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Movie night at the castle!

“Sit down, shut up, move over, wait no I need to get up, Mrs. Potts can you see? Chip you’re not going to believe this, come help me set up the screen—”

Lumiere isn’t flustered, exactly, but he is in the highest key of preparation Belle has ever seen. If “Be Our Guest” was Lumiere climbing to the highest mountain peak of his ability, then preparing for this movie night is approximately the equivalent of launching him into space.

Belle sat back and snuggled into Adam. All around them was hustle and bustle: Chapeau quietly putting the projector screen together, Chip and Lumiere arguing over which way to put the long rolls of film into the projecting device, Mrs. Potts fussing and fetching blankets, sweaters, cups of tea, glasses of lemonade, and anything else that felt appropriate for this “movie” night. Belle still couldn’t quite believe movies existed—this was 1700s France, after all, yet the fact remained that just this afternoon a box from America had arrived at the palace, straight from some place called “Hollywood, California,” and while everyone else was puzzled, Lumiere had gasped for joy and rifled through its contents with an obvious recognition.

“What a collection!” he had cried. “The Wizard of OzThe Fellowship of the Ring, and Singin’ in the Rain—Star Wars, eh, I wonder what that is—oh! Oh, mes amis, this is it, this is the one we will watch.”

So now they sat, under the strictest orders from Lumiere to get comfortable and prepare to be wowed, while the maître d’ got everyone into chairs and yelled back at the kitchen to see if Cogsworth was ready. The major domo was ready; right on time, to be exact, as the ten bowls of popcorn he had spent the evening preparing were all still hot, and now came out in their buttery, salty goodness. With a last wave of his hand, Lumiere seated the last few members of staff, and set the film to rolling.

The Princess Bride?!” cried Adam. “Lumiere, is this a romance?!”

“Shhhh,” whispered Plumette. “He’s ok if you talk during it, but don’t criticize. And anyway, this is a good one.”

“Wait, you’ve seen this too—”

But then it was too late, and they were all watching a little boy (“about my age!” “yes, Chip” “can I have whatever he’s playing with?” “no, Chip”), and then watching his grandfather (“about your age!” “I am certainly not that old,” huffs Cogsworth) come in and sit down and pull out a book.

Ooh, thinks Belle, I think I’ll like this. It’s about books.

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Can u please do one where their kid writes a story about them but they don't know until he wins the writing contest? Like he gets up on stage to present the story and they realize it's about them? Idk kinda sounds stupid now that I've explained it 😂

This is so cute! Thank you for my first request!

“Are you ready?” Betty said braiding Juliet’s hair. Juliet, like her mother had hair that fell down her head like a waterfall but after watching the Wizard of Oz for the first time she refused to where her hair n anything other than braids. “Remember, if you get scared just look at mommy and Daddy and baby Forsythe. We’ll be in the front row with Uncle Kevin, Aunt Ronnie, Aunt Polly and Uncle Archie. Don’t forget your grandparents as well.” Betty invited everyone to make sure her youngest daughter felt supported and loved since she knew her daughter was shy.

“I’m not scared at all, mommy.” The six year old fibbed. Juliet’s thin legs were shaking with the thought of having to read out loud. Being the only first grader in the Riverdale Elementary schools writers showcase was scary for her. She did inherit both her parents’ cautiousness for talking in front of crowds but as her teacher said she had gotten her writing talents from her parents, since Jughead was proclaimed the new Steven King and Betty had co-authored two books with him while she was teaching at the high school. Betty was in the middle of publishing her own novel.

Juliet was the writer in this generation of Jones. Betty and Jughead were trying to get her spill what her story was about. Juliet refused to spill the beans, all she said was that it was a poem.

The two Jones girls walked down the stairs while Jughead stairs as he strapped their two year old son Forsythe the fourth into the stroller. “Who are these pretty girls?” Jughead said as Juliet made her way down the staircase.

“Mommy and me!” she sang, spinning around in her powder blue dress that matched her mothers. It was clear that Juliet admired her mother, so much so that she wanted to dress like her. Aunt Ronnie was the one who assisted with picking out matching outfits.

