just watched this movie and asdfghjkl

Ciel getting one of those emails that have “send this to 10 people or else a demon will come to kill you in the middle of the night” and obviously he scrolls past it thinking about how ridiculous that is but then he wakes up during the night to the sound of the TV and goes to the living room only to find a total stranger on his couch watching a movie. Said stranger is the “demon”, named Sebastian, that’s supposed to kill him because he ignored the email but Sebastian finds Ciel to be very interesting so he decided to toy with him and waste some time instead of just plainly finishing him off only to end up with a bratty man who has no mouth filter.

Dating Lee Taeyong Oh yea

i lOVE THIS BOY SO MUCH!!!! I have an endless amount of headcanons oh boy here we go

- hes like your mom
- seriously
- hes so protective of you omg
- “ did you eat today? ” “did you sleep well?” “do you need anything?”
- constantly texts you while hes gone
- when youre sick he gets all worked up and buysyou teddy bears, makes you soup, brings your medication, makes sure you have enough blankets, EVERYTHING
- always nags you to clean up after yourself lmao but its cute
- if you slightly mention something that you want, hES GONNA GET IT
- he can get jealous, too
- like youll be talking to another member and you lightly touch them and taeyong flips out
- “did you just hug jaehyun”
- he wouldnt be SUPER jealous and protective, he would still let you do whatever you want (most of the time), but he’ll still show people that are being too flirty that youre already taken
- he cleans eVERYTHING
- like you dont even have to worry in the slightest about cleaning the house bc he already did it
- you come home and everything is spARKLING
- it always smells nice, too
- anime dork
- hes always coming up to you when you come home like “you wont believe what happened in this anime i just watched”
- or like when youre both at home you like to binge watch studio ghibli movies aaa
- you get all cozy against him and you watch movies until you fall asleep
- and then he carries you to your room and asdfghjkl hes such a gentleman ??
- he always does stuff for you and its so nice
- he’ll always make sure youre happy before the two of you do ANYTHING
- when youre sad he does anything to make you happy again
- most of the time its aegyo
- ok and
- imagine kissing lee taeyong
- theres only two types of kisses: soft and passionate, or rough and needy ;)
- theres no in between
- hes romantic, too
- he’ll always take you to nice places like coffee shops, nice restaurants, or just sets up a nice scene out in the backyard with lights and candles and the two of you will just make smores or something
- the two of you also like taking photos together
- like you have a wall just dedicated to each others photos and its so cute
- but taeyong gets sad, too, like when talking about his past and stuff
- like seeing taeyong cry breaks your heart
- so you hold him and run your hands through his hair and tell him heart warming and funny things to get his spirits back up
- or acting cute
- thats works every time
- anyways
- you also like to help him write songs
- but youre not very good at it and make up weird things
- “(Y/N)…that doesn’t make any sense”
- but he enjoys your presence anyways
- when he sees you with little kids his heart stops
- or even if its just the younger members of nct like jaemin or chenle
- taeyong thinks its so ??? cute ???
- he would always bring up kids and how much of a good mother you would be
- and you just blush
- you guys are soulmates tbh
- so cute

waa !!! taeyong is the love of my life i had to force myself to stop writing or else it would go on forever haha;; but writing these headcanons is so fun asdfghjkl

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Headcanon that Loki is on a mission to try and get Steve to have at least one day of if not pampering, at least not working, but Steve is really bad at it. Since sadness errands were his coping mechanism for so long, it's hard to let go of and there's this fear that if he stops moving the depression will catch up. And Loki's way of recharging is lounging and being calm, but he knows that won't work for Steve ...(1/2)

2/2 So instead he asks around and finds a bunch of fun things that they can do together, coney island, a food festival in a park, just lots of ~activities~, and Steve really enjoys himself, and at the end of it, Loki just wants to curl up and nap for a year, so they curl up together and just watch movies and cuddle.

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asdfghjkl sweetness and fluff and ultimate cuddling. WANT. Also I definitely agree with the idea that Steve has a need to keep moving and keep active to stave off imploding under his own sadness. And aaaaaaah Loki going out of his comfort zone to indulge Steve in his version of pampering. 

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Hey hey I have a gif scenario :3 the RFA+V and Saeran comforting MC that had a rough day at work or at school


A LONG TIGHT HUG FOR HIS BABE… he’ll keep you in his arms and make sure you are okay <3


I mean gaming always made him feel better.. But mostly he tries to get your mind off all the stress etc~


Drinking coffee and talking your problems away? I think yes


MC forcing him to bake and making a huge mess?? ah he didn’t mind tbh because he was making MC smile and happy


Bc playing with elizabeth always makes him feel better….. Juju…

ends up doing this tho haha


He’ll make sure you relax and cuddle up and watch some movies~


Hugs. Just hugs. Let this man love and hug you please. I also love this anime asdfghjkl

MY DAY WITH SIMON PEGG–by ur good pal Katie Cumberpegg

okay so I’m doing this on mobile so I can’t do a read more, so I’m really sorry if u hate this and want to scroll past it and it’s hella long…so apologies in advance.

