just watching the wizard of oz now

I have no idea if anyone has mention this before but Jorge Gutierrez is also directing an upcoming project "Save Oz!"

From what I found out just now, it’s a Mexican take on the classic Wizard of Oz

I don’t know much about it but here is the Wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Save_Oz!

and the teaser here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OFih89RUrA

and these character designs look cool

External image

External image

and I remember seeing some of the witches designs on one of Sandra’s blogs

External image

External image

I hope this gets pulled through

All we shared
was a love of the movie “Zardoz”
with Sean Connery and Charlotte Rampling
and directed by John Boorman,
the guy who made “Deliverance” and “Excaliber”,
and how it’s story of Eternals and Brutals
could be seen as a metaphor for modern life
and that all of us
who wanted the world to change
but never did a damn thing about it,
were really the Apathetics
and that everything,
absolutely everything,
always leads back to the Wizard of Oz

and I just want to go home
I just want
to go home

and though sex
hung in the air between us
like a Zeppelin

you could see it
you could touch it
you could almost watch it go down
in flames

we never shared
more than this
but what would have changed?
what would have been different?
had we fucked
instead of Zardozzed?
where would we be now?

and who really is
the man behind
the curtain?
who really

Maybe what you’re looking for
is at the bottom of a bottle
you forgot to finish,
or crushed in an ashtray
along with all the others
you never had much use for,
or maybe it’s stuck to the shoe
of the one who could have been your everything
but has turned their back
and is walking away

and, earlier this week,
I read another poem
that mentioned “Zardoz”,
and I thought to myself,
“What could its writer and I
have shared, had we crossed paths?”
and what would have changed
had I merely looked
under the bench,
instead of standing up
and getting on the bus

or was the thing I’d been looking for
really just inside myself
the entire time?


Max Mundan, What You Are Looking For Lies, Discarded, Under a Bench at the Downtown L. A. Greyhound Station

© David Rutter 2016

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