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Hey I know you have a bunch of requests so feel free to do this later on or something! But do you think you could write something where paps are taking pictures of you and you get kind of scared and Harry tries to stop it but he can't do he gets kinda mad and sad bc you shouldn't have to go through that? Thank you!:)

hi love! thanks for sending this in! happy reading :) xxh 


It was like one of those old cartoons where people disguised themselves with a pair of glasses and a fake moustache. You felt rather ridiculous, you were just out for a quick coffee date, but Harry insisted that you wear not only sunglasses, but “Maybe a hat too?” he said hesitantly.

This was all normal to him – wearing non-descript clothing, hiding from the normal world when he needed to venture out. You’d gone out with him a few times as well, and it was beginning to become commonplace.

“Harry, it’s August,” you sighed, “I’ll stick out even more-so with a hat on my head.”

“You’re probably right,” he paused, “I just … Last time …”

Last time.

You walked over to him from your place at the desk in your room which doubled as a vanity, and put your hands on his shoulders. He moved his head to look down at you, eyes shut, and with a deep breath, opened them to meet your eyes.

“You know it’s okay, right?” you whispered, bringing your hand to his cheek.

He turned his head away from you, staring off into the corner, “S’my fault. Should’ve never ‘appened.”

It was a vivid memory, even 3 weeks later. Harry had hardly let you leave the house with him after that, let alone going out by yourself. It was enormously endearing that he was so protective, but you had things to do. A life to live. You couldn’t stay tucked up in his apartment like Rapunzel all day, until your prince came home to save you.

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hey how do you get rid of body ance?

Shower after u sweat shower with hot water first, clean yourself and use cold water to seal your pores. I use a charcoal bar soap but your body can take a bit more of a beating than your face so go for salicydic acid if you want I just prefer the natural stuff. Acv toner. Wash your body condition your hair and wash it again bc it’s usually the left over conditioner lingering around. Don’t forget to moisturize and I recommend exfoliating once a week

Bathing With Taeyang

Dawon  -  Rowoon  - Taeyang

Originally posted by tyangie

  • This sweetheart would love the idea of taking a bath together
  • He would probably be the one to suggest it
  • After doing it once, it’d quickly become a routine and he’d ask you everyday
  • He loves the closeness and intimacy of being in the bath together
  • His preference would probably be to have you in front of him, caged between his legs so that you’d be as close to him as possible
  • Lots and lots of neck kisses from him and in between kisses, he’d probably be whispering sweet nothings into your ear
    “I love you so much~
    You’re so beautiful, baby…”
  • If he’s in the mood, he would definitely would take his time ‘washing’ your body, making sure not to… miss any spots
  • He’d enjoy teasing you and making you blush
  • He would take his time exploring your body, finding your sweet spots so he can use them to make you squirm in his arms
  • He wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you, being all touchy almost the entire time
  • Even if you weren’t in the mood, he’d be all over you, probably in the form of cuddles and kisses
  • As much as he would enjoy himself, in the end he would primarily want to please you and make you happy
  • He would be the boyfriend to treat you like a princess and pamper you
  • He’d be open to your suggestions and ideas and would probably try them all, just to make sure its an enjoyable experience for you
  • He’d probably enjoy playing with you hair, whether its washing it, conditioning it, or just running his fingers through it for the hell of it
  • Just imagine him stroking your hair while making small talk with you in  the tub
    “So how was your day?
    What’d you do?
    Oh, really?
    Wow, that’s cool!
  • He would probably enjoy giving you massages too like on your neck and back, especially if you tell him you had a stressful day or weren’t feeling well
  • After you guys finished he would likely be the one to get out of the tub first, making sure to help you out and check you out 
  • Being the thoughtful boyfriend he is, he would probably wrap your towel around you after and sneak in a little kiss before draining the tub
  • It’d be an overall fun, bonding experience; probably his favorite time of the day because he gets to spend intimate time with his favorite person :)
Transmasc stuff for sale

Trying to save up for top surgery and have some stuff I don’t use for whatever reasons including 4 binders, 1 “joey” pouch for a packer, and 1 reelmagik basic 4.5 inch packer in a medium skintone. Shipping is 6 dollars for shipping with USPS, will ship to out of the USA if you pay for the extra shipping. Payment through Paypal. All prices are negotiable. 

