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So, I just got done reading XTale and watching Underverse. Can I say that this is fucking AMAZING? I mean, wow! I'm sucked right in and the story is fantastic! It's obvious that you put a lot of hard work and love into these creations. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful works with us.

EEEE I’m glad you like it so far!
As I’ve said many times, I love to giving all my best to this project on behalf of all creators and artists who made and still making this community a nice place thanks to their art!

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My book is about androids / AI. I don't want to make it too heavy-handed (most of the story is pretty light), but there are parallels in the way the AI are treated and real-world racism / discrimination. Do you have any advice for tactfully mirroring real life social issues in a fictional "race"? The AI are nearly indistinguishable from humans and are made after every ethnicity. Do you think it's realistic for a character to face discrimination for being AI *and* because of its assigned race?

2) also, the story takes place, essentially, in current time - it’s not futuristic, it’s just the world as it is now + the advancement of AI, if that’s important.

Androids with Assigned Races & Discrimination

If you haven’t yet, maybe watch the movie Artificial Intelligence (AI) which also deals with discrimination against androids.

My best guess is you research racism and other types of oppression. Focus on using the right sources, people from within those communities. Material written from people outside of those marginalized groups often miss important nuances, are sprinkled with microaggressions, written with unconscious biases or talk over the people they write about. 

Then, yes, I believe that AI would experience intersectional oppression. I believe many people would be biased, believe in stereotypes and let their actions be influenced by these ideas when it comes to AI. Since your story takes place on present day Earth, their discrimination will be influenced by their other marginalized identities as well. 

It’s also best to really look at what sentiments might cause people to fear/hate androids so the oppression fits. Oppression of different marginalized groups do share overlap, but it’s never 100% the same, even when it seems like it is.

~ Mod Alice

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Hey! Since it's the end of the season, I just wanted to thank you both for all the work you've done! This was my first season watching skating with the online community (I didn't even know it existed until now!) and all your guides and streaming posts were incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for being so dedicated to helping everyone better understand the sport. Wishing you the best in the offseason! 💜 (By the way, you both are incredible gif makers :) Thanks for that too!)

Thank you so much, anon, and thank you to all our followers who have supported us! It honestly means a lot to us to get messages saying that our blog has helped you enjoy and learn about skating. It’s been an absolute whirlwind of a season. We’re glad so many of you have discovered and fallen in love with skating and want to learn more about it! Some of the questions and discussions here have helped us learn more about skating too. Here’s to many more incredible seasons in the future!

The blog will be a bit quieter during the off season, but we’ll be back - and there are plans to make a twitter account for SYWTWFS as well, so look out for that as it gets closer to the new season!

Dear Markiplier

In more ways than one, you have definitely changed my life, and I can’t thank you enough.

I discovered your channel well over a year ago, I was watching something on Disney XD and there was a commercial for Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything with Markiplier as a special guest. I had heard of this Markiplier before and I knew he was on YouTube, but I had no idea he was a gamer, so shortly after I checked out your channel. I started out by watching your Super Mario Maker series because I’m a huge Nintendo fan and didn’t really care much for other games. After watching more of your videos, I immediately became hooked.

I didn’t really join the community until the November Charity live stream, it was honestly the best day of my life and I stayed up all the way until 1 in the morning just to watch the stream till the very end. I wanted to contribute more to the community, but I didn’t really know how since my drawings suck and I didn’t know how to make gifs or do really amazing edits. Not only that, but I was extremely shy, so I was always anxious when talking to a new person in the community. Up until that point, especially all throughout 2016, I felt like I didn’t really belong anywhere and it took huge tolls on me repeatedly, but ever since I discovered such an amazing community, I’ve felt that I belonged somewhere. I’ve been trying to talk more with others, even if its just a reply to their post, in hopes to brighten someone’s day. And ever since watching that first stream, I’ve made sure to watch each one after that (excited for the April charity stream!).

After becoming more involved in the channel and the community, I’ve become such an optimistic person. It was at the end of November 2016 when life really started to shit out on me. My partner at the time and I broke up (who was also my best friend prior to us going out) and I felt overwhelming loneliness that I still feel every now and then to this day, I had to unofficially drop out of college because I couldn’t control my anxiety, and I remained stuck at home for the next 5 months because I was too scared and anxious to leave the house. That brings us to my current situation, still stuck indoors, but thankfully things should be changing soon since I should be going to counseling within the next few days.

