just watch the way phil fixes his hair


Summary: Louise drags Dan out for a night of forced fun, just to get him out of his books and maybe into a cute stranger’s pants for the night…

or, the one where phil’s much older than university-age dan, there’s a height difference, and then they fuck

a/n: it has been forever and a fucking day and i’m s o r r y that all i have is porn i have a plot piece in the works i promise

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Genre: Fluff, drabble

Word count: 545

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of sexual content

Description: A drabble about the super important and life altering conflict with the mail buzzer.


“Mmph…Phil.” Dan grumbled a few seconds after hearing the irritatingly loud buzzer. He half-heartedly shoved at the lump in front of him.

He pressed his face into the pillow, wishing he could be as deep a sleeper as Phil. The buzzer always managed to wake him up, and he’d be forced to roll around for the next few hours trying to get to sleep, failing more often than not.

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