just wants to give you a friendly reminder

just a friendly reminder: FRIENDSHIPS ARE RELATIONSHIPS, TOO.
  • friends can be emotionally abusive.
  • friends can be physically abusive.
  • friends can disappoint you.
  • friends can lie to you.
  • friends can make you wonder if they found someone better than you.
  • friends can be manipulative.
  • friends can give you severe trust issues.
  • friends can dump you.
  • friends can be jealous that other people want to be friends with you.
  • friends can argue over the same issue repeatedly because someone’s needs aren’t being met.
  • friends can hurt you.
  • friends can judge you.
  • friends can ghost you.
  • friends can damage your self esteem.

there does not have to be a romantic undertone. we put so much weight on romantic relationships that we forget how important friendships are. romance does not automatically give your relationship more validity. treat them the same.

Heya just a friendly reminder to all my fellow Zelda blogs out there, with Breath of the Wild coming out this Friday; please be careful about posting spoilers! If you do want to post spoilers, be sure to tag it with a specific tag (like say for example, “botw spoilers”) so people can block it/blacklist it. I know it’s cool to be the first person to post something but let’s give some people a chance to experience it firsthand when the game comes out.

Yoongi Scenario: Evil Eyes.

Request: Hello loves ❤ can I request a yoongi scenario(fluffy pls) about him being jealous/possessive? I’m not sure why you can just let your imaginations decide that thank you 😘❤❤❤❤❤ + Hey there~ I really like your scenarios and I was wondering if you girls could make an scenario where y/n’s brother came to visit and yoongi didn’t know (neither does he knows how her brother looks like) and then he finds him in his and y/n apartment. Her brother is staying a few days and yoongi during those days feels kinda jealous? Thanks 😊 Sorry if it isn’t very clear 😅 if you can’t do it I understand don’t worry

Genre: Fluff / Comedy.

Yoongi was eager to get home, he was supposed to have full schedule today but when the radio show they were attempting got cancelled he rushed home where you should be since you weren’t going anywhere that saturday, Yoongi had already a couple of things in mind for you to do with this free time, all of them in the bedroom.
He looked at himself in the mirror in the elevator, he looked nice still with fashionable clothes and a his hair done, he wouldn’t admit it to anyone but he liked to look his best for you, you were always so pretty sometimes Yoongi thought he was lacking. But he smirked at himself disregarding those thoughts, thinking about you who would already have that little silky pajama thing, even if it was still half afternoon.

Opening the door he got rid of his jacket and shoes but then he heard something that made him sharpen his ear. The sound of your laugh, Yoongi would have been delighted any day to hear it only that this it was accompanied by a man’s laughter. 

He frowned thinking of who could possibly be here with you, you didn’t meet guy friends at home, you hadn’t told him anything about anyone visiting either. You squealed, sounding very pleased and something in Yoongi burned. Suddenly images of you with some guy laughing together, touching, kissing, you with that silky little thing on but to other man to take off, it made him inhale sharply, Yoongi stomped his way into the apartment following the sounds of laughter, you squealing, the man telling you were as mischievous as ever. It made him lose his cool completely, he didn’t want to believe what he was hearing so he stormed into the kitchen and saw you, in the arms of another guy.

You were fully dressed that was what he noticed first but his hands were on you and just that made his own hands go to fists, you were on the middle of the kitchen and it looked like he was tickling you or teasing you, both options sounding like big no’s for Yoongi, no other could be touching you like that.

-What the hell is this?-

You were startled to hear him, but as you looked his way you didn’t lose your smile, neither did you jump apart from that guy, Yoongi wanted to lunge at him, he wanted to tear his hands away from you. 

-Babe you are here!- you smiled wider and the guy smiled a little too, what kind of twisted shit was this. -This is…-

But before you could say something else Yoongi walked to you and shoved the guy away, it was stupid for him to do it when he should just leave since you were having so much fun, but he couldn’t stand the sight of you with someone else.

-Yoongi!- you recriminated like he was on the wrong, him! Like he was the one fooling around and not you.

