gathered her things and outstretched her hand.

“Good luck with everything. I know it’ll work out just fine.”

Amelia stood up; also grabbing her own things, feeling incredibly dazed and lost. She took her hand shaking it back, her last attempt to confirm her suspicions.


“Nice to meet you Amelia. I’m Megan.”

Unsolicited Opinions on the Vampire Knight Fandom War/Therapeutic Ranting

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First of all, I’ll give full disclosure by saying I barely deserve to call myself part of the VK fandom as a whole or the Zeki family because I have been out of the loop since 2013 when that ending killed my soul. Also, grad school ate up all my time to spend emotionally stewing in my feels about this story over the past couple of years. But I’m going to post my thoughts on the current Vampire Knight fandom war anyway because after only a week back in it, I am seriously baffled by what is going on here. I’m going to try to break my ideas down I guess for anyone reading this but it is more rant than analysis, really. 

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A few dark cartoons for those who are interested

So if you have ever been in one of my livestreams, chances are you know about my love for dark cartoons from my childhood. I need to distract myself a bit from work right now and decided to make a short list of a few of the cartoon shows and movies that stuck with me for one reason or another, some of them from my childhood, some of them from not so far back. I’ll give a very basic non-spoilery summary and, in a separate part, an example that is probably spoilery.
My only „rule“ is that they’re not rated for mature audiences. These are just some creepy, strange or downright disturbing animated series and films that I like and that you may wanna check out if you’re interested. Remember, these aren’t the worst things out there, far from it! But it’s the sometimes subtle horror of children’s cartoons that is a special brand of dark. I am not putting any links here. This is also a lot from my memory, so I apologize should I get something wrong.

The Animals of Farthing Wood (1993)

Summary: Based on a book series, this is a show about a bunch of animals who need to find a new home after their forest is destroyed by mankind. They make a pact to not kill each other and instead help each other out until they reach their goal, but their journey is long and full of danger, with several animals dying horrible deaths along the way. They don’t shy away from showing blood either. I also remember it having one of the worst romantic relationships I’ve ever seen. The show has 39 episodes and was broadcasted on channels for children.
This was kind of like a kid’s version of Game of Thrones, as in: I watched this show. Most of my friends watched this show. And we’d always discuss the latest deaths and hope our favorites didn’t die.

Examples: There’s a kind of infamous scene where a red-backed shrike kills all the baby mice and impales them on a thorn bush. Yes, you see the baby corpses with blood and everything. The show is also unintentionally hilarious at some points because sometimes, none of the characters give a shit about somebody’s death and they just move on and never mention it again immediately.

The Yearling (Kojika Monogatari) (1983)

Summary: This one fucked me up as a kid, as in: this one stuck with me so intensely that I still remember the entire scene frame by frame after more than 15 years. It taught me that life isn’t fucking fair at the age of 6 or something.
This is another one based on a book (most of these are), it’s the story of a farmer boy who one day finds a fawn in the woods and keeps it as his pet. The whole show is kinda boring now that I think of it, it’s the boy growing up with his best friend and pet and he has his ups and downs. Until the last few episodes happen.

Examples: I am including this because of the last I think three episodes. in short: character death and emotional trauma. This show has about 50 episodes, so you’re with these characters for a rather long time. I am just going to spoil the ending, so if you want to go blindly into this, please stop reading this now: Near the end, the protagonist’s best friends becomes  sick, but it looks like he’ll be okay. Until the boy one day wants to visit him and finds the whole family grieving; the friend is dead. We experience the very sad funeral and hope that please, let the last two episodes bring us some hope. But no, the now grown-up deer eats all the crops and the boy, after failing to chase his now only friend in the world away, has to shoot him in the head. And that’s the end. It literally ends with a boy losing the last friend he has by killing him and then having to take over the farm at age 14 or something. That’s the ending.
Fun fact: You know what the German title of this show translates to? „All my friends“ . What a happy title to this tragedy.

Felidae (1994)

Summary: This one wasn’t aimed at children, but i’s rated 12 and up, so it counts.
Felidae is a murder mystery with cats. The main character, Francis, moves to a new home with his owner and immediately finds a dead cat in the courtyard. He starts to investigate and soon finds out that there is a serial killer on the loose. Really, it’s a detective story with cats.

Examples: Gore. So much gore. This is one of the most violent cartoons I’ve ever seen, even if I included animated movies with an R rating. I have no idea how this was rated 12. There’s beheading, disemboweling, explicit animal experiments, torture, a gutted pregnant cat, all in full plain view. It wasn’t made by a major studio, but the animation is pretty decent. Nothing spectacular, but decent. Also, the gore seems to have the best animation. Oh also, on a non-disturbing level, there’s a cat sex scene with saxophone music.
I personally really like this one. It has it’s hiccups, but it’s interesting and I love murder mysteries. I thankfully didn’t watch and read this as a little kid.

Mountain Villa Murder (from Detective Conan) (1996)

Summary: More murder mystery! This is from Detective Conan (aka Case Closed), an anime series about a brilliant young detective named Conan who is turned into a little boy because of a strange poison. While he tries to find a way to become an adult again, he lives with his crush and her father, who both don’t know who he really is. The father is a detective as well (though a bad one) and Conan stays at his side, secretly solving all the mysteries for him. I watched this all the time in elementary school and I still find enjoyment in it today.

Examples: Mountain Villa Murder Parts 1 + 2. There are a lot of brutal episodes, most of the cases were murders after all, but I think Mountain Villa Murder (episodes 34 and 35) are a great example to show how elaborate and gruesome the killings would get sometimes. I don’t want to spoil anything about these episodes.
Watching the entire show is sadly kinda exhausting because A) at some point you just know this is never gonna end and B), there are certain patterns to most cases and once you figure these out, which sadly happens quite quickly, you can usually guess who the culprit is even before the murder happens. But it’s still entertaining as hell, at least to me.

Pingu’s dream and Pingu in the Ice Cave (1990)

Summary: My country seems to have produced exactly two pop-culture relevant things: Oh Yeah by Yello and Pingu. The latter is a cute stop-motion show about a little penguin named Pingu who basically behaves like a little boy. It’s about him doing pranks and getting shit for it, there’s a lot of hugging in it which is really cute and also sometimes, stuff goes wrong. Usually, it’s harmless though. Usually.

Example: There are two episodes that scared me on two different levels. If you have 5 minutes, I urge you to watch „Pingu’s dream“, an infamous little episode of that show, where he has a nightmare that completely derails from kinda funny to utter horror when he encounters a giant walrus, straight up from the Uncanny Valley, tormenting him. It’s kinda funny, but the walrus looks and sounds way too creepy.
The other one is „Pingu in the ice cave“. I don’t know if this is just me to be honest, but this is one of the first and only times I felt actual fear during a movie. Pingu and his friend get stuck in a big ice cave and try to find their way out. That’s it, but it’s unsettling. They’re all alone, nobody knows they’re in there, there’s a scene where the friend just sits down and cries in despair. It’s just such a horrifying scenario that it still fills me with dread to watch it. The friend crying in fear of his life is too much. It’s just 5 minutes, but it’s really kinda unsettling to watch. Nothing too bad I suppose, but still… it’s kinda like The Descent with penguins.

I also wanna mention Watership Down (1972) and Plague Dogs (1982), which most people know about already though.

These are the first few that came to mind, there’s tons more, of course, but for now, that should be enough. If anyone is interested, I can do another one of these some day. Thank you for reading!

Stir Crazy

Anon: Please can you write a fanfic about an overprotective Castiel or Gabriel , they are protecting Dean and Sam’s little sister the universal prophet

Okay, this is heavily influenced by the facts that 1) I was watching Moana clips last night and 2) I live where it’s very cold and I don’t like cold that much. So, to the Nonnie who asked, I hope that this works for you! Like always, feel free to send me any suggestions, tagging requests, and whatnot.

Summary: Reader, the Winchester’s sister, is a prophetess who is still learning from the angels charged with protecting her: Castiel and Gabriel. She is going absolutely mad from cabin fever.

Warnings: Fluff (NOTE: I tried to make the relationship between the reader and Gabriel platonic, not romantic.)

Tags: @winchesters-favorite-girl @the-third-winchester-warrior @jensen-jarpad @sister-winchester-imagines

An ancient television set in the corner of the room flickers to life as you mess around with the knobs. For the three-billionth time. You pace around the motel room, bored completely out of your mind. The research books that Cas had provided supplied nothing for your curious mind and you couldn’t catch any type of signal on the black and white tv. Your phone and anything electronic was currently off limits in case anyone tried to trace the signal back to you. Could you understand why the ‘house arrest’ was necessary? Yes. Could you deal with it? Not in a thousand apocalypses.

