just watched this the other day

I literally had this conversation with my best friend the other day

Me: *sitting watching Kara and Lena scenes*

Friend: *walks in, looks at the screen* ugh, now what lesbian show are you watching?

Me: wh–I… Just—ugh now I’m so mad… *tries not to scream*

Friend:…um… what’s happening?

Me: *takes a deep breath* neither of them are gay, and she—*points to kara*–has a male love interest.

Friend: Are you serious? *sits down to watch* what the–SHE JUST BIT HER LIP WHAT THE HELL


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I don't know if you've been asked this yet, but what do you like about your type?

What do I like about ENTPs? 

Well, let’s see…

ENTPs are awesome because we’re flamboyant chums who are simultaneously overthinking everything. We love cracking jokes to watch other people’s reactions. We’re master manipulators, but we don’t tend to manipulate people for evil; we just like to, again, watch people’s reactions. We’re also very good at adaptation and picking up skills. My ENTP friend dared me to learn Russian in a few days, and the next time we saw each other we had a basic conversation in Russian (but of course I soon forgot it all afterwards). We’re creative, energetic, and a balanced mixture of totally awkward and slippery smooth. Additionally, we may seem emotionless and uncommitted, but once we get past the stage in a relationship where we have an irrationally intense desire to flee, we’re in it for the long haul. 

What I dislike about ENTPs should also be noted…

Though we’re capable of emotion, it comes hard. I can logic my way out of most emotion, which is good in cases where it’s illogical and petty, but bad when feelings should actually play a part in whatever I’m doing. For example, getting attached to someone in a relationship is not very easy for me–it takes a long time before I’ll even recognize that I have feelings for them rather than just admiration. Also, that flamboyance can be really annoying when it comes to completing tasks or doing something that takes time and effort. I suck at staying on task and staying focused, and every other ENTP I’ve met has been the same way. It’s something we are essentially incapable of until we’re old and crusty and we’ve realized that dedication and boring processes yield great results. 

watching my roommates try to form and keep relationships is so mind numbing. my roommate just said “this guy i like was behaving so immaturely last night when i told him i was dating other guys. he told me he didn’t want to discuss it tonight and he wanted to go to bed and think about it. like really? what a teenager! so i’ve been ignoring him all day and im not going to talk to him until he gets over it and texts me first.”

please. p l e a s e

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Itachi's ideal S/O, please!

Again, this is who I see him liking. You all are perfect human beings <3

Itachi’s Ideal S/O

- I honestly see him with someone who’s not as extravagant. That being, someone who’s able to blend into the crowd would certainly catch his eye. Say there’s a fight going on. The people who are involved and watching the fight up close and shouting are just going to be a nuisance, but the single person who’s hanging back and wisely avoiding the crowd, but still observing is most likely going to be catching his interest.

- He’d prefer someone who’s more apt towards the arts, and not fighting. I’d see him watching them cook, watching their art come together, not waiting day in and day out wondering if they’re wounded or not. He wouldn’t welcome that stress, but he would like it if his significant other could defend themselves properly.

- Someone who’s more prone to reading than concerts, painting than shopping, squealing about a new book rather than going on and on about how “overdramatic” someone is. Itachi’d prefer someone who’s more of an analytical mind - thinking before acting.

- He doesn’t mind piercings or tattoos, but he wouldn’t like it if that’s all he saw. He likes his partner’s natural skin, not all inked up or dotted with little holes were a piercing once was.

I am so distraught and torn by this person I unfortunately met off tinder in November

We talked everyday literally almost every hour of the day for two months and we got to know each other pretty well. It was one of those situations where u think he’s not just another guy from tinder he wants to actually get to know me

We met at the casino and had fun and he wanted to go back to my place and we had fun watching movies !

A few weeks went by and he let off texting me all the time. And then just never texted back one day in feb.

I don’t get how ppl can do that.
He obviously didn’t feel the same way about me.
It really hurt me.

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Do you like Jason Momoa? (Khal Drogo) Coz if so, you'll like SG Atlantis - he spends about 90% of the time he's on screen shirtless. Not my type, really, but still fun to look at!

