just watched the movie for like the 5th time

Miss Me? - Part 3

Warnings/Triggers: None

Pairing: boxer!Bucky x Reader

A/N: Here is part three of my boxer!Bucky AU series. I’m not really sure how I’m feeling about this one but I’m posting it anyway/ Feedback is appreciated. Enjoy?

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Sam stood between the two of you looking very confused. “Wait…Y/N, you two know each other?”

You turned your head to Sam furrowing your brows, “What, you know him?” you asked, pointing to the brunette as he asked the same.

“You know her?” He spoke up, looking between you and Sam. “You’ve been holding out on me, Wilson.” He muttered eyeing you, earning glare.

Sam put his hands up trying to explain. “Yes, Bucky is a boxer here,” he started, “and Bucky this is Y/N, a close friend of mine.” He cleared up. “Now, how do you two know each other?”

Clearing your throat, you arched your brow up at Bucky. “Well Sam, Bucky here is the ass who stole my cab this morning.” You gave a sarcastic smile, making the boxer snort. Sam couldn’t help the laugh that escaped him, rubbing a hand over his face in disbelief.

“Oh, but you gave it up, sweetheart.” Bucky defended, his eyes smirking at you. His words seemed to flow like caramel off his tongue. Warm and slow, thick as he spoke. 

The metal arm caught your attention as you eyed him. You had noticed it before, thinking it was a sleeve. But up close you could see the scarring that connected the prosthesis to his shoulder. It was so detailed and so…beautiful. You had seen things like it in Tony’s lab, but to see it on someone, functioning, whirring into place. It was amazing.

You scoffed at the man, opening you mouth, ready to fire back at him when Sam stepped in stopping you. “Okay, kiddo, I got the papers now let’s go. See ya later, Buck.” He rushed his words and rolled his eyes at the child like behavior of the two of you before pulling you away.

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About Nikolai Krasotkin, aka 'Let's see if I can resurrect people too' (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

So after rewatching the Empire of Corpses for the 5th time in a week (somebody send help how do I quit this self-inflicted torture) I realised something.
It’s just a theory, or maybe I am completely oblivious and everyone thinks so already, but please follow my reasoning here. I promise I will try to make sense.

(The following contains spoilers. Please do not read unless you have watched the movie)

So, first time round I had assumed Nikolai was definitely dead by the end of the story. And by “dead” I mean zombified - unable to live a normal life just like Friday for most of the movie, to feel anything at all, stuck in that limbo alongside Alexei. Which made me really sad, as I loved Nikolai, and thought of him as an awesome role with lots of character.

Yet I felt something was a little off:

- We see Friday regain his humanity right at the end after Watson’s “death” and the absorption/sealing of Victor’s notes, pretty much out of nowhere and no specific further explanation is provided.

- My guess would be his soul has finally managed to come back because it’s not “stuck” anymore or kept under control by the First, who has died during the previous scene. We clearly see most of the people who had died during the Babbage attack get their souls back, and pretty much everyone that had been affected comes back to life.

- During the Babbage attack, we are shown a few scenes depicting everyone around the world being deprived of their soul in order to form one huge entity and bring the First’s bride back to life. “The analytical computer has touched the souls of the dead worldwide”. We even see some of the same characters from the previous scene all over again.

- Finally, by the end of the attack and during the epilogue after the credits, there are no more zombies left. We assume the world has come back to normality and eveything is fine.

- Which in conclusion, makes me think everyone that had been affected by the attack or the necromancy (which means, wasn’t ACTUALLY dead) is indeed ALIVE, and that would naturally include Nikolai, because why would he be an exception after all? His soul must have been stuck somewhere just like Friday’s, so… Why not?

What do you reckon?
Are Nikolai and Alexei also alive?
Feel free to throw in suggestions and discuss this, I am very curious to see what you think!

Big Bang reactions to you having Harry Potter marathon

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He just came home and saw you wrapped up in blankets with all 8 CDs of Harry Potter movies on the table. He wasn’t the biggest Harry Potter fan so you left him to do his things, but it was boring watching a movie without him so you fell asleep during the 5th movie. He saw you were asleep and he knew how much you liked watching movies, especially Harry Potter movies with him.When you woke up you begged him to watch it with you and he felt honored that you invited him to watch your favorite film series with you. He was happy you wanted to spend more time with him though.
“I will watch it with you just don’t scream too much while fangirling okay?”