You sigh as you lie back down on a rickety bed and kick off your boots. The springs squeak gently as you lower yourself onto it. Cas promised that he wouldn’t be gone for long. Just enough to make sure that everything was okay with your brothers Sam and Dean. You look at your watch. Well, apparently over an hour qualified for the ‘long enough’ category. You pick up a mythology book and stare at the text. You the open book fall on your face.

“Why me?” you say exasperatedly. Course, with the pages on your face, it probably sounded like, “Fmrhmph mphhhh!”

You hear a flutter of wings; your adrenaline spikes. Under the musty pillow, your fingers curl around the knife you hid. You take the book off your face, almost welcoming a battle to happen. As soon as you see who has entered your room though, you disappointedly let the knife go.

“I have returned, Y/N.”

“Yeah, I can see that Cas. How’s life at the bunker?”

“Sam and Dean are fine. They are actually doing some work on a vampire case in Tennessee currently.”

You jump off the bed. “So what are we waiting for? Let’s go chop some heads and let blood fly!”

Cas looks at you with a mixture of concern and disgust. “Why would you get excited at the prospect of decapitation?”

“My bros need me. You know it’s not safe if they go take care of stuff on their own! C’mon Cas! Please let me go with them! Just this once?”

The angel shakes his head. “Allowing you to go on a dangerous hunt would be violating protocol.” You throw your hands up in the air and begin to pace the room. Again. Cas tries to console you. “If anything happen to you, your brothers would kill me. I have been charged with protecting you.”

“You’re not the only one who’s supposed to be watching our girl.” A sly voice pops into the conversation. You hide a small smile from Castiel as your buddy the archangel appears in the room. “Afterall, it’s not like she’s jonesing around doing all kinds of immoral stuff, right?” Gabriel winks at you.

“Shut up, Gabe,” you smirk.

He puts his hands to his heart sarcastically. “I am offended! Here I am, coming to bestow upon you a treasure for which I have searched far and wide to discover and you treat me like a simple peasant!”

“What treasure? Tell me!”

Gabriel makes a zipping motion across his lips. “Mmh-mm.”

“C’mon! Please!”

Cas sighs in the corner. “Theatrics…” he mutters disdainfully.

“Is that the way this is going to be? Fine then.” You grin as you get into medieval character. “My most humble apologies to the guardian of my honor, a knight of the highest chivalry, the protector of-”

“All right, all right. You’re milking it now.” He grins and tosses something to you.

“Finally! Something besides rabbit food!” You crack a real smile as you tear vigorously shred the wrapper off a Three Musketeers bar. “Cas over here doesn’t seem to understand the importance of chocolate in a daily diet,” you gesture to the sullen angel in the corner with your prize.

“I promised your brothers to keep you safe and in good health. There is nothing healthy at all about candy.”

Gabe raises an eyebrow teasingly. “What are you now, Doctor Dismal? Even the Aztecs knew the importance of chocolate during the day. Let the kid have some fun!”

“She’s more than a child, Gabriel.”

“Yeah, yeah, we all know. The Universal Prophetess Supreme!” He makes jazz hands on the last words. Gabriel turns to address you. “So, what’s all this about still being on house arrest?”

You shrug. “Dean and Sam are on hunt without me and I’m done with these books. Again. I guess I’m just…stir crazy.”

“All right then.” Gabriel turns to his angelic brother. “Cas, I’m taking her out for a one-on-one archangel/prophet training session at the library. I’ll keep in touch.”

You groan on the bed, but Castiel nods. “Very well. You have been here for some time. It would not hurt to take training to another location.”

“Great. More dusty scroll reading! Just what I need!” You gripe sarcastically. Gabe puts a hand on your shoulder before you can protest anything else. You blink as the archangel teleports you away. You expect the little library smells and sounds. Minor talking in the background, turning pages perfuming the air with that “old book” smell, pencils scratching on paper, and creaking of shelves being passed.

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Instead, you smell the beautiful combination of dead fish and salt spray. You hear gulls crying and gentle waves slapping against the side of a sandy shore. Your toes sink into petite grains of sand. Sunlight beams down on your face and heavy hunting clothing. The sky is radiantly blue against an even bluer ocean. Tinted sea foam rolls onto the ground next to your feet. You turn around in absolute amazement. While the view you first saw was all blue, behind you is various shades of green so bright and vivid, you pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming.


“Ahem.” Beside you a little ways sits your guardian angel, sipping on a soda can under a cabana umbrella. In a Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts. He smiles and points to the waves. “Aren’t you gonna jump in?”

“I-I-I’m not dressed…”

“Psh. That’s what you’re worried about?” He snaps his fingers. No longer in jeans and flannel, you’re in a cherry one piece swimsuit decorated with white dolphins and small hibiscus flower outlines. A simple turquoise wrap skirt is knotted around your waist. “How about now?”

The child inside you leaps for joy. You rush towards water, your bare feet slapping the damp sand. You rush into the salty waves and dive. You shake your wet hair out of your face when you come up. You laugh blissfully, splashing and swimming in the glorious tropical ocean.

“Best! Research! EVER!” You cannot contain your happiness.

Gabriel smiles at your laughter, allowing for some pride to swell in his heart for his young friend. After a while, he pulls out a beach towel from thin air that matches your wrap skirt. You haul your soaking wet self out of the water. You sit down by your friend.

“Does that satisfy your stir craziness, Miss Prophetess?”

You grin and roll your eyes at the teasing name he gave you. “Thanks Gabe. I needed this today, especially after that hideous weekend studying ancient writing forever.”

“Don’t mention it kid,” he states waving his hand dismissively. “You looked like you needed some sunshine.”

“So, where are we then?”

“Some island I found in the Bermuda Triangle. I call this place ‘Gabriel’s Ultimate Island of Food, Happiness, and Hakuna Matata’,” he pauses as you laugh. “But, I think you might enjoy it as somewhere to study. Become a prophetess.”

You stare surprised. “Really? You’re serious?”

Gabriel nods. “There’s a cabin up there on the other side of that bend. Cas and I would come here to help you instead of cooping you up in some ratty motel. Plus, it’s pretty much unapproachable by anything evil ever since I set up the warding line in the reef. And man has yet to invent something to get past this angel power shielding the island.” He raises an eyebrow playfully as you glance everywhere, taking every little detail in. “So. Whadda’ya say?”

“What about my brothers?”

“Dumb and Dumber? Sure, I mean, if you wanted, I could have them come check in. Don’t think their flannel culture would fit in, but, hey, that’s between them and the fish.” He points out a pod of dolphins leaping past in the distance. “Now, this ain’t all fun and games. You’d be working hard, reading texts, doing prophety…things. But would this be better?”

“Anything’s better than that motel in the middle of Iowa,” you readily reply. “I’m in. On one condition”

Gabriel shrugs. “Anything, kid.”

“I get to change the name.”

“Wow. I provide a whole island for you, complete with water slide from the room in your cabin to the ocean, and you want to change the name?”

You laugh. “Picky, aren’t I?”

“Fine, fine, you rascal. Island’s all yours. And what do you plan on calling my awesome island?”

You take a deep breath, inhaling all the tropical and nautical scents. You smile at your best friend. “Filemu.”

Ryan’s Girl (Ryan Haywood/Reader)

Anon said: Ryan x Reader; Reader is brought up on The Patch

Word Count: 644

Warning(s): None!

Summary: The boys all talk about you on the newest Let’s Play.

Author’s Note: I had to change the prompt a little because I’ve never watched a full episode of The Patch (I saw the few minutes of Geoff bringing in his controller for the whole GiveMeYourMilk thing, but that’s it), so I made it a Let’s Play instead. Sorry, anon! Also, I was incredibly motivated to write after seeing a very kind message from kelseywritesthings (who I’m not going to tag because I don’t want to bother her), so you can absolutely thank her for this fic. I just. I have no words. Everybody go read everything she has ever written ever, because it’s better than what I’ve ever done for sure, and so her extraordinarily sweet message just about killed me. Thanks again.

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“This feels fuckin’ weird,” Mickey said as he and Ian handed over their tickets to the vendor at the stadium doors.

