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Relationship status: I love my chickens and my chickens love me, so all is good in the world~
Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick. I only own like one lipstick and that’s only because my mum bought it and then immediately decided she didn’t like the colour anymore and gave it to me .-.
Last song listened to: SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now) XD Lol, only because my bro and I were discussing it earlier today :P
Last movie watched: Uhhh, ‘The Road to El Dorado’ and ‘Atlantis: The Lost Empire’ ^ ^ I was at my neighbour’s place for a movie night and she and her friends hadn’t seen either. If you haven’t seen ‘The Road to El Dorado’ you are seriously missing out!! My bro and I love it so much we could probably do a two-man reenactment of the entire thing. Go watch it now!!
Top three fav TV shows: Hmmm, three random picks from many: ‘Shadow Raiders’‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Westworld’
Top three fav characters: Again, three random picks from many: Naru Kotoishi (Barakamon), Draco Malfoy (HP) and Yuri Katsuki (YoI).
Top three ships: Again, again, three random picks from many: Hakona (AnY), Kyo x Tohru (Fruits Basket) and Anna x Cas (Anna Dressed in Blood).
Book I’m currently reading: *glances at the 10+ books on her nightstand* Yeah, a lot ( .__.)

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So if you took Jyn and Cassian and aged one or both up to the actual age of their actor, how would that have effected the story and their relationship? (Age gap?)

I’ve thought about this quite a deal, actually, because when I watch the movie I see Jyn and Cassian as Diego and Felicity’s ages when they filmed it (so around 31 and 35 when they filmed) instead of as 23 and 26, which is what they are suppose to be.

While the story would remain the same, being younger or older seems to give them a different layer of tragedy depending on which way you look at it.

If they are their canon ages, the tragedy lies in how their lives were cut short and how they had spent those years pretty much just fighting and surviving. What could they have done if they had lived longer? That is the question.

If they are aged up to Diego and Felicity’s ages, then the tragedy is about how much longer they have been fighting, and all the trauma that goes with it the time in between. Can you imagine a Cassian who has been doing the terrible things in the name of the rebellion for another decade? How hollow would he be? What things would have have done in that time that he regretted? Who else would he have cared for and loved and lost? And Jyn–Jyn would have been wandering all that time scraping by, abandoned by everyone she loved and who once loved her for not 7 years but 17 years. She would not have seen her father for 25 years. Would most of her memories have slipped away? She wouldn’t have met her “found” family in Cassian, Chirrut, Baze, and Bodhi (and okay, K2SO, too) until then.

I think for me, Jyn and Cassian have to be close in age, whatever the age is, because for all the ways they are different, at the root of who they are, they are very similar. They’re mirrors of one another, and that includes how long they’ve fought, how long they have been alone.

And as for their relationship with each other, for Jyn and Cassian to not meet until they were in their thirties? Something about that makes me sad, that they would have lived so long and not had the chance to meet that person that made them feel that way until then, and then only to have the opportunity ripped away. Better to have had the chance than not, but to have gone all that time–it’s even more bittersweet.

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Do you like Kevin Smith or Clerks? If so why?

Clerks: indie filmmaking legend, classic

Mallrats: like a filthier John Hughes movie, love it

Chasing Amy: some of my favorite dialogue in any movie, great example of a full movie made with $250,000. Probably my favorite movie of his. I love movies about men’s weird and stupid vulnerabilities.

Dogma: some good stuff but after you watch it once it’s kinda “yeah eh I got it”

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: massive piece of shit with a couple funny cameos and callbacks I guess

Jersey Girl: not as bad as people say but also not great

Clerks 2: Genuinely good movie about being in your 30s. Funny and had a ton of heart. Some dumb stuff but I don’t think this movie gets enough credit.

Zack and Miri: pretty funny movie that just kinda ends before it gets really interesting?

Then Red State is okay but every other movie beyond this point is a piece of shit

“Wanna​ come watch it?”

