just wants to give you a friendly reminder

Just an exasperated friendly reminder that if Seifer ever comes off as too abrasive or too closed off, if he or I make you uncomfortable or offend or upset you, please talk to me in private. Please tell me if you take issue with how I write my muse. Please give me a chance to fix an issue before it becomes a problem or escalates into something worse. 

Some people can like a character and just want to write with them for a while but I’ve bonded with my muse. There’s a LOT of us out there like that. He’s a fictional character, he’s not a real thing but he is a character I love and I enjoy writing. I grew up with Seifer from the time I was twelve years old and playing VIII for the first time. I saw him, read his dialogue and said ‘that one. That one is my favorite.’

So because of this, I share traits with my muse where I can be too blunt with my wording. Some of us, we just do that. I can go a little too far over the edge and push people’s buttons. And these traits can grow prominent when accompanied by others who do the same. I’m abrasive at times. No, I’m not my muse, but I do have commonality with him. It’s why I think we get along so well, he and I.

I’m not perfect and neither are you or the next person. We all have our flaws and our strengths. If I’ve ever offended you OOC, or if I have done something untoward or my muse has made yours upset in a way that wasn’t intended – I need to know. 

We can’t fix or correct these problem areas if we’re not told there’s a problem in the first place so, please. Please communicate this.

I’m begging you guys here. I can’t interpret silence.

just a friendly reminder: FRIENDSHIPS ARE RELATIONSHIPS, TOO.
  • friends can be emotionally abusive.
  • friends can be physically abusive.
  • friends can disappoint you.
  • friends can lie to you.
  • friends can make you wonder if they found someone better than you.
  • friends can be manipulative.
  • friends can give you severe trust issues.
  • friends can dump you.
  • friends can be jealous that other people want to be friends with you.
  • friends can argue over the same issue repeatedly because someone’s needs aren’t being met.
  • friends can hurt you.
  • friends can judge you.
  • friends can ghost you.
  • friends can damage your self esteem.

there does not have to be a romantic undertone. we put so much weight on romantic relationships that we forget how important friendships are. romance does not automatically give your relationship more validity. treat them the same.

Heya just a friendly reminder to all my fellow Zelda blogs out there, with Breath of the Wild coming out this Friday; please be careful about posting spoilers! If you do want to post spoilers, be sure to tag it with a specific tag (like say for example, “botw spoilers”) so people can block it/blacklist it. I know it’s cool to be the first person to post something but let’s give some people a chance to experience it firsthand when the game comes out.


I was at my english lesson and we were writing some tests which has like 3 with 4 paragraph facts which explains them.so this time it was about colourtherapy which people use colours to fix or change people’s moods by using colour.it also explain what those colours meant to make you feel.

For example

Yellow is meant to make you feel hungry and is associated with laughter,hope and sunshine but as you make it a more deep colour it makes you anxious

Red is meant for anger and danger but as you deepen it love,passion and frustration

Green symbolises health and as you deepen it intelligence

Blue it is a calm colour giving a friendly and relaxing vibe but as you deepen it becomes a cold,sad feeling

Purple is associated with creativity,respect and roalty deepeing it will give you a mysterious but also beautiful feeling

Do these things remind you of something or some people’s personalities.If they do then you are correct the paladins of voltron.

Hunk: he is a sunshine everyone loves him,always hungry and anxious

Keith: the loner he is mostly angry but as we have seen in this season he is just frustrated because he cant find someone that loves him.He always pushes people away before they do.

Pidge: we don’t know many things about her but she is the smart one,the one that wants to make sure everyone is alright.

Lance:our lover boy,he is calm,friendly,funny and flirtisious though we all know inside him there is a war going on with his own emotions and self esteem

Shiro: the leader,he is trusted by the team,royal to them too and beautiful even though we don’t know what going on inside his head

What my point is that their personalities are mostly based on these colours and I’m shook

Yoongi Scenario: Evil Eyes.

Request: Hello loves ❤ can I request a yoongi scenario(fluffy pls) about him being jealous/possessive? I’m not sure why you can just let your imaginations decide that thank you 😘❤❤❤❤❤ + Hey there~ I really like your scenarios and I was wondering if you girls could make an scenario where y/n’s brother came to visit and yoongi didn’t know (neither does he knows how her brother looks like) and then he finds him in his and y/n apartment. Her brother is staying a few days and yoongi during those days feels kinda jealous? Thanks 😊 Sorry if it isn’t very clear 😅 if you can’t do it I understand don’t worry

Genre: Fluff / Comedy.

Yoongi was eager to get home, he was supposed to have full schedule today but when the radio show they were attempting got cancelled he rushed home where you should be since you weren’t going anywhere that saturday, Yoongi had already a couple of things in mind for you to do with this free time, all of them in the bedroom.
He looked at himself in the mirror in the elevator, he looked nice still with fashionable clothes and a his hair done, he wouldn’t admit it to anyone but he liked to look his best for you, you were always so pretty sometimes Yoongi thought he was lacking. But he smirked at himself disregarding those thoughts, thinking about you who would already have that little silky pajama thing, even if it was still half afternoon.

