just washed and conditioned

Drenched hair.. Just deep conditioned, and co washed it in cornrows and then covered it in sunflower oil.. and just found out I have to go somewhere..blah. Not the biggest fan of having wet hair while in the cold. 

just imagine how fun it would be to shower with michael like it wouldn’t even be sexual it would just start out with him getting impatient at how long you were taking so he’d just come running into the bathroom like a naked lunatic and hop into the shower where you were stood, laughing your ass off at your dumbass boyfriend and with a grin he would start shampooing his hair as you lathered up in soap and you’d look down and see bright red in the water, almost getting a heart attack from the shock before you remembered that it was just michael’s hairdye washing out. a few minutes later, you’d be conditioning your hair as michael finishing rinsing the soap off of his body and he’d grin and be like “done!” but you’d grab onto him and pull him back with the firm words “michael we’ve talked about this! you need to deep condition if you want hair by the time you’re 30!” and so with a pouty face you’d rub a ton of conditioner in his hair but afterwards when you both got out of the shower, michael would feel his hair and he’d be awestruck as he whispered “oh my god it’s so soft and fluffy!!!”

Some Dutch organisation is complaining that younger adults between the age of 18-35 are spending way too much time in the shower. According to them ‘way too much time’ is 15 minutes, 5 times a week. They’re starting a campaign to get people to go back to 5 minute showers. 

Err, excuse me, what are you expecting me to do with just 5 minutes? Like what about properly washing and conditioning my hear? What about shaving my legs? What about contemplating the meaning of life? What about singing Bohemian Rhapsody three times in a row? Idk man it just sounds like a terrible idea?