“Well you two do look beautiful. Come on princess, the writers of Riverdale await.” Jughead said, picking his daughter up bridal style as she giggled. That left Betty with stroller duty.

The showcase was held in the auditorium of the middle school, the same one where they had their writing showcasing back in the day. They wished their final good lucks before they drop Juliet back stage. She didn’t let go of her father’s leg until her parents reassured she was going to be okay. The three of them go to the front row like they promised, with Veronica, Archie, Kevin and Polly like they promised. Both sets of grandparent’s parents present too.

“What will our little princess be reading tonight?” Veronica asked rubbing her pregnant belly.

“She won’t say,” Betty laughed as she put her hand on the raven haired woman’s bump. “But she promised she would speak loud enough for the baby to hear.”

“Archibald Junior will appreciate that.” Archie said as he rocked Forsythe on his knee.

“You’re having a boy. Congrats, man.” Jughead said as him and Kevin gave Archie a quick high five.

“Hey, you said if it’s a boy you would name it after his soon to be favorite uncle-AKA me.” Kevin joked, joining Betty to wait for the baby to kick.

“We don’t know the gender, Archie just wants it to be a boy.” Veronica explained making a face in her husband’s direction. He just smiled and nodded like he was told to do when in these situations.

“I think this little fella would like a best friend.” He lifted Forsythe up above his head like Simba from the Lion King. You could almost hear Betty on the verge of having a heart attack.

“Of a girlfriend.” Polly added.

“Or a boyfriend.” Kevin reminded the group.

“Shush, it’s starting.” Jughead said as the lights dimmed.

The principle walked on to the stage and made his swift introduction. It didn’t take anytime till they brought their youngest poet on stage. “Give a warm Riverdale welcome to Juliet Jones, reading an original poem.” The little girl walked on stage with her little fan club formed in the front row of the auditorium cheering right after her. The principle adjusted the microphone so she was loud enough to be heard.

“My mommy loves me, my daddy loves me too,” she began with a shaky voice. “They sing me songs and make me laugh. They comb my hair and wash my face. They hug me when I want to cry and are by my side. They give me hugs, they give me kisses. When I’m at school I miss them but I know there not far.” As she finished tears of happiness streamed down Betty and Jughead’s faces. The poem had nothing on Shakespeare but it was worth more, it was priceless.

That’s when they realized they were doing something right. They were nothing like their parents were to them when they were kids. The duo went from investigating a murder to investigating how to learn from their parents mistakes. They must have learned well enough to have the two beautiful kids they had.

“That’s our little girl.” Jughead whispered in Betty’s ear as she wiped her tears away from her face. They were proud, proud to say they had a daughter who loved them just as much as they loved her.

“Mommy! Daddy!” Juliet said running towards her mother and father. Jughead piles her in his arms and spun her in circles. “Did you like it?”

“Everyone loved it!” Betty said as she wheeled Forsythe forward in the stroller. “Even this little guy.”

“You know what this calls for?” Jughead said looking into Betty’s eyes with excitement. Betty read his mind like a magazine but she left the job of answering to Juliet.

“Ice cream!” Juliet squealed as she was let down. She grabbed her father’s hand and pulled them out of the school. She did love her parents but she loved ice cream more. To Jughead and Betty they loved their children and the frosty sweet desert equally.


Summary: When the music blasting from Bucky’s room interrupts team movie night, Steve takes it upon himself to see what’s up and comes to regret it.


TW: references to sex

A/N: Just a fun one-shot. I chose Bowie because he’s one of my favorites!

“Okay, so who’s turn is it to choose the movie?” asked Clint as he sat down on the couch, gripping a large bowl of popcorn.

“Steve’s. He’s running a little late,” said Natasha, draping her legs over Clint’s and grabbing a handful of popcorn from the bowl. Sam, Tony, Scott, and Wanda were spread out on the other couches and chairs in the common room of the tower, patiently awaiting Steve’s arrival.

“Where’s Barnes?” asked Sam, but before anyone could reply, he figured out the answer to his question.

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This is Part nine of the Teen!Derek thing so here are the links to the previous parts/chapters

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After the fire things were such a mess.

