just watched the finale of doctor who

Not a lot of

people have watched Dirk Gently’s holistic detective agency yet and I’m here to fix that. If you’re in either the supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock fandom or all three, stop what you’re doing right now and binge watch the entire eight episodes to feel my pain.

The show is actually a mix of the Superwholock shows, even including Osric Chau in the cast!!! Just like Sherlock it’s the story of a detective not quite like other private investigators and his attempts to gain the trust of the man he wants as his assistant. Like Doctor Who, science fiction. Time travel, experiments, all of it comes in the mix. And, finally, Supernatural. Cults, body swapping, souls.

Honestly, the Superwholockians out there will love it. Watch it!!!

I finally watched Fright Night and




(Btw, its so funny to see Chekov and the Tenth doctor tried to kill Percival Graves omg)

Christmas Gift Fic #2

For @rosefyrefyre who requested: “Darcy talking to the Doctor! I don’t care if it’s Nine or Ten or Eleven, but just Darcy talking to one of them.”

Darcy tapped her nails against the rim of her coffee mug and watched the passing traffic on the street. The coffee shop was half-full, it was mid-morning and most of the working java junkies had already come and gone. Darcy took an outside table, enjoying the spring air while she waited. For Maria Hill. Because, yes, she’d finally agreed to go out to coffee with the woman.

It was self defense; she kept being ambushed by the former Deputy Director and her lattes at the Tower.

“Hello? Do you mind if I—?” A man greeted her then sat at the table, swiveling his long legs aside, crossing them at the ankles, before leaning back in the chair like he’d been sitting there all along.

Darcy jerked and, probably, gaped. She hadn’t noticed this man approaching. It was like he popped out of nowhere.

“Wonderful,” the man continued, though she hadn’t said anything. “Lovely day isn’t it?”

Pursing her lips, Darcy cast a quick glance around, but nothing else looked suspicious, like this was a distraction from somebody trying to do something nefarious nearby. So, she turned her attention back to her surprise coffee date.

He looked about her age, but tall, lanky — very lanky. He was wearing a tweed jacket, a blue bow-tie, and … a red fez? She’d seen weirder ensembles, but this was pretty special. He sounded English of some variety — Darcy never had the best luck at guessing accents, much to Natasha’s despair.

“Beautiful day,” Darcy agreed. “Are you waiting for somebody? Do you want—”

“Tea? No, thank you. I’ve already ordered.”

“I wasn’t going to offer, but okay.” She narrowed her eyes at him. “Do you realize there are three other tables out here that are empty?”

“Yes, I noticed,” he nodded solemnly. “Terribly sad. Nothing sadder than an empty table. Why d'you suppose I sat here?”


His eyes slid over to her and then he spun himself around in the chair, almost lurching forward towards her. “Am I being rude? I can’t tell. Is this rude? This is rude. Hello, how are you today, very fine weather we’re having, what are your feelings on tomatoes. I’m the Doctor.”

“Great weather. Pro tomato,” Darcy said feeling bemused. Was this what other people felt like when she went all obtuse and vague? Well … yeah, okay this was irritating. “And I’m Darcy Lewis.”

The man … the Doctor? Whoever. His eyes lit up like she’d just said something wonderful and he put his elbows. “Are you really? That’s amazing. Huge fan. The biggest.”

“Have we met? I don’t remember that. I’d think I’d remember that.”

“Never seen you before,” he pronounced with a firm nod.

“Okay, then what are you a fan of?”

“Fan of people called Darcy. And Lewis. Rare to get both together. This is exciting.” He sat back. “Pond, I should write this down and —” Glancing to his left, he interrupted himself and frowned. “Pond?”

Looking panicky he turned back to Darcy with a wide-eyed look. “Was there a girl here? Tall, ginger? Scottish? Yells a bit? A lot. At me.”


He opened his mouth, closed it, then opened it again and asked. “Never?”

“Not recently.”

“Excellent answer.” He pointed a finger at her, tapped the fez on his head, heaved a sigh and stood up. “I’ve misplaced her.”

“Bummer. Better go find her.”

Tugging on his collar, he swallowed heavily. “Blimey. I’ll hear about this for a millennia or six.”

“Ouch,” Darcy offered with a stiff smile.

He walked three steps away, spun on his heel and came back to the table. “Fancy a trip to Portsmouth?”