Just when you were talking with your girl friends about the release of the new film you’ve been looking forward to for so long, you receive a text message

Jerk: I’ve already got the movie. Wanna come to my place? ;)

It was Taehyung the playboy of the campus, who happens to sit behind you, and you had his number only for academic purposes. He’s asked you out many times but you always rejected him knowing that what he wanted wasn’t only your attention but your body, as he did with every girl.

-No, thanks.

Jerk: c'mon you know you want it, I heard you

-Mind your own business.

Jerk: I won’t take a ‘no’ as an answer love;)

You don’t bother to reply and instead turn to face him, instantly regretting it as you see the intensity of his gaze.

What are dreams?

Well, according to this drunk, psychotic lamp from the 6th episode, they are the movies that play in one’s mind every night when they’re asleep in bed.

One could dream of anything. Riding a horse and drowning in oil are only a few examples given by the teacher of this final DHMIS episode.

People might be freaking out at this series, going all “what the heck!? Why did I just waste several minutes of my precious life watching this!?”. But I think the entire series is a masterpiece, my favorite being the final episode, during Yellow Guy’s dream sequence.

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Hi, can I request hc of RFA+ minor trio (is it too much?) on MC who has bad sense of humor just like Jumin.

I’m sorry but i dont write Vanderwood. You couldn’t know since I just found out when i wrote this that i have no idea how he/she (don’t judge idk lmao) would react so sorry for that!
✨ Yoosung
* The two of you were just watching a movie
* It was a comedy so Yoosung was laughing 24/7
* You thought it was okay jokes didn’t really seem funny to you
* “Hey MC why aren’t you laughing is something wrong” he asked
* “Nah i just don’t think its that funny but watching tou laugh is” lololol
* “ alright tell me something funny then”
* You were like o shit
* “ one time I called my teacher mom lol”
* “And then what?”
* “I cried”
* Yoosung would have this awkward laugh
* He would laugh at your jokes but only because he loves you lol

✨ Zen
* You and Zen were on a date
* Zen was telling you cheesy pickup lines all day
* They were actually really funny aswell
* The date was coming to an end
* And Zen asked “ hey this may be silly but could you tell me your cheesiest pickup line”
* After 10 minutes you replied with:
* “ is your name ‘my future husband’ bc you are”
* Zen was like
* …
* O
* Ha ha ha
* Good one Mc
* He’d never ask you again lmao

✨ Jaehee
* Ok but jaehee would laugh at you no matter what like i cannot think of a reason why she wouldn’t laugh ahsndnsnns sorry

✨ Jumin
* You were sitting next to Jumin when he told Seven another “joke”
* Seven literally facepalmed himself
* “Shut up Jumin”
* “Hey I thought it was funny” you said defending Jumin
* “Well tell us a joke then MC”
* Everyone was waiting for you to open your mouth
* “How does Elizabeth ask for a treat?” “Can i have a treat Pawlease”
* It was silent
* Then Jumin laughed
* Yes he laughed
* Everyone was like this is a match made in heaven

✨ Seven
* He’s the pun master
* So of course he was telling you tons of puns
* “Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? Hes all right now.”
* “Why don’t some couples go to the gym? Because some relationships don’t work out.”
* “Hey mc tell me a pun”
* “I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.”
* Seven laughed
* “That was so bad it actually made me laugh”
* He would teach you how to tell funny puns so don’t worry

✨ Saeran
* He was having a bad day
* Seven tried to cheer him up
* But Saeran only wanted your attention
* So you bought him ice cream
* And you decided to tell him a joke
* Because jokes always make you laugh
* “ i asked my mom if i was adopted once. Hilarious, she replied. Why would we choose you?”
* Saeran stopped eating is ice cream
* “Well thats sad”
* And then he hugged me
* “Saeran it was a joke”
* “I know and it sucked lol”

✨ V
* You were having dinner
* V was talking about how he loves you
* You just kept laughing because it was adorable
* “Hey mc why wont you try to make me laugh?”
* “Oh sure lemme think”
* You thought about the perfect joke and finally
* “What do you call a blind dinosaur? A-do-you-think-he-saur-us ”
* …
* “Hahah very funny Mc”
* It was an awkward laugh but V loves you too much not to laugh at your jokes

When re-watch Gintama movie2

Dear diary

I re-watch the movie and maybe because I want to be an okikagu trash (No, I’m just kidding).  