For starters there was the hospital. Apparently you had inhaled a lot of smoke, and when you fell on the escape hole you had cut your knee on a rock deep enough to require stitches, not to mention that your palms were burned to hell when you grabbed those bars.

Physically, Derek and Laura were fine (of course), but Peter was in a coma.

Laura says its more mental than anything that he’s not healing up like he’s supposed to. So there wasn’t much you could really do there except hope he snapped out of it soon.

Then there was the Morgue. 

Neither Derek or Laura were emotionally ready to see their families remains yet, neither were you if you were to be honest, but someone had to identify the bodies and someone would have to plan all the funerals. So that someone was going to be you.

Finally there was Kate.

You knew this was her doing, that she started the fire and went against the hunter’s code to do it. So you opted to let her family know someone had broken the code, you knew there were punishments for that. You secretly hoped that death was punishment given to her. Turns out that the Argent family had moved the day after the fire.

Not a coincidence you thought.

As for Derek and Laura, they were staying with you for the time being, until Laura turns eighteen and can become Derek’s guardian. 

It honestly disgusted you that it took the entire Hale family burning to death for your parents to come back. Granted it was only to deal with paperwork for the funerals. They stayed in town for less than three weeks and while they were here they stayed in a hotel. However not like you expected much of them anyhow so you weren’t too hurt and disappointed.

Now you were just doing your best to take care of Derek, Laura and Peter. You cooked for Derek and Laura and everyday you visited Peter in the hospital, on weekend Derek and Laura came with you. 

Right now you were in the kitchen cooking shrimp alfredo, extra shrimp, the way Derek and Laura liked. so neither would hog the shrimp from the other. 

That’s when Laura walked in.

‘Hey munchkin.’ she said.

Laura has always called you munchkin, because you would always insist on watching The Wizard of Oz just so you could sing the munchkin land song when you were little.

‘Hey can you hand me the chives?’ you asked.

She handed you the spice and leaned over to smell the food.

‘Anything I can do to help?’

‘Yeah you could make the salad, chop up some carrots and things.’ you said.

Laura went in the fridge and pulled out the veggies and moved to the table to start chopping.

‘Thank you for this, I know this is hard on you too, maybe in a different way than it is for us, but still hard.’ Laura said.

‘It’s really nothing to thank me for. I’m just doing my best to keep everything going as best they can.’ you said with a smile.

‘You don’t even see it do you?’ Laura asked as she looked up from the carrots.

‘See what?’

‘How amazing you are. I might have been emotional that night at the hospital but I could still hear what the doctors said about you. The smoke in your lungs, the stitches and your hands. You nearly killed yourself trying to get them out.’ Laura said as she continued chopping.

‘Of course I did, I couldn’t just let them die without at least trying to help. I had to try.’ you said, eyes watering at the memory.

‘What about right now? Letting us stay here, visiting Peter? You are the youngest person involved in this mess and yet you are the strongest.Stronger than me and Derek combined, and you’re human.’

You never thought of it like that, you really were just doing your best to be there for everyone. 

Trying to do what Talia had asked of you.

‘I just wanna take care of you guys.’ you said.

‘Thank you, I honestly don’t think I could do what you are doing right now.’

‘Cooking?’ you asked with a light smile.

‘No take care of Derek, hell I don’t think I know how to take care of me yet. But you (Y/N), you know what to say to get Derek out of his room when he’s too busy blaming himself and make him eat. How am I supposed to do that for him when I don’t know how to do it for myself?’ Laura asked as her eyes began to water.

‘Hey.’ you said as you cut the stove off and ran to her side and hugged her.

‘You’ll be fine, you’re gonna be a great guardian to Derek, and you’ll be an even better alpha. You’ll make your mom proud, I know you will.’ you promised.

Laura cried for a few more minutes before she got herself together.

‘Do you feel better?’ you asked.

Laura nodded.

‘Go get your brother, tell him the food is ready.’ you said as you pulled away from the hug.

‘But I didn’t finish the salad.’ Laura said looking at the vegetables she didn’t chop.

‘I won’t tell if don’t.’ you smiled.

‘My lips are sealed.’ she giggled as she stood up.

‘And Laura.’ you called before she left the kitchen.