“Why because we’re doing this legally for a change?” Ian grinned, folding the ticket stub and putting it into his back pocket.

“Just ain’t natural,” he said, eyeing Ian up in his tight White Sox t-shirt.

“Yeah, yeah, come on,” Ian said, slinging an arm over Mickey’s shoulders and smiling as he let out merely a small huff of annoyance at the public show of affection.

Ian had actually bought Mickey tickets to a Sox game for his birthday, Mickey had laughed out loud because in all the times they had been to a game they had never once paid for tickets. Being respectable was definitely an adjustment.

They headed in to find their seats and sat down, Mickey stretching out over Ian’s space too. Ian gave him a shove and Mickey grinned before sitting up properly to let Ian sit down.

“Not a bad spot man,” Mickey said, looking out over the playing field.

“Pretty nice day for it too,” Ian said. “You’re going to get sunburnt though, always do.”

“Fuck you I ain’t wearin’ sunblock,” Mickey said and Ian chuckled.

“Yeah, I know, you’re a big tough man who’s just gonna deal with it, fuck the sun,” Ian grinned.

“Fuck the sun,” Mickey repeated, making a motion to the guy walking around selling beer.

“Not to mention you love making me rub the lotion on you when you get burnt,” Ian said and Mickey gave him the finger.

As they waited for the game to start they downed a beer, maybe two, and argued about ball players and tactics. Ian had one of those giddy smiles on and Mickey still thought Ian hadn’t noticed the fact that he was checking him out.

Ian had waited a long time to be able to do this, and Mickey even let him hold his hand discretely while they watched the first and second innings, after that he conceded to letting Ian throw a casual arm around his shoulder.

It was about halfway through the afternoon, during a break in play that the familiar cringe-worthy kiss-cam music began to play and most people’s eyes went to the big screen.

“Saw a video the other day of some guy on the phone refusing to do this shit, mascot came and stole his girl,” Mickey said and Ian chuckled, watching the couples on screen plant awkward kisses on one another.

Mickey took out his phone, clearly disinterested and Ian just took the beer out of his hand and took a swig. As he downed the last of the cup the camera changed and suddenly he was looking up at his own face on the screen, his hand still sitting on Mickey’s shoulder. He grinned, nudging Mickey hard in the side until he looked up.

Jesus Christ…” he muttered, putting a hand to his forehead as his cheeks turned a bright shade of scarlet.

There were hoots and hollers from the seats around them, even one woman yelling ‘kiss’ over and over again. Ian reached out and gently pried Mickey’s hand away from his face before giving him one of his best Ian smiles that he knew Mickey loved, and despite his blushing cheeks, Mickey gave in.

Ian cupped his face in his hand and leant in to press his lips against Mickey’s. The crowd was jeering loudly but Ian’s eyes were closed as he parted his lips and kissed Mickey a little harder, savouring the moment and trying to hide the smile on his face as Mickey kissed him back.

Their tongues met, just a quick moment of teasing before Mickey’s hand was on Ian’s shoulder and he was pushing him back.

“You know you’re a dead man right?” he asked without the slightest hint of malice in his voice.

“Totally worth it though,” he grinned.

As they sat back in their seats the crowd cheered and there were wolf-whistles and appreciative commentary coming from all angles. Mickey was, of course, blushing like the entire stadium had seen him naked, while Ian sat back and just looked at him like he was the most exquisite thing he had ever seen.

“Mouth shut about this Ian,” he said.

“Alright, okay,” he said.

“And get that stupid fucking grin off your face,” he said.

Ian couldn’t do that, so he shut his mouth and put his arm around Mickey’s shoulder giving him a squeeze. Mickey huffed a sigh but leant into Ian’s chest, trying not to make eye contact with anyone in the seats that surrounded them.

When the game was over they headed out, a few people giving them looks and unsubtle smiles as they left the stadium. Apparently their kiss had been one of the more memorable ones. Mickey just shot Ian a high eyebrow 'I am so going to kill you’ glare.

They made their way back to the Gallagher’s, summer was pool season after all. Lip was leaning over the edge talking to Fiona who was sitting on the steps with V having a beer in the late afternoon sun.

“Yo, how was the game?” Lip asked.

Mickey took a puff on his cigarette as they walked over. “Shitty, Sox lost,” he said.

“Yeah well no shit, the Sox suck,” he said with a smile.

“Ignore him, he’s just pissed because he lost money on the game,” Ian said and Mickey flipped him off.

“Speaking of, who had money on Mickey coming back three shades redder than when he left?” Lip said and Mickey narrowed his eyes at him.

“That’d be me,” V said. “You ain’t as dirty as you used to be so now you’re just the whitest white boy in America.”

Fiona laughed and Ian tried not to.

“I’ll take my ten bucks now,” she said to Lip who shook his head.

“Excuse me, I think you both owe Debs,” Fiona said, looking through her phone.

“What the fuck are you betting on now?” Mickey said.

“Debs had fifty on the two of you-” Lip started before V yelled over him.

“Hold up, hold up, let 'em watch,” she said as Fiona turned the phone around for them to see.

Jesus…” Mickey groaned as he came face to face with a kiss-cam video of Ian pulling him in for a kiss and then four seconds of shameless making out.

Fiona and V were grinning and lip was giving the two of them an arrogant smile. Ian leant down and kissed Mickey on the cheek before he was shrugging him off.

“You’re a dead man Ian!” he said, walking past a cackling Fiona and V on the stairs to head inside. “And shut the fuck up Lip!” he yelled before the door slammed behind him.

“You know he might actually kill me,” Ian said.

“Yeah but what kind of family would we be if we didn’t give you shit for that,” Fiona said.

“Just be glad he kisses you like that still,” V said as she watched the video again. “You got a baby and still look so disgusting in love?”

“Come on, get out of those clothes and come join us in the pool,” Fiona said, stripping out of her shirt and hopped off the stairs.

“Let me just go and do damage control,” he said with a smile.

He headed inside to see Mickey standing in the kitchen with a beer.

“Next time, we’re sneakin’ in,” he said.

“Oh come on, they’re just teasing,” Ian said, walking over to him and looping his arms around Mickey’s waist.

“I know, fucking kiss-cam shit,” he grumbled before Ian was sweeping him into another passionate embrace.

“Want me to put some lotion on you? Make you feel better?” he asked through the spaces in their lips.

“Fuck you,” Mickey said, nipping at his bottom lip. “Later, first I’m going swimming.”

“Please don’t try and drown Lip,” Ian asked.

Mickey scoffed, pushing Ian away as he headed towards the door.

“That wasn’t an 'I won’t’ Mick,” Ian said and Mickey grinned and gave his eyebrows a flick before he was gone.

“Yep, he’s totally dead,” Ian said, grabbing a beer before heading out with him.

Percy Jackson and the olympians sentence starters
  • “That’s not what I meant.” 
  • "Which one is me?”
  • “God alert!“
  • “Can you surf really well, then?”
  • “ Now, if she’d invented pizza-that I could understand.”
  • “Remind me again-why do you hate me so much?“
  • “Hey, can I see that sword you were using?”
  • “Nothing like watching your relatives fight, I always say.”
  • “ Well, we kind of tried to kill each other in a duel to the death.“
  • “It’s useless to lecture a human.”
  • "The little deformed one,”
  • “Oh, shut up.”
  • "I don’t know. But I just know that I’ll be fighting next to you.”
  • “ Any more stupid questions?”
  • “Every time I’m around you, some monsters attack us. What’s to be nervous about?”
  • “I’m calm,“
  • “ Am I a troubled kid? Yeah. You could say that.”
  • “ I don’t hate you.”
  • “ if you’re going to kill me, could you just get on with it?”
  • “ “We’ve learned that your plans really, really bite!”
  • “Save yourselves!”
  • “There is always a way out for those clever enough to find it.”
  • “Lots of death, huh? Personally, I’m trying to avoid lots of death, but you guys have fun!”
  • “Can’t this thing go any faster?”
  • “No argument here.”
  • "I’m a vegetarian.”
  • “Sugar and caffeine. My willpower crumbled.”
  • “You’re afraid of heights.”
  • “Just take the compliment. I swear, is it so hard?”
  • “Not all powers are spectacular.”
  • “ Uh…don’t we deal in myths?”
  • “ No, I mean it’s a MADE-UP myth. Not like, an actual true myth.”
  •   “I know, I’m an idiot!“
  • “ "I don’t understand." 
  • “You forgot, didn’t you?”
  • "You are so good,”
  • “ “How do you greet a god? “
  • “The rivalry ends here,“

Request: Can you do one where the reader goes out with some old hunting buddies and Dean gets jealous because her and her male friend are close Dean and the reader have feelings for each other though. Then maybe some cute fluffy smut Jealous!DeanxReader, Thank you SO much love in love with your blog and your beautiful awesome work Muah…

Word Count: 3,185

Pairing: Jealous!Dean x Reader, A little of Sam x Dean.

