just watched the thing

Hey, I know everyone’s stressing over exams but I just wanted to let you know (again) that my door (messages/inbox) is always open. 

Especially since I just watched 13 reasons why, any little thing (literally anything) that you felt bad about could help destroy your life. So if you ever want to talk or just rant, y’all can come to me. :)

things i’ve learnt from that episode of holby:

  • i could probs listen to bernie doing david attenborough impressions all day
  • i could probs watch bernie sitting back + just winging things + having bantz on aau all day
  • i love darla, 10/10, i’m a fan
  • i’m constantly genuinely surprised by how many ppl there r hanging around on darwin
  • every time sacha cries i also cry apparently
  • i’m here 4 the hoodies + tea intervention @ pulses
  • i love morven so much (the yellow sleeves/blue scrubs was gr8)
  • i’m actually lookin forward 2 ollie being on aau
  • jac + matteo continue 2 be a Mess
  • that old guy didn’t let me down bc he took the perfect opportunity 2 make a doctor who joke
  • 4ever a fan of hanssen looming

The moon used to look beautiful at night. As a child I would lie in bed, watch the moonlight filter in through the window across my bed sheets. I’d imagine the light as an ocean, and my blanket’s shadow as the waves.

Moonlight doesn’t shine as clearly through the tinted glass of the dome. I miss being able to watch the moonlight.

It’s just one of the many things lost to this killing game.

jungianca6  asked:

Heeey, this will sound weird (since I'm Snk trash) but should I read the manga or anime of Tokyo Ghoul? My brother saw the 2 seasons, but it doesn't seem there'll be a third. So what are your thoughts on this?

Definitely read the manga. It’s truly a masterpiece. Tons of parallelism and character development, amazing symbolism, beautiful art, so many incredible details you’ll miss just by watching the anime. The only good things about the anime are the opening, the ost and the seiyuus. Please, read the manga, you won’t regret.

Give me Enjolras who gets into stupid debates with Grantaire. Things like pineapple on pizza and if the Harry Potter movies do justice to the books. Enjolras who is eloquent and charismatic during his speeches now has his fingers tangled in his hair with his head down on the table because R is just so wrong! Grantaire is smirking because he doesn’t actually have a strong opinion on these things, but he just loves to watch his Apollo flush and lose words because he has not had time to prepare for this. Bonus Courfeyrac is always the one to bring up the topics.

Do a FRC Chalice you say? @whiteone xD

I was just watching this video and this was probably the most nightmarish thing! It’s much more funnier when it’s not me dying, though… LOL!

Now that I’ve Platinumed this game, I can focus on finding some good stuff and trying one of these. Sometimes it pays off for me to be cheap and cheese my way through, but this Cursed Chalice on the video was nuts!

Writers: *kills all minorities*

Writers: *keeps all white and straight characters alive even when their storyline is dead*

Writers: it’s just the way the story took us


  • Ravenclaw: I'm feeling pretty productive. I think I'll get some work done today!
  • *12 hours later*
  • Ravenclaw: *spent the whole day playing video games*
  • Ravenclaw: Not again.

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

I’ll go to bed early.
—  A Ravenclaw who will most certainly not go to bed early 

okay but how funny would it be if, after all this build up, Sam is the one to use the grenade launcher