-Hey man…- the guy started speaking and his voice made him snap.

-Get the fuck out out here-

You walked until you were in between them frowning at Yoongi who was trying to keep his cool but he very well knew it was far gone. 

-I’ll talk with you later Y/N, first this asshole has to…-

-He’s my brother!- you exclaimed outraged.

Well fuck.

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You couldn’t go anywhere in Mystic Falls now that The Originals were in town, without having either Alaric or one of the Salvatore brothers by your side, all thanks to the request of your over-protective sister - Elena.

So when you wanted to let loose and have just one night of drama free at the Mystic Grill, the only way that could happen is if Alaric tagged along. You, unhappily agreed giving the limited opportunities you had.

The one rule you advised to Alaric was he couldn’t damper your fun. If you wanted to drink, you’d drink. If you wanted to get some fresh air, you’d do so without the presence of him. Despite his worries and protests you carefully reminded him that he could agree or you could make his night unbearably diffcult.

The two of you were having a friendly game of pool, he had gone back to the bar to refill the drinks. You were planning your next move when none other then the newest Original member, Kol Mikaelson came strutting over.

“A women of your caliber ought to choose more suitable company. What’s your name, love?”.

Leaning over to shoot a ball into the net, you looked over to Alaric who’s back was turned. “None of your business and the company I have is just fine”, you retorted back, unimpressed by his attempt to flirt.

Kol stood right beside you, the strong smell of his aftershave looming. “It doesn’t look that way to me, especially considering ever so often you keep staring at the door. Which tells me that you want to ditch your company and have your own fun”.

Putting down the pool stick onto the table, you gave undivided attention to Kol. “And let me guess you could provide me with that fun?”.

He smirked, placed his pool stick next to yours and leaned down. “All you have to do is ask and I’m all yours, love”.

Alaric interrupted, looking rather pissed that an Original vampire was talking to you. But even more so that you hadn’t done anything to end the conversation.

“Y/N, it’s time to leave”. He sternly said.

Kol, broke eye contact with you and grinned at the fact Alaric had just given away your name. “I’m fairly certain Y/N can decide for herself when it’s time to leave”.

The struggle to maintain a straight face was difficult, so you bit the inside of your lip. The last thing you wanted Alaric to see was you laughing at something Kol Mikaelson said.

Alaric stepped right up in Kol’s face, “And I’m fairly certain that you need to leave us alone”. Alaric handed your jacket to you and ushered you to the door, not listening or caring that you wanted to stay.

Outside the Mystic Grill you were trailing behind Alaric, completely furious with his attitude and everyone’s else’s. You were sick of being treated like a poor, defenseless child.

“The Mikaelson’s are trouble, you don’t need to get caught up in any of them Y/N”. Alaric scolded, while you rolled your eyes.

The next second happened in a blur, Alaric was knocked down to the ground and Kol stood in front of you.

“What the hell did you do that for!?”. Running over to make sure he was okay.

Kol leaned against the brick wall. “Relax, darling he’ll be fine. Although he might wake up with a bit of a headache. Besides you should be thanking me for saving you from a very uneventful evening”.

“And why would I thank you for knocking out one of my friends?”. You asked, placing hands in pockets.

“Because I’m going to give you a night you won’t forget, love. Like I said back at the bar, or you have to do is ask. And I can tell by your heartbeat that you so desperately want to ask”. He said proudly.

Looking down at Alaric and then back to Kol, he was tempting you. Placing freedom, a night of fun, adventure and the chance to do something wild on the table. The angel on your shoulder was whispering what a stupid move it would be to make, imagine all the trouble you’ll receive later. But the pesky devil was egging you on, cheering for you to take the offer.

Kol extended his hand. “It’ll be worth it. Come on, love do something crazy just this once”.

Taking his hand, you saw the glint of excitement in Kol’s eyes. “You better make this worth the amount of trouble I’m going to get into, when Alaric wakes up and my sister finds out”.

He pulled you into his chest and placed a hand on your waist. “I’m Kol Mikaelson, every night with me is worth it”.

He vamp sped away and you officially had gotten yourself tangled in a web that was both handsome but extremely dangerous.


Class Has Not Been Cancelled

Hey guys!

This is just a friendly reminder that Class HAS NOT been cancelled! 

To the people who want Class to be cancelled, stop fucking saying that. I have seen people upset and confused over false information. If you want Class cancelled, fine, but at least have the decency to let that person know that this untrue cancellation has yet to be confirmed. Give them facts not the bullshit Mirror article that started this whole rumor. 

To the people who read that it got cancelled and wanted to let others know, you have been misinformed. Many tabloids have been taking their information form the Mirror which is an unreliable source. BBC has not made a decision on it’s future, that rests on the the show does in America. If it does well then hopefully we will get a second series. The actors, the writer, and Steven Moffat have all confirmed that it has not been cancelled. Let me repeat, it has been confirmed that the Mirror was bullshit, and that Class has not been cancelled. They all hope to see more the show. 

First of all, lemme just give a HUUUGE thank you to @hotchnerfuckmeup for making this amazing edit!! I am so in love :)

Well, here we are at WEEK 9 of Hannah’s Sunday Reading List! As always, y’all never disappoint :) It was an awesome week of reading so many different types of fics and pairings!! Friendly reminder that if you want me to read your fic, be sure to tag me in it <3

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

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anonymous asked:

Hi! How do you think the RFA would feel about an asexual MC?

Hi! I know I’m super slow rn!
Just a disclaimer that I’m not Ace and I tried to be as broad as possible but pls do let me know if I said anything problematic etc❤

I’m sorry they’re short- ultimately they’d all accept it, they love their MC ❤


🎼He’d never pressure you anyway!!

🎼he would always be conscientious of
your boundaries and always check things were ok before doing them. He’d ask if you were ok to hold his hand, and if you were BOOM handholding is on the agenda. You’re happy to kiss? Best believe you’ll get plenty of kisses. You’re not ok to get intimate? No problem! You are but only rarely? No problem just let him know!

🎼he’s happy to talk through these things with you, would really want you to know he loved you, you were valid and anything else you were worried about.

🎼Would find out as politely as possible what you were comfy with /him/ doing and whether you wanted to know he was doing it or not, if ya catch my drift. Could he watch porn? Would you rather he never thought about you in that way? Whatever you’re happy with, he’d comply!

🎼Loves you so much, and is always there to listen if you want to talk about this stuff (or anything else ofc)

🎼Would do his best to raise awareness and show consideration for the Ace community once he knew about it, but would also learn quickly how to be not only supportive to you but to show support for others without speaking over people etc.
🎼Is careful to not pressure you into anything, including kids although does let you without seeming pressure-y that if you did want to have kids there are plenty of other options (both because of you being Ace or any other factors ❤)


⭐️Probably doesn’t really get it at first, thinks it’s either nervousness or just him
But he would take on board what you said and pretty quickly understand

⭐️Gets so angry if his gaming friends / anyone at college says, implies, etc anything negative like frigid etc etc

⭐️Starts a group at uni for Ace awareness and stuff, is always super quick to tell his gamer friends to be quiet if they are disrespectful, and is quick to assure you if you hear them that they’re speaking nonsense

⭐️Honestly idk what else to say

⭐️Adores you


☕️As soon as you mention it she’s looking it up

☕️That’s totally fine! She’s used to handling herself and is perfectly efficient at that, happily in love with you as you are

☕️Always asking how to be more supportive!

☕️Gets a mug with the flag that you identify with most on it and uses it at work, and (with your permission) educate anyone who asks

☕️again sorry I didn’t know what to put

☕️Loves you!!!


🚀Already suspects from your online presence

🚀Does loads of research into loads of different ace lifestyles so he understands different people have different boundaries

🚀Puts up a flag in his room and sees if you comment

🚀When you do he suddenly thinks this wasn’t a very tactful way to approach it but HEY HO HERE WE GO

🚀He’s super supportive of course, like everyone else

🚀keeps an eye out for anybody online being unfairly mean to you or other Ace people and if they do he’ll get ‘em, from minor technical annoyances (like their screensaver changing to random angry looking cats) to more severe consequences.
🚀Sets up a bot to send you/ any unfairly treated or bullied Ace people friendly supportive messages anonymously like “hey there! Just a reminder that you and your identity are valid!”
🚀Still wants to marry you at the space station ofc!


💎Takes some time to understand

💎He doesn’t mind, he just doesn’t really understand because it doesn’t fit into the narrative he expects of you falling in love and getting married

💎Asks if you need any medical or psychiatric help, but realises that wasn’t kind of him when you get upset

💎Zen gives him an earful if he ever makes you feel bad at all about it

💎But genuinely doesn’t mind at all, loves you for your emotional closeness and because you understood him etc

💎Slowly learns the nuances to your specific aceness and is happy to accommodate anything you are and are not okay with, never wants to hurt you just is a bit slow with getting it

💎tbh as long as you’ll stick around and be with him and be kind to Elizabeth 3rd he’s more than happy and loves you

anonymous asked:

How does Ink fight off Artblocks in your opinion or idea?

To be honest, that’s the most difficult thing for me to wrap my head around in all of Ink’s decription. It was just stated in his bio and we’ve never seen him doing that, so I guess it’s all up on our own to fight an interpretation and maybe that’s the idea beind it.

You see, in my opinion art blocks can have different shapes and forms. So if either it’s simply a huge wall that blocks the flow of creativity or a a giant living black shadow attacking everything in sight or whatever comes to mind, Ink will fight it. Not to mention that you are being creative by giving that artblock a form, so you’re already kinda fighting it by thinking about it.

It’s a friendly reminder of no matter what you want to do and even if you are facing obstacles, there is always someone rooting and fighting for you in the background, even if you don’t see them doing it.

So yeah, it’s up to you to decide how an artblock looks like. Because there is more than just one interpretation.

To come back to your question: Personally, I am having this ‘you are not good enough, even after all these years of practice’ demons at the moment and uhm… It’s like that small thing in the back of your mind that is always there to strike you down whenever you are vulnerable. I will leave the rest to you guys though. Feel free to interpret. :D

superswankspy  asked:

hi moosey this is probably a really dumb question and probably has been answered before but how do you actually do a tag dump? i wanted to make one for my upcoming tags but at the moment i am a bit lost and confused. is there a simple code i use? please help a girl out!

not a dumb question at all, friend - i hope you don’t mind me posting this in case it helps anyone else!

tag dumps are essentially what roleplayers do, often when they’re setting up a new blog.  this is so that there’s a reference post to remember all tags and they’re often done in a few posts - i.e. a post for verse tags, a post for graphic tags, a post for character tags, a post for miscellaneous tags etc.  

they’re just normal posts with the tags included ( though it helps because you can search for your tag dump post if you need a reminder! ).  the reason people do this is usually because they’re using ‘fancy’ characters in their tags and don’t want to have to keep copying and pasting them.

a couple of links that might help -

∀⅂⅂ ⋊IᴎDS OℲ S⊥∩ℲℲ…
𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝓀𝒾𝓃𝒹𝓈 𝑜𝒻 𝓈𝓉𝓊𝒻𝒻

with all of these - just try to make sure they’re still readable and searchable! ( try them and test them out if you’re not sure! ) – hope this helps!

Just a friendly reminder, don’t get mad or sad, please… But please, refrain of posting fanarts from Twitter without consent. Some artists are very specific of they’re don’t want reposts. Some of them gets mad/sad and lock their twitter account or even delete everything. Some people also gets fanarts here and post on Facebook without source, since shows on Google search… So please, ask them before posting their art! :c

And if you have a twitter account too, don’t forget to suport artists you like giving them your RTs/Like on their art. It really means a lot.

A friendly reminder for GH blogs

((While having a rambling phone conversation with @2pcanadas-googlehistory I realized that the gh Muns are a wide variety of ages, some are young teens, some are close to adulthood, and some are already adults. So as a fellow gh Mun, I wanna remind you that adults should NOT be dating children, and if you do end up dating someone on here, make sure you know their age. One of the first things @scotlandsgooglehistory and I figured out before we started dating was that he is only 2 months older than me, therefore it’s fine and legal for us to date. Alright, just wanted to give you all a friendly reminder. Carry on with what you were doing, and stay safe! We love you!

I just want to be that person,
You know the one who is your 6th period best friend and always texts you the homework when you’re gone,
the random girl who compliments how your cardigan matches your shoes-
that friendly face you can rely on in the hallway for a quick smile and hello despite the last time we hung out was.
that friend who gives hugs that are just a little tighter than the norm, who always remembers to say “drive safe, see you soon, have a good weekend, I love you”
I want to be that person who shines a bit of light into someone’s day.
That person who reminds her friends their worth and is nice to strangers
kind to people in her past and present
because it’s really not that hard to be nice,
and you never know when people need it the most.
—  a.w
Word of advice to ppl going to restaurants, clothing stores, aka any where there is customer service


•We have to fucken smile at everyone

•We have to make sure everyone is “happy” for our sake or we could loose our jobs

•Which is why we constants ask “is everything okay?” “How are you all doing?” ITS PART OF OUR JOB

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. WHATCH YOUR CHILDREN. WE ARE NOT THEIR BABYSITTERS. Because God forbid we ask your child to cease what they are doing that could harm them and you get mad at either us or them cause you choose not to play attention to them.

•Please Please Please have patients if you notice the workers are short staffed, it’s not our fault that it happens, but we try our best to make sure that YOU the customers that are there are happy.

•ALSO, be patient if you see it’s busy in the workplace. We try to tend to you asap. But realize that everyone there is thinking the same thing and wanting help as well as thinking that they need the food right away, but like hello??? There’s 100+ ppl wanting food, so youre not going to get yours right away like you’d want it to be. so PLEASE, patients when it’s busy.


•Because we are people. Sales reps, waiters & waitresses, cashiers, fast food servers, anybody who sells in general: are all people. We are not lower just because we take food orders, just because we sell you stuff, and cater to you. So don’t treat them that way.

This have been your friendly daily reminder~.

Just a Friendly Reminder













anonymous asked:

Hiiii there! What qualities would Guang-Hong, Leo and Phichit look for in an ideal s/o? Thank youuuuuuuu

Hey, anons! I’m really happy someone requested something with Leo bc he’s low-key my favorite and I think he’s under appreciated. I did all of these gender-neutral because it’s just easier for everyone, in my opinion. I hope you like! Thank you for the requests! ((sorry if this is kind of long; I made this easier of myself by just grouping the same request but for different characters.))

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • You better like surprises, because this man is full of them
  • your heart has to be able to handle anything from spontaneous dates to random hugs from behind so be prepared
  • You’re going to have to be a cuddler, since Viktor will cling to you and hold you any time he has the chance
  • Viktor would really like you if you can just go with the motions and handle anything life throws at you; he wants you to be easygoing and can let go and have a lot of fun
  • He wants you to be someone he can show off to the world as his, so you’ll have to be okay with him being a little possessive at times
  • I think he’d like having someone who’s super bashful so he can embarrass you and see your cute lil blushing cheeks
  • “I, (Y/N) (L/N)’S TROPHY HUSBAND,…”
  • “Vitya, you’re an embarrassment now stop it before I drag yo ass
  • For appearances, he would probably not care a ton about what size you are, but he has a secret preference for someone shorter than him
  • ((so he can hold you of course duh))
  • He probably doesn’t have a preference for you being super bony and skinny, since he wants to let everyone know that you’re healthy and taken care of with him
  • plus it’s just more comfortable when you lay on top of him and your shoulders aren’t piercing his stomach js
  • He’s definitely drawn to eyes; he finds it easy to get lost in beautiful eyes, so he’s always looking for those eyes that just speak to him
  • Tbh Viktor isn’t very picky or judgmental, so he’ll always find something to love about you <3