Opening the door he got rid of his jacket and shoes but then he heard something that made him sharpen his ear. The sound of your laugh, Yoongi would have been delighted any day to hear it only that this it was accompanied by a man’s laughter. 

He frowned thinking of who could possibly be here with you, you didn’t meet guy friends at home, you hadn’t told him anything about anyone visiting either. You squealed, sounding very pleased and something in Yoongi burned. Suddenly images of you with some guy laughing together, touching, kissing, you with that silky little thing on but to other man to take off, it made him inhale sharply, Yoongi stomped his way into the apartment following the sounds of laughter, you squealing, the man telling you were as mischievous as ever. It made him lose his cool completely, he didn’t want to believe what he was hearing so he stormed into the kitchen and saw you, in the arms of another guy.

You were fully dressed that was what he noticed first but his hands were on you and just that made his own hands go to fists, you were on the middle of the kitchen and it looked like he was tickling you or teasing you, both options sounding like big no’s for Yoongi, no other could be touching you like that.

-What the hell is this?-

You were startled to hear him, but as you looked his way you didn’t lose your smile, neither did you jump apart from that guy, Yoongi wanted to lunge at him, he wanted to tear his hands away from you. 

-Babe you are here!- you smiled wider and the guy smiled a little too, what kind of twisted shit was this. -This is…-

But before you could say something else Yoongi walked to you and shoved the guy away, it was stupid for him to do it when he should just leave since you were having so much fun, but he couldn’t stand the sight of you with someone else.

-Yoongi!- you recriminated like he was on the wrong, him! Like he was the one fooling around and not you.

-Hey man…- the guy started speaking and his voice made him snap.

-Get the fuck out out here-

You walked until you were in between them frowning at Yoongi who was trying to keep his cool but he very well knew it was far gone. 

-I’ll talk with you later Y/N, first this asshole has to…-

-He’s my brother!- you exclaimed outraged.

Well fuck.

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animediac  asked:

rfa boys + saeran with an mc with a big group of friends who are all boys? this is super indulgent, i'm so sorry

Don’t worry about it! Klc and I both have mostly guy friends. Girls seem to cause a lot of drama so… ahaha


  • He didn’t know what to expect
  • He knew you had a lot of guy friends but didn’t know they were all guys
  • What made them any different from him?
  • Yeah, you and Zen kissed and… stuff…
  • But honestly, you acted pretty much the same around him and them and
  • That kinda bothered him
  • A lot
  • One day when he was at work you said you were going to invite a friend over
  • It didn’t occur to him that all of your friends were guys
  • So, he left without another word
  • But when he came home to you and this friend sitting down on the couch, legs crossed over each other he was fuming
  • He was supposed to be the only one that you did that with
  • So, he did what anyone else would do
  • Absolutely nothing
  • He couldn’t say a word
  • However
  • He was passive aggressive as all hell
  • “Hey, babe, do you want to go to dinner tonight. You could wear that dress? The one that you look gorgeous in.”
  • Eventually, you looked over at him with murder in your eyes
  • He knew that he was done.
  • “Actually, no, babe. I don’t want to go out. In fact, I’m tired. So,” you looked over at your friend, “I think I’m going to go to bed. We can hang out again another day.”
  • You bid him a hug goodbye and as soon as he left, you turned to Zen
  • “What was that?!” You asked.
  • “I’m sorry! It’s just that, you guys were so close and you-”
  • You cut him off, “We are friends! Of course, we’re close.” You fired back, getting closer with every word.
  • “Yeah but you act the same with him as you do with me. It makes me feel… Insignificant.” He confided.
  • This was not the Zen you knew
  • He was self-confident as heck
  • But now
  • Did you really make him feel like that?
  • You backed down, “Really? Baby…” You asked stroking his arm.
  • “I’m sorry, no I’m… I shouldn’t feel like that. They’re your friends I know, but…” He looked away. He wasn’t trying to guilt you or anything, honestly.
  • Your eyes softened, “You’re right. You shouldn’t feel that way.” You tiptoed but to meet him halfway and you kissed him. A sweet, innocent kiss. “Because you’re the only one that I do that with.”
  • Zen’s eyes lit up, that old spark that was always there resurfacing. He picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. “And you know what else only I get to do with you?” He asked, kissing your collarbone.
  • You very well knew the answer to that question.