“England or New Hampshire?”

“The planet.”

“The planet Portsmouth?” Darcy echoed, squinting up at him and wondering if she’d gotten a bad scone. Though, she supposed there could be a planet Portsmouth. For some reason. She did know an alien prince from another realm, so … like. It was getting really hard to tell the loonies from maybe legit aliens anymore.

“Lovely place,” the Doctor continued. “The trees float a mile above the ground, beautiful. Mind you it gets a bit exciting when it rains.” He clicked his fingers at her and grinned like that was supposed to be too enticing to resist.

“Yeah, no, I’ll have to pass,” Darcy told him, trying to sound regretful, “but thank you for the offer.”

“Some other time, Darcy Lewis.”


He gave her a happy wave and darted back off down the street.


She’d had weirder first meetings. At least she hadn’t hit that dude with her car.  

Darcy sipped at her coffee and nodded to Maria as she came into view. Depending on how this coffee date went, she might actually wish she took up the weirdo in the fez on his offer of a trip to planet Portsmouth.

How did the trees float? Was it like … thick clouds and they seeded there? That was weird. Was it all the trees, or just one species? Did Portsmouth have more than one type of tree? Was the whole planet covered in tree clouds? Did they move like regular clouds on Earth? Circulating across the planet? Fluffy forests of the sky.

“So, about the blueprints,” Maria said as she sat down with her coffee. “Fury and I have some notes.”

Forcing a smile, Darcy nodded and said, “lay it on me.” Were they actually trees as she’d know them? Or tree-like structures? Did it matter if it was floating over your head? Sounded dicey. Liability insurance had to be impossible. Maybe there were tree nets?


Original Request: I’m wondering if you can do an 11th Doctor imagine? You just meet the doctor and hate him because he’s killed your race, his upset because he’s been watching you your whole life, you soon grow feeling for him after him taking you into the TARDIS 
A/N: Sorry, that it got so short!! I hope you like it, though!

Finally you saw yourself confronted with the one man you had searched for your whole life. Right in front of you stood the man that claimed to be The Doctor. There he was, in his silly clothing, looking at you with wide eyes, as if he would know you. As if he could see in your eyes the lifes of all the Dakkeerathi he had left to die.

Your home planet, Dishir Prime, had been destroyed. A victim. Not an intruder. The Doctor had allowed it to die. And with it your race.
You were nothing but a child, as it had happened. You yourself did not remember anything about it and no one knew exactly how you managed to survive the attack.

We were almost certain tou had grown up in Deshir Prime. When you closed your eyes, you still could see the schemes of high buildings, surrounded by hundreds of small huts. You could smell the fragrance of the streets, the fields, the mines. But all of this seemed so faint, so weak, that you asked yourself everytime, if it was nothing but a dream.

You had been a toddler, still barely able to connect thoughts, scared, you had been found on Luminar 5 – or so she’d been told by the habitants of that planet. The Solons’ – they called themselves – were known for their kindness. The Solons assumed, that your parents had sent an emergency ship to save you. At least that was the only logical reason you could have survived. And as time went on you grew up, and you grew nosier. You got into trouble more often than you could actually count with your fingers. It wasn’t that you had a bad childhood in particular. It was just, that you were different.
From what you had learned, the Dakkeerathi had evolved from the original inhabitants of your planet and the race that had once lived on Earth. Somehow their genepool had mixed, and the result had been the Dakkeerathi.
The last human had passed severaly decades ago, their previous home planet dead. Like yours. But you were still there. And you most certainly didn’t plan on dying anytime soon.
Your body resembled that of a human. Two legs, two arms, two feet, two hands, two eyes. Your skin was coloured in a colour that shined brightly, as soon as the light touched it. Normally being a dark emerald green, it would change to a colour no human being had ever invented a word for. Your senses were perfect, your skin soft, though hard to injure. That was who you are.

That was what everyone else used to be. Before The Doctor had blown up your planet.