‘When Derek says he’s not hungry, just tell him what we’re having and remind him how much he hates to sleep on an empty stomach. That usually gets him out.’

Laura smiled brightly at the information. She knew you weren’t just telling her this just because you wanted Derek to eat. You were telling her how to take care of him on her own.

‘Thanks, I’ll give it a try.’ she said before leaving the kitchen.

You put away the things for salad and made the table.

‘Just doing my best.’ you said to yourself.

♡my little form♡

Name: Em☆
》Little Names: kitty, love, little one, Emmy
》Role: Lg c:
》Age: 17
》Little Range: 5-6 years
》Location: US
》About Yourself: I’m always talkitive, in and out of space. I’m creative, and love to sing and take care of people! I have blue hair (for now cx), bright blue eyes, 5'5, and lots of freckles. Kinda curvy.
》Big Hobbies/Interests: Singing, photography, drawing, and caring for others.

Little Hobbies/Interests
♡fav color: Blues, greens, and yellows (I can’t choose!)
♡activities: Singing, games, coloring, cuddles, talking about lotsa things.
♡fav tv shows/movies: Tangled, The Wizard of Oz, and just anything Disney. I watch a lot of YouTube.
♡Stuffie Names: Bunbun and Hiphip (bunny and hippo)
♡little gear: stuffies and blankets

Partner Preference: Any gender or sexuality c:
◇Partner Preference Age: 17-19 years
◇Partner Preference Role: Loving dd or md or cg
◇What I Look for in a Partner: I love everyone, but I do want someone who really talks like I do and doesn’t just say “idk” or “yeah” every other sentence. I’m loving and kind, so I hope they can be too. I need someome to protect and check in on me.
◇Sexual/ Nonsexual/ TBD: Nonsexual/TBD
◇Names I Like to call my CG: Whatever their preference is.
◇I Like When My Caregiver Does: Cuddles, praising, checking in on me, and little commands.
◇I Don’t Like: Being ignored, arguing, being fully controlled

☆Best Way to Get In Touch With Me: My Tumblr, @newfridaytheyay, or my kik, MarianasMattTrencher.☆

Note: Please give me a chance. I promise I’ll make it worth it!♡

The Godfather is the movie that put Al Pacino on the map, even if it did pigeonhole him as an organized crime boss for most of his career. Which is why it’s so weird that almost everyone on set hated Pacino’s performance as Michael Corleone. In fact, the studio heads tried their best to fire him before he could destroy the movie. They thought Pacino was slow, quiet, and boring at the beginning – which, if you’ve seen the film, is kind of the whole point. While Pacino understood an obscure literary device called a “character arc,” it seemed the producers would have preferred him to burst into the wedding scene waving a Tommy gun and foaming at the mouth like uh … well, like in Scarface.

Even the film’s director, Francis Ford Coppola, was disenchanted with Pacino’s meek performance, pulling him aside to tell him, “I had a lot of belief in you, I hired you, I wanted you, I just thought you could do this thing, and now … you’re not cutting it for me, kid.” He then forced Pacino to watch the footage to see exactly how bad a job he was doing. Pacino, who thought he was doing fine, humored Coppola and pretended to see the error of his ways.

5 Iconic Performances (That Everyone On Set Hated)

things the signs have said to me (exact quotes from real ass people)
  • taurus: We are a human donut. you have your mouth hole and your poop hole and there is a tube going through your body conncecting the two holes. i am a human donut. you are a human donut
  • gemini: so for our first date we're going to drive down the coast until we find a cool spot to watch the sunset..can i cut your hair in art class today?
  • cancer: i just, like, i dont know i just care so much about everybody and i just have, like, so much love for everyone and i just want people to let me love them !!!!!
  • leo: alright, I'm just going to be honest right now; I would put my dick in you, I would put my dick in you, and I would put my dick in her.
  • virgo: Hey can I ask u something and please don't take it the wrong way??? Why do you stay up and talk to me for so long???........????????. I mean I know why I do but why??????...
  • libra: See, now that him and all his crazy bullshit is gone isn't the vibe just so much nicer??? (gets comfy puts arm round me) ahhhhh
  • scorpio: We're a lot more alike than you think....
  • sagittarius: You don't wear black often do you? It looks nice, you should wear it more. It's slimming.
  • capricorn: hey, if jesus died for our sins, then we have to sin, otherwise he died for nothing... AYE LIL BITCH !!!!!
  • aquarius: I feel like a noodle 8~)
  • pisces: I am so in love with you..Just met a really cute heroin hookup ;)
How they Relax (Marvel)