  • He never really met any of your friends
  • Neither did he know that they were all guys
  • So, when you said you were going to go hang out with friends he didn’t pay any mind to it
  • He just told you to have fun and he would stay there playing LOLOL doing homework and studying
  • So, you went off, and let your friends know you’d be there in a bit
  • Once you were done, you realized you were in the area you said you could just walk home
  • You didn’t need to take the bus, train, or a taxi.
  • Your and Yoosung’s shared apartment was only about five or so blocks up the street
  • Saying you’d part ways with them and walk home, you tried to leave
  • But your friends were nice guys
  • They’d never let you walk home while it was becoming dark on your own
  • So, they said they’d walk you home
  • You’d be safer that way
  • Agreeing, you all walked along the sidewalk, laughing and joking around up until you reached your door.
  • Digging around in your bag, you pulled out your key and turned it in the lock
  • You poked your head in announcing your presence only to find Yoosung in the kitchen, making dinner for the two of you
  • “Hey~!” You chimed. “I’m back.”
  • He turned around from the stove to meet your eyes, only to see four other guys standing in his apartment as well
  • He didn’t want to come off as rude but he needed to know
  • So, he asked, “Who’s this?” He questioned as politely as possible
  • You laughed, “I told you I was going to go hang out with my friends. Or were you playing so much LOLOL that you forgot?” You joked
  • Yoosung forced out a laugh, “No. I just don’t think I’d ever met them.”
  • You looked at him dumbfounded. “Really? Ah, I’m so sorry! Where are my manners?” You asked yourself as you introduced them to Yoosung, one by one. 
  • You showed them out, thanking them for a fun time out and for walking you home
  • They were so kind to you, you had no idea where you’d be without them
  • Always looking out for you, they were like the ideal brothers anyone would want. Though you highly doubted anyone would want four brothers
  • Yoosung was quiet while he finished up dinner, which was odd
  • Usually, he was bubbly, asking you how your day was, and the likes
  • But today, radio silence
  • You walked up to him, wrapping your arms around his waist, “Hey, babe? What’s the matter?” You asked him.
  • He tried his best to remain composed, after all, these types of things were normal for you, but right now, he wasn’t in the best of moods.
  • “Why would you think anything is wrong?” He asked, flatly.
  • “Because of that.”
  • He paused. “Because of… what?”
  • “That! Your tone! Yoosung, I love you and I know how you act. What’s normal and what’s not. And now, it’s not normal.”
  • He tried to conceal his blush at your sudden confession. You’d only been together for seven months and had only said those special three words a handful of times.
  • Yoosung caved. “Well, it’s just that… I dunno, I guess I wasn’t too happy about all your guy friends.
  • You backed up. “Oh, man. Don’t tell me you’re one of those kinds of guys.”
  • “No!” He explained. “Not like that. But, they’re all really good looking and taller than me and compared to them… You deserve someone like that.” He finished, ducking his head, his bangs covering his eyes
  • “Oh, no…” You trailed off, putting your fingers under his chin and forcing him to meet your eyes. “Yoosung, I do not deserve someone like that. Do you know why? Because you are the best person for me. You bring out the best in me and I want you to realize that, okay?”
  • He nodded in response. “Good. Especially because you’re the only and best person for me to do this with.”
  • “Do what?” He asked, a confused look on his face.
  • “This.” You answered, leaning in to meet him and to place a soft kiss on his lips.
  • His eyes met yours and you could see the joy that was in them before he leaned back in and kissed you, a bit more intense than last time.
  • Maybe it was to convey something he couldn’t say in words.
  • Whatever it was, you wanted him to keep telling you that.


  • It’s not that Jumin minded that you had all guy friends
  • He believed that, as long as there was nothing else going on (trust me he’d know) that you could hang out with whoever you wanted
  • He stopped thinking that so much when he had to shut down a scandal between you and one of your friends
  • You two had met for lunch and were talking and laughing, the likes
  • You know, as friends do.
  • But someone that recognized you got a picture of you and him and started to spread it online
  • His legal team shut it down as soon as possible, and he knew he had to tell you
  • As soon as he got home, which was late as usual he gave you a kiss and asked you to follow him to he living room
  • He sat down and pulled you into his lap as he gave you a lingering hug, his arms hanging lazily around your waist as he rest his head on your shoulder
  • “What’s wrong, babe?” You asked him, leaning back a bit.
  • “I had a long day. Lots of things I had to deal with today. Perspective clients, documents to sign, a scandal between you and your friend, meeting with the board of directors, other meet-” he tried to play it off as if it was nothing but another task on a long list before you cut him off.
  • “Wait, what? A scandal? Between me and who?”
  • “You and your friend. The one you met for lunch?”
  • You didn’t realize that people were looking at you, too, because you were involved with Jumin
  • You ran your hands through his hair and began to speak, “Babe… I’m so sorry. I had no idea that people were looking even at me.”
  • “I’m not mad at you.” He muttered.
  • He wasn’t and it was true
  • He just wished you would be a bit more careful
  • Explaining that it would most likely reflect badly on you he left it at that
  • You completely understood but still wanted to hang out with your friends
  • Jumin, being the understanding and caring husband that he is, suggested group skype calls or something of the sort
  • It wouldn’t be exactly the same, he said, but it would be better than nothing if you weren’t able to hang out until it all blew over
  • To say he cared for you was an understatement
  • He was completely and utterly enamored with you
  • And while he was just the slightest bit jealous of the fact that you were constantly surrounded by men, even in a friendly setting
  • He never would want you to be unhappy or alone because of it
  • Knowing as well that you would never be unfaithful to him, he didn’t give it a second thought when you would go out with them the next time
  • They were your friends since before you were involved with him after all
  • He didn’t have the right to stop you from hanging out with them
  • He did make sure, though, to give you a long, lingering kiss each time before you left
  • Just to remind them in case they could forget