I’m also selling Pride knitted beanies under my commissions tag, since Winter is coming up! :) 

Pictures and descriptions + prices for the items I’m selling under the cut. 

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Self-indulgent Ann Takamaki x Protagnist warm-up fic. Titled: “Show Your Inner-Arsene.”

Summary: Akira is accompanying Ann to one of her photo shoots. The theme is ‘sexy.’ (I just wanted Akira to keep secretly being a smug asshole even after the Metaverse was gone. It just shows sometimes.) Also just wanted to surprise you guys for being so kind even though I’m making you wait three days for an update. If you don’t ship it…well, it’s implied relationship.

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home hair dying for beginners

I see a lot of you guys asking general questions about dying your hair, and I know a lot of people have a lot of concerns about doing it for themselves, so here’s a little explanation of a few things!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a beautician. I am just a shitty punk kid who dyes his hair a lot. All of this is from personal experience, and my experience may have been different form others’. 

Prep: A few pointers!

  • Please, please use gloves. You think it’s cool, now, to have blue hands, but in four days when every living soul you’ve met has made a Smurfs joke, you’ll be upset. 
  • Rub vaseline on your hairline, forehead, ears, and the back of your neck, to keep your dying hair from also dying you!
  • If you have dark hair, you may want to bleach! Contrary to popular belief, the following things are true of bleaching your hair:
    • It will not make your hair fall out 
    • It will not make your hair stiff or stringy
    • It will not poison you 
    • You will not die
  • The only way any of these things will happen is if you bleach your hair more than once in a 12-month period! Any less than that, and your hair will have had the time it needs to replenish and grow out, and you’ll have an entirely new set of roots to work with. 
  • Grab a comb you don’t care about! You’ll need it later. 
  • Consider having a friend there to help!

Brands: Where I come from, there are three major brands, Manic Panic, Splat, and Raw. 


Approx. price: $7.76

  • Very, very strong
  • Will dye your hair at least a little no matter what color it is
  • Will also dye everything it touches, including skin, bathrooms, houses, and floors
  • Best advised to be washed out outside
  • Super Effective
  • If you’re planning on bleaching, I highly reccommend buying a Splat dye kit, as that comes with both the bleach kit, and a dye color of your choice
  • Take extra time to wash it out. Do not get out of the shower until the water runs at least mostly clear. Splat will continue to rub out of your hair if it’s wet and unwashed. 

Manic Panic

Approx. price: $10.00 (Amplified: $13.00)

  • Semi-strong
  • Vegan!
  • Will dye your hair provided it’s a pretty light color, anything darker than a dirty blonde and you’re not gonna get what you’re looking for, unless you bleach first
  • Will not dye everything it touches, can be easily wiped off of things, HOWEVER:
  • Still, best advised to use vaseline 
  • I recommend Amplified, because it just works better, but if you’re strapped for cash or have light hair, you can use the basic. 


Approx. price: $12.99

  • Pretty strong
  • Smells like sickly sweet death
  • Will definitely work on light colors, and even slightly darker ones 
  • Best advised to bleach
  • Will turn everything green. Well, not necessarily green, but, you know, I used green, and my shower ended up matching my hair.
  • Probably bleach, but if you can’t, it might still work. 

The Process: Here’s a quick overview of the steps you should take in dying your hair.

1. Wash: shampoo, but do not condition, your hair, to remove excess oils. It doesn’t matter if you conditioned earlier that day, just re-shampoo, and wash it out. 

2. Wait: don’t try to dye your hair while it’s still wet. You can blow-dry it if you’re as impatient as I am. Don’t try anything until it’s at least mostly dry. 

3. Prep: do the vaseline, and do it right. Trust me when I say, you do not want a green face as bad as you think you do. Put on your gloves, get out your materials (comb, dye, etc) and emotionally prepare yourself to do something that you will get very bored of very fast. 