Warnings: Jealousy? Angst, and smut.

A/N: This is a rewrite cause I lost the original imagine but I loved this idea so I’m happy to write it again lol. Hope you enjoy! Sorry for short smut, I was around my parents while writing it so it was really awkward lol.

~~~~~~~ Rock, Paper, Scissors on it? ~~~~~~~~~~

“Hey guys, I’m inviting an old friend with us to go to the bar so yeah if not okay deal with it cause he’s on his way.” You chuckled leaning against the door frame to the kitchen staring at Sam and Dean while they get ready to go on your guys night out. “But I thought it was just gonna be us three to celebrate for all the hard work we’ve done lately?” Dean moped, trying to hide his jealousy. He’s had a huge crush on you ever since the first time he laid eyes on you, hell by now he wonders if he’s inlove but he knows he could never get the love from an amazing girl like you. “Well now there’s an extra person, come on Dean you probably won’t even notice us with all the girls in that bar.” Oh how you were wrong, so wrong.

10 minutes later and the doorbell rang, you jumped out of your seat and ran and threw the door open and smiled while a big pair of huge arms wrapped around your waist and picked you up in a huge hug. “Y/N, it’s really you! God it’s been to long.” Aaron mumbled into your neck smiling against it, making you smile back. “It really has, this is Sam and that’s Dean.” You said after he finally let you down. Sam got up and walked up to him and shook his hand while Dean just sat there and crossed his arms like a child, you could already tell tonight was going to be long.


You all finally arrived to the bar after a long awkward car ride of Sam trying to make conversation with Aaron and Dean barley saying a word. You all found a booth and sat in it Dean sat next to Sam while you sat next to Aaron, across from Dean. “Hey, 4 beers please.” You asked politely until Dean interrupted you. “Actually 3 beers and a bottle of whiskey please.” Dean sighed, giving the lady a small sad smile that broke your heart. You had no idea why he was acting this upset. Maybe he was jealous, but jealous of what? He doesn’t like you in any way like that as much as you wished he did, it wasn’t possible.

“So Y/N, what have you been doing these last few years?” Aaron asked while giving you a friendly smile. “Uh nothing really, been hunting with these two lovely men and just been all over the country. How about you?” “Hunting around the country too. I miss hunting with you these guys are lucky especially since they get to see your beautiful self every day.” You could basically hear Dean’s jealousy hit. He glared at Aaron like he was the worst person in the world while Sam looked at him with a nervous look. “Take it easy man you tryin’ to get in her pants or something?” Dean said rudely, making you glare at him. “Nah, just being honest.” Aaron smiled, making Dean fume more. “Uh so Aaron do you got any family around here?” Sam asked trying to change the subject before his older brother tore his head off.

“My dad and brother died in a werewolf accident a few years back. Not really sure where my mom is she left after she found out my dad, brother and I fought monsters for a living. Y/N was about the only family I had after. That’s why I’m so glad we’re in contact again.” He said positively, giving Sam and you a smile while taking a sip of his beer while Dean sat and just stared at his hands, taking in every little thing he said and trying not to kill him.

“Sorry for your lost man.” Sam said. “Hey it’s okay, I just know they’re watching down on me and fishing up with my grandparents.” He smiled, you always loved how positive he was about everything it was kind of like an inspiration. “Well she’s mine and Sammy’s family now, you know since you left her all alone and we had to help.” Dean said with anger, looking down at his bottle and taking a big swig after. “Alright man you don’t have to be rude, she’s my family too.” “No! You don’t leave family behind!” Dean yelled, then he stormed off to go sit on a bar stool away from everyone. “Dean! Shit. Aaron I’ll be right back.” You sighed, leaving him and Sam to their selves.

You walked over and asked for a shot then took a seat next to him while he chugged his whiskey. “What the hell was that?” you asked, looking at him with anger but he didn’t answer. “Fucking answer me Winchester!” “I’m drunk off my ass so I wasn’t thinkin’ okay?! I’m going to go wait in the car, come out whenever you’re done.” He sighed, getting off his stool and walking out with his bottle in his hands.

You walked back and apologized to Aaron for his rude behavior and told Sam that Dean was waiting in the car so you all should probably get going. You paid for the drinks and headed out to the car and sat in the back with Aaron and all you can really say about the ride that it was going to be a long one. You just hope and prayed to every angel out there that drunk Dean would keep his mouth shut. He was so drunk that Sam had to drive.


You all arrived home safe without any arguments just glares from Dean in the review mirror that broke your heart cause they weren’t mean glare, they were hurt glares. But you had no clue why he’d be hurt. “It was nice seeing ya again Y/N, and nice to meet you Sam and Dean.” Aaron smiled leaning against his car that he drove to the bunker. You gave him a tight goodbye hug while Sam shook his hand again and Dean leaned against the impala alone. After you and Sam said goodbye Aaron walked over to Dean to talk in private.

“Hey man, I just wanted to say bye.” He said calmly, sitting next to him. “Nice car, Impala 67 was my dads favorite kind of car too. I miss him a lot and I know I try to act all positive but deep down it hurts really bad. But I just wanted to let you know I can tell you really like Y/N. I’m not trying to take her away from you, I wanted you to show that you care and you love her cause honestly? I can tell you do just by the way you look at her. How happy you look in those photos hung around the bunker of you all together and damn you must be the blindest man on earth if you haven’t realized she feels the exact same with you.” Aaron said while looking at him and Dean could tell by the look in his eyes, he was being real. He wasn’t trying to get his hopes up and embarrass himself. “Thanks, I really appreciate it and yes I do love her, with all my heart. And I hope she loves me too.” Dean sighed, looking down at his feet after. “Only one way to find out, ask.” Aaron smiled, making Dean smirk back. “I will, and sorry for your lost, I know how hard it is to loose family.” “It’s okay, just remember to try to stay positive. Positive makes everything better.”


After the long night you decided to go lay in your room and read, leaving Sam and Dean to themselves cause you were to angry to deal with Dean after the way he acted tonight. Sam and Dean stood in the kitchen and talked. “So what happened tonight dude, you never act like that with someone as nice as he was.” Dean sighed, knowing he’d have to get all sappy with his younger brother and then again tomorrow with you which being sappy isn’t one of his talents.

“I just got – furious man. Do you know how shitty it is to see someone being super close and to friendly with the girl you love, and her acting the same back? Fuck the second he walked in and picked her up in a hug my heart dropped. Cause I wanna be the only guy wrapping my arms around her waist and burying my face in her neck. I wanna be the only guy admiring how beautiful she is. I just – I want to be her one and only. I know this is some dumb chick flic moment and we will never speak of this moment again cause I’m badass, I’m not some sappy dude I’m a badass fighter!” Sam laughed at the last part, and laughed over how blind and stupid his brother was.

“Dude, haven’t you seen the way she looks at you daily? It’s like she has heart eyes every time she even stares at you for a second. And haven’t you noticed how upset she gets when you hook up and flirt with girls from the bar? It breaks her heart. I don’t know how many times she’s came into my room crying in my chest cause she was so heartbroken that that wasn’t her. She loves you man, more than anything in the world.” Sam said, placing his hand on his older brothers shoulder and looking at him with a smile. Knowing he loved her back and knowing they could be happy together, hell maybe forever. They were perfect for each other and everyone who has ever met them knew that, if only they knew theirselves.

“But I’m to shy..I mean… damn I sound like a girl.” They both laughed, then went back to being serious. “I’m to nervous to ask, cause I’m so scared to get close cause I’m poison Sammy. People get close to me and they.. they die! Bobby, Kevin, Charlie…” He started to get teary eyed, remembering everyone he lost. “You don’t think I don’t think I’m poison too? Jess, Ruby, Mom, Dad, Bobby, Kevin, Charlie? Miss them every day. But you can’t let that hold you back from love. Life is so short, damn we both know that more than anybody. So you gotta make it the best of it, and I know she will help you make the best of it. She already does.” Sam smiled, making Dean smile back at his words. After a few minutes of awkward silence Dean finally spoke up.

“Rock, Paper, Scissors on it?”  “What? How old are you 5?” “Maybe, come on 3 out of 3.” Sam sighed and shook his head “Fine, if you lose you have to ask Y/N out and confess your feelings. And if I win, I get to eat the last piece of pie for a year.” “What no fair! You don’t even like pie you – rabbit food freak!” “Whelp, let’s do it.”