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You were just watching the first Harry Potter film when he texted you if you want to go out on a date today. You told him you were having Harry Potter marathon and continued watching. After just a few minutes you heard the phone again and that happened 3 more times. You had enough of him and called him to get his ass over here and he better come with some popcorn and some snacks.He wanted to make you angry so you’d invite him over. He was satisfied that you were such big Harry Potter fan because he liked Harry Potter a lot too. He liked you were envious because he met Emma Watson before.
“Yeah, I met her and you would never believe how beautiful she looks up close…”

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He was calling you to ask you if you want to go to a party with him, but you refused and he really wanted to know why. When you told him it was because of your Harry Potter marathon he got angry and invited himself over to your place. He made sure he bought your favorite snacks and drinks, so you would never choose Harry Potter before him.He liked the films though, but all of the 8 films were too much for him and he fell asleep after the 4th movie.
“Did I fell asleep? What? At 4th film? You better never ever choose Harry over me okay?”

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You were very disappointed when he told you he never watched any Harry Potter movie. It made you very sad that people really haven’t seen all of the Harry Potter films. He agreed to watch the films with you, but he had no idea there were 8 really long movies that he would have to watch all day. He was really surprised how long the movies were, but he liked watching them with you because you explained everything to you. It was really fun thing to do and after all of the films he said he wants to watch them again and that’s how he slowly began to be Harry Potter fan.
“When will we watch them again? Tomorrow?”

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When you told him you will watch all the Harry Potter movies tonight he joined you right away. He was very big Harry Potter fan and he loved it when you both explained same things to each other and exchanged opinions about how great the movies are.He knew exactly how much food is necessary for all the movies, so he brought your favorite snacks and ice cream.He loved watching Harry Potter movies with you and he promised he will throw you a Harry Potter themed party once.
“I stan Hinny so hard I can’t even.”

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Headcanons for my broken bro jean moreau

  • Initially he isnt very impressed with the trojans and the whole “friendship” thing. He doesnt understand how these people can be around one another for so long without getting heavily annoyed, but then alvarez and jeremy worm their way into his heart and he just goes ‘oh’
  • He doesnt like that its sunny all year round in california bc he’s used to the winters in west virginia but eventually gets used to the sun beating down on his skin
  • Hes not ghost pale anymore after spending a year in california, he has freckles that trace their way across his nose and knuckles

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Marvel - character development

So I just re-watched Guardians 1 for the 5th or 6th time (probably more, I’ve lost count), and I noticed some things. Some very cool things. 

At the beginning, Quill seems to be a boy who hates for anything innocent to be hurt. I mean, come on, he fights with other boys over something that sometimes doesn’t even seem like fighting about. (I firmly believe this scene was deliberate.) He’s a sweet child, agreed?

We don’t see this again in the first movie, right? I mean, come on, he’s a ravager! He shoots people! 


You know the scene in the prison where we see him save Gamora? “It’s just for the money.” Etc. I firmly believe that he put on a mask of uncaring. I mean, come on, living with the ravagers, “Sentiment, eating away your brain like maggots!” probably quickly either a) destroyed what he had, or b) forced him to hide it. 

I think he took option b. 

We see him help Rocket. We see him keep an eye on his team. This is just the first movie. 

We see him care about Groot (baby groot) in the second one. We see the hurt from his past. We see that guardedness. (”It’s a sad story!” in refrence to his tale to the other children. “Why are you trying to take this away from me?” in reference to Gamora thinking something was off. “But my friends.” “You said you loved my mother.”) Many examples. We see him with Yondu. We see him care about rocket. 

Seriously, I think that kid that was Peter Quill is still there. I hope we get to see more of him. 

So maybe I’m not perfect,

And neither are my words.

While we’re at it,

I’m not special,

No greatness in me stirs.

There’s nothing to be cherished,

And not a single shred of hope.

But that’s just an image some have,

The edge of a burning rope.

Some may see this life as fleeting

Sure, they watch it as it burns,

But I am the flame upon it,

You’re the rope for which I yearn.

This heat inside me scalds you,

And boils up the life within,

While I burn my licks unfold you

As I reach inside your skin.

Each second brings me closer

To the center of your world,

You’re unlacing yourself around me

Together we are unfurled.

Some may think this is just physics,

Just science with a flare

I say this is creation,

Name the theory if you dare.

There’s gargantuan emotion,

And deep impact, to be sure,

Audibly, it’s concussive,

Though, I’d say that’s mostly her.

You see, I would not say that I am perfect,

No, alone I’m just a spark,

But so long as you are with me,

We burn perfection in the dark.
-A Poem By: Sean Michael Moreno 
©Sean Michael Moreno 2012


I wrote this a few years back after watching a bunch of movies with damn hot sex scenes, running though Game of thrones, and Spartacus in a weekend, and being like, “Damn, I want that.” So I wrote this… Never shared it before, so yeah. Here ya go Tumblr: my only ever attempt at a sexy poem. lol

Hope y'all enjoy!