4. Apply: with your gloves on, squirt or scoop the dye onto your fingers, and spread it over your hair. Then, using the comb you set aside earlier (you clever person you), brush the dye into your hair, taking care to get the underside of wherever you’re working, for complete coverage. Continue to do this until your hair is completely soaked with dye (provided you want your whole hair done). 

5. Check: make sure you’ve gotten your roots, the underside of the back of your hair (this is where a friend might come in handy, but hey, be independent, live your life to the fullest, do what you want). 

6. Wait: your hair dye will almost definitely have instructions on how long you should wait, but a good rule of thumb is that at least 30 minutes is enough. The longer you wait, the more vivid your dye job will be. 

7. Wash: preferably in a sink, wash your hair, away from your face, with a slightly frugal amount of shampoo. The dye has bonded with your hair, but it’s still smart to let it lie for a little longer. Wash your hair until the water coming off your head runs clear (or, in the case of Splat, mostly clear) no matter how long it takes. 

8. Enjoy!

A few tips

  • Wrap your head with a plastic bag while you dye; it’ll seal in the chemicals, and keep you from getting gunk on everything you own. 
  • Try a heat pad! Wrapping an electric heat pad around your hair (over the bag) will help the dye bond, if you feel like it. 
  • Bleaching is an entirely different beast. If people want me to, I’ll post some tips about that separately. It’s much more time consuming, but also much more absolutely beyond any shadow of a doubt effective. 
  • Don’t sweat it. The best part about hair is this; it grows back. It’s constantly changeable. If you don’t like a color you’ve dyed your hair, you can be sure that it’ll fade, and if it doesn’t, there are kits for removing it from your hair. Plus, you can always try again!
  • Enjoy yourself! Dying your hair is a fun, cathartic way of changing your appearance when you feel like you need it. You don’t need to go to a salon to get the effect you want, and honestly, in this economy, who the fuck can afford to go to a salon? The bourgeois, that’s who, not us dirty commies. Dye your own hair. What’s it gonna hurt?

Alright! Have fun! Don’t hurt yourself! Let me know if you’ve got questions!

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Ur hair is what I used to have before heat damage but I'm tryna make it better again what kinda hair products do u use and what's ur routine if u don't mind me asking?

i use argan oil occasionally & i just wash and condition with hydrating products. my hair was very heat damaged a few years ago and i just had to chop off the damage and grow it back out :/ ❣️

The length of a spoonie shower is not determined by how long it takes to wash your hair or shave your legs, nor by how long you want to relax in the hot water.

The length of a spoonie shower is determined by how long you can stand up without dying.

Dreads aren't a freaking "black" thing.

They are what naturally happens to hair when it isn’t properly taken care of. Yes I realize that some people intentionally dread their hair with oils and stuff, but originally the “style” was just what hair looks like when it wasn’t washed and conditioned. They have been worn historically everywhere from the Aztec kingdom to Greece. So freaking stop with your “Cultural appropriation” BS. Dreads are not now nor have they ever been exclusive to black people.


split ends are a pain so here are some tips to keep things together for as long as you can! 

for my bleaching/coloring girls: your ends are gonna be brittle and split much easier. your hair altogether is just much more delicate so trims, limited washing, and deep conditioning is going to be your saving grace. 

ShesGotNigerianCurls ‘Fro Feature: Adaobi

What’s your name and where are you from? 

My name is Adaobi, but I am more commonly known by my middle name, which is Cassandra (either is fine). I am from Nigeria, but was raised and currently live in Houston.

Have you been natural all your life? If not, please tell us how and why you decided to go natural.

No, I’ve been fully natural since January 2013. I decided to go natural because I wanted to embrace my own TRUE hair. I wanted texture and versatility. It was an easy decision to make because relaxers never “worked” for me. My hair was always extremely difficult to tame, as it has always been extremely thick and long (shout-out to my momma). The only time my hair would lay down, is if I’d go to a beauty salon and get it processed and straightened to death, which wasn’t often. My mom would complain about how damaged my hair looked, and how short it was becoming, so I figured if relaxers weren’t working on my hair anyway, then I might as well let them go.

Tell us about your Big Chop Day or if you transitioned, about your transition journey.

My big chop was a little impulsive. I was attempting to transition for awhile, but the two conflicting textures quickly annoyed me, so I just up and chopped it off one day. I had a good inch of hair on my head, so it was…different, haha. My hair had never, ever been that short. Even as a baby, I had a nice juicy fro going on, so yeah, this was definitely different, but surprisingly,  I really welcomed it. I played India Arie’s ‘Private Party" as I chopped it off, haha. It was nice.

When you have your natural hair out/when you first went natural, is/was there a reaction from family or friends, especially those from the same country you’re from and/or when you go back to your home country

Yeah, I got a lot of compliments! It was cool. My parents liked it. My boyfriend quickly grew to love it (he didn’t want me to cut it at first). I feel blessed to have had encouraging reactions, because not everyone does.

What recent issues have you had with your hair and how are you resolving/have you resolved them? 

Well, I’m currently regretting that I dyed my hair last year. It’s mostly grown out, and I have about an inch-and-a-half of color left on the ends. The texture of where my hair is dyed is drier and not as healthy looking as the portions of my virgin hair. I really want to cut it off, but I’m letting it do its thing for now. 

What made you decide to take your healthy hair journey seriously and how’s it going so far? 

Just noticing all the damage and knowing that my hair wasn’t at its fullest potentional. I wanted to be proud of what was coming from my scalp! My journey is going well, though. I’m finding easier ways to manage my hair, and I’m just taking it how it comes.

What do you think of this new era we’re in, where many more ladies are big chopping/transitioning and embracing their natural hair?

 I think it’s awesome! It’s definitely making a statement and letting mainstream society know that we like our hair the way it is and showing them that we don’t have to conform to their standards of beauty to be seen as beautiful. It’s making such an impact, that companies that traditionally cater to “finer” hair textures, are now making products that cater to natural-hair. It’s kind of amusing, actually. They’ll make crappy statements about our hair, but clearly we have a bigger impact on the market than they realize, haha.

How would you describe your hair and your relationship with it?

My hair is a 4c texture up until the back of my head, which is a looser texture. My hair is also extremely thick. My relationship with my hair is one of love/hate, like most naturals would say, but I’m enjoying the journey overall.

What’s your typical, current hair regime-wash days, styling, protective styles… 

Well, because of YouTube, I feel like I switch up my wash regimen every wash day. My main reason for switching it up so often is to cut down on wash time. I just can’t deal with spending hours just washing and deep-conditioning. Not to mention feeling like a wet dog when I have to come out of the shower, go back in to rinse, come out again, etc. It’s just too much! My current favorite regimen, a co-wash method, is one where I apply coconut oil to dry, sectioned hair (to help with my detangling process), apply my conditioner to the sections, rinse and apply more conditioner so I can detangle each section, rinse. Apply a conditioner so I can deep condition. Sit with it for 20-30mins, then rinse, dry and begin prepping my hair for a twist-out, which is what I usually do after washing my hair. For protective styles, I’ve been doing a lot crochet styles and twists, as they are the easiest styles for me to do on myself. When I’m just messing with my hair, I’ll either wear it in a fluffed out twist-out, or a puff,

What are your three favourite things about your hair? 

The softness, the versatility, and as much as it gives me a headache, I love the thickness.

How do you feel about shrinkage and how do you deal with it? 

I think shrinkage sucks, but it is necessary. When I’m fresh from a wash, I deal with it by always putting my hair in twists after I wash. It still shrinks up a bit, but it doesn't shrink AND tangle, which is a nightmare. 

What are your favourite hair products so far? 

I feel like I’m not completely qualified to talk about my favorite products, because I haven’t tried a bunch. I’m so not a product junkie when it comes to this natural hair game, and like to keep it simple. Some of the things that I do use that I like and have stuck with, are of course, Shea Moisture (everyone loves them). I really only use their Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Pudding. I also loooove my Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner (another popular favorite among the natural hair community), and I’ve really been loving my Tresemme conditioner for color-treated hair. Argan oil is lovely, too.

What are your favourite protective styles? 

Twists, Crochet, Puffs/Buns, Braids, and Weaves.

What 3 pieces of vital advice would you leave to other naturals? 

