just watched this movie and asdfghjkl

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"That's a bear, Kara" asdfghjkl but WAIT, have you seen Man of Steel? Because look at the weird Kryptonian wildlife in the first few scenes and imagine like, clearly extraterrestrial Krypto. He bounds out of his pod and everyone's immediately in panic mode because look at this alien predator but Kara just goes "AWW" and starts petting it. Right on its dorsal frills. And cooing.

kara would literally pet anything, i love her

i never watch many movies, but my friend got me to watch parts. i googled what you’re talking about though. that’d be pretty rad, kara needing some help and one of those blokes show up as back up

I watched The Space Between Us yesterday and I just can’t.

Gardner Elliot is one of the most precious beings I’ve seen. His excitement for Earth and people and experiences and just life, kills me (Not to mention his eyes, Asa’s eyes are my weakness). 

If people born in Mars are gonna be like him, sign me up.

10/10 in my book. Forever. asdfghjkl

Just one camplaint though, WHY DID IT END LIKE THAT?!?!?!?!?!?! 

I need a sequal asap.