And finally you had found him. Or rather he had found you. You had strolled along the markets of Hyspero, when, suddenly, you had came across something rather unusal in this part of the galaxis.
It was a big, blue box, standing behind a row of market tents. Since your curiosity hadn’t vanished as you had grown, this weird artefact immediately had awoken your interest.
Slowly you approached it, knocking softly on what seemed to be a door.  
When nothing happened, you tried to open it by the handle, but it was locked. Licking your lips, still eyeing the weird box, a voice suddenly caused you to turn around.
„It’s locked.“
You jumped slightly, staring at the male, who had been smiling at you, almost like a child would when boast with his newest toy to his jealous friends.
You were still thinking, if you should stutter or run, as the man’s eyes suddenly grew wide. He opened his mouth looking as if he wanted to say something, but closed it again immediately after. Confused at this behaviour, you furled your brows.
Hesitating slightly, you stepped closer, eyeing him suspiciously. „Who are you?“, you asked, realising to late, that you were the one lingering around his blue box, not the other way around.
Nonetheless the man didn’t seem offended. Not at all. He just stared at you, before regaining his composure, introducing himself.

„I am The Doctor.“
And with this single sentence, everything inside your mind had snapped.

„Y-You are The Doctor?“, you stuttered disbelieving.
Here you were on a beautiful day, encountering the guy you hated most, while strolling over Hyspero.
The Doctor just nodded. „You know me“, you realised, not being able to do anything else than stare at him. Again he nodded.

„Then you also knew Dishir Prime“, you stated dryly, watching his reaction.
He licked his lips. „Oh yes. I knew. If the Daleks, hadn’t-“
Hearing this lame excuse, something started hammering inside your head, ripping you out of your stiffness.
„Oh, yes. It was the Daleks fault. And who led them there? Who was responsible for them coming directly to Dishir Prime?“
„It was Dishir Prime, or the entire second galaxis.“

Your voice broke and tears of anger started to build in your eyes.
„You could have saved them. You could. But you didn’t.“ The anger welling up further in you, you clenched your fists. „Do you have any idea how it feels like to hear of you?“ A little quieter you added: „Do you have an idea of how it feels like to be the last of your kind?“
To your surprise the look on The Doctor’s face had suddenly changed. Sadly, almost regretting, he looked at you, nodding slowly. „Oh, yes. I do.“ Agast of this sudden change of mood, you didn’t know what to say. You didn’t know how much time had passed, before The Doctor started to speak again.
„I saved you.“

You flexed your hands, confused by this sudden change of topic. „What?“
„I landed. Tried to warn your people. But they thought they could handle the Daleks alone. And then I found you. You were lost. Alone. So I took you, and I brought you to Luminar 5. I checked on you every few years. You were growing, you were healthy.“ A small smile twitched around the corners of his lips. A sad smile, though. „You were alive.“
You took a shaky breath, trying to organise your thoughts.

„Is that supposed to make me feel better?“ The Doctor shook his head. „No.“
Again a small smile darted over his face. „But I know of something that could. Come with me. I can show you so much more. Thousands of planets and galaxies. Even your ancestors.“
Shocked you shook your head. Was this man even real?

„Why should I go with you? Why should I even trust you?“
He hesitated. „Because we have a lot more in common than you think.“ After a short pause he added. „And because I want to make up for what I’ve done.“

It needed a lot more of persuasion, but as soon as he had said that he wanted to make up for what he had done, you saw something in his face. Maybe honesty, maybe just regret. But whatever it was, it had caught your attention.
As you finally entered the TARDIS – though not without a slight hesitation – you could do nothing else other than stand inside with an open mouth, staring at what you saw.
„I know, right?“, The Doctor grinned triumphantly.
Still amazed you started walking through the bright room, letting your hand slide over the panel right in the middle. It was amazing.
Suddenly you thought of something.
„Anywhere in time and space, huh?“, you asked, whereupon the Doctor proudly nodded, obviously more than fond of his ship. You bit your lip. This could be your chance.
„Can we go to Dishir Prime?“ Immediately The Doctor’s expression darkened again. Well, it was worth a try. Even before he answered you sighed, knowing what he would say.
„I’m sorry. But no, we can’t.“ To your surprise his face lit up again. „But I can show you something else.“
Enthusiastically he started pushing and turning the buttons and levers at the control panel, leaving you standing in awe, while you watched him, until you felt the TARDIS blast off.

You’ve seen him struggle. You’ve seen him hurt.
And after all this time you had understood, that The Doctor wasn’t an evil man. He was the opposite of it. A way too good man, stuck in too many decisions. And this time, since it had been either one planet, or thounsands of other races, he had made the right one.
You would have been proud to die for the second galaxis. Yet, you lived. And you were thankful for that.

