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I’ve never seen the anime that this is riffing off of, but this is so great. They did a great job putting Naruto characters into these roles. Tsunade making Jiraiya jump, Madara’s “boo!”, the Akatsuki conga line, the three way dance between Kakashi, Obito and Rin. I had to watch it over and over just to catch all the little details.

Live Spectacle Naruto 2017

(A not completely spoiler free review…)

So, yesterday I made quite a last minute decision to watch this performance after all, which of course meant I had to hope I could still get a ticket on the day itself. Although it turned out the be a lottery, because too many people showed up, I got lucky and secured myself a seat (on the 3rd row, far right corner). The seat itself wasn’t all that bad, it was just that… from the angle I was watching none of the projections actually lined up with the actors. Actually, I think only the people in the center block of the theater (and maybe those far in the back) really got to enjoy all the spectacle of the projections… and from my angle the moveable “screens” were also pretty pointless (for some scenes they should really just have used screens that covered te whole stage and not just the middle section, but on the other hand it was also fun tho have a peek at the “backstage”)… 
But anyway, that’s pretty much the only complaints I have about this show! Really, it was awesome and definitly worth the money of the ticket. If you love Naruto (and musicals) and you have a chance to watch it, I reccomend you do! 

Good, onto a little more in depth review!

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Could you do the sleep headcanons for orochimaru too? The ones you did for itachi?

Of course, coming right up! Thanks for requesting!

Orochimaru Helping His S/o Get to Sleep:

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  • I kind of picture Orochimaru as the type who doesn’t sleep often, or he sleeps very little. I feel like this is due to all the work he has. But when he does go to sleep and is with his s/o, he usually has them rest their head on his chest and he wraps his arms around them. 
  • He’ll stroke their back to help them get to sleep. I also see him leaving a window open so there can be some white noise in the background. (This actually sounds hella relaxing right now).
  • IF his s/o has a nightmare, he’ll awaken them, sit them up on the bed, and stare at them. He’ll wait for his s/o to calm down before asking what it was about. 
  • After that, he’ll offer very little words to them. Orochimaru knows he’s a sadistic, unsympathetic, bastard and if he talks for too long something will be bound to slip. So him being silent doesn’t mean he does not care for his s/o, he does, and that’s why he is quiet.
  • He’ll probably order Kabuto to bring them water, tea, or warm milk. 
  • If his s/o is fully awake or does not want to go back to sleep, Orochimaru will honestly play shogi with them and then strike up simple conversations. He’ll tell them about his recent development in his plans.
  • Once his s/o is ready to go back to sleep, they’ll resume the same position as before and he’ll stroke their back, possibly whisper an “I love you,” and wait until they fall asleep. After that he won’t go back to sleep, he’ll just watch his partner and look out the window. 

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Okay but who in naruto would do face masks with their s/o?

  • Jiraiya bc god bless he needs them. 
  • you and Choji have face mask fridays where you chill out and eat ice cream, while working on glowing skin
  • Shisui and Obito think they are freaky cool and love getting to feel them tingle and tighten, and love the ones you can pry off
  • Naruto needs to do them, boy could use some pore strips. 
  • Shikamaru doesn’t agree to them, but he’s asleep and he wouldn’t know the difference if he just happened to wake up with some hydrated skin…
  • Kabuto and Orochimaru watch you use them, they don’t have to tho because they like…molt
  • Gaara and Kankuro have no choice, their skin is hella dry and can use all the hydration they can get. 
  • Ino spends hundreds of dollars on sheet masks, whereas Sakura lives for those DIY recipes. 
  • Sai. you don’t get to have pretty porcelain skin and NOT take care of it
  • Kotetsu lowkey loves them, tho he would never admit to it
  • GAI
  • Neji has a hella indulgent skin care routine, it almost rivals his hair care routine
  • Hashirama

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Ugh fuck yes the naruto ending was bullshit and just idk. Even boruto feels more like slice of life. Seriously everyone just ends up forgiven no big deal and it's just annoying.

Yeah don’t get me started I don’t get how Orochimaru and Kabuto are forgiven after all the things they’ve done. And how they sent Yamato to watch over Orochimaru after what he did to him. I’ll chalk it up to bad writing and rework canon in my fic.

~sailor itachi

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Naruto questions: 1, 2, 9.


1. Favorite Female Character

Am I allowed to say Katsuyu? Haha she’s just so sweet and polite and adorable. I love insects and bugs and most creepy crawlies, so her being a giant slug doesn’t matter. She’s adorable and I’ve contemplated getting a plush of her on more than one occasion.

2. Favorite Male Character

Orochimaru. This one was immediate. Before I even started watching Naruto, I loved Orochimaru. Solely based off of this video. It’s so dumb but it’s what got me started watching the series to begin with. Oro might be tied with Mitsuki, just because my snake son is perfection and I love him so so much. 

9. Least Favorite Character

Danzo. It started off as Kabuto. But of course, I love Kabuto now. I basically love everyone except Danzo. He’s got a gross arm full of eyes and he’s gross. No, Orochimaru is not gross. Danzo is gross xD

sharpen your teeth; for sasusaku month

summary: he didn’t leave her on the bench. (part one)
rating: m
a/n: the obligatory “but guys what if he took her with him” two shot. first prompt for sasusaku month hell yea fuckin right. proofread by admin miso gosh ily bae. 

prompt: phobia

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