“Darn!” Sam yelled over Dean giggling like a 10 year old who just stole candy from a candy shop. “Ah Sammy, always with the scissors.” “Shut up, I still think you should do it. She’s crazy over you man, you need to man up and get your girl. Unless you’re scared.” Sam winked at him, knowing that’d set him off. “I..I ain’t scared! Watch me, I’m gonna go tell her now and we’ll come down for breakfast and she’ll be in my arms by morning.” “Alrighty, I’ll believe it when I see it good-“ Sam didn’t even get to finish his sentence before Dean ran down the hall own his way to your room.

He ran and stood in front of your door, feeling his heart beat a thousand times a minute. His palms were sweaty, knees felt week and his head was spinning. He never thought this would be happening but god he’s glad it is, now he just hopes you’ll say you love him too. He knocked on the door loudly, making sure you heard it. “Y/N? It’s Dean. Can we talk please?” It took you about 5 minutes but you finally decided to put your book down and let him in.

“Now I’ll ask again, what was up with tonight?! You made me look like a fool- hell you made yourself look like a fool!” You yelled with anger, running your fingers through your hair as you sat on the edge of your bed and he stood infront of you, placing his hands ontop of your dresser and holding himself up. “I know, I was out of line but I’m sorry. I was drunk, I was depressed, and all I wanted was to wrap you in my arms and let every guy in there, including him know that you’re mine. So yes, I’m sorry for acting like a jealous asshole but hey maybe I am a jealous asshole, and maybe I’m not good enough for your love but if I don’t tell you this now it terrifies me to think about never telling you so I’m just going to say it. I love you, y/n. I love you, I love you, I love you. There, I said it. I understand if you don’t love me too, but I had to get it out.”

You couldn’t believe what you heard, Dean Winchester the man you loved ever since you first met loves you too. No, you had to be dreaming. This isn’t real, maybe you were put on a spell or something but this isn’t real, no way. “This isn’t real, I don’t believe any of this.” You sighed, looking down at your hands that are in your lap and playing with your fingers nervously. “Well will you believe this?” Dean asked, walking up to you and cupping your face in his hands as he kisses you softly, running his tongue on your bottom lip asking to enter. You opened up your mouth and allowed him to explore it, smiling against his lips while he did the same, sucking and nibbling on your bottom lip making you moan right as he slowly pulled away. “Damn, you really do love me.” “You have no idea.” “Well why don’t you prove it, Winchester.”

He spun you around and picked you up while you wrapped your legs tight around his waist and arms around his neck, both of your hearts being faster and faster from nerves and excitement. You two couldn’t believe this was actually happening. He pushed you against the wall and leaned into you, kissing you softly and running his hands in your hair, tugging and pulling while you did the same to his. He pulled off your shirt and took a long look which made you nervous, maybe he didn’t like your body until his voice got you out of your thoughts. “God, you are so beautiful.” He whispered, smiling softly at you while you smiled softly back then kissed him again. He sucked on your neck while you leaned your head back and moaned, digging your fingers into his back. “Fuck, how did I get so lucky?” Dean asked against your neck. “More like how did I! get so lucky” you laughed, making him chuckle too. He kissed down your chest and said sweet things with every kiss he took. “Beautiful, Sexy, My, Girl…Mine.” The last three words got to you “my girl, mine.” You looked back at him with a confused look, and he looked at you with the same then frowned when he realized what you were giving him a confused look about.

“S-sorry, it slipped out.. If you don’t want to be my girl I understan-“ you cut him off “You are so stupid, of course I’ll be your girl.” You smiled, making him smile back with the biggest smile making your heart flutter and stomach get butterflies. “You’re such a dork, I love you.” You whispered, face a few cem away from his and leaned your head on his forehead. “I love you too sweetheart.” He sighed against your lips.


After that night you two shared together you felt even more love for each other. You didn’t even know it was possible to love someone so much and he feels the exact same way. You woke up face to face with his sleeping form, and gosh he looked adorable even sleeping. He had his bottom lip pouted out, the crinkles in the corner of his eyes shown and he had a small cute little smirk at the end of his lips. He softly moaned and flickered his green apple eyes open and looked at your y/e/c sparkly ones then smiled. “You watchin’ me sleep?” “Maybe, I fell asleep before you last night so how do I not know you weren’t watching ME sleep?” you chuckled, making him chuckle too. “touche’, but it’s not my fault. I just can’t get enough of you.” He smiled while you blushed, he even looked a little pink too. “God you’re so sappy” “Hey, I’m in love I can’t help it.” He blushed. “I’m in love too.. with a big, sappy, chick flic watching dork.” You laughed, playfully hitting his arm. “Hey! The Notebook was your choice for movie night!” “Yeah but you were the only one crying at it, Dean.” “Shut up” he laughed and shook his head. “Make me” you winked, wrapping your arms around his neck while he growled and pressed his lips against yours, and he made you shut up.


After two hours of cuddling in bed and talking about everything and anything you two finally decided to go downstairs for breakfast and found Sam sitting at the table, face buried in his laptop screen and drinking his coffee. Dean wrapped his arms tight around your waist and pulled you into his side making you gasp. “What’s wrong?” you asked. “Nothing, just want to feel you against me.” He smirked, then pulling you into him more.

You two walked into the kitchen arm in arm and smiled at the smell of coffee and toast. Sam looked over at you two for a split second then had to look back a second time to make sure what he saw was real. “Wow, and I thought you were scared.” Sam laughed and shook his head, taking a sip of his coffee.

“And I told you I’d get my girl, and damn I did.”

Aight I was tagged by @caeli-phantomhive (wuddup) so five things that make me happy (I have a feeling I did this once before actually but whatever I’ll do more I love talking about myself and my interests)

-my boi Lau
-cute kuro fanart
-the concept of never seeing my art teacher again after this year
-tea (I have…so many kinds…so many)
-shaoLIN fanTASTIC the LADY killing ROMANTIC my son my boy he has surpassed all other sons he is the peak son I would die for him someone please talk to me about the light of my life I don’t even care if you’ve watched the get down please enable me to infodump I just love him so much

new intervention episode: david

By @aloysiavirgata and @dashakay, who are shockingly not drunk right now.

Can you imagine if the cast and crew of the X-Files held an intervention for David, led by Jeff Van Vonderen of Intervention?

Jeff Van Vonderen: David, I see a bunch of people that love you like crazy and they feel like they’re losing you. And they wanna fight to get you back. 

Gillian:  David, we love you and we’re here to help you. We know your massive dick isn’t your fault. You were born like this. 

Jeff VV: But you have to make positive choices for your own health and the safety of those around you. So they’re gonna say what they’re gonna say, then you’re gonna say what you’re gonna say and then we’re done. 

Mitch: Your underwear problem has affected me in the following ways: It touched me once in a fight scene. And it makes me jealous and insecure. Arlene will no longer sleep with me and calls out your name in her dreams 

Gillian: Your Speedo literally haunts my waking moments and has ruined my marriage. I also have a permanent indentation on my hip from you standing so close. 

Clyde: *sits and cries piteously in the corner*  

Nic Lea: I don’t know. I kind of like it… *winks*

CC: You have to understand, David. It’s just not fair to the rest of us. I myself do not even have a penis. 

Tea: *holds David’s hands* Honey, my mom watches this show.

Set Designer: Your goddamned hallway stunt punched a hole in the drywall. 

Sheila Larken: Chris, you’ve gotta kill Maggie. If he hugs me again, I’ll break a hip. 

William B. Davis: Everybody knows that mine is bigger and is the REAL star of the show. 

Jeff VV: Gillian, are you tweeting this?

Gillian: Oh no, never! *giggles madly* 

David: You fuckers have betrayed me! Fuck you all! I’m outta here. *runs outside to furiously eat Brad’s Raw Kale Chips*

After twenty minutes alone in the bathroom with Gillian, David emerges, a bit disheveled, but determined-looking. Gillian is adjusting her bra straps and giggling. She also seems a bit bowlegged.

Jeff VV: Will you let yourself receive the gift of help today, David?

David: I guess. Where am I going?

Jeff flies with David to the Jon Hamm Center for Wang Management, where David sits down to talk to Jon.

