just watching road trip and crying

lapidot road trip tropes
  • Peridot is the main driver, she controls the aux cord with vengeance
    • Lapis makes off key techno noises with her mouth until Peridot is forced to change the playlist from Daft Punk to Nikki Minaj
  • Lapis is in charge of the map but they definitely get lost and Lapis takes them to strange backroads with weird rock formations
  • They 100% go to the desert because Lapis is curious about places with no water and Peridot hears that’s where her alien plush comes from
    • they take a second road trip to Canada to do the CPH experience in person
  • After watching 12 hours of Guy Fieri Lapis takes them to every hamburger joint on the way and give them reviews. In person, outloud. 
    • Peridot has a yelp account but she mostly just compares all food to how alike it is to pizza (the first thing Amethyst introduced her to)
  • They gather a total of 67 souvenirs for Steven, ranging from ‘Welcome to Hawaii!’ from an Arizona pitstop and knock off crying breakfast food merch (it’s an “otmeel with emotions!”)
  • they run off into thunderstorms when it rains in the desert and Peridot tries to show Lapis how cool falling water is, and they stare in wonder at lightning and the noise that follows
    • they may or may not hold hands when it happens
5 months

For 5 freaking months there’s going to be Oliver and Felicity together sleeping in the same bed under the same roof in different places doing ordinary things. They’re going to watch movies and shop and eat burgers and have road trips and smile and laugh and cry from laughing and they’re just going to be happy. Someone is bound to burn some toasts and more than once will their meal be burnt because they were preoccupied with you know what in the kitchen. There’s going to be a lot of cuddling and kisses and just a lot of happiness.

These thoughts kills me as much as they sustain me.