  • Contrary to what you thought, Seven didn’t seem mind at all that all your friends were guys
  • Sometimes you felt like he got along better with them than you did
  • At least that’s what you thought
  • You did notice that after you got back from hanging out with them or after they left he would get really clingy
  • And not your normal, everyday Saeyoung brand clinginess
  • This isn’t your normal everyday clinginess this is advanced clinginess
  • It was more than that
  • You normally just brushed it off
  • Sometimes he was like that
  • Especially after a long day of work, which he usually has just finished by the time they leave or you return home
  • In reality, it was almost a way to show that he was yours.
  • Even though no one was there but you, him, and occasionally Saeran
  • Maybe, he thought, it was a way to prove it to himself
  • You never did anything to make him think that you would ever want to leave him for any of your friends
  • They were just that, your friends
  • It just so happened that, besides Jaehee, you had no friends who were girls
  • That was just… the way it was
  • Sometimes, you and other girls just didn’t get along
  • And he knew that
  • Saeyoung didn’t view your friends as competition
  • It was actually the opposite of that
  • He and your friends actually got along quite well
  • He even considered them his friends
  • Not on the same level as the members of the RFA but that was obvious
  • But even so, he still seemed to be unable to help but feel like that
  • So he would pull you into his lap and shower you with kisses all over your face and body that lingered. Give you hugs that never seemed to end
  • Sometimes to the point where Saeran would just up and leave muttering that you should get a room so he doesn’t have to go to his
  • And you didn’t mind
  • You quite liked all the love that came from him until you connected the absence of your friends with the occurrence of these events
  • Upon noticing this for the first time, you thought it was just a coincidence
  • Until you noticed that it happened all the time
  • One day, you had been pulled into his lap and before he could rest his head on your shoulder, you turned around, planting your legs on either side of his
  • Saeyoung hesitated, a bit shaken by your sudden actions, “Hey, MC… What’s up?” He asked, a bit confused
  • “What’s with you?” You questioned, staring intently into his eyes. You went on, “Every time they leave, you get like this. Affectionate and like you haven’t seen me in weeks.”
  • He sat defeated and trapped, literally. He pulled you closer to him and he buried his face in your chest.
  • You slung your arms around his shoulders and messed with his hair, securing him in his spot. “Babe… what’s wrong? Honestly? If you’re worried that there’s something going on, I can assure yo-”
  • He immediately cut you off with a kiss. A kiss so intense and passionate it took your breath away in seconds but you didn’t want to stop. You could feel his tongue begging for entrance but you didn’t allow him to.
  • Despite your heart’s wishes, you pulled away. “Saeyoung. Seriously. I don’t understand why you’re acting like this. You’re almost never this…” You didn’t want to say clingy. That always carried a negative connotation.
  • Saeyoung looked off to the side, “I just… Even I don’t know. I feel like after you’ve been with other people, you may have gotten a glimpse at another life. A better life. One where you don’t have to be careful and you can be carefree.” He looked up at you, locking eyes with you. “I guess I feel like I need to give you a reason to stay.”
  • You gasped at his words, tears brimming your eyes. How long had he felt like this? Why did he feel like this?
  • Clearing the hair off of his forehead, you placed a small kiss there and rested your cheek on his head before you spoke. You chose your words carefully. “I don’t need a reason to stay. No matter if you treat me with more love or if you shut yourself in your workroom, I’ll still be here. I don’t want you to think that I need a reason to stay, or that love will change how I feel about you. I stay here because of you as a person, Saeyoung. I loved you as a person and fell in love with your personality before anything else. Okay, my love? You became my best friend before my boyfriend and now everything that comes with that label is just an added bonus. Alright?” You asked, gazing into his eyes.
  • This time, he kissed you again. It wasn’t as intense as before, and you were fine with that. 
  • He gave it to you as an answer. 
  • It meant that he understood, and you could feel the relief in it, whether or not he meant to convey it.