FUN FACT the other day when I was at the local nerd shop and spent over $200 on Iron Man merch (wish I was kidding) we, as in me, Noja and the guys working there, got into a convo about how I’d just recently discovered Stargate, but hadn’t started Atlantis yet. And both Noja and Tom (one of the employees) were like “okay you know that GOT dude… you know… Khal Drogo…. you know the one… the guy with the beard…” and I actually have watched the first couple seasons of GOT but it’s been a while so I was a blank and eventually Tom (great guy) gave up and was just like “well anyways he plays a hot GOT character and he’s in a lot of Atlantis so you’ll definitely enjoy it”

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Innocent hc: Lance or Shiro give each other small things on bad days. Extra hugs and kisses if touch is okay. A little extra attention. Once, a new face mask for Lance and, separately, a knitted sweater for Shiro

A nice hot cuppa or a warmed up blanket (or both) on a bad day, or taking the other to sit by a window in the castle ship to watch the stars they pass. Shiro brings Lance flowers and sometimes sweets from whatever tiny planet they just liberated/explored/stopped at for supplies. Lance gives Shiro long massages to relax aching muscles, especially in his right shoulder, and when Shiro is in an especially gloomy mood Lance might just sit down in Shiro’s lap and wrap himself around Shiro like an octopus (unless it’s one of those days where Shiro does not want to be touched, and Lance understands he needs to give Shiro some space as well sometimes.)

Dutch producer Martin Garrix’s stringy sweeping Scared To Be Lonely, his collaborative track with London pop sensation Dua Lipa, is one of this year’s biggest crossover electronic anthems. I was just watching its video again the other day when I noticed the clip had racked up close to a hundred million views! For a twilight beauty of a Scared To Be Lonely remix, we turn to Texas’ medasin. The producer’s swanky luxuriant edit is breathtakingly beautiful. In fact it could very well be the most gorgeous future bass remix of the year yet. Lavish nostalgia and opulent feels abound on this enriching listen. You can also stream medasin’s remix via Soundcloud below.

then i open my eyes, and it's not as nice.

the bonus solcest drabble to the ask i submitted earlier, with double bonus artwork by @dezimaton (submitted with permission!)

He is alone, like every day.

Solace watches his pacing future self without expression, eyes like frozen rubies. It’s rather sad, really, the situation they’ve found themselves in - but there’s no sympathy in his eyes - there’s not much of anything.

Perhaps he should say - they are alone, like every day.

The fallen El Master is unaware of his past self’s presence, of course - it suits the younger Solace just fine. He’d rather the other be oblivious for as long as possible. A memory, a specter, can’t be seen unless they show themselves, after all.

That might have to change today, though - his pitiable future version is tearing apart the fortress in a state of delirium, once again losing control of his temper and giving in to the failure of the past.

A soft tch flows from Solace’s mouth at the sight. The older Solace would end up destroying all his progress again at this rate, and while Solace didn’t care much for his future version’s methods, they had both been fighting for the same goal at one point. Standing by and watching for the hundredth time would do nothing, apart from what it’s done the past times - which was also nothing.

So he ‘steps’ into the world, grabbing the El Master’s hand, and abruptly halting his movements.

The older Solace, of course, reacts violently, but Solace knows himself, and predicts his movements with ease. He’s watched this fallen Master for years and years, knows him better then he probably knows himself. The swing is stopped effortlessly, and the silly mask falls forward with the halted momentum and slides off the man’s face, hitting the ground with a clink.

They stare at each other then, in mute shock and apprehension for entirely different reasons.


That was new - the ugly marks under the man’s eye. Solace narrows his eyes. The fallen Master returns the gesture, but makes no movement, still tense in the hold.

“Who are you?”

And that makes Solace scoff and step back, releasing his future self.

“Don’t play dumb. You know who I am.”

Indeed, the knowledge is already shining in the Master’s eyes, though he scowls like he’s been told a blatant lie. Solace can relate - when he’d first seen his future self, he’d been in absolute denial.

“Impossible. How-”

But Solace is in no mood to answer futile questions that he himself can’t even answer - why is he here, why and how does he exist? How does he end this pointless vigil over his foolish future self? He’s asked everything and everyone from the Gods to the El Lady, and has received no answer yet. He doubts he ever will.

“I would get yourself together, if I were you.”

The man starts to bare his teeth, shadows flickering at his feet, but Solace just moves forward smoothly and grasps his older self’s chin. They don’t blink, locked in something much deeper then a simple conversation.

“At this rate, you won’t make progress at all. So snap out of it.”