I found some 2 Okikagu scene that interesting me.

First scene when Sougo appear and attack other Samurai to help Kondo

They’re staring at Sougo , Yeah! Kagura also staring at him, too, but her face not shocking like Gintoki and Shinpachi. ( Surprising for not seeing him in a while,right? Kagura ╰(✧∇✧╰) )

When the Shinsengumi appear on the bank ( the subtitle say the bank ,I don’t know what it call in English ) Kagura is the only one in Yorozuya whom not turn her face to look at the Shinsengumi, she still staring at Sougo. ( or maybe the animator was too lazy to drew her turn around )

Second scene when Kagura leaving the Shinsengumi

Sougo staring at Kagura until she left his sight. ( He turn back when Sadaharu’s footstep sound was gone )

His face seem a little bit sad for me when he turn around , maybe he feel sorry for the Yorozuya that they’ll never be the same anymore. ( But for me I imagine that Sougo feel sorry that he and her will never be the same anymore ( In the past every time they ran into each other they always have a fight ) ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥`   )

Well, at least I got this Okikagu scene for me ( He teasing her by going to cut her but Kagura know Sougo so well that she can dodge his attack ( and I believe Sougo know her so well that she could dodge his attack easily  ) )

( Ĭ ^ Ĭ ) what a great couple for me.

I just want to hold your hand.

I want to listen to your favourite songs and look at you as you slowly start dancing to them.

I want to look into your eyes and see the stars reflecting in them.

I want to visit my favourite places with you.

I want to meet your friends.

I want to know what scares you the most.

I want to hear about all your dreams.

I just want to hold your hand.

I want to laugh at the lamest jokes you can think of.

I want to wipe your tears after watching sad movie.

I want to be the one you find yourself thinking about before you go to sleep.

I want to tell you about the future and the places I want to visit.

I want to know about the things you regret.

I want to lie next to you on the grass and watch the clouds go by.

I just want to hold your hand.

I want to be the reason you smile at your phone.

I want to take you to your happy places and watch how happy you are.

I want to rub your back.

I want to be the person you drunk call or text to.

I want to go to movies with you and sit in the back so I could be watching you instead of the movie.

I want to eat your favourite food with you.

I just want to hold your hand.

I want to be in the same room as you and secretly look at you as you read.

I want to tell you how much you mean to me.

I want to see you blushing when I tell you how much I love you.

I want to be in the bed with you, not having sex, just enjoying your company.

I want to give you something nice on your birthday.

I want to make you tea when you are cold and hand you paper tissues.

I just want to hold your hand.

I want to watch my favourite show with you and be obsessed and not judged.

I want to stay awake until the morning and just sit on the roof with you and talk about stupid things.

I want to change the wallpaper on my phone to a photo of us.

I want to get lost in your eyes.

I want to let my cat sit in your lap and just watch you guys get along.

I want to introduce you to all my friends.

I just want to hold your stupid hand and do all the things that people in love do.

Robert used to love going out; not being alone was a benefit, and the casual flirting that always made him feel a bit better about himself, whoever he was supposed to be. Now that he has Aaron, he hates going out, instead wanting to stay in, watch crappy movies, make popcorn, cuddle under the blanket with his husband as they just enjoy each other’s company. He has found value in being himself and I can’t.

Little Mermaid idea except the little mermaid (lets call her…Bay) falls in-love with the first princess (lets call her Blaze) (bonus points if she a transgender girl) and the temple girl/princess (lets call her Fawn) and Blaze and/or Fawn find out that Bay’s feet hurt immensely when she walks/dances and such and confine her to a wheelchair to save her from all the pain and they all realize they love each other and they all get married and live happily ever after.

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India, did you the Cartoons about Bendy and Boris before you met them in person?