Through all of these bad and emotional times, not once did I give up. Because I knew, despite being in a shitty place of my life right now, things will get better in the future. And its thanks to you as well as the community that I’ve been able to keep going, because you taught me that life is worth living. And I’ve believed it ever since, and even though I’ve gotten into such low points where I want to give up, I don’t. Because I know life will get better in the future. And I’m really excited for it.

Mark, thank you for being the amazing person that you are, continue to spread positivity like you always do, because it truly does make a difference.

I’m sorry this turned out so long, I tend to overshare no matter what the topic is. If you read this far, thank you. It truly means a lot to me.

Keep doing you, Mark
- Kelly


Note to US young adults: you can make a huge difference. Here’s proof.

A couple of developments over the past week tells us that activism and showing up to vote by young adults can make a huge difference in not just a political outcome, but in causing the political ruling class to pay attention. Here in the US it’s not as obvious because the republican party is more interested in preserving its power than in acting in the best interest of the country, and as a consequence, is acting arrogantly, with impunity, and ignorantly. But as 2018 gets closer, and if community activism remains loud and boisterous (or becomes more so), watch the republicans start to pay attention.

However, it appears to have made a significant difference in the recent elections in the UK. According to the Independent:

Young people voted overwhelmingly for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in the general election, playing a crucial role in denying Theresa May a majority, according to a new poll. A survey of 14,000 people after they had voted by former Conservative donor Lord Ashcroft found that two-thirds of 18- to 24-year-olds cast their ballots for Mr Corbyn’s party.

Meanwhile, more than half of those aged 25 to 34 opted for Labour.

Almost 250,000 young people registered to vote ahead of the deadline for Thursday’s election, up from 137,400 on the last day of registrations in 2015.According to Sky News data, the turnout for 18- to 24-year-olds was 66.4 per cent, up from 43 per cent two years ago.Sky gave similar estimates to Lord Ashcroft of how young people voted, showing that 63 per cent of 18- to 34-year-olds voted Labour and 27 per cent Conservative.

Then there’s Russia. The mass demonstrations throughout the country yesterday were populated primarily by young adults. This observation by USA Today:

In Moscow and elsewhere in the country, young people and those still in school accounted for a significant portion of Navalny’s growing base through the use of social media. “Among young people, dissatisfaction and defiance is growing.“ Lev Gudkov, head of the Levada Center, said in an April interview published on the polling center’s website.

The protests on Tverskaya Street saw a large number of teenagers, some overheard on their cellphones telling their parents they were OK. Demonstrators mixed with Muscovites who had turned out for a Russia Day re-enactment festival that had Tverskaya blocked off. Participants — many dressed in historical costume — looked on with tension as riot police tried to corral protesters between the tents.

Some photos from the Russia demonstrations, from The Wall Street Journal or The Guardian:


Lazer Team can be rated the worst movie of all time

Rotten Tomatoes, Imbd, and other critics can give it a -1 out of of 5 stars

People could talk shit about it and say it was shit.

Lazer Team could literally suck ass, but I will STILL think its the best thing to ever happen in cinema EVER.

like just the fact that it was made with a budget that came from the community, and most of the actors are associated with RT. Like it feels like you’re apart of it, it feels so much closer and familiar than how you would feel with big named production companies.

Its like watching your friends student film, and it may not be the best thing in the world, but you’re still really proud of them and you want them to keep growing and doing better. 

And thats why I can say Lazer Team is gonna be great.

Thoughts on Girls S5 E6 from someone who had given up on this show:

While i enjoyed the first few seasons of Girls i had completely lost interest by the fourth season (Hannah in Iowa is so boring). I found it increasingly predictable, boring, self serving and just plain annoying. And really now that Adam Driver is in Star Wars is there really any reason to watch this show. But a friend said she had watched the most recent episode of Girls and that it was amazing; and i just so happened to be bored enough today to catch up on the episodes i had missed (they mostly sucked by the way so don’t bother if you haven’t seen them) and eventually got to Season 5 Episode 6 ‘The Panic in Central Park’ (which is actually an amazing episode). I wont go over the plot of the episode (cause google exists) but the episode revolves around Marnie (the second most annoying character) and Charlie (holy crap charlie’s back and has a beard… and a drug habit) and it feels like a completely different show. The show looks visually different and feels decidedly more surreal and fantastical then other episodes it still has the gross aspects that Girls always does (i.e: wearing sneakers with a ball gown, walking bare feet in Brooklyn, a mugging, and a communal bathroom). While i usually hate when ensemble shows do capsule episodes but this is the best thing Girls has done for a while. Its romantic yet dark (kissing charlies forehead then finding a needle in his jeans), its self contained yet movies the storyline forward (Marnie dumps Desi at the end… finally) and its dramatic yet funny (Desi telling marnie she is probably gonna get murdered is just lol). While i doubt that the rest of the season will be anywhere near as good as this episode i would recommend watching it then quickly get back to watching better shows. 