I was gonna name this My Night With Simon Pegg because that’s more accurate but I didn’t want it to sound sexual lmao but yeah. So a couple weeks ago I got an email from Simon’s assistant inviting me to the Mission: Impossible premiere; as some of you may know, a couple years ago I met Simon outside of Jimmy Fallon’s show, and gave him a letter, which he read, and then found me on Twitter and followed me and thanked me and all that. So now I get the occasional invite to premieres and screenings, and he calls me his FRIEND ASDFGHJKL

So on Monday, I went to the premiere with my boyfriend (I originally didn’t get a +1, but then I ended up getting one THANK GOD), and we sat and watched the movie. Simon was there with his family, but just at the beginning when he was introduced, and then they left. I watched the movie and had a good time but then I was kinda sad cause I didn’t think I would get to say hi to Simon! But as my bf and I were leaving the theater, I saw Simon’s assistant, and went up to her to say hello, and she was like “oh my god I didn’t even recognize you with your new hair and glasses and your dress!!!” and I was like 😏 cause I look better now. So then she was like “we’re all heading to the Four Seasons for drinks with Simon, he wants to say hello to you, come with us!” so…I did LMAO.

when I got to the bar, Simon wasn’t there, so I was making small-talk with the other folks; there were like 8 of us??? and everyone was really nice!! But then I saw Simon walk in and I was like 😍👋🏻 and he was like “hey!” and was giving everyone hugs and shaking hands, and then my turn came around, and he hugged me really tight and we were both like “it’s so nice to see you again!!!” and he pulls away from the hug and says “my, how far you’ve come from the girl who I met outside of NBC!! You’re looking so well!” which was the GREATEST THING HE BASICALLY CALLED ME PRETTY??????

So then he sat down across from me and everyone was chatting away, and he starts talking to me and the woman next to me about Star Wars, and he was like “I can’t tell you who I’m playing tho!” and I jokingly said “It’s Darth Vader” and he LAUGHED (I MADE MY HERO SIMON PEGG LAUGH???) and he was showing me pics of him doing Star Trek stuff on his phone, and then I was asking him about how he felt about writing it and I was telling him how happy and proud I was!!!

Then a lil while later he turned to me, and was like “So I’m doing Fallon tomorrow, and I’m doing Drunk Ron Weasley!” and I was like “ah, where it all began” (referring to our friendship) and he laughed AGAIN!! And then he was like “yeah they want me to do it again and I said yes because it was popular” and I was like “oh yeah dude it was all over my Facebook newsfeed and I was all like ‘I met that guy today’” and I did finger guns and he laughed AGAIN LMAO and like through the night we kept making eye contact and smiling and he was so NICE AND HANDSOME AND FUNNY

So then he had to leave, and he shook my boyfriend’s hand and was like “take care of her, she’s very special.” and then I went to shake his hand and he was like “no I’ll come over and hug you!” and as he came over I was like “I wrote you this dumb little thank you note because I feel bad that I haven’t really done anything for you hehe” and he was like “a letter is how our friendship began :)” and we hugged again and said goodbyes and then I left!!!!!!!!

So yeah. He’s still my tru angel and I am the luckiest girl alive??

Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte

Our Lady of the Holy Death

He was out to make a conquest 
Didn’t care what harm was done 
Just as long as he won 
The prize 

She was just another conquest 
Didn’t care whose heart was broke 
Love to him was a joke 
‘til he looked into her eyes 

And then in the strange way things happen 
The roles were reversed from that day 
The hunted became the huntress 
The hunter became the prey 

Now you know who made the conquest 
She, with all her female guile
Led him helpless down the aisle 
She had finally made a conquest”

~Conquest by the White Stripes

Aaaaah~ Hola señora hermosa. <3

I loved this movie. It was just the most gorgeously animated film I’ve seen so far. THOSE DETAILS. THE ART. asdfghjkl;

And yes… I took a break from drawing by… DRAWING. XD I had sooooooooooo much fun with this! I don’t remember the last time I drew something with this much details. 
ALSO listen to the song! And watch the music vid. HAHA! That song = The Book of Life.