It’s not said with kindness, nor sympathy - but with a cold sort of understanding that works, somehow. The once El Master’s red eyes clear somewhat, and the mask is kicked away into the shadows by his younger self.

Solace gentles his grip at the sight, and moves his fingers down in idle fascination. He hasn’t touched his future self before, and is surprised by how few differences there are. If he were to touch his own cheek - chin - lips - he would feel the same skin.

It’s fascinating. He’s tempted to continue, wants to, but the man in his hold is getting restless. He pushes his fingers roughly into the older’s mouth, getting poked by sharp teeth. The pain barely registers - he’s much more enthralled with the darkening of his future self’s eyes. It’s like watching the sun dip down under the horizon.

Solace smirks, eyes narrow with amusement. The stare is finally broken as the younger Solace fades, bringing his bleeding fingers up to his mouth and licking away the red liquid. The El Master opposite him reaches up as well, mirroring the movement, wiping his mouth with the back of his gloved hand. He says nothing.

“Until next time, then.. Master of the Sun, Solace.”

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hi! ive been stalking your blog for the past few days and i really like it. your fics are super good too. ok so this may sound silly but how do you know youre gay? like i started watching tv shows with f/f couples and i ship them and i think girls are cute but some days im just so confused and i dont know. i guess i just dont personally know any gay people to ask but how did you first realize/think you were gay?

Hey :) first of all, thank you!

Well it had been on my mind for quite a while before the realisation. I’d always found the way I reacted to other girls weird, how I blushed and got really bashful and self-conscious, especially if they entered my personal bubble or engaged in any kind of physical contact. Then there were my million “celebrity girl crushes” and the fact that my “crushes” on boys were pretty much a product of my imagination and didn’t even feel real to me. Then there was this Buzzfeed quiz (I think this one) in college, which Emma are you. I got Emma Stone (I could be gay too). Anyway, it wasn’t automatic, because from that moment on, I shut it down, and I shut it down bad. I can’t be gay, I can’t be gay, I can’t be gay— well, you get the gist, it was my internalised homophobia phase. Then a show premiered, and it was my turning point: Faking It. Basically I went through the same realisation journey as Amy (minus the romance stuff) and exactly at the same time, so that was a character I’ll forever be grateful for (the power and importance of representation!!!), because I grew with Amy, you know? So yeah. Kind of at the same time as Amy realised she was gay (in the broader sense), so did I. That was my realisation. The first thought, however, was definitely when my friend called me out on it. I hope that helps in your journey :)

But remember, labels are not important for now. You’ll have plenty of time to find what you identify the most with. I think the first step is realising whether you feel attracted to the opposite gender or not. Labels can come later :)

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Just curious...I've been watching TheStrawHatNO! for about a good three years now, and I've always enjoyed your commentary when your on. So I've been wondering...how did you meet and get involved with Thorn and the others?

When I was like 14, I was a big fan of Sgt Frog Abridged, the abridged series Thorn Yoshi and Travis did. One day I just asked Thorn and Yoshi if I could add them on Skype, and they did. Yoshi and I made fast friends, but Thorn and I didn’t start talking consistently until like….3-4 years ago? Something like that.

I’ve known ‘em for seven years, they’re my oldest internet pallies, and I’m very happy to know ‘em <3

Moving On - Sakura/Gaara

Soo, this is a really old request that’s been sitting around waiting on me to write it. I fell so in love with the idea that it might have a full story coming. This is more of a prologue than drabble. I just need to finish some other stories up first. 

Tears spilled down Sakura’s cheeks despite her best efforts to hold them in. She’d known that this day might come, but she hadn’t expected it to hurt quite this much. She couldn’t draw in enough air, and the shattered pieces of her heart tried to worm their way free of her aching chest. Sakura forced another breath into her lungs, felt them expand to welcome it, even as she sobbed through the exhalation.

You’re such a baby, Sakura chided, watching the darkness settle around her. You’re still breathing, still alive. Think of all the people who didn’t come home from the war.

Though Sakura knew it was true, the cold logic didn’t bring her any comfort. Worldwide destruction had just been averted, partially through her own skill, and that of her team. She should have been celebrating, thankful to see another day. There had been dozens of invitations to do so. Half of the shinobi in Konoha seemed to have gone that route.