Why are people so hell bent with in a heartbeat?!? I thought this film was going to bring positivity and happiness but damn was I wrong!! Everyone is yelling about lgbt community and heteros can’t watch shit like for fuck sakes can we just see this as a love thing as an acceptance thing!! Please for fuck sakes shut the fuck up and get along and go make a shrine for Beth and Esteban for creating this masterpiece that didn’t even need words to make it the best thing ever. Instead of trying to keep certain people away from it, how about you take it and shove it down peoples throat so they can see, even it is in animation, how things work and yes maybe its not the whole story but it is something. Let the whole world see that this is also love and for the people who are like its good but they are children! Excuse me but are you going to tell me that when you were 14 (yes they are 14) you didn’t have a crush? Its only wrong to y'all because its two boys don’t be a bitch for an excuse like that. And if you want to ship it go ahead fall in love with their love because I sure as hell did.

i miss my best friend so much. she’s currently on the other side of the world, so because of time difference we can’t even communicate properly.

right now i really need someone who knows me 109% and just… gets me. who looks at me and knows. someone i can vent shit to and go to thrift stores and eat tons of ice cream and watch musicals with.

ugh, i just miss her.

I love the clouds fam. So much. Its been FAR to long. Like a month and four days to long. Its so nice to be tweaked. And back down to zero days sober
This is the third sibling tweakend. And god do i love our breaks @thehighwayismyway.
Everyone doing okay, i know i havent been aroumd much, just lurking in the shadows. Sober girl here to watch all your smoke/slamming videos.
i love @thetweakerfamily and everyone in it. Youre all amazing unique, maybe even lost souls. But some of the best people ive ever had the luck to meet, and help/watch this community start growing, and never letting it stop.
Anyways. I hope you guys are doing okay.
Stay safe, stay smart, stay spun. Hydrate!!
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what are your top 5 dramas with kpop idols acting? I'm sorry for the drama questions, I just started getting into them and have no one to talk about it with! - drama anon

I’m bad at making “top –”, but I will recommend some good dramas with Kpop idols taking part!
The dramas are in no particular order

1. Warm and Cozy

Idol: Jinyoung (B1A4)
Cameo appereance: Seohyun (SNSD)
Not to mention the lead male role reminds me (and my friend) of Sehun so much at times… It really feels like Kpop idols galore

The lead female character, Jungjoo, is a hardworking lady who is also very unlucky. That leaves her with no job or boyfriend. She ends up leaving for Jeju island where she wants to start a new life.
The lead male character, Gunwoo, is rich, handsome and everything comes to him easy in life. He is also a really good cook which leads to him owning a restaurant called “Maendorong Ttottot” (“Warm and Cozy”).
The two meet and due to some misunderstanding, Jungjoo becomes the new owner of “Warm and Cozy” for quite a cheap price. Having nowhere to go Gunwoo lives with her upstairs of the restaurant.

This is a really cute romantic comedy and it’s sooo worth watching! I finished it just recently and definitely recommend it!

2. It’s Ok, That’s Love

Idol: D.O. (Exo)

Summary: (It’s been a while since I watched it & I needed some help online with this one)

Jaeyeol is a famous mystery novelist and popular radio DJ with a prickly personality. The first meeting with psychiatrist Haesoo was when they both had to serve on a talk show panel delving into the criminal mind. They definitely did not feel symathetic to one another.
Jaeyeol’s girlfriend plagiarizes his work forcing him to lie until he can prove innocent. He unexpectedly becomes Haesoo’s roommate. Jaeyeol moves into a home that he owns that is being rented by Haesoo

One of the greatest dramas. If you love dramas and yet haven’t watched “It’s Ok, That’s Love”, you have been living under a rock and can’t deny it

3. You’re Beautiful

Idol: Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE)
Idol: Lee Hong Ki (F.T. Island) my love

This one is about a girl who is suddenly taken to a music company to replace her idol twin brother who had time off because of a mistake done to him during plastic surgery.
She becomes a member of this super popular group, “A.N.Jell”, and is forced to pretend to be a guy. What’s interesting is that each guy has a crush on her…

Dorky and funny, you will fall in love with the characters!

4. Exo Next Door

Starring: Exo

This one is loosely based off “Flowerboy Next Door”, but with our Exo boys as the main characters! If this isn’t enough for you to watch it then I don’t know…
So Exo become neighbours of the lead female character. Being a huge fan of Exo, she decides that the best she can do is spy on them. Exo has a little bit of fun messing around with her.

This had to be here ok, if you are a fan, you need to see this

5. Answer Me 1994 / Reply 1994

Idol: Baro (B1A4)

Following “Answer Me 1997″, this drama follows students from the country living all under one roof. They move to the big city and together try to make this new place their home.
In this drama also has a love triangle which also makes some blood spill, so you know it’s no joke.

It was so long since I watched the “Answer Me” franchise, but I look forward to rewatching it as soon as I get free time
This is a fantastic drama and I have a very soft spot for it

6. The Lover

Idol: Takuya (Cross Gene)

First things first, this is one of the extremely few Korean dramas that are so open about sex or homosexuality. This drama has it all and is not shy about it.
There was literally a dialogue where one guy plainly asked another male “So, do you like dicks?” in the first episode. Just so you know what you’re getting into.
There are gay guys just upstairs, and even if they don’t get that much gay action going on, they do have those rather sexual moments. With Takuya teasing his roommate by making weird sounds, requests or just putting phallic objects into his mouth.
I left out the fact that the first 10 minutes of this drama include boob grabbing, dry humps, and other unholy acts

This one killed me the first time I watched it, but I will never regret seeing what I’ve seen. This one’s truly amazing in a way
The And
Whoever gets this joke has a cookie from me

7. Moorim School

Idol: Hongbin (Vixx)

Moorim school” teaches its students virtues including honesty, faith, sacrifice and communication. The teachers and students at the school come from different countries and each have their own stories.
Shiwoo, Sundeok, Chiang and Suna are students in Moorim school, and each one has an intriguing backstory. There is a love triangle, mytery, action, and truly chilling fight scenes.
There is no way I can summarize it better, you should just watch it to know how amazing this drama is.

A true masterpiece, one of the best dramas I’ve watched~

8. To The Beautiful You

Idol: Minho (SHINee)
Idol: Sulli (F(x) Ex-member)

Jaehee is a girl who wants to follow her idol, Taejoon, to help him become an athlete once again after his long hiatus. What does she do?
Follow him to an all boys school of course! Dressed up as a proper boy and with a short haircut, our cute Jaehee walks into the school.
She makes a friend, the school doctor finds out she’s a girl and she’s sharing a room with Taejoon. All in the first episode. You just know you’re getting yourself into something good.

This one’s a classic. You gotta watch it

It’s been a while since I watched most of those dramas so don’t trust me word for word!

And of course, have a good time watching~

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Different anon. Sorry, I don't know much about YNB. You said she was anti-SQ? I was just wondering what you mean? Is she actively anti-SQ — does she say/do stuff that demonstrates her dislike of the ship, or is she just very pro-CS and refuses to acknowledge SQ as a relationship (or potential romantic relationship in the case that she does value Emma and Regina's friendship)? Sorry if this isn't worded quite correctly, English isn't my first language. I apologise if it's difficult to understand.

YNB and SQ shippers, a brief history…

Yvette Nicole Brown is an actress best known for her role on the NBC comedy Community.  She is also a major voice in the Walking Dead fandom including participating in one of the most widely listened to podcasts about that show.  She live tweets shows she watches and is very into Hook and Emma.

She also participated in a DVD special feature for Once playing a morning talk show host on Good Morning Storybrooke.  So she’s been watching the show for a while.

Sometime in the fall of 2014 (season 4A) she had a twitter run in with some SQ shippers.  Basically of the same nature as most people who talk about this show on twitter have a run in with shippers of another sort on twitter (I have… a LOT of people blocked on twitter for barging into conversations uninvited).

Those shippers she was arguing with most likely expressed some of the common complaints about CS and Hook.  I don’t know that I ever saw the entire context.  At some point in the argument she responded with “Jesus fix it.”  Which isn’t actually a homophobic statement but really the use of slang for “there is something wrong with you.”  But it was thoughtless slang because there is nothing wrong with shipping Emma and Regina but more importantly you just can not tell a group of LGBT people they need Jesus.  Even in this context.  I, by the way a Christian, have been spit on by people who told me I needed to accept Christ because I was kissing a girlfriend in public.  It carries a connotation.

Six months or so later it was announced that she would moderate the OUAT SDCC 2015 panel.  This made a great deal of sense if you didn’t know about this relatively small kerfuffle that didn’t make it out of the fandom.  She moderated Walking Dead panels for the con and had been building a career of being a celebrity fan.  So she opens her twitter up to questions for the panel.  The vast majority of the questions she likes are CS related and frankly pretty eye-roll worthy shipper questions.  

Someone sends her a list of anti-CS/anti-OQ questions that have been screen shotted out of context from @angstbotfic which were many months old and completely unrelated to SDCC and never intended to actually be asked of actors.  A false flag.  At the time there were several “fake SQ” twitter accounts that were sending celebrities objectionable content to draw an attack on the fandom.  Several were proven.  This one, as well as ones to Sean Maguire (I’m not saying that all instances but a specific one) and William Shatner (the edit button could be seen in the screen shot proving the person who took the screen shot had posted the objectionable post).  YNB responds with an all caps “YOUR SHIP IS NOT CANON.”  And then proceeds to pick fights with literally hundreds of SQ fans on twitter who are afraid she’s going to screen out all questions related to Emma and Regina (gee…. funny how there were no questions related to Emma and Regina asked at that panel…).  She said no, and then proceeded blame SQers as a collective.  And then block people who asked her to stop generalizing and being mean to LGBT fans.  Including a twelve year old girl.  And me (I was trying to calm things down it was also in the middle of the big hacking scare last summer).  I can’t tell you what happened on her twitter after that point because I was blocked but when I say she blocked hundreds of fans I am not exaggerating.  It’s possible the number actually reached 1000+.

There was a … thing … between season 4 and 5 where anti-SQ people insisted that Emma didn’t sacrifice herself for Regina but for the entire town.  This got termed “Swan Town” and there were graphics and jokes about it.  Several weeks after the jokes and the arguments Jennifer Morrison said at a con that Emma did it for the whole town… but would have done it just for Regina.  And suddenly all of the SQers jokes about Swan Town became horrible offensive dismissals of JMo.  One the questions that YNB asked at the panel was to Jennifer Morrison that was essentially a repeat of the Swan Town answer.  Most of us at the time interpreted it as a direct effort by YNB to put us in our place.

Fifteen minutes after the panel the Show runners gave this interview.

But that’s none of my business.

Anyway.  The long and the short of it is that YNB has a long history of being directly and openly hostile to a huge portion of the fanbase based on shipping preference alone.  She has blocked a very large chunk of the fanbase so that it’s not like we could submit questions for the panel to her anyway.  And she has a history of, in my judgement and the judgement of others, abusing this precise position in order to push her personal fan shipping agenda.


With all of that said.  I want people to understand a few logistical things.  It’s highly unlikely the production had anything to do with hiring her.  Either last year or this year.  It was likely done by someone in the ABC promotional office who was looking at her resume with the Walking Dead and ordered up the same thing for Once they did last year.  A show in it’s sixth season is not going to be the focus of anyone in that office while they are busy planning and promoting the new fall series.

A few days ago Adam wasn’t even sure if they were going to SDCC and my friends tell me that was very likely true.

So this mess is on ABC.

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ok hi you don't know me but here i am gushing anyway bc I can't help myself and it's boring when it's just me talking to myself but that gif of Jared being Lucifer is like my favourite and it's amazing because wtf how does he move his mouth and make his eyes look that way like how did he make his face just communicate sardonic sympathy and arrogance like his eyes and his mouth twitch??? i keep watching it. anyway, you deserve good things. best wishes, emy

Hi darling! Gush away, that’s what this blog is for.  And Thank YOu! XOXO

Oh yes, Jared’s Lucifer was grade A++++  I absolutely adore his “bitch, please” head tilt.

His performance was undeniable, as Jensen attest to that;

words can not express how proud i am of Connor right now. 2014 has been fucking huge for Youtube, we have had many ups and several downs but even in shitty times we come together to support and help each other, and thats what makes this fandom special.we are all here for each other. we might fight but at the end we are one big gigantic ass family. Connor Franta im so proud that you have excepted yourself. We have always supported you and still do. i love this fandom and everyone. #teaminterenet never went away it was just hidden for a while. Im not just talking about the Frandom or Phandom or Anyone else i mean Every fucking one. EVERY SINGLE person who is a part of the youtube community whether you make videos or watch them, I love you and we are back. Lately we have been going downhill with all this fighting its time to get back into what we do best and be the community that we worked so hard to build.