  • To say that Saeran was a bit iffy about you hanging out with all guys was an understatement
  • You could vividly remember him saying that “you could hang out with them, but I won’t be happy about it.”
  • You thought maybe he just needed to meet them, get to know them
  • Maybe then his attitude about them would change
  • And you couldn’t have been more wrong
  • He was hostile and a bit rude
  • Maybe hostile wasn’t the right word
  • More like avoidant
  • He would kind of ignore them
  • And would only talk to you
  • Keep to himself
  • He wouldn’t respond to them when they tried to talk to him
  • Overall he just kind of acted like he didn’t want to be there
  • Which wasn’t at all far from the truth
  • He would just sit there, hold your hand and eat what he was given
  • As soon as you left he would be all over you, happy, talking, back to his normal
  • You didn’t really have anything to say about that
  • All you could do was apologize to your friends and leave
  • Sometimes he was wondering if he was a dog that you had to apologize for or your boyfriend
  • You couldn’t tell if you would prefer the former
  • At least with a dog, no one would mind because it was cute
  • Not that Saeran wasn’t
  • Most of the time he was like a puppy
  • It was just that if he didn’t want to be in a situation he made it very blatantly obvious
  • We’re talking about straight up saying “I don’t want to be here.”
  • One day, you had asked him what his attitude was all about 
  • “What attitude?” He asked
  • You pulled up a group picture with you and your friends on your phone and showed it to him.
  • “Ugh.” He muttered with a roll of his eyes
  • “That one.” You made clear with a point of your finger.
  • “I just don’t like them.”
  • “But why?” You questioned turning on the bed to face him square on.
  • “Because they get to spend time with you when I’m busy.” He responded, plainly.
  • “Awww,” you said, attempting to poke his cheek, “are you jealous?”
  • “Yep.” He said, turning over to face away from you.
  • Looping your arms around his waist, you pulled him closer, pulling him closer to you and kissing his neck. “That’s cute; you think that they’re any sort of threat.” You kissed his cheek. “You have no reason to be, though, I promise.”
  • “I know.” He resigned. “I just can’t help it. I don’t want to lose you.”
  • “I love you, Saeran. That’s all you have to know.”
  • When he spoke, his smile was audible, “I love you, too, MC.”

friendly reminder that jaebum and youngjae has back injuries lol idk why you shits at the airport are pushing them and shoving them when you know that…


You couldn’t go anywhere in Mystic Falls now that The Originals were in town, without having either Alaric or one of the Salvatore brothers by your side, all thanks to the request of your over-protective sister - Elena.

So when you wanted to let loose and have just one night of drama free at the Mystic Grill, the only way that could happen is if Alaric tagged along. You, unhappily agreed giving the limited opportunities you had.

The one rule you advised to Alaric was he couldn’t damper your fun. If you wanted to drink, you’d drink. If you wanted to get some fresh air, you’d do so without the presence of him. Despite his worries and protests you carefully reminded him that he could agree or you could make his night unbearably diffcult.

The two of you were having a friendly game of pool, he had gone back to the bar to refill the drinks. You were planning your next move when none other then the newest Original member, Kol Mikaelson came strutting over.

“A women of your caliber ought to choose more suitable company. What’s your name, love?”.

Leaning over to shoot a ball into the net, you looked over to Alaric who’s back was turned. “None of your business and the company I have is just fine”, you retorted back, unimpressed by his attempt to flirt.

Kol stood right beside you, the strong smell of his aftershave looming. “It doesn’t look that way to me, especially considering ever so often you keep staring at the door. Which tells me that you want to ditch your company and have your own fun”.

Putting down the pool stick onto the table, you gave undivided attention to Kol. “And let me guess you could provide me with that fun?”.

He smirked, placed his pool stick next to yours and leaned down. “All you have to do is ask and I’m all yours, love”.

Alaric interrupted, looking rather pissed that an Original vampire was talking to you. But even more so that you hadn’t done anything to end the conversation.

“Y/N, it’s time to leave”. He sternly said.

Kol, broke eye contact with you and grinned at the fact Alaric had just given away your name. “I’m fairly certain Y/N can decide for herself when it’s time to leave”.

The struggle to maintain a straight face was difficult, so you bit the inside of your lip. The last thing you wanted Alaric to see was you laughing at something Kol Mikaelson said.

Alaric stepped right up in Kol’s face, “And I’m fairly certain that you need to leave us alone”. Alaric handed your jacket to you and ushered you to the door, not listening or caring that you wanted to stay.

Outside the Mystic Grill you were trailing behind Alaric, completely furious with his attitude and everyone’s else’s. You were sick of being treated like a poor, defenseless child.

“The Mikaelson’s are trouble, you don’t need to get caught up in any of them Y/N”. Alaric scolded, while you rolled your eyes.

The next second happened in a blur, Alaric was knocked down to the ground and Kol stood in front of you.

“What the hell did you do that for!?”. Running over to make sure he was okay.

Kol leaned against the brick wall. “Relax, darling he’ll be fine. Although he might wake up with a bit of a headache. Besides you should be thanking me for saving you from a very uneventful evening”.

“And why would I thank you for knocking out one of my friends?”. You asked, placing hands in pockets.

“Because I’m going to give you a night you won’t forget, love. Like I said back at the bar, or you have to do is ask. And I can tell by your heartbeat that you so desperately want to ask”. He said proudly.

Looking down at Alaric and then back to Kol, he was tempting you. Placing freedom, a night of fun, adventure and the chance to do something wild on the table. The angel on your shoulder was whispering what a stupid move it would be to make, imagine all the trouble you’ll receive later. But the pesky devil was egging you on, cheering for you to take the offer.

Kol extended his hand. “It’ll be worth it. Come on, love do something crazy just this once”.