The urge to draw La Muerte was TOO STRONG UGH. Oh and can I just share… I wanted La Muerte to be voiced by Sofia Vergara because of reasons. XD XD 


Dating Jeon Jungkook ??

I had so many ideas for Jungkook dating headcanons ok b ye

- shy bby omg
- when you catch him staring at you he’ll freak out and turn into a blushing mess
- in public he will always get all flustered when you hold his hand
- but at home he’ll always be so touchy ??
- he’ll always have his arm around your waist or something idk
- nose kisses :o
- he thinks its adorable when you wear his clothes bc you look so small and cute like its irresistible
- he sings for you sometimes and whenever he does its always a blessing
- you like to blast music throughout the house and you always dance like a child
- jungkook will give you weird looks while youre dancing but really he thinks its the cutest
- and then he joins you lmao
- you like to take pictures together but theyre always of you guys making weird faces
- artist jungkook !!!!
- he loves drawing photos of you and youre reaction is always :0
- he also loves watching you draw, even if you might not be the best at it
- he’ll save up a ton of money so he can take you to your favorite band and have good seats
- !!!!
- a shit ton of cute kisses
- cuddling and passing kisses back and forth waaaa
- you having to stand on your tip toes to kiss him
- i could go on forever tbh
- dating jungkook means having either jimin or taehyung (or both) always with you guys
- mostly jimin
- theyre like your bffs
- youve gotten used to those two joining you and jungkook on your dates
- anyways
- you and jungkook always like playing video games together
- but he beats you all the time
- you pout
- he kisses your pout asdfghjkl
- you feel better
- repeat
- sends you random texts while hes gone, and theyre always just funny photos he takes of the other members
- he’ll video chat with you late at night until you fall asleep
- he’ll sing you lullabies !!!
- sometimes he’ll sing them while holding you by the waist
- aaa
- while watching a movie or something he’ll randomly start messing with your hair and like put it into ponytails or something
- “uh, jungkook what are you doing”
- “watching the movie” he replies as he makes a ponytail right on the top of your head
- youre that couple that buys matching onesies
- animal onesies
- asdfghjkl
- even though hes a little older now, you still like to call him small, a baby, etc.
- and he gets mad
- but in a cute way
- i mean like he puffs up his cheeks
- and then you squish them
- aaaa
- binge watches long animes
- like fucking naruto
- you stay up all day and all night watching it
- but you guys enjoy it a lot
- when youre mad or sad he’ll sit there for HOURS letting you vent every little thing to him, then after he pulls you into a tight hug and doesnt let go until you feel better
- when hes stressed or sad you like crawling in his lap like:
- “you wanna watch anime”
- and he’ll be like:
- “yeah”
- and bam hes happy again

yikes i need to stop im wasting mobile data just to do this ok im done
this is so cheesy but !!!!

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5’4” 15 yrs girl dark brown slightly curly hair,brown eyes(boring color) infj, a bit too much of a nerd, loves harry potter, slytherin, spends way to much time on my phone, artist, i would enjoy just cuddling and watching movies and just having deep convos about the most random things and just geek about whatever movie or show i also really want to talk to you but idk if you’ll answer

you seem really awesome and asdfghjkl if you ever wanna come please do! im a very weird social person i think i talked about xxxx  but i would love to talk to you!

describe yourself to me on anon and ill tell you if ill date you!

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Get out

put a film in my ask

never seen it | need to see it | hate it | ugh | it was okay | LOVED IT | asdfghjkl

Yeah can’t lie, I didn’t watch this movie. Horror/Thriller movies really aren’t my flavor. Don’t get me wrong, I am super happy for it’s success and whatnot. It’s just not my flavor.

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Are there any gifs of Jungkook doing skinships to Taehyung? :) I love your blog❤️

As i mentioned before…we are missing a lot of VKook moments through fancameras.. A LOT.. and that includes skinship of both sides among other things! ..i don’t know when that reality will change but there has been improvement about that so i keep my hopes up!!xD 

..I usually put together lots of moments in each post,even when the quality of the video is bad,so take a tour on the 1rst tag,although it’s a mix of anything they do! ..but i still haven’t fill up this tag of my gifs on everything they have done,cause others post too and i reblog VKook gifs too,so for everything,you would have to go to the 2nd tag cause beside pics/gifs/videos,there are also mentions of their moments that we haven’t even seen in pics yet!

1. http://darkfrinda.tumblr.com/tagged/mygifs

2. http://darkfrinda.tumblr.com/tagged/vkook

To sum it up though…what kind of KookV skinship you want to see?!

He pretty much has touch ..every part of him!