Love your hair, don’t compare, and find what works for YOU.

Any favourite natural hair bloggers? Please link them if so! We can never have enough naturalistas to look up to and learn from 

There's so many! However, I don’t know all the names by heart, since I got put on to 4c Bloggers/Youtubers kind of recently. The main one coming to mind is Fusion of Cultures (since I’ve been following her the longest)

What forms of social media can we find you on? 

Tumblr: melaninficent.tumblr.com
Twitter: CassOrakpo
IG: CassOrakpo

SIGNS (Punk Luke AU)

This wonderful AU was submitted by 5ketchupsos. Read it, because it’s really good!!!


I watched as my room-mate grabbed her bag and flung it over her shoulder. I expected her to exit the room but she turned to the large whiteboard we shared and scribbled something on it before stepping back to let me see.

“You sure you don’t want to come? It will be fun!” Followed by a cute smiley face. I giggled and got up, taking the pen from her.

“I’m sure but have a good time,” I scrawled under her messy writing. She nodded and gave me a hug then opened the door, gave a little wave and left. I sighed. Alone at last. I loved my room mate to pieces. It had only been a week but she had been unbelievably understanding.

Communicating via a whiteboard probably seemed a little odd to anyone else but it was the only way we could get to know one another. You see I’m deaf, completely deaf. Aria doesn’t know sign language so I think she felt awkward when she realised I couldn’t speak with her normally. She left our room almost instantly on the first day and I half expected her to ask for a room change but half an hour later she returned with this massive whiteboard and spent twenty minutes positioning it in our room. It wasn’t until she scribbled on it “Hi I’m Aria. What’s your name?” that I sussed what she was up to and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so touched. We sat on her bed and wrote back and forth to each other and I think it’s the closest I’ve ever been to making a friend.

I went to a school for the deaf as per my mother’s orders. She thought that normal, public school would be to demanding for me but as time went on I became increasingly interested in a more normal life. Something less sheltered. When I got accepted to Oxford I just had to go. It took a long time to wear my mum down but eventually she agreed I could go and study art at Oxford if I took my nanny with me.

To be fair my nanny stopped looking after me years ago when I became old enough to do things for myself. Now she was more of a maid. She made my meals and washed my clothes but she was perfect at sign language and she looked out for me and there were probably worse people I could have brought to University with me. She had managed to secure the room next door to Aria and myself. My mum wanted us to share a room but I insisted that was too much. It was going to look strange enough, bringing my maid with me to school without us being room mates too. My dad played a big part in wearing my mum down. He understood me well and he wanted me to have the normality that I craved. Not that my mother didn’t. She just worried about me too much.

Nanny text me earlier to tell me she was going on a date. It seems she connected with one of the medical teachers. So, right now, I was completely alone. I grabbed a book and curled up on my bed, legs crossed. I could see through my window as student’s made the most of their first Friday night on Campus. They were dressed up to the max and staggering across the grounds to one of the several different parties talking places in the dorms. I’d half expected Aria to wind up at one of the parties but she explained that her and her friends liked to spend Friday nights at a pub down the road where they had an open mic night. If there was one thing I was envious of other people for it was their ability to enjoy music. I’d never had that simple pleasure. Sure I could read and watch movies and Tv shows (provided they had subtitles) but music seemed like such a big thing these days. Especially in college. Everywhere I looked people were going about their business with headphones in, occasionally bopping their head in time to whatever beat they were listening to.

I stood up and shut the curtains. The chaos outside was distracting me from my book. It was the third time I had read “Of mice and Men,” but I still liked to give it my full attention. I loved the ide that Lennie was perhaps not normal, maybe a bit like myself but he had these dreams and ambitions that his friend shared with him. It was beautifully written. I read till about two am then figured I should get some rest. Aria and I had made plans to go shopping in town tomorrow. Nanny had asked if I wanted her to come along but Aria assured me that there would be no need.

“I’ll take my ipad so I can write to her,” She explained to nanny who in turn had signed to me to check this was all right.

I did tell nanny that should my mother call her she could tell her I was studying or something. I didn’t want her getting in trouble with my mum because she was understanding enough to give me my independence.

I never woke when Aria came in. She must have been super late but she didn’t turn the light on so I never saw her. When I woke the next morning she was out for the count with her make-up smeared down her face. I decided to leave her in peace and grabbed my toiletry bag. The bathroom was empty apart from one girl in a shower who was getting out as I entered. I brushed my teeth first then climbed in to a shower and let the hot water run over me. I must have stood there for half an hour, just enjoying the warmth before I washed and conditioned my hair and turned the shower off. I grabbed my towel from the hook outside the curtain and wrapped it around myself. My toiletry bag was still over by the sinks and I made my way over and opened it. I quickly dried myself and put on some moisturiser. I didn’t normally wear make-up. I had nothing against it other than the fact my mother did not approve of it. As I gathered up my stuff and made for the door, a group of girls wandered in. They were chatting away then they spotted me and began to whisper. I thought this was kind of pointless. I couldn’t hear them anyway but if they wanted to be rude and talk about me then they could go right ahead. I highly doubted any of them had anything relevant to say. I slipped past them and made my way back to my room with my wet feet padding along the carpeted corridor.

Aria was up when I opened the door and examining herself in the mirror with a pack of face wipes, open beside her. I gave her a small wave which she returned. She seemed to have managed to remove most of last night’s make-up now. She snatched up the pen from the tiny ledge at the bottom of the whiteboard and wrote something, currently blocked by her head. I watched as she moved aside, dropping the pen on her bed.

“I need coffee. Breakfast at the diner?”

I simply nodded in response then the pair of us opened our wardrobe. Aria picked out an outfit in seconds. She had a kind of punk, goth thing going on. Her jet black hair was about waist length and was shaved at one side and she had her eyebrow and septum pierced. She still looked extremely attractive though. She probably could have pulled off any look she tried her hand at. We both faced away from each other as we dressed. I’d chosen a simple pinafore style dress with a pair of tights, black ballet pumps and a cardigan. I couldn’t be bothered drying my hair and so I tied it back in a tight bun. Aria threw her clothes on then peered in to the mirror as she applied some fresh eye liner and some dark lipstick.

I waited patiently while she pulled everything out of last night’s bag and stuffed it in to another bag then slid her boots on and nodded at me. She grabbed her ipad from the chest of drawers beside the door just before we exited.

We walked in silence to the bus stop and checked the time. Five minutes till the next bus.

Aria quickly typed something on her ipad and handed it to me.

“You got change for the bus?” I read.

“Yeah. You need some?” I replied.

She typed a lot quicker than me so the ipad was back in my hands before I knew it.

“Yes please. I’ll buy you breakfast in return.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I wrote and handed it back to her with a smile. She grinned at me as I delved in to my bag for my purse and counted out the change she needed for the bus. I dropped it in to her open palm just as the bus rounded the corner and stopped behind the traffic lights at the end of the street.

Aria was watching it, impatiently when I tapped her and pointed to the ipad. She handed it over, instantly.

“How was last night?” I wrote in the word document.

She read it and grinned at me.

“Really good. There were some terrible singers but this one guy who played guitar was really talented.”

“Good looking?” I replied, teasingly. I knew Aria had a thing for guitar players.

“Very,” she replied, “Lot’s of tattoos and gorgeous eyes and a lip piercing.”

Yikes he sounded quite scary but I suppose that was Aria’s type.

The bus pulled up in front of us and I gave Aria her ipad back before we boarded. The bus was relatively full so we couldn’t sit beside each other. Aria pulled a face at me as she sat down two seats in front of me. She kept her eyes on me for the whole, ten minute, journey. I knew she was looking out for me in case anyone attempted to speak to me or something. She waved at me when it was our stop and I got up and followed her off the bus. I had been to the café once in the past week but I couldn’t recall exactly where it was. Aria had already been at Oxford for a year so she knew where all the hangouts were.

I let her lead the way along the main road then down a couple of side streets. For someone who grew up in the states she sure knew her way around England’s windy streets very well.

She reached the café and pushed the door open, holding it for me. We seated ourselves by the window with Aria opposite me. I watched as the ipad emerged from her bag again. She typed quickly then slid it across the table to me.