A/N: I started writing a fic, but got caught up in how I thought each Avenger might try to unwind after a mission, so I decided to make it into one of these to cut down on that part in the fic, since I didn’t like it so long.

Tony Stark (Iron Man):

Originally posted by staralbums

Tony threw himself into his work. Usually with a drink not out of arms reach. On missions he would usually find something new to make or to improve, whether it be something on his suit, or something for somebody else. It needed to be better so next time things aren’t so rough. He also likes to be around others. Tony will try to get Bruce to help him out, or even plan a party so he isn’t alone with his thoughts.

Bruce Banner (Hulk):

Originally posted by forgottenalien

He liked to listen to music. Mostly soft, classical pieces. Sometimes he would read as well, or go over notes, but a lot of the time, he just tried to clear his mind, and listen to the notes and focus on nothing else.

Steve Rogers (Captain America):

Originally posted by churroisdead

Steve may be more well versed in pop culture and modern things now, but that doesn’t mean he’s use to it. When he isn’t out with Sam and some of the others, he finds comfort in watching his old favorite movies, and listening to his old favorite songs. Especially Wizard of Oz. After some of the things and reasons he fights on missions, things so complicated, he likes the (perceived) simplicity of the old days. He still appreciates the new innovation, but he can’t help but long for what once was.

Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow):

Originally posted by fitnessua

Nat always went to the training room right after a mission. How fighting, after hours of fighting helps relax her is a mystery. Maybe it’s because she has more control of the situation when it’s her against inanimate objects instead of a person or machine. But it’s what helps her.

Clint Barton (Hawkeye):

Originally posted by arlothia

Clint had two pretty similar things he would do after a mission, sometimes he’d do both. Go watch Natasha, or go watch his family. After a mission he was pretty silent (except for when there was a unique opportunity for a joke about a teammate). He’d go watch Natasha training, maybe talk a bit, but mostly just watch. He’d also try to go to see his family (maybe taking Nat with him). His wife and kids would be ecstatic to have him home, but he’d just sit there and watch and listen to them talk about their days. He spent a lot of time reflecting over how lucky he was to have a great friend and family.

Sam Wilson (Falcon):

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

In the Army, he loved the moments of downtime he got to just hang out with his friends, especially Riley. Nothing’s really changed. After a mission, he loved to just be with Steve. No matter what they were doing. Catching a movie, hanging at a bar, going for a run, etc. He just reveled in the friendship as much as he could. Sometimes they would even drag along Thor or Bucky. Just a group of friends, having a good time while they could.

Bucky Barnes:

Originally posted by invisible-tonight

He wanted to be alone. Sure he would have a bit of fun with Steve, Sam and Thor when they all hung out, but honestly, he’d rather be by himself. After a mission, after the carnage he caused, even on people who supposedly deserved it, he didn’t want to be near anyone he could hurt. He was happy to be back with his best friend, and a group of people who went through their share of shit as well, but it’s just better for him to cope alone for a few hours.

Thor Odinson:

Originally posted by thorduna

Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die, and it shall be well with us. This is pretty much what Thor lives by. No matter the scale of the mission they are getting back from, or what they’re going to have to go do next, he knows the risks, and decides to live it up while he can. Very much like Sam. He loves when Sam and Steve invite him out, he loves when Tony throws parties. He will join Natasha with training, and unwind with a drink afterwards. He tries to perk everyone up. He does it with his friends on Asgard, he does it with his friends on Earth. No matter where he is, or who he’s with, he will try to keep everyone’s spirits lifted.

Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch):

Originally posted by ofallingstar

She took a lot of relaxing baths. Candles, bath salts, relaxing music, bubbles. Just letting her mind wander, as she played aimlessly with the bubbles and water. She was able to wash off the blood and sweat and dirt and grime.  Eventually she’d feel better after a little time reflecting on things, and cleansing her body and mind.

Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver):

Originally posted by firepoweron

Driving. He really likes to be on his feet and running and moving around but part of it, is the freeing feeling. Especially after a mission where everything is so coordinated in specific ways, he likes to do something with nothing in mind except to just go. He likes to drag Wanda along for the ride (after she relaxes in her own way). They get in the car (which they borrow from Tony), Wanda turns on some music, and they just go. Sometimes they stop for food, or catch a movie, but sometimes, its just hours driving around, watching the city lights zoom past the windows. Everyone else is in such a rush to get somewhere, and Pietro and Wanda are finally free for a moment.

‘Just go to one movie,’ I told myself when I decided to visit the park.  I’ve now seen Willy Wonka, The Wizard of Oz, and am just about to sit down and watch West Side Story.  Does anyone else just think this should be a weekly thing we do in town?  I’ve got all sorts of goodies on my huge blanket if anyone wants to come join for the final round!

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Imagine Steve hearing teenagers humming songs from the Wizard of Oz and being utterly confused until he sees a poster advertising a high school production of the musical.

Steve hears kids humming familiar tunes as he walks past a cafe that the local high school kids go to, and dismisses it. Because, they can’t be humming songs he knows, right? Sure, he knows a lot of new music, now, but he’d know if it was a song he’d listened to since getting out of the ice. 

It’s impossible… but he swears that girl was just humming ‘we’re off to see the wizard.

It goes on for a few more weeks, and every time he walks past that cafe, or any where that kids from that school frequent, he hears one song or another and it just doesn’t make any sense. He must be hallucinating. So he does the only thing he can think of. 

“I think I’m losing my mind.” He tells Sam over skype one night, and he can see the concern writ large across Sams gorgeous face. 

“What’s up?” Is all he asks, willing to let Steve talk through it at his own pace. 

“It’s just, I keep.. it sounds so stupid.” He admits, rubbing a hand over his eyes. 

“If it’s worrying you, it’s not stupid.” He says softly, and Steve smiles at him, wishing Sam was actually in New York, with him, instead of in D.C.

“I keep hearing these kids humming songs, and it makes no sense because that movie is so… old.” He still has to pause before he says it, because it’s not that old for him. He saw it in the cinema only a few years ago, but for everyone else it’s been more than seventy.

“It’s driving me crazy. Every time I hear one of them humming I know it can’t be right, but I still think they’re about to start singing ‘Somewhere over the rainbow,’ or…” He trails off at Sams loud, unexpected laughter. He waits for Sam to stop laughing, smiling at his boyfriend despite himself. 

"Sorry, sorry.” Sam eventually says, wiping at his eyes. 

“Steve, everybody knows the Wizard of Oz.” He says, and Steve can’t believe it. That’s wonderful. He can’t help grinning for the rest of their conversation, and Sam breaks out into chuckles every now and then. 

A few days later, he sees a poster advertising the local high school production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and beams at it. He buys tickets for the whole team, sits between Sam and Bucky (and Bucky’s just as thrilled about the production as he is), and doesn’t mind that the rest of the group make fun about he and Bucky liking things ’before they were cool’ because he’s watching the Wizard of Oz hand in hand with his best guy.

Overdue || AU || Summer and Ricardo

Ricardo found himself very comfortable, spread across his bed watching a movie. It was The Wizard of Oz and he could probably recite the words by heart by now but…that wasn’t the point of the movie. It wasn’t the point of the empty pizza boxes and coffee cups that sat at his kitchen counter. It wasn’t the point of the comforter wrapped securly around his frame. No…the entire point was just being there, watching a movie that he didn’t have to pay attention to. Eating and just relaxing after a long week with the one person that mean the world to him.

The person he was currently using as a pillow. His arms were folded on her lap and he was using her stomach to rest his head on. “….I am surprised the Witch did not just cut her feet off.” He murmured when The Wicked Witch tried to grab the ruby slippers. it was a soft sound but he knew that Summer had heard him, “It…would be much easier….and faster.”