Thinking about all of this, you looked up from the TARDIS screen, turning your gaze to him.
„Hey, Doctor“, you said, a small smile playing around the corners of your lips.
„Maybe you’re not so bad after all.“

requested by anon

I want to watch a movie about a spoonie...

Where a girl tapes every doctor visit leading up to the one where she finally gets help. 

She finally finds a doctor who cares and knows just where to look for answers and will not give up on trying different treatments.

And she takes each copy of her visits and attaches the good doctors visits and sends each tape back to the doctors who brushed her off.

The doctors have to watch themselves be terrible doctors to her and then watch the one good doctor find answers that make perfect sense and know that they have failed at their only job in life.

I would totally watch that movie.


Doctor Who Rewatch: Aliens of London

Fall into the void (Stilinski Triplets one shot)

Request:  Can you make an imagine of the scene where Stiles is getting an MRI to see if he has the disease that his mother had with Stuart and Thomas’s reactions? +  Can you make an imagine of how Thomas and Stuart would react to Stiles being the Nogitsune? by anons

A/N: It’s not the best one shot and the ending is crappy, but I hope you like it. I planned this since 2 months(?) and finally I could write it.
The request box is still closed for one shot requests!

Words: 1735

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Here’s another one!

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Last movie I watched: (in theaters) rogue one (not in theaters) arrival

Top 3 TV shows:  doctor who, sherlock, parks and rec (shoutout to the west wing)
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Top 3 ships: doctor/rose, stucky, anidala 

Books I’m currently reading: i just finished nights at the circus by angela carter for english class. i’m also reading a handmaidens tale but i’m not very far because fanfiction keeps getting in the way….

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Daleks in the Phantom Zone....

Something I’ve been thinking about since I watched the Lego Batman movie. There were SO MANY DALEKS!!! I’ve started thinking about series 2 finale of Doctor Who when the Doctor and Rose send all those Daleks into a Void. All them Daleks in the Phantom Zone….coincidence? PS I don’t know much about DC lore so just a thought.


*calms self down* *cracks knuckels* get ready folks this is gonna be long

So we all know very well how sad this scene is and most of us sobbed incontrolably while watching it. Eleven sees Amelia Pond again, the first face his face ever saw, and she comes to him in his final moments to say goodbye to her best friend, her Raggedy Man. Though instead of actually saying “goodbye” she says “goodnight”. Now I know everyone has a different theory about why this is, but this is the one that just came to me and that brought me to tears when I processed it.

Anyone who has watched the Eleventh Doctor’s episodes knows about the quote “we’re all stories in the end”, it’s probably the most iconic quote from this Doctor. (And the “story” theme was recurring during 11th’s time as the Doctor, which I always wondered about.) Following the idea behind that line, you can understand that Eleven see’s everyone’s lives as a story, including is own. Keep this in mind, it’s important.

I got this idea after rewatching The End of Time, when Ood Sigma said  “ We will sing to you, Doctor. The universe will sing you to your sleep. This song is ending, but the story never ends. ” That’s when it clicked in my head.

Tenth’s time was a song, and it ended, and Eleventh’s was a story, which was reaching its end. 

Now think about what Ood Sigma said “The universe will sing you to your sleep.” 

The Ood sang 10th to sleep, and Amelia told 11 a bedtime story: his own. Who would know the story of the Eleventh better than Amelia Pond, the 1st face his face saw, the girl who was seared onto his hearts?

When the Doctor started the regeneration process the story ended. It was time to go to sleep. And there was only one thing left for Amy to do: wish her Raggedy Man goodnight.

PS: I’m sorry if this gave you too many feels and/or made you cry. 


All I have to say is fUcK OFF MAte! I’m crying, I am literally sobbing as I write this rant about how a crazy, totally mental, brilliant ass of a doctor and his reckless but oH-So-brave companion broke my heart, and it’s only been 2 seasons. What the hell?!