Taking his hand, you saw the glint of excitement in Kol’s eyes. “You better make this worth the amount of trouble I’m going to get into, when Alaric wakes up and my sister finds out”.

He pulled you into his chest and placed a hand on your waist. “I’m Kol Mikaelson, every night with me is worth it”.

He vamp sped away and you officially had gotten yourself tangled in a web that was both handsome but extremely dangerous.


I wanted to find a gif of evilde kissing but I couldn’t so, this is your friendly reminder that that kiss (two kisses, three if you stretch it!) actually did happen. It did. It wasn’t a figment of our imagination. It happened. Eva, our bisexual queen, actually fell into lesbian princess Vilde’s arms and gazed at her soppily and kissed her and just didn’t give a shit. And even though Julie Andem forgot about that, I never will. 

Jeff Skinner #1

Requested by Anon: Jeff skinner fic where he shyly asks about where you see your future and asking if you want him to be in it and he gets all flustered and emotional when you’re like “yeah id love to marry you one day”? Pls and thanks ilu

Word Count: 1391

Warning: Drinking, angsty 

Author’s Note: I Love you too! so this is a bit shorter then my past few but truly it was one of my favorite to write. I hope you enjoy it because I really do! 

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Jeff Skinner was deeply and madly in love with you. He loved your outgoing, ambitious, caring, and passionate soul. The way you laughed uncontrollably at things. The way you held yourself so professionally. Everything about you was beautiful. He loved you so much that sometimes it made him feel like he was suffocating without out you. The thought of you leaving him wasn’t even possible because life didn’t have meaning without you, but you know he was destined for more. The thing was Jeff Skinner was incredibly proud of you. You weren’t the typical WAG, and not that the typical WAG was bad but you were different in the best way. You had animation and a life of your own. Your world didn’t revolve around Jeff being a hockey player, it revolved around you being a young adult who was dating a hockey player. You were living your dream career and on top of that they saw so much a future in you that they invested to sending you to get your masters in your career. Being in school and a demanding career path was something that worried Jeff. He imagined spending the rest of his life with you for forever and he gets afraid thinking that your job and his job could hinder that. He would never give up hockey and he would never ask you to give up your job so the increasing anxiety of the unknown future was growing. He looked at you standing in your business-cocktail outfit laughing with some of your coworkers. You sipped on your mixed drink while schmoozing up to your friends. Jeff was your plus one to your office holiday party. You were so excited to bring him and show I’m off to all your colleagues. Jeff meant the world to your and you felt like one in a million when you were with him. You knew he Jeff was staring at you before you even turned and looked at him. The two of you were just that in sync together. You had sent him to the bar to get a drink for himself and as he waited for that drink he was staring at you. When your eyes caught his, he gave you a smile but not his usual big smile with his deep dimples showing, not the smile you loved and cherished. This, although wasn’t his happy smile, it was one you still recognized. It was his sad smile. The one he puts on when you told him you can’t go to a game because something came up. The one he puts on when pretend to be okay. You wanted so badly to go walk over to him and talk to him, but your boss was walking her way towards you. You decided to take a mental note of Jeff and you returned to your conversation with your colleagues.

Once Jeff got his drink he wondered outside. It was just the beginning of dusk and the air was cold. He stood out there just trying to catch up with his thoughts. He turned to look at the person who followed him out here. It was your closest coworker and friend. You had sent her out here to check on you so you could finish your conversation and then talk to him. Your friend didn’t say anything to Jeff just walked up next to him and looked out into the world. He followed her gaze and took in the moment between day and sunset.