“I need the toilet. Be back in a few.”

I nodded and she left me with the ipad as she headed to the back of the room and disappeared behind a door. I sighed to myself and picked up the menu from the table centre. I already knew what I wanted but reading the menu beat sitting here like a loner. I jumped as someone stepped up to the side of the table. A very tall, lanky looking boy with broad shoulders and an intense array of tattoos looked down at me and said something. I’m not too bad at reading lips but this boy spoke extremely fast and didn’t enunciate very well.

“Um,” I gulped.

He repeated whatever he said and frowned as I still did not reply. Thankfully Aria made her way towards us seconds later and spoke to the guy.

He listened to whatever she had to say then looked round at me and pointed to the ipad. I was rather surprised but handed it to him when Aria nodded in encouragement.

“What would you like?” He typed before waiting for me to type out my order underneath. I did so and handed it to him and he nodded, scribbling it on his notepad. He took Aria’s order to then left us. Aria sat down and frantically started typing but I wasn’t paying attention. The boy had headed back to the counter and was chatting away with a couple of other guys. He spoke to them for a few minutes then all eyes turned to me and I blushed, looking away. Aria had placed the ipad in front of me and I read what she had to say and laughed.

“That’s the guitar player from last night. Holy sh.it!”

She grinned as I shook my head in disbelief.

“He’s exactly how you described him,” I wrote back and she nodded at me as she read it.

When the boy returned with our order he chatted away to my friend with ease. I began to feel slightly awkward. Like some kind of disabled third wheel. I watched his lips as he spoke but all caught was “Are you her carer?” It shouldn’t have bothered me. People asked my parents all the time if they were my carers but somehow his casual way of asking irked me. I punched the screen on the ipad with the statement “I’m deaf. I don’t require a carer.” And handed it to him. He smirked and shrugged before dropping the ipad back on the table and walking away. Aria quickly typed “I’m sorry,” but I just shrugged and shook my head. What a rude boy. I scarfed my food down as fast as I could then told Aria I would wait outside for her. I stood in the alleyway round the side of the building and blinked back the tears that had begun to form at the waiter’s ignorant question. God I hoped Aria didn’t wind up dating this boy. He was blatantly rude and cocky. He didn’t even seem bothered that he had offended me.

I slid my hand in my bag and pulled out some perfume, spraying it on my neck before placing the cap back on the bottle and returning it to my bag. I jumped once again as a door to the left of me opened and someone stalked out, lugging a bin bag. Great it was none other than the ignorant, asshole of a waiter. He lifted the lid of the bin beside me and his eyes locked on mine as he swung the bag inside.

“Nice clothes,” he mouthed, very precisely, ensuring I knew exactly what he said. His expression was a mix between amused and cheeky. He was totally being sarcastic. What was this guys problem?

I opened my mouth to say something witty then shut it again. I can’t speak very well. It comes from not knowing how words are pronounced. I’ve never really spoken before because it embarrasses me when people look at me like I’m retarded. The boy smirked and for the first time I caught the name on his badge.

“Luke. How may I help you?” was scrawled on the bit of plastic pinned to his chest.

“By not being a total di.ck to customers?” I thought to myself. He lifted his cap in some kind of salute to me as he mouthed the words “See ya,” and headed back inside. I stood, frozen to the spot, glaring at the closed door and praying I never had to encounter someone so cruel again.


As I Am Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner

(Side note: For those who don’t know, co-washing means conditioner-only washing, or cleansing your hair with conditioner rather than shampooing).

I’ve had several failures or so-so experiences when co-washing my hair this year. From tangles,  to product buildup on my scalp, or experiencing dry, brittle hair when using conditioners that just did not work…I was on the fence with the concept of co-washing. 

I decided to just stick to deep conditioning and clarifying my hair bi-weekly, which was working out fine. Yet, since starting this fitness/health journey of mine this year, working out 4-5x a week + having dirty hair every day wasn’t working for me. I need to make sure that my hair was cleansed in between my scheduled wash days. So, earlier this summer, I decided to give co-washing yet another chance and picked up As I Am’s Coconut CoWash. I co-washed this past weekend. 

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