I just watched the season finale of season 2,” DOOMSDAY”. DOOMSDAY MORE like rip my heart out and throw it in the fucking ocean, why don’t you?! Oh my actual god, after ALL that, after AAAALLLL that, with the fucking void and the kdgsjaabdjcxskpfbdd EVERYTHING, and the Daleks and  the stupid Cybermen, it was going well, it was GOING WELL, they were getting sucked in to the void and then the lever..WHY?? ROSE, WHY! She’d made her choice and she’d made it for him, FOR HIM, so that he wouldn’t have to be ALONE. Because SHE LOVED HIM, SHE LOVED HIM, SHE LOVED HIM, OH…and the wall scene, where she presses her face against the wall when he does because she just…knows. IT HURT. OKAY? IT HURT. But OH NO, YOU sadistic baSTards,especially- MR.RUSSELL.T.DAVIES, I Swear to gOD, you’re not DONE YET!

The beach. The BEacH. You know I thought Twist and Shout ruined beaches for me, but THIS, ArE  yOu SeRiouS? SHE LOVED HIM, SHE LOVED HIM, SHe…loved him. And He loved her. (and okay,I don’t know about all the other companions of the doctor, I don’t even know how many he has had..but ROSE.) And he NEVER EVEN GOT TO SAY IT, *I command my tears to stop*, HE nEVer GOT TO SAY IT?!! The doctor..cried. And that..felt so wrong, and sad, and..because I know he’s lost a lot, I don’t know the full extent of his loss, but he has, hasn’t he? A lot, and he didn’t deserve to LOSE HER. 

OR ATLEAST- TELL HER THAT HE LOVES HER, and it bothers me o much because Rose would have wanted more than anything to hear it, to hear him, and SHE DIDN’T. And she’ll never see him again, ever… AND HE DIDN’T GET TO-

“Rose Tyler…” will haunt me forever.

You know what, just-

I’ll be in my room, TRyInG to get over THIS, and I’m NOT ready for the next SEASON. (who IS that WOMAN Though?) 

I knew it was sad..I just, I really wasn’t prepared. 

I nEEd To TAlk to somebody and my peasant friends don’t watch the show so they’ll never know my pain, so if anybody is willing, just..pm me?


dooweewoo | + sherwin


for the first time in a while, magnus was totally and completely alone. after the night of the party ( and everything that entailed ), he’d always been around alexander or jace, or simon, or isabelle. all for very different reasons, but all just () around. but the shadowhunters had a mission to get to and after his boyfriend left, magnus practically ran at the chance of finally getting to watch one of his very hidden secret pleasures  ——  doctor who. it made sense, he supposed. an old man running around helping people? give the warlock another heart and a time machine and he’d be a close enough fit. fine, he didn’t have companions, or a TARDIS, but there were parallels.

all reasoning aside, magnus settled for  the eleventh hour , the chairman curled up in his lap and a nice glass of wine in hand ; this was more like it. a peaceful, quiet, full of wine time of relaxation with no problems to solve and no wounds to heal.

     if only sherman could see me now, huh, chairman? 

The new Doctor Who companion is finally revealed - Introducing Pearl Mackie as Bill! [x]

The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is an alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels through all of time and space in his TARDIS with his companion. Instead of dying, the Doctor is able to “regenerate” into a new body, taking on a new personality with each regeneration.

#NewToWho or just in need of a refresher? Head on over to BBC America’s website to find out where to watch

Has anyone ever watched Paint It, White! with commentary? Good lord, it’s hilarious. They broke up groups of the voice actors into threes and they all did a third of the movie.

During the final third J. Michael Tatum (France) was ranting about Doctor Who and Harry Potter. Then Later Jonathan Brooks (Prussia) just comes in out of nowhere (he wasn’t originally a part of the commentary but was there for some reason). He starts just going off on Tatum in full Prussia voice, yelling “I wasn’t even in this fucking movie!”

I almost cried. Bless them.


Just some random bits from the latest Christmas special that I laughed hard at, smiled warmly at, or stared in awe at. ;)

The Doctor finally having a go at ‘it’s bigger on the inside’ cracked me up. He did it so over-dramatically, but it still caused a lot of laughter from me.

The whole restaurant scene was the funniest out of the whole episode, or mainly I laughed from the witty dialogue, the comical facial expressions on Peter, and the plain weirdness that makes it very Doctor Who-ish. The first time watching, I didn’t catch Flemming’s literal meaning of having the gentleman (the Doctor) for dinner, but once realizing, I played it back, and more laughter ensued. And that Scratch character pulling his head apart was gross, but then the Doctor’s nonchalant line, “Just a thought, you probably shouldn’t do that in a restaurant” made it more humorous.