Jon: Look, bro. I didn’t win an Emmy until I could control my little problem. 

David: *breaks down sobbing* I've…I’ve had this problem my whole life. But nothing has helped! I’ve tried everything to contain myself. Teacups, skimpy racing swimsuits, naked women…

Jon: *puts a hand on David’s shoulder* I know. This world wasn’t made for generously proportioned fellows like us. But I’m working on a top-secret project now, and I think you’re just the crazy son of a bitch I need. 

Televison commercial:

Jon: Hello.  I am Jon Hamm.

David: And I’m David Duchovny. Do you ever find your junk attempting to leap from your pants? Rip through your Speedo?  

Jon: Does it cause your lady costars to become at once frightened and obsessed? 

David: Does your special lady friend walk with a limp? 

Jon: We have developed a line of products just for you, made with astronaut-grade Kevlar. 

David: Don’t just trust us because we’re celebrities. We’re also incredibly handsome.

Jon: We’re not just the owners, we’re also satisfied clients.

David: So buy Dik B Gon - The only cockblocker you’ll be glad to encounter!

Jon Hamm’s hambone.

a rellamy/braven/ravenbell manifesto

oh boy, anon, you have no idea what you’ve unleashed here. you are giving me an open invitation to talk about why i love rellamy and that is so dangerous. before i start, i do want to say sorry it took this long to get back to you! i’ve had a crazy week at school in addition to a 24hr stomach virus, but i have powered through and am here to give you the answer you deserve.

so let’s start with their first meeting, in 1x05. within seconds of them meeting each other, we already have beautiful, beautiful tension:

(gifs: ravengifs)

do you see that tension!! do you see it!! and then we have the beautiful moment where bellamy thinks he can hurt her??? which is laughable and is shown as such bc raven gets the upper hand SO quickly and bellamy’s face is like. “shit. fuck shit. this girl is good. damn. hot DAMN.” and he looks down at her and just !!!!! anon it’s so beautiful already they are CRACKLING and they’ve known each other for like. a minute. tops.

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since y’all asked for it, here’s that roadrat noncon, featuring a suit who must’ve done something special to get this treatment. not so much an actual rp as running with a scenario. sorry if it’s hard to read, formatting on my blog isn’t working right atm. here’s a more readable version on gdocs.

(warnings: graphic rape, torture, gore, dental trauma, electrocution, asphyxiation, overstimulation, unethical sadism, blood for lube bc we’re that kind of crass)

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me a few weeks ago, seeing character death spoilers: friendship ended with black sails, I’m never trusting tv again, etc, etc,

me now, reading finale spoilers: friendship cautiously rekindled, that’s more than I ever could have hoped for, you’re almost forgiven but not completely


A bit late, but here’s my MCGA secret Santa gift for @dorkabeth Here you go, Han! I hope you like it <3


It had started like this: Alex and Magnus, sitting in Alex’s room on a Tuesday afternoon. There had been a pretty big scuffle over desert after lunch, so the two of them had decided to head back to Floor 19 to relax instead. In an awkward conversation, Alex had invited the other boy to hang out with him. (In his room. Alone.) Although Alex tries not to show it, he’s kind of nervous being around Magnus by themselves. Unsure of what to do, both boys sit next to each other awkwardly in silence, each trying to ignore the heart-pounding feeling of sitting so close to each other.

An unbearable minute later, Alex can’t take it anymore and stands up to pace the room, glancing anywhere but Magnus for a distraction. His gaze settling on a pottery wheel in the corner, he mutters a barely audible “A-ha!” and strides towards the wheel with purpose. After pulling the wheel over so it faces the couch and cutting some clay with his all purpose weapon, Alex sits down and begins to ready the clay for the wheel. Without looking back up at Magnus, he asks, “Have you ever worked with clay?” The question drops like a stone into the atmosphere of the room, and Alex chances a glance up at the son of Frey, who doesn’t seem to have heard him. Instead, Magnus’ gaze is focused on Alex’s hands, shaping the wet clay on the wheel.

“Magnus.” He tries again, this time earning a “Huh?” from his fellow einherjar, whose face looks rather red. Repeating the question, Alex watches Magnus furrow his brow slightly as if he has to think about it before finally answering, “No.”

Plan A dead in the water, Alex scrambles for some other conversation topic, grasping at straws. “Well, do you do any other sort of art? Drawing, painting? Music?” With each suggestion, he watches Magnus’ face screw up further, culminating with a shake of his head. (Off topic, Alex takes a moment to mourn the son of Frey’s Kurt Cobain hair. What a tragedy.)

Frustrated, Alex asks sharply, “Don’t you do anything?” This inquiry is received with a moment of cogitation, followed by a grand pronouncement of “No.”

Sighing heavily and struggling not to crush the fragile pot swirling in his hands, Alex silently curses Magnus for being so godsdamned awkward.

Alex makes a decision- he will not be intimidated by talking to a dorky sixteen year old boy, especially considering he is one himself. He will find out what Magnus Chase likes to do if it kills him… Again.

“Everybody does something, Maggie.”

Alex sees the look on Magnus’ face that said: Don’t call me that. To Alex, though, he just says, “I’m just not a really creative person.”

Alex rolls his eyes, but doesn’t look up from his pot that’s spinning swiftly on the wheel. “You’ve gotta have some sort of creative outlet. What do you do for fun?”

There’s a few moments of silence while Magnus thinks. “I guess I just like reading and watching movies and shows. It’s kind of a hard hobby to have while you’re homeless, but I managed.”

Alex grins, momentarily looking up from his developing pot to look at the other boy teasingly. “Are you telling me your only interests are Doctor Who and Harry Potter?” Magnus sputters a bit, but Alex cuts him off.

“Relax, Chase, I’m just kidding. I know what you mean. I’ll tell you what, though- how about I teach you to make pottery sometime, and you’ll see if you like it?” Alex hopes his nervousness isn’t too apparent, avoiding Magnus’ eyes while he waits for the answer.

Magnus responds that he’d love to, and Alex is so excited that he forgets to concentrate on his pot, accidentally squishing it and sending wet clay flying across the room. He’s saved from further embarrassment when TJ knocks on the door and yells, “Time for deadly hide-and-seek, guys! Are you coming?”

Alex croaks out an affirmation and races to wash the clay off his hands. By the time they’re downstairs with the others, getting ready to hide, his heart rate is finally down to normal again.


The next day, Alex stands outside Magnus’ door and holds her breath while she knocks. When the son of Frey opens the door, his recently-cut hair is sticking up at all angles and he’s yawning as if he’s just woken from a nap. Alex’s heart nearly stops from how cute it is, but she berates herself and tries to act nonchalant as she invites him over for that ceramics lesson he promised.

When they’re in Alex’s room, she pulls over her pottery wheel and sits down next to Magnus, pointedly ignoring the hammering of her chest as she leans in to show him how to cut the clay. She’s sitting really close to him, and her mind won’t stop showing her unhelpful images of Patrick Swayze in Ghost. She almost chuckles over the fact that she is, in fact, dead, before remembering she’s supposed to be helping Magnus and that includes not letting him start the wheel on his own for fear of spraying them both with recently wetted clay. After stopping the oncoming disaster, she shows him how to run it, placing his hands on the clay and helping him start to widen the base.

She guides him as he begins to build the pot upwards, hands stalling when she hears Magnus start humming. For all that he claimed not to be creative, he has a pretty nice voice. He could probably be some indie singer with an acoustic guitar, the kind that play half original songs and half acoustic Nirvana covers in coffee shops. She begins to move again so they don’t squish the pot. She’s got to admit, this is nice- moving together, shaping the short pot with their hands touching. She’s almost smiling when she notices what it is he’s humming.

She’s going to kill him. Really, she is. Alex Fierro is ready to grab her garrote and decapitate him again. The little jerk is humming “Unchained Melody,” just minutes after she put thoughts of Ghost out of her head. (Honestly, she’s a little impressed too- I mean, it’s a hard song. Sure, he’s doing it an octave down, but the melody, unchained as it is, is still rather challenging.)

Brushing that thought away, she growls a bit and shoves him. Not enough to damage their pot, but enough to feel it.

“Do you want to die again, Chase? Because if you don’t quit with the Righteous Brothers, you’re gonna,” she threatens, scowling deeper when Magnus cracks up laughing.

“Sorry,” he’s gasping, in between smug giggles, “Couldn’t help myself.”

“You won’t be able to help yourself if you don’t focus on this pot, Mango boy.” Naturally, being Magnus, he just laughs harder.