Barring celebration, Sakura should have been weeping over the loss. Ino and Shikamaru could have used the support of her friendship after losing their fathers. Or Tenten and Lee, after Neji’s death. Instead, Sakura was crying because Sasuke didn’t want her, wouldn’t take her with him on his journey of atonement. The foolishness of it took her breath away, but that didn’t stop the tears.

The soft scuff of a retreating foot caught Sakura’s attention. Her head jerked up, fully expecting the culprit to be Naruto. Somehow, her teammate always knew when she needed someone, even when she wished he didn’t. She’d seen the pity in his eyes when Sasuke rejected her, again. He must think she was an idiot for continuing to chase him.  

 Sakura turned toward the eavesdropper; it wasn’t Naruto. Dusk softened the man’s bright red hair, while somehow making his aquamarine eyes stand out starkly. A blush colored Gaara’s high, pale cheekbones. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

“Kazekage-sama,” Sakura greeted primly. She wiped at her cheeks, knowing the tear tracks would catch the moonlight, making it obvious that she’d been crying. “May I help you with something?”

“Gaara, please.” The man’s lips tilted into a phantom smile, like they were unused to the expression, but attempted the gesture anyway. “I didn’t mean to impose, I just needed to get out of my room for a while.”

Sakura nodded understandingly. Now that the war was over, the rebuilding process had begun. Even so, there was only so much that could be accomplished in a single day. Exhaustive lists of shinobi killed in action needed to be combed through, the Kages need to discuss their allegiances, then there was the physical restructuring. The task felt overwhelming.

“Me too,” Sakura shifted slightly, lifting her feet from the ground. She’d wandered away from the main village, to a playground that she’d known would be deserted this time of night. Something about the soft creak of the swings, and the way the moonlight sparkled off the river in the distance comforted her. “I suppose I look quite childish sitting here. Alone, when there are million things I could be doing.”

Gaara raised his shoulders in a shrug as his teal eyes roved over the shadowed equipment. “There are dozens of things that need my attention as well.” The man crossed the pebbled stone and lowered himself onto a swing next to her.

Sakura watched him from the corner of her eye. Gaara’s lips were set in the serious expression that almost always graced his features. Thinking back, she remembered the frantic worry in his eyes as he watched her force Naruto’s heart to pump until the Fourth Hokage could save him. There had been a moment of joy when Naruto drew another breath, a true smile of friendship, not just hope for winning the war. The Kazekage wasn’t entirely emotionless.

Naruto is worried about you.“ Gaara’s voice was oddly formal to her ears, but there was an undertone of worry in it.

Sakura forced out a chuckle, then pushed off the ground, swinging backward, and closed her eyes. Gaara didn’t say anything, just watched her with khol rimmed eyes. "Naruto worries about a lot of things he can’t fix. It isn’t his place,” she began, meeting his gaze.

Gaara frowned for a moment, then spoke suddenly. “Why don’t you come to Suna for a few months?”

Dropping her feet to the ground, Sakura raised an eyebrow at the Kazekage. "What? Why?" 

Shoulders dipping forward as he looked at the ground, Gaara considered his words. "I can’t claim to have much experience with relationships, but Naruto has taught me a great deal about them in theory. The one thing that I do know, however, is that they aren’t supposed to hurt like this.” He half-gestured to Sakura’s cheek, then let his hand fall away. “I imagine love should hurt even less.”

For a moment, shock stilled Sakura’s tongue. The moonlight and shadows made it difficult to tell, but she thought she saw the dusting of pink on the Kazekage’s cheeks. “It’s none of my business–”

“What would I do in Suna?” Sakura interrupted, annoyed that Naruto would put Gaara in this position. “My life is here.” 

“You did amazing things with the poison Sasori used on Kankuro. Even Chiyo wasn’t able to construct an antidote that quickly.” Gaara must have seen the pain that crossed Sakura’s face at the memory, because he hurried on. “And, you saved Naruto during the war, when all hope was lost. You’re an unrivaled medic. Our shinobi could learn a great deal from you.” 

Gaara slid a finger beneath the crimson collar of his coat, loosening it. If Sakura hadn’t known better, she would have thought he was nervous. “Tsunade-sama will stay in Konoha long enough to train Kakashi as her successor, so you’d have a few months to spare, if you want. Then, you could come back to the Leaf and oversee the hospital here.” 

Despite everything, Sakura burst out laughing. “Is there anything Naruto didn’t help you plan?” 