Other than his laugh, another favorite quality is Peter’s big smile. Which, now that I think about it, kind of goes with laughing. ;) I also liked the lighting and the view of a blurred TARDIS.

The scenes at the Singing Towers were breathtaking and sweet. The Doctor getting more excited over the Sonic Screwdriver than River felt like Peter fanboying over a new Doctor Who toy. It was cute to watch him play with it and wave the light in River’s face. Also, that one camera turn of them staring at the towers was beautifully done.

I also did a GIF of the Halassi Androvar diamond because not only was it beautiful, it’s an important symbol. Referred to as the most valuable diamond in the universe, the same could be said about the Doctor himself. It’s been a long tradition that diamonds are known to be forever, they are a girl’s best friend (Marilyn Monroe quote, hint, hint), plus it’s the birthstone of April. There are three Doctor actors who have a birthday in that month:

5th Doctor Peter Davison (April 13)
12th Doctor Peter Capaldi (April 14)
10th Doctor David Tennant (April 18)

The way that Moffat runs the show, it really only warrants two full watch-throughs.

Like, all of his seasons are anchored on these big reveals, and once you know the reveal, you just watch it one more time to notice foreshadowing, and then that’s it. Once you know the big reveal, it kind of ruins all the buildup on subsequent watches.

Series 5 you have the question of what the cracks are, once you get the ‘final’ answer, there’s no mystery, but the season depends on that mystery.

Series 6 had ‘Who is River Song?’ and ‘Who killed the Doctor?’ and once you get those answers, watch it one more time and the story is uninteresting.

Series 7A had…nothing, really, just showed the Ponds having fun with the Doctor.

Series 7B had the ‘Impossible Girl’ mystery.

Series 8 had Missy (though one of the first guesses people thought of turned out to be true, so it wasn’t much of a mystery), though this one is the most innocent, as it didn’t really matter who Missy was for the season, this one is more like RTD’s way (talked about next).

I much prefer how RTD did it. His series barely ever worried about what was happening in the finale. There were brief mentions, quick references, and that was it.

Series 1 had the Bad Wolf stuff.

Series 2 had the Doctor and Rose constantly talk about how they’ll be together forever, and had them occasionally be torn away from each other briefly before meeting up again, though you’d probably only realize that theme is important after finishing the series.

Series 3 had Harold Saxon mentions.

Series 4 had Rose show up every now and then.

The big mysteries are minute details throughout the series, as opposed to things that are constantly beaten into your head for how important they are. They’re just there, and make you think a little as to why it showed up all the time. I much prefer that way.

Let’s not have mystery novels that are spoiled when you know the ending.

Let’s have other novels that just have a bit of foreshadowing here and there.

Oh my god I am so happy right now, I think that was literally the best season finale they’ve ever done. I squeed so hard when the Classic Tardis interior appeared again. That alone makes the whole episode worth it. The Doctor Who team really outdid themselves with this season, every single episode (with the exception of Sleep No More) was just utterly fantastic and a complete joy to watch.

Honestly, and maybe this is just because I’m still hyped, I think this has been the best season we’ve had since the reboot. At the very least it is my favourite season, finally something has outdone Season 5. I am so happy right now tbh.

Shipping ships you know nothing about

Don’t you just love it when you see people posting happy gifs over their otp finally kissing? It’s like after weeks and weeks of seeing “IT WILL HAPPEN, THEY’RE MADE FOR EACH OTHER” on your dashboard, to “I’M CRYING IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!” Like you don’t even watch the show but it’s like AHHHH THEIR OTP IS FINALLY CANON! 

  • Kid fan: If you have another big hit tv show series to go in besides Penny Dreadful and Doctor Who, what would it be?
  • Billie Piper: I really hope that it would have a music theme. You know it'd be cool to be in something with a strong music theme. And then there'd be maybe some dancing, something a bit rock and roll. Something a bit tasty and X-rated. Not *too* X-rated. You know what I mean. Just funky. Just a bit sort of late night. Not like final but just a bit wild. Something wild.
  • Facilitator: You can't watch
  • Billie Piper: Something you can't watch. Yet. (Pause) X-rated was too far.