“Mango?” He asks when he regains his breath. “I’m not sure if that’s supposed to better or worse than Maggie.”

Alex huffs a laugh against the back of his neck, and she wonders if she imagined how he slightly he stiffened afterwards. In their teasing, she’s somehow leaned even closer to him and all of a sudden her heart rate skyrockets once again, closer to the speed a sugar-glider’s heart might beat than that of a human.

Magnus is silent, and she worries slightly that he could somehow hear her racing heartbeat. She curses the fact that she has this problem at all- she’s dead, why should her heart be beating at all? But she supposes a beating heart- telltale or otherwise- is better than an unbeating one. This close to Magnus, Alex can smell lemon shampoo and wonders idly if he can hers- strawberry-kiwi that comes in a pink and green bottle.

By this point, the pot is getting rather tall for a first try, so Alex tries to clear her head and help Magnus widen it to make it sturdier. Their hands slide together easily, and Alex tries to enjoy it less than she really does. Her heart is still pounding at a disco beat, but she ignores it. She’s sitting so close to Magnus they’re practically touching, her chest nearly pressed up against his back as she helps him sculpt. On an impulse, she moves the last centimeter so there’s no space between them and rests her chin lightly on his shoulder. Magnus stiffens a bit initially in surprise but then relaxes, and she thinks she can see him grinning out of the corner of her eye.

They finish out the pot like that, her head on his shoulder, and when the pot is as good as it’ll likely get and the wheel is shut off, she leans in and presses her lips to his cheek quickly. He blushes deeply, and she thinks maybe she can hear his heart beating as he hurriedly looks around the room awkwardly for anything other than Alex to focus on.

Alex smiles wide. He’s distracted and flustered, looking away from her- a perfect target. Too easy, really. Taking advantage of his inattention, she ambushes him and drags her wet clay-covered hand down his face. He yelps in surprise and flails away before recovering and retaliating by flinging clay of his own at Alex. It lands on her face with a wet smack, and this means war.

Magnus, who’s looking rather proud of himself, is hit with another clump of clay and by now Alex is laughing- hysterical, almost maniacal giggles as Magnus sends another barrage her way. It’s getting in their hair and on their clothes, but thankfully they’re both wearing her Hotel Valhalla shirts today.

Within a few minutes, all the leftover clay is strewn everywhere, covering both kids as well the floor and some of the wall, but neither care too much. They’re both laughing joyfully as they end up lying on the floor.

“Well, you can’t say you’re not artistic now,” Alex teases. Magnus rolls his eyes.

“Right, I’ve mastered pottery completely,” he responds, and now it’s Alex’s mismatched eyes’ turn to roll.

“Well, maybe you need a bit more practice,” she says with mock deliberation. “We should do this again sometime.”

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Prompt: where frank is in one of his moods and hits Ian as Mickey is walking in the door, and Mickey sees it and Mickey gets all protective of Ian and goes all Milkovich on frank. Gallavich fluff at the end if u can. THANKS

He stumbled in like he always did, trying to find a bed to sleep in. Fucking Frank. Fiona rolled her eyes at him and kept on tending to Liam, Lip ignored him completely, watching TV with Carl and Debbie, and Ian was leaning against the table, shaking his head as Frank started one of his rants.

He walked over to the fridge, searching through it for some food.

“Would you get out of there Frank, we barely got enough for us as it is,” Fiona grumbled.

“Since when did the patriarch of this family stop getting rights to his own god-damn refrigerator?!” Frank slurred.

He pulled out a plate with a cake covered in blue butter icing and sprinkles and Ian started walking over to him.

“Put that back Frank, Debbie made that for Liam’s birthday,” he said, trying to take it off him.

He muttered a few things, pulling it back and shoving Ian in the chest.

“Hey, stop it Frank!” Fiona snapped.

“This is my house!” Frank said, trying to pick at the cake’s edge.

“Well it’s not your cake…” Ian said, trying again to take it off him and while Frank waved him away and stumbled back, the cake flinging back into his chest and sliding down onto the floor.

“Jesus Frank!” Fiona yelled.

Frank licked his finger and shrugged. “Tasted like shit anyway,” he said.

“You’re a fucking asshole!” Ian yelled.

Lip, Carl and Debbie were standing in the archway from the living room, Debbie was clearly upset about her cake and Lip had his arm around her. It was at that point that Mickey walked through the door.

“Don’t you talk to me like that I’m- I’m your father!” Frank said, lunging at Ian and balling up his shirt in his fist.

His clumsy footing had them both falling into the kitchen cabinet right as Frank had his other fist aiming for Ian’s chin.

“Fuck!” Fiona yelled, putting Liam back in his high chair.

Mickey stripped his jacket off and threw it down onto the table before taking long strides into the kitchen. He grabbed Frank by the arm and wrenched him back, slamming him into the fridge and putting a hand to his throat.

Fiona’s hands clapped to her mouth and Lip had hold of Carl’s shirt in one hand and the other around Debbie’s shoulders.

“Let go of me, this is my house!” Frank garbled.

“Here’s what you’re gonna do,” Mickey said. “You’re gonna get your ass up and out of this house, I don’t give a fuck where it goes but it ain’t stayin’ here.”

“You can’t-”

“That was me askin’ nicely,” Mickey said, his grip tightening on Frank’s throat for a few seconds. “I only do that once.”

Frank turned up his nose in a makeshift snarl but said nothing, huffing out a loud sigh and trying to push Mickey back.

“You lay a fuckin’ hand on him again and you’re gonna lose the fuckin’ thing, you hear me?” He said, dragging him through the kitchen and to the door.

Fiona rushed to get it open and Mickey shoved him out, watching as he stumbled on the porch.

“Get the fuck out of here,” he said, grabbing the door and slamming it shut before walking back over to Ian.

He was sitting against the kitchen cabinets, a little blood trickling from his nose. Mickey knelt down beside him.

“You okay?” he asked.

“You don’t have to save me you know, I can handle Frank,” he said, wiping his nose on his sleeve.

Mickey rolled his eyes, leaning up onto the bench to grab some paper towel, holding it against Ian’s face.

“I know, I just ain’t gonna sit around and watch while he takes a fuckin’ swing at you,” Mickey said.

“Thanks,” Ian said. “Sorry about your cake Debs.”

She shrugged, “Thanks for trying to stop him.”

Mickey helped Ian up and Ian flinched, clutching at his shoulder.

“You alright?” Mickey asked.

“Yeah, think I slammed my shoulder into the bench is all,” he said.

Mickey looked up at Fiona, “You got an ice-pack or something?”

She nodded, “Peas are in the freezer.”

Mickey gave her a nod and grabbed them out, leading Ian upstairs.

When they got to Ian’s bedroom Mickey closed the door behind them. “Shirt off,” he said.

Ian sighed but did it anyway, sitting on the bed and watching as Mickey sat down behind him. He jumped a little as he put the frozen bag against his bare skin.

“That hurt?” Mickey asked.

“Nah, just cold,” Ian said. “Why’d you do that anyway?”

“Do what?” Mickey asked.

“Go all crazy-eyes on Frank.”

Mickey shrugged, “Because you would have been upset if I’da killed him.”

Ian laughed a little, “Why would you have killed him?”

“He took a swing at you man,” Mickey said. “You think I’m just gonna watch someone do that kind of shit to you?”

Ian smiled to himself. “Thanks Mick,” he said.

Mickey leaned over and kissed Ian on the back of the head, making Ian smile harder.

“Hey, anyone lays a finger on you, you tell me,” he said.

“My hero,” Ian grinned and Mickey flicked his ear from behind. “Ouch! What did you just say about anyone laying a finger on me?”

Mickey leaned in again, kissing his ear. “I ain’t anybody,” he said, kissing him again.

Taxi Driver: 5th Street Apartments

I don’t know why it is that people tell taxi drivers things after the sun sets that they normally wouldn’t tell anyone else. Maybe it’s because they figure they’ll never see us again, maybe it’s because they think that we can’t see their face too well at night, or maybe they just think that us drivers don’t care about the crimes they commit. Whatever the reason is, I’ve heard countless stories of criminal activity in my years since I started the job. Everything ranging from drug trafficking to murder. But the story I heard tonight was by far the most interesting.

I pulled over and the man hopped in the back. He was wearing an all black suit and sun glasses, which I thought was weird since it was almost midnight, but I’ve seen weirder things. He was also carrying a small briefcase.

“Take me to the apartments on 5th street,” he said with a big smile painted on his face.

“Sure thing,” I merged back into the flow of traffic. “You seem like your having a good night.”

“Best night of my life so far. I finally got the job I’ve been after all my life.”

“Oh yeah, congratulations. What’s the job?” I asked curiously.