“Okay, listen to me… Bendy and Boris were… are very popular. Of course we knew about them. Just because we never really watched the cartoons in our own home didn’t mean we didn’t know who they were or we never saw their show. We watched them at friend’s houses, and the cartoons sometimes appeared as shorts before movies in the cinema. They were on lunchboxes, and sometimes notebooks! It wasn’t as if we had no reaction when they showed up at our door. We knew their significance, even if we weren’t completely familiar with them. But even still, neither Godwin nor I have ever cared much about fiction…

But the toons aren’t fiction anymore. They’re our friends, and we care about them! And we see how important that kind of devotion means to them. They take great pride in the joy they have brought to children and families. Of course they hope to have done the same for us.

When we started to become friends with the toons, Godwin and I both rushed to watch as many episodes of their show as we could. And now, well, it hardly matters when we saw them, right? We’re some of the only humans they are familiar with in a personal way. Henry worked on the show, so his interest in the toons is not the same. And it’s not as if we’re interrogated by them about it. So if it’s not a problem why not just let it rest?” -IG

I’ve posted so much today but I just wanted to post something and say I’ve honestly never been this happy in such a long time. Like I actually had enough sleep for once and the weather has been so lovely and warm and I got to wear my cute new clothes and rings and I actually applied makeup nicely and I feel so good about myself. I bought some new makeup, paid off some of my holiday, won a 20% off skincare voucher, got myself a free hash brown from mcdonalds, joji dropped his new song and its so beautiful, and I’m going into the city again later to watch a movie with my best friend and her family. I’m honestly just so happy. I’ve had a really lovely day and idk I wanted to write it all down.

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● Last movie I watched: Beauty and the Beast in cinemas. (it was okay) :S (not my type of genres tbh) (i like when shit goes boom boom and bearded guys) 
● Last song I listened to: Symphony - Zara Larsson & Clean Bandit
● Last book I read: The Tower of Swallows :3 (I hadn’t even finished baptism of fire, i just couldn’t stop being so freaking curious about the aen elle in books!!!!!)
● Last thing I ate: Pizza. :3 :3 :3 (be jealous) 
● Where would you want to time travel to?: I’d go back 1000 years in my own current location and say hello to some really distant relatives, also to see what it was like to live in a lawless country x) (my town is one of the oldest places in scandi so hopefully I’d meet some scary living peeps) 
● Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: Avallac’h my child
● If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: Hmm, maybe France, Finland, Italy (to say hello to @lunedin) ;) or Czech Republic to say hello to @ferelden-doglord or come bugging @lithialetheia in Spain (TOO DAMN HOT THO GIRL) or steal some of @vaporeox cows in Poland and bug her forever

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I’m really trying to prioritize taking some time out of my already chaotic days to seek solace in my artwork.

Today I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (I loved it and recommend it) while working on this. I’m so hard on myself, everything always feels like it has to be perfect, precise, before I can show it to the world. Usually resulting in me feeling too insecure to share my work or not stepping out of my comfort zone in general. Anyway, this movie was a much needed reminder to just throw my hands up and just go for it. So, in a moment of spontaneity I decided to paint her hair green because why the hell not.

Art Instagram : @Jaha.Hoque

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hey Lucy! did you ever go through a phase where you were rly unispired about films? to the point where you couldn't even watch anything at all? and if you did, what have you watched that made you go "holy shit I love this and I want to do that someday"? I wonder if you have any tips/recommendations for that and how you would get over it. sorry to bother you w this but I rly trust ur taste in film and how excited u get over it is quite inspiring to me

honestly i go through phases of being into stuff and right now i’m out of movie watching, mostly because i’m so busy working and when i have free time i’m super tired. but i’m having trouble getting back into them again and i do this probably every few months. just give yourself a little space to breathe, especially if you usually watch a lot of movies. after that, just pick something to watch and put it on and pay attention the best you can. i’ve hardly watched anything for the last few months mostly because i can be so indecisive. sometimes it takes the right movies at the right time to get me back on track though, you’re right about that. i remember in the summer i watched the prestige and adaptation in the same night and i absolutely loved both. it got me excited about movies again. just watch stuff and hopefully the feeling will pass or be zooped away by something really good!