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Hi Yas, hope you had a great birthday yesterday. I just watched the promo for next week and Weller says "someone likes to play games" ..... There's only one person I know who fits that description. ..Rich. Its a wild theory but maybe he knows about Oliver and by doing this he is trying to save Jane, so she can see who he really is and Weller gets to save her. It's a little bit crazy, but this is Blindspot! Ok I will just go back and sit in my corner thinking of other plots!!

OMG I HAD NOT THOUGHT OF THAT! LOL! That would be awesome! Rich orchestrating this whole thing to get Jane to break up with Oliver and get Jeller together? I mean, he would totally totally do something like that.

I’m not sure if that’s the case (partly because if Rich is coming back I think Ennis would already have found a way to let the world know) but if it is the case THEN I WOULD FRIKKIN LOVE IT!

Oh, and THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco


*Glitchtale series major spoiler warning*
Just watched S2c Ep 2 of Glitchtale yesterday and..
..My heart is a pile of dust and feels now ;;-;;;
So I got to draw some sketchy doodles about it..

My little skeletol is gone ;;-;; And my goat boy is heartbroken ;;-;;
I really, really like how Camila made the plot twists in this episode, Betty really made me suprised, wow, can’t believe it Betty >:T ( Also I heard that Akumu means “nightmare” in Japanese, right ???)
But, as always, really nice work done Camila !! I’m looking forward for more of the episodes , this series really have caught my heart ;;v;;

Glitchtale belongs to @camilaart !!!
(sorry for poor english)

So~~I’m new to the fandom, just finished watching Voltron yesterday and Sheith is my OTP for it <3
I needed to stop working on my FF15 stuff, because of the feeling of going to burst if I won’t draw anything for sheith (;´Д`)

50 Shades…..of Science:

Desperate for release, the surface of the sun writhed as bundles of magnetic field lines from differing magnetic domains slipped and slid through the high Lundquist number plasma. The unconnected helical magnetic field heaved passionately, violently climaxing and expanding outwards… a much needed release of energy that had been pent up in the sun’s magnetic field over a period of days.

The ejected material – a rarefied flow of hot plasma consisting primarily of electrons and protons – formed a shock wave of Solar Energetic Particles traveling at 400 km/s, the coronal mass splashing across the Earth’s waiting atmosphere.

The magnetosphere, engorged by trapped plasma to a length of 200 Earth radii on the night-side, was disrupted by the wanton geomagnetic storm as the charged Solar Energetic Particles smashed longingly into atoms in the upper atmosphere’s auroral zones. Releasing power on the order of terawatt scale, the magnetosphere bloomed in a prurient, passionate display of color as magnetospheric electrons were forcibly accelerated downward by field-aligned electric fields, the leftover magnetospheric plasma messily dripping down along the Earth’s magnetic field lines.

Before watching The Lego Batman Movie:

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Watching The Lego Batman Movie:

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After watching The Lego Batman Movie:

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I’m running out of title ideas since they’ve been having so many moments

170212 #EXOrDIUMinHongKong Day2

We can always count on the unfair moment if there is a lack of moments :)

Boom! Kick! I swear they are so cute XD They act like little kids. I wonder how they act at their dorms 

The mimicking machine has returned

I legit just watched Goblin yesterday :D It’s cute. I can totally see these two doing a parody of the drama XD my life would be completed.

Why Chanyeol, I must say, Baekhyun’s face on your own looks rather charming

Yas :D

Here we have Chanyeol giving Baekhyun a Mongryong toy~ They look so precious ;-; *cough* we’ve gotten roses, water bottles and other toys Pork Chan chan. I’ll be waiting for a ring XD (ahhhhh whyyyyyyy)

(cuz everything is better with gifs)

And then Baekhyun treasured it forever.

Why do pictures like these remind me of couple pictures? Like I don’t know, Baekhyun’s like the dorky partner while Chanyeol’s the down to earth one who can never stop staring and smiling.


170212 HKG airport

SO at the beginning Chanyeol had that red marshmallow of a jacket right? 

BUT THEN. We have Baekhyun wearing it~ Just imagine ;-; either Baekhyun stole it or Chanyeol was being a considerate boyfriend friend and gave him his jacket. Is that boyfriend material or what?

Aww look at them walking with each other (when you’re a thirsty and delulu fangirl XD) BUT BUT WAIT did you see that? Chanyeol grabbed on to Baekhyun’s arm because he was wandering too far ahead. He’s like “Boi stai bai meh. I dunt wanna lose ye or else mummah SUho will punch meh.” Protective boyfriend.

Chanyeol’s duty: ‘STAY. WITH. BAEK.’

And off they gooooooo

Baekhyun was lagging behind so he zoomed to Chanyeol and that other guy (I’m sorry I don’t know who that is XD) in the cutest way, making Chanyeol smile such a cute smile (I love)

He waits~~

Don’t you like the random unnecessary different angles on the same moment?

I stg Baekhyun looks so huggable. 


MANNNNNN 2017 really starting off well for CB shippers~ Also have you heard BTS’s spring day? It was so beautiful~ I hope 2017 will be a good year (it’s starting off quite nice for me, I hope you guys feels the same way). Well then again, anything could top 2016 ;^^


Day 16 and I’m still miserable and bitter without Glenn Rhee.