He leaned forward and spoke in a low excited voice, “Honestly, I probably shouldn’t tell you. But let’s just say it’s off the books.” He chuckled a little and sunk back into his seat.

“Ahaha, well I’ve heard many stories of ‘off the books’ kind of jobs.” I said as I took a right turn.

“Most of them are probably from the people I’ll be working with. They run the underbelly of this city. Even the cops are afraid of them.”

“So how’d you get the job. You have to do something crazy for the boss?” I questioned.

“Nah not really. I knew a guy that’s been in the business for a long time, and I happened to be at a certain place at a certain time and…. I saw him whack somebody. Once he saw how cool I was about it, he told me he wanted me on board. All I had to do was bury the body and I was in. That all happened last night, tonight I just have to drop off some money,” he tapped the briefcase.“For my new guns and other supplies that I’ll be needing. I’m going to have the easiest job in the world, and it’s tax free.”

“Wow,” I said as I pulled up to the apartments. “Can’t beat that easy money.”
“Exactly.” He boasted.

He paid and left me a heavy tip. Happy people with big secrets always tip the best. I made my way back into the heart of the city and picked up another gentleman wearing an all black suit and sunglasses. When he got in, he couldn’t stop laughing.

“Take me to the apartments on 5th street.” He managed to get out between a laugh.

It was a pretty big coincidence getting two of these guys in a row, but I was more interested in what was so funny.

“You hear a good joke or something?” I asked carefully.

“Joke!! Ahaha. No, no joke will ever be as funny as this situation. Trust me.” He replied and continued to laugh.

“What’s the situation, I could use a good laugh.”

“I don’t know, I probably shouldn’t tell ya…. You don’t got a big mouth, do ya?”

“Not me, if you only knew some of the stuff people have told me.” I said as I made a right turn.

“Alright, what the hell. Last night I was doing a little job for the boss. An.. uhh… 'off the books’ kind of job.” He laughed again before continuing. “I had to whack someone. No big deal. It’s nothing I haven’t done before. So I off the guy, then I look over to see this annoying wannabe that’s been bothering me for years, watching the whole thing. I’m out in the middle of nowhere so I knew this guy was following me. He want’s in the business real bad and I’ve always just said no to him. He’s aggravated me enough so I decide to kill him too. But then I figure, why not milk him for what he’s worth first. So I tell him I want him on board with my crew.” He stopped again to laugh briefly. “I tell him all he’s got to do is bury that guy I whacked, and he’s in. So he does it. Then I tell him to meet me tonight with $20,000 for his new guns and fake I.D. There’s no guns or supplies, the only thing waiting for him is a bullet. You pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down here? Do you understand why this is so hilarious? He not only cleaned up my mess last night, he’s now paying me to kill him.” He started laughing uncontrollably again.

I pulled up to the apartments. The man payed me with a large tip and got out of the cab. As he opened the door to apartment 7, I saw the guy with the briefcase greet him and shake his hand with a big smile on his face. I headed back into the sleepless city, hopefully headed for another customer with big secrets and deep pockets.

Written by: Sage

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I know this might be kinda weird, but I was watching SE videos last night and I noticed how every time Stefan and Elena kissed, or held each other's hands, or hugged or just anything, they press each other against one another so hard, like they want to melt and become one whole thing, like they are never going to separate again, and especially for Elena, the way she buries her fingers into his neck, it just kills me! That kind of love....unebelievably good.

Not weird at all, anon (btw this turned out to be SUPER long, sorry!) I’ve noticed the same thing and this is why I say that SE is a physically intimate ship; being physically intimate doesn’t necessarily mean sex all the time, it also means showing the sheer extent of what you’re feeling through touch and Stefan and Elena did that so intensely and yet so naturally that it’s almost mundane for them because it’s just how they interact. When they hug, they entwine themselves in each other, because for that moment they are one. Stefan always squeezes his eyes shut or presses his lips against Elena’s head whenever they’re in an embrace and Elena always has this expression of unadulterated relief, it always looks like she’s coming home whenever she’s in Stefan’s arms and she runs to him [”And with Stefan, whenever he’s around, it’s just like she melts into his arms and she feels somewhat relieved”]:

And when they kiss, I mean, you can’t hear it in the gifs because they’re gifs, lol but Elena sighs whenever they kiss, this *at last* kind of sigh even if they’ve only been apart for an afternoon and there’s this quality to their kisses where it’s like I mean, it’s like a freaking Ed Sheeran song, there’s a relish to the way they kiss, this need for just more of each other and it can be like this, where it’s this fervent RIGHT NOW:

Or it can be like this where it’s intense and they’re sinking into each other, taking their time with each other, like “i really needed this” 

and then besides the hugs and besides the kisses, there’s this need to always be touching, to always be physically in contact with each other:

Like even when Elena falls from the bleachers, her hands are around Stefan, clinging to him:

With Steferine, Katherine’s hands were by her side.

Stefan and Elena are always reaching out for each other, they’re like magnets, the way physically connect to each other. Diana Gabaldon has this quote about Jamie and Claire in Outlander and obviously the contexts are different and she’s talking about a particular scene between Jamie and Claire that makes the quote kind of specific but she says something that reminded me of Stelena the moment I read it:

“When Jamie reaches out his hand toward Claire… They just snap together like a clamshell closing, and there’s this moment when they’re both facing him together, Jamie suddenly fierce in spite of the pain and his knowledge that something terrible is about to happen; he has his wife with him. And she then stays with him, holding him tight through the nailing of his hand, holding his head to keep him from having to see it, trying so hard to take his pain. - Diana Gabaldon”    

And I think the physicality and the emotional sentiment of that is exactly like Stelena because I do think they snap together like a clamshell closing:

and when they’re together in the face of something, they do go get bolder and fiercer like in 3x05 when Stefan pushes Klaus and yells ‘No!” it’s after he and Elena share a look and in 2x20 when Elena is about to go with Klaus Stefan holds her back and says, “No”. Stefan gets bolder with Elena. While with Stefan, Elena does do things where she holds him hard or touches his face so she can take some of his pain:

So yeah their love is the definition of profound, soulmate love.

*none of these gifs are mine*

Simsrena: the first date!

Welcome to another day of Simsrena madness. 

So I decided that our lovely ladies (and the Berena fandom) needed to spend their day off together. And what better way than a trip to the park? 

Serena scheduled a date with Bernie and I realised that this was actually their first official date!!! :O So Serena and I decided that she should have some pampering before she met up with Bernie. A mud bath was the perfect idea! It boosts your confidence you know! Not that she really needs it, right Serena? You got this babe!

Then it turns out Serena must have been nervous because she poured herself a big glass of Shiraz… I shit you not! She poured it herself. You don’t need Dutch courage Serena! It is pretty tasty though. Maybe I’ll have one too…..

A glass of wine later we found Bernie in the gazebo in the park and the moment Serena saw we were hooked! 

It all started innocently enough with some hand holding and kissing and flirting. We were sailing our way through all the tasks and were well on our way to completely a Great Date. We got this Serena!

Then this happened….

Seriously?! A massage?! Are you guys trying to kill me? Are you trying to kill the fandom? Is there some kind of mysterious force that’s taken over my computer that’s just trying to mess with me? Gaahhhhh!!! 


Moving on.

They took a walk around the grounds, stopping every now and again for smooches. 

Go on lass! Show her a good time :)

Thankfully there was no one else around. I don’t think Bernie would have enjoyed being this smoochy in public if there had been people watching…. I don’t count. None of us count. We’re allowed to spy on them. Cause we’re creeps. Just sayin’. 

They finished their first date with a selfie and joked about it before they kissed goodbye and headed their separate ways. 

When the date ended, Sims 4 tells me that Bernie had a Great Date! I mean, obviously! 

We won an award for it everything. Serena and I are apparently amazing daters - high five sister! Not that we needed Sims 4 to tell us that. We’re pretty fun.

And I’ve started talking about (and to) my sims as if they’re real people. I need help. 

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