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • This boy is not hard to please, but there are certain things he’s drawn to
  • For your personality, he would like you to be flirtatious and friendly; his lack of self confidence can be cured if you flatter him, and he’ll love it
  • He wants you to be extremely affectionate in a physical way, so your kisses and hugs and such can ground him and give I’m a physical reminder that he’s loved
  • You need to be extremely supportive in everything he does because he doesn’t want to feel doubt in his actions
  • poor baby just wants to validated and you can help my friend
  • Just be fun-loving and kind-hearted and that’s all he could ever ask for
  • “The best way to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach” heavily applies here
  • If you can cook for him, you’re gonna get laid my friend
  • He definitely wants someone taller than him as a significant other
  • Since he wants to be the little spoon, your height will be perfect for him
  • and he really likes being held and cuddled so being smaller would give him that opportunity
  • Plus, he really loves forehead and nose kisses, so the height would be a major advantage there
  • Overall, he just wants to be loved and he will love you back just as much I promise, love

[Phichit Chulanont]

  • jk he’ll respect your boundaries
  • You’re going to have to have a really bubbly personality, since he doesn’t want you to get annoyed with his constant positive attitude and overwhelming charisma
  • He wants you to be someone who is very happy in general, and can send a happy vibe to rub off on everyone around you
  • A strong sense of adventure is what he really looks for in you, since he wants you to travel the world and sightsee with him throughout his skating career
  • If you love holding hands and hugging and all of that sappy shit couples do, he’ll be all over you
  • He loves a really nice smile, so if you’ve got one of those, he’ll be all over you
  • ((and, yes, you do have a nice smile so love yourself ok))
  • Phichit is gonna be looking for those pretty eyes of yours, also, because he loves how the expression on one’s face can be reflected in their eyes
  • He wants your personality to shine through in the selfies he takes with you, as well as how beautiful you are
  • Basically he likes you to be photogenic and cute
  • Tbh, he’s such a loving person so he isn’t super picky

[Leo de la Iglesia]

  • He’s the least likely out of all of the characters to care about looks mkay
  • You should probably be a very family-oriented person, since I imagine he has a big one
  • Ya gotta be willing to spend time with his friends, since he values every moment with the ones he loves
  • He cherishes his friends and family so you gotta accept him as well as all the people closest to him
  • and in return he’ll cherish you aw <3
  • He’s going to look for your strong sense of loyalty and love, which he believes to be the most important part of a relationship
  • Honesty is somethings he looks for; mutual trust is very meaningful and sacred to him
  • I don’t think he’s super particular about appearance, but I think he would really like long hair ?! Idk I get the vibes
  • so he can look into straight into your eyes just by glancing your way awwww what a sweetie pie
  • Being the same height would also give you the versatility of switching between the big spoon and little spoon, depending on the mood you’re both in
  • AND AND AND It’s super easy to give each other eskimo kisses when you’re the same height and he loves those more than life itself
  • I think he’d like medium/long length hair so he can braid it and play with it when you’re relaxing together
  • Honestly he wants you to be as big of a sweetheart as he is and he just wants someone to cherish~

[Guang-Hong Ji]

  • I don’t think this lil boy would be very picky ???? idk thats my instinct to think so
  • He would want someone very outgoing/talkative bc he’s so shy
  • A fun-loving personality is something he looks for in you, also
  • Someone really supportive and loving is what he’d want
  • His dream is to be a Hollywood star so ????  That is a dream that requires support
  • I could really see him wanting a movie/television nerd
  • He likes someone who knows all of the lines to Marvel movies by heart and can name tons of fun facts about Star Wars characters
  • ((damn tbh i need me a freak like that too))
  • As far as appearance goes, I would see him wanting someone smaller than him, since he’s small himself
  • he wants to be the big spoon for once awww what a cutie
  • He would also love to just be able to envelop you in his arms and pick you up and spin you around so he can hear you laugh <3
  • If you have long hair, he’ll love it because he can play with it and stuff aw
  • Tbh he’s looking for someone that will love him no matter what happens down the road~