..somehow i end up posting 40 gifs..for more though,check the tags above!xD

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I just saw Suicide Squad (NO SPOILERS!)

and let me tell you something… do not care about critics reviews, just go and watch…. I mean this movie, for me, is PHENOMENAL! I was laughing like crazy, me and everyone else (and that was what I expected, not some deep drama shit, just cool, action movie to have some fun). Harley is sucha a queen, Enchantress is soooo bad ass, Deadshot, Capt. Bumerang and Killer Crock and others rock! And then there is the Joker…. I wish he had more time in this movie, but he creeped me out! Cannot compare Jared’s Joker to any previous ones because he had very short screen time :( but you don’t want to mess with someone like him, trust me. Ruthless and yet having weakness and some hard feelings for Harley at the same time. Music and all the songs match perfectly. 

To all Jared fans (I’m talking to girls right now) let me tell you something…. when you see Harley’s deepest dream, you will moan out loud, I mean Jesus Christ when you’ll see him there, how he looks… asdfghjkl. GOD! I want to watch this movie again! 

And of course mid-credits scene…. if you love DC universe and waiting for Justice League movie you’ll like it!!!!!!!

This is my personal opinion and it may be different than yours. I respect that. I just wanted to share my feelings :)

Scary Movie - Niall Horan Imagine

omg I can just picture Niall covering his eyes from the screen and cuddling up next to you while watching a scary movie asdfghjkl why do I do this

Anyway, ENJOY


“What about this one?” Niall asked you while pointing to a movie on the screen. Tonight was Halloween and all the trick or treaters seemed to die down in your apartment so you Niall decided to watch a scary movie to celebrate.

“Hmm.. I’m not sure if you can handle that one.” You said teasing him.

“You kiddin’? I can handle this one.” Niall defended in a cocky tone.

“Whatever you say.” You put your hands up in defense. “But don’t come crawling to me during this if you get too scared.” You laughed.

Niall had always had something against scary movies. You’d always have to beg him to watch one with you and shortly after, he would be hiding his face in the crook of your neck. How could someone that looks so tough be so scared of a silly little scary movie?

*30 minutes into the movie*

“I’m gonna go make some popcorn.” You said getting up from the couch.

“You’re leaving me? But what if-” Niall stopped himself. You raised your eyebrows, gesturing for him to finish. “Never mind.” He mumbled, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink. You chuckled lightly heading down the stairs and heading for the kitchen. “But hurry up (Y/N)!” You heard Niall yell from behind you.

You purposely took longer than you needed to while making the popcorn. You had already seen the movie you and Niall were currently watching, so you wouldn’t miss anything.. But Niall sure wouldn’t. Right about now is when the scariest events pop up.

“Why am I so mean?” You whispered to yourself, giggling.

“Ahh!” You heard a high pitched scream come from upstairs. You immediately covered your mouth with your hands, trying to muffle the sound of your laughter. “(Y/N)!” Niall yelled for you. You slowly made your way back upstairs to your room. You opened the door to find Niall lifting up the blankets of your bed to cover his eyes. “It took you long enough!” He said sarcastically, his voice shaky.

“You’re such a scaredy cat.” You giggled, taking a seat next to him.

“Am not!” Niall defended. “Ahh!” Niall screamed once more as he dug his face into your chest and holding onto you tightly.

“Point proven.” You laughed.

“Shut up, you know I hate scary movies AND Halloween.” Niall cowardly sunk under the covers, still focusing on the movie.

“Do you want me to turn it off?” You giggled. Niall nodded his head with an embarrassed look on his face. You quickly turned off the movie and Niall suddenly relaxed beside you.

“Cuddle with me.” Niall said as you made your way underneath the blankets. You rested your head on his chest, his rapid heart beat slowing down gradually.

“I can tell we won’t be watching scary movies anymore.” You said, stifling a laugh.

“Psh, you got that right.” Niall said in his thick Irish accent. You heard someone knock on your door, rather loudly. “What was that?” Niall jumped making you laugh at how vulnerable he was.

“It’s just the door, Niall. You know.. That thing that people knock on when they want you to answer the door?” You said sarcastically.

“Shut up, I’m still spooked.” Niall said, blushing. A long silence fell between you two. It wasn’t an awkward silence, but a comfortable one, where you both were enjoying each other’s company.

“Sorry I put you through that.” You blurted, feeling a little guilty. Niall huffed out a laugh, bringing you closer to him, if that was even possible.

“it’s alright, babe.” He slowly kissed your forehead. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” You turned your head to face him, putting your lips on his.

“My little scaredy cat.” You remarked, giggling.


HEYY I’M BACK (: sorry I’ve been offline for so long.. I feel so bad >.<

but here’s an imagine just in time for Halloween (:

-Meagan [: