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Hi! How's your day? Can you please do scenarios with Daichi, Suga, and Asahi for celebrating a big win with their fem s/o (it can be fluffy or smutty, you're the author it's your choice) Thanks!

Dudes, I got to school at 7 AM for this technical theater class and turns out the meeting time was a mistake on the administrations part? So, like, I left at 5:30 AM to drive an hour for a class that doesn’t meet until Thursday. Just… the biggest waste of time of my life. I’m exhausted.

ANYWAY, I hope that you enjoy what I’ve got here for you, Anon! I threw in both fluff and smut to fulfill all your wants and needs!

P.s. This semester is going to be a LOT of reading.

The laughter came deep from Daichi’s chest as he walked with her out of the front door of the restaurant, his arm slung around her shoulders and his weight pressed into her side. It had been a good day - beyond a good day - for he had spent it with his teammates - his friends - out on the court. Not only did he experience the thrill of the match, but he also was able to feel the adrenaline of their win running through his veins. Even now, as they walked form the eatery where they had celebrated the Karasuno victory.

“You’re gonna take us both down,” she commented with a smile, her hand pressing into his side in order to both keep him up and potentially straighten his stance. His gaze dropped to her, grin wide before stumbling a little harder against her, forcing them to zigzag across the sidewalk before they were able to straighten their walk. “You don’t wanna be hurting me accidentally now.”

“Oh no?” Daichi wouldn’t want to be accidentally hurting her no matter what, “And why’s that?” He turned to press a kiss to her temple, his arm falling away from her shoulder to wrap securely around her waist, hand resting heavily on her hip.

Shifting into his side, she leaned to press her lips to his jaw, trailing them until she captured the lobe of his ear between her teeth. He shuddered with her breath against his ear and he felt his body warming, his mind instantly conscious of every part of her that was pressed against his own. “Because I’ve got something for you.”

“And that something is in the back of your car?” Sugawara teased, fingers brushing against the skin of her back just beneath the hem of her shirt, his gaze lingered on her affectionately. He watched as her shoulders shook slightly with laughter as she unlocked the vehicle to open the door to the backseat, turning to tug on his hand before seating herself.

“Well, that wasn’t the original plan,” she explained as she scooted across the row of seats, her smile growing when Suga crawled in after her, closing the door behind him before leaning to press his hands into the seat on either side of her, mouth quickly finding the skin of her neck. “But I just couldn’t wait anymore,” she breathed and he hummed against her collar bone.

And, god, anything that was her would always be the perfect gift. The way her body arched against his, the way her hands tugged at his clothes, the way her voice echoed in the confines of the car were everything he could ever want. With clothes still clinging to their bodies, they felt the heat filling the space around them, fogging the windows to hide the illicit acts that were taking place inside.

A groan bubbled up from his lips as he pressed his face against her shoulder, his hips instinctively quickening in pace as he felt the heat in his belly burning. The way she began to twitch and tighten around him is what pushed Suga over the edge, his breath leaving him in heavy bursts. And when he pulled away to direct his gaze down on her, he felt his heart pound against his ribs, a smile crossing over his lips.

Today had been full of excitement, but there was nothing like the feelings that she brought into his life.

Asahi slowly pushed himself to his hands and knees, gaze taking in her disheveled form which alone caused another shudder to run through him. He felt a strand of his hair hall from the loose bun to drop across his forehead, eyes following her had that rose to tuck it back behind his ear. When their gazes met again, there was nothing stopping the broad smile that spread across his face.

They shared a laugh as he dropped to his elbows in order to press his lips tenderly against hers, the gesture intimate and warm. Their bodies still intertwined in the tight space and their legs pressed into the doors at awkward angles, surely to make for some sore limbs later, but that was far from either of their minds as they delved further into each other.

He realized that volleyball was not the only thing that he had won this day - or any other day in his life - with her there with him, mouth pressed to his own. Having her there for him to love and spend these very moments with was the greatest prize the universe or any god could’ve given to him. And he would take this gift that rung within his heart every time their gazes met and he would cherish it for the remainder of his days.

Words of love tumbled forth before he could even think to stop them - but then again, why would he want to? She deserved every one of them and more. She deserved more than he could give. And as they curled together on the small space of the backseat, his hand stroked over her hip and her fingers reached back to run through his hair, he knew that this world had rewarded him by bringing her into his arms.