“you know she always talks about how incredible lucky she is to have you as her boyfriend. She is in awe that she is the one to call you hers,” your friend commented to Jeff, “sometimes she’ll come into work in the worst mood because she isn’t able to give you all the things that normal professional athletes are able to give their significant others,” she continued. Jeff’s heart was beating at your friend’s words. Your friend turned towards Jeff so her words would become more important. “Jeff, you’re the lucky one. I know you know that but I just want to remind you that she loves you more than I ever thought was possible for someone to love someone else.” she brought her hand up to Jeff’s arm and gave it a friendly squeeze. The door opened and you walked out. You looked at your friend with great appreciation for coming to keep Jeff company. “Thank you,” you mouthed to her as she left you and Jeff alone. You looked at him trying to evaluate what he was upset about. Jeff is probably one of the happiest people in the world, seeing him upset wasn’t something you were used to. Jeff noticed your ever so slightly shivering in the brisk air. “You’re cold,” he said with his loving smile. He shrugged off his sport coat and put it over you before you even had time to protest. “Jeff,” you whined, “thank you,” you finished. He smiled his classic smile. He loved treating you well in every way possible. His smile dropped a little when he saw yours do the same. “Jeff, what’s wrong?” you asked tenderly. He let out a heavy sigh. He should have known you’d read him like a book. “Babe,” he said in that voice that was usually followed with ‘don’t worry about it’. Your response was with that returning look of ‘You better tell me or else’. He shook his head at you, “fine,” he let go, “have you ever thought of your future?” he asked you. You gave him a bit of a weird look not understanding where this was coming from. “Yeah, I guess. I mean if I didn’t then what’s all this for,” you motioned your hands towards everything going on around you. He gave you the sober smile, “Do you see me in it?” he asked you seriously. The question caught you off guard. You looked at him bewildered. “Yeah of course,” you said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. You thought that your response would be the end of the conversation but Jeff’s face said otherwise. “what if I get traded while we are together? What happens if you get transferred?” he asked with concern ringing in his voice. Your heart was confused and angry, “Jeff, what are you trying to say? You don’t think we could make it? You don’t think we are worth it? I’m confused.” He shook his head frustrated. “No, not at all,” he grabbed your hands and brought you closer to him. “I can’t ask you to stay with me.” he thought about what your friend said to him earlier, “I’m fortunate enough to be with you. I know being with an athlete isn’t easy and I knew when we got together, you’d never give up your career and I’d never ask you to do that. I could never ask you to someday give this all up or to stay with me if I were to go,” he finished. You looked at him with bewilderment. Where was this all coming from? Why was this all the sudden consuming his thoughts. “Jeff,” you said in wonder, “do you not trust our love?” He looked at you with a distance in his eyes, that made you think his mind was somewhere else. “I do, but I can’t ask my girlfriend to do that.” You gently placed your hand on his cheek pulling him back to reality. “Could you ask your wife?” You questioned gently. Jeff’s eyes widened at your words. He gave you a confused smile. “Ideally, in this future we’d be married,” you stated while pulling yourself closer to him. He began to smile with his dimples beginning to show. “You’d want to marry me?” He asked with his signature lopsided grin. “Yeah I’d love to marry you one day,” you said as if it as the most obvious thing in the world. He pulled your face closer to his. Your lips met yours in a breathtaking fashion. Jeff’s kiss was sweet and straight happiness. His passion and giddiness was a straight reflection of what his kisses felt like. When you two pulled apart he was smiling his normal goofy smile. You couldn’t help but love him. He was an incredible person and he would be an incredible husband.

So Happy Together (Modern Lams)

A/N: I wasn’t gonna post this originally but a friend insisted that I did, so FINE. Here is my lame Lams fic. Blah. It’s like two months old so it’s bad but whatever lmao
Okay I guess it isn’t THAT bad but I still don’t like it. Of course I like nothing that I do, so…. oh yeah if I remember correctly it has a bit of swearing, and mentions of sex but nothing actually being done. Enjoy it if you can, somehow.


John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton had dated all through high school, and it had lasted into college too. It wasn’t a perfect relationship, of course. It had its ups and downs just like any other. But it was a beautiful love story.

In late May, Alex and John decided to get an apartment together. They were already incredibly close, so both if them figured it wouldn’t be that weird. Besides, it wasn’t like they were sleeping together. At least, not yet. Sure, they made out in the kitchen or got to unbuttoning each other’s shirts. But nothing TOO extreme.

They were barely moved in, but luckily, as a couple of college students, they didn’t have a lot. Just some clothes, a couch, a couple of beds, and some personal belongings: Alex had his laptop and tons of notebooks filled with essays and writings, John had books and a radio that he picked up at Goodwill.

“Alex,” John said, “maybe we should get some more stuff for our apartment.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, I don’t know, a table? So we don’t have to eat off of boxes?”

“C'mere, John,” Alexander said, patting the spot next to him on the couch. When John sat down, Alexander put his arms around him and pulled him close. “We don’t need things when we have each other.”

John rolled his eyes. “That was so corny.”

“But true!” Then, Alex got a look in his eye, the one that John recognized as the ‘I have an idea’ look.

“Uh oh,” he said. “What is it now?”

“Nothing,” Alex said with a grin. “I was just thinking, you know what’s legal now?”

“What, weed?”

“You’re hilarious. Gay marriage, John, that’s what!”

“Oh.” John blushed. Alexander could see every freckle on his face. It was adorable. “So… what are you saying?”

Alex leaned back. “Oh, I’m not proposing. I was just giving you a friendly reminder that we COULD get married. If we wanted.”

He stood up. “I’m off to bed. Goodnight, John.” He kissed him. “I love you!”

“I-I love you too,” he mumbled, still red in the face. When he was sure that Alexander was asleep, he picked up his phone and called his friend, Hercules Mulligan. He answered in the third ring.

“You’d better be calling to tell me that you and Alex did it, because that’s the only thing I can think of that would justify you calling this late.”

“Herc,” John sighed, “Its only like 10 o'clock.”

“And I was asleep!” He protested. “If ya go to sleep early, it’s better for you!”

“Okay, fine. You can go to sleep as soon as I talk to you. It’s just…” he took a breath. “I think Alexander is thinking about marriage.”

Pause. And then, “Woah. For real?”

“Yeah. He was talking about it, and reminding me that eventually we could.”

“Ah man, that’s great! Congrats!”