Gaara’s flush deepened. “We’re leaving tomorrow,” he added curtly, ignoring her outburst. “If you want to come with us.”  

The man stood and started to turn away. Realizing the rudeness of her actions, Sakura followed and caught Gaara’s sleeve. He startled at the touch, and she dropped her hand away with a blush of her own. “I wasn’t laughing at you,” she corrected hastily. “I can tell that Naruto put you up to this. You’d have no reason to think of me otherwise.” 

“That isn’t true,” Gaara shifted weight to his opposite foot, not quite looking at her. “I never properly thanked you for helping Kankuro, or me.” 

Sakura paused, realizing it was true. Gaara had publicly thanked Naruto, of course. Without his help, they never would have been able to rescue Gaara. And without Chiyo’s sacrifice, their efforts would have been in vain. The memory was painful enough that Sakura shied away from it. “Anyone would have done the same,” she brushed off his words. 

“Few could have accomplished it,” Gaara argued, then shook his head. “The offer stands if you’re interested. I think our medical nin could learn a great deal from you.” 

“Thank you, Kazakage-sama,” Sakura paused and drew a breath before correcting herself. “Gaara.” 

The man’s lips quirked upward again. “We’re leaving at dawn.” 

“I’ll see you then.” The answer surprised Sakura, but she knew it was the right one. Time away from Konoha, from the pitying looks of her friends, and the reminders of Sasuke, might be exactly what she needed. The decision made the pressure in her chest ease. Sakura had a plan now; she wasn’t worthless, and she could prove that in Suna.

2017 goals

- be kinder to people around you
- compliment others, it could change their day and mood completely
- think more. take some time just to contemplate things, without any distractions
- discover new music and artists!
- take care of yourself more. it’s okay, you’re not wasting any time, this is more important
- read more books
- write more stories
- watch more movies and shows
- don’t waste so much time on your phone
- learn a new skill (maybe a language?)
- go to a new place, like a coffee shop or park or old building or museum
- close your eyes and just breathe
- message more people on tumblr, everybody is so nice here!!
- be a little bit more aware of the consequences of your actions
- plan your day ahead to see what you have to do and what you’ve already accomplished
- take more pictures
- write your goals for school/college down to motivate yourself
- try and maybe just a little happier than last year

i just want to choose something small every day to fall in love with. how often do i really just like… study the heck out of a sunbeam. learn a new word and find out how to use it, teach it to others. watch birds because birds are nice. find a new favorite color. to find out something about each person in my life to compliment them on that’s genuine and better than “you’re pretty,” i mean realizing they always get water for other people before they sit down at lunch or how neat their notes are or how they always have a good pun. i want to listen harder and talk a little less and say more important stuff. and i want to watch out for stuff to just obsess over like a cool cloud or a tree and just. learn stuff from people. ask more questions about how her hair is so silky and just. fall in love with everybody.


Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” just hit No. 1 on the charts

  • Donald Glover thanked Migos for making “Bad and Boujee” in his Golden Globes speech — a day later the song is skyrocketing.
  • Migos is No. 1 on the pop charts, its very first chart-topping record, an accolade it has deserved to occupy for years. Astoundingly, it’s also legendary producer Metro Boomin’s first No. 1 as well. 
  • Both artists have had to watch handfuls of other artists rise, using some of the innovations they helped introduce into hip-hop’s current wave. 
  • Raindrop. Drop top. Justice has been served on the pop charts. Read more

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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKQYL0JnHCU)


Come see the other parts!

Part 1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xGrb4QK7eE&t=211s

Part 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTHWSyc8X6s&t=1s

Part 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtzbA1SHm0o&t=9s

Part 4 Final - (Above)

There will be a compilation video of all the parts into one video, so please don’t make one lol. it’ll come out in a few days. 

Sorry for all the watermarks and the low quality finished picture guys. :C I’ve been getting a LOT of art theft lately and I just know that this is just a buffet on a silver platter for those art thieves if I make this full quality like usual, even with a watermark. but I hope you enjoy! There’s no watermark in the video but that’s only because if someone screen shot it, it still would look bad as a print or whatever. 

Darkiplier and Antisepticeye

Ok first of all, holy mother of fucks, @markiplier ‘s valentine’s day video was absolutely the best thing ever! (along with @therealjacksepticeye ‘s halloween video).

if you haven’t watch Mark’s video, I suggest you you go now before reading this post (if you actually even read it xD) because it might contain spoilers.

Ok so we now have physical proof of Darkiplier’s existence, just like Anti’s. I love how they both act alike with the glitches and all, but they’re still so different from each other. from what I saw with Jack and Anti, it seems like Anti fights Jack for control of the physical body. Anti was restless, he’d do anything and everything to take full control of Jack’s body, including killing Jack which is kinda what he did in the halloween video when he cut his throat. He just wanted freedom, and he has no problem in blaming us (the fans) for his actions towards Jack (“you all said my name”, “YOU” “its all your fault” “you all made this happen” “you could’ve stopped me… but you just watched as this happened” “now he’s gone forever”). He knows exactly what to say to make us feel guilty. that sounds an awful lot like a sociopath. I might be wrong but I just did some research (I wouldn’t be writing this without doing my homework ahah) and some of the traits are:

  • Repeated violations of the law
  • Pervasive lying and deception
  • Physical aggressiveness
  • Reckless disregard for safety of self or others
  • Consistent irresponsibility in work and family environments
  • Lack of remorse

you can see most of these behaviors in Anti. Antisepticeye is a sociopath.

now Darkiplier on the other hand…

from what I saw in mark’s valentine’s day video, Dark looked like he had more self control. he seemed awfully calm. he wasn’t trying to fight Mark for a chance of controling the body. he was waiting for Mark to actually let him in (”I’ve been waiting patiently” “he promised he would let me in again”) and this makes me think… Dark is strong enough to take over Mark’s body without actually attacking Mark the way Anti did with Jack. and Mark knows it. so he made a deal. he would let Dark get in from time to time, if he promised not to hurt anyone. obviously Dark wouldn’t keep that promise like we see in the 14 million subs video for example. now lets take a look at some of the psychopath traits:

  • Lack of guilt/remorse
  • Lack of empathy
  • Lack of deep emotional attachments
  • Narcissism
  • Superficial charm
  • Dishonesty
  • Manipulativeness
  • Reckless risk-taking

I don’t know about you but these scream Darkiplier to me. you can see how emotionally detached he is from us. he just wants to toy with our emotions. this is all but a game to him. and he doesn’t care about the consequences (”take your pick. anything of four different choices”, “and lets see how far down this rabbit hole really goes” “so take your pick. show me what you got”, “and maybe we’ll have a good date after all”). he gives us a sense of security and happiness(?) (”if dinner is what you want, then I can provide”, “and I can take you to wherever you’d like to go”), only to be crushed by a statement that makes us fear for our own life (”I can specially take you to places where you DON’T want to go”), leaving us on the edge. he makes us think he actually cares about us (”I’ve been waiting a long time to get some personal space between us”), when he actually just wants to hurt us (”THERE’S NOTHING YOU OR HE CAN DO TO STOP ME”, “youre never, ever going to escape me”).

and if you notice, after you’ve chosen who to kill, you’ll see that if you choose the left option, Mark looks so worried and empathetic over us, trying to reassure us… after all we just killed someone and he’s worried about us (compared to the Mark we’re left with, if you choose the right option). at the end, it turns out we killed the wrong Mark, and we’re left with Dark in front of us. for a second we believed we killed the right Mark, seeing how calm and not evil M(D)ark was acting towards us. that is manipulation. Dark made us believe we were safe now, that we made the right choice, only to crush that sense of safeness right when we were starting to get confortable and at peace (”oops… looks like you made the wrong choice”, “but now we’re going to be together…. forever”)

I strongly believe Darkiplier is a psychopath and Antisepticeye is a sociopath. they both act differently towards Jack and Mark and their fans, but at the same time, in a very similar way. I believe the reason Anti is so glitchy and Dark is so “HD quality” (xD) is because Anti forced his way into Jack and obviously thats gonna leave some damage, while Dark waited (im)patiently for his turn to take over the body.

I just want to congratulate @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier for portraying these characters, made up by the fans, so unbelievably well, and thank them for taking their time to make something, created by the community, come true like this. you guys are amazing.

this is just my theory, if you disagree or have something to say, I’d be more than happy to hear your theories, but don’t be rude or anything.

also, if you read this giant post till the end, thank you so much for taking your time to do so :) sorry if this was a bit confusing xD 


edit: if you want a bit more input on their disorders, take a look at this post

please, I would love to hear your opinions on it