“He didn’t exactly propose yet,” John said. “What do I do? What of he asks me to marry him, Herc? Or what if I was wrong, and he doesn’t?”

Hercules was quiet for a second. Then, he said, “I know that Alex loves you very much. Keep an eye out for any signs that something is coming. If he asked you, you’d say yes, right?”

“Of course…” John was glad that Hercules couldn’t see his blush. “I love him too.”

“Well, there ya have it. You’ll get married, and live happily ever after, having a lot of se-”

“Okay, okay! I’ll see you later, Herc.”

“See ya, lover boy.”

He hung up, and John was left to wonder what was going to happen next.

The next day, Alexander woke John up with a kiss on the cheek.

“Good mooorning!“ 

"Mmmm.” John smiled. “You’re up early. It’s the weekend, Alex. Relax, go back to sleep.”

“Can’t,” he replied. “I’m already wide awake. And how can I go to sleep when I’m thinking of you?”

“Mmm. Well, I’m going back to sleep.”

“Hey,” Alex said, sliding an arm around John’s shoulders, “I’ve got something important to ask you. I thought about this all night last night…”

John opened his eyes. “What is it?” Could this be happening?

“John Laurens, the man I love… would you….” he came in close and whispered in his ear. “Make breakfast for me today?”

John felt himself breathe. Then he laughed. “My God, Alexander, you’re the worst!” He sat up and stretched. “Yes, of course.” He kissed Alex on the nose, shook his head, and headed for the kitchen.

“Awww, I’m the worst? What makes you say so?” No response. “Ohhhh, you thought I was proposing! Not yet, my dear Laurens. But just you wait.”

John just smiled.

Later, around noon, Alexander was lying on the couch with his laptop, typing away. He had a look of extreme concentration, which meant that he was probably arguing with Thomas.

As he walked by, John ran his fingers through Alex’s hair, and he smiled.

“Don’t get too into whatever argument you’re having,” John said. “Maybe you should take a break with me.”

Alex sighed, and then closed his laptop, leaving Thomas without a response. “You’re right. Let’s watch a movie together.”

So John turned off the lights and Alex put in a movie. They ended up watching “Carrie." 

"Cuddle up with me if you get scared,” Alexander said, in a slightly teasing voice.

John wasn’t scared, but he cuddles with Alex anyways.

Then, about halfway through, Alex stood up suddenly… And got down on one knee.

“John Laurens,” he said.

“Alex, what are you-”

“My shoe is untied.” And he proceeded to tie his shoe, which was indeed untied.

John threw his hands in the air. “Alexander,” he moaned. “Why are you like this?”

“What? I can’t concentrate on the movie if my shoe is untied!” He pulled John into his lap. “I know what you thought I was doing. But not yet. Wait for it.”

“You sound like Burr,” John murmured. Alex just smiled.

Early evening, around 5 o'clock, Alex sighed loudly. “There is nothing to eat, and we need to get food. I’m heading to the store, wanna come with?”

John just shrugged. “Sure.”

They pulled into the parking lot of a convenient store. It had started to rain a little bit.

“So,” John said, “what do you want? We can get anything you want, your pick.”

Alex didn’t follow John. He stood there in the rain, smiling.


He got down on one knee.

“Alex, I swear, if you do this again…”

He took John’s hands and looked up at him.

“John Laurens.”

John laughed. “Yes, Alexander?”

“Marry me.”

The words couldn’t seem to come to John. He knew this would happen, from the way Alexander was talking about it, but it was still an indescribable feeling. Like something warm reached through him.

“You-you want me to marry you?”

“Yes, because I love you. More than anyone. I love you, and I want to be with you forever. And in case you say no, I have a list of arguments to make as to why you should-”



“Yes, Alexander, I will marry you. I love you so much.”

Alexander stood up and kissed John, right there, not caring who saw. There was no way to describe what they were both feeling.

The kiss only lasted a few seconds. But it was the best thing either one of them had ever experienced.

Friendly Reminder

Yes. You are allowed to hate a character. Everybody is. But please, don’t attack the people who like it. They aren’t the character, they just like it. Hate whoever you want, nobody cares dearie, nobody gives a fuck.

But you don’t need to send hate to people just because you don’t like the fact that they like some characters you don’t! Would you like to be attavked just because you like a character the rest of the other people don’t? Would you like to receive hate? I don’t know you, but I would not.

Obviously, you c a n hate the character, but put in your mind that those people who like it are not the character. They just identifie with it (their backstory) or just like them at all. Yes, you can say you don’t like the character. It’s your blog. Just don’t be an ass and attack people.

Would you like to get asks saying your fave should die? Honey, if somebody send me an ask like this about Maxwell, I will fucking get bitchy. I know you are too.

Again, you can hate whoever you want. I stopped to think and I came to a conclusion that I also hate characters, but I won’t attack the people that like him, just because they like him. I hate the character, not their lovers.

Hate the characters, not their lovers.

Bitch if I was going to attack people just cause I hate their fave, I would be already dead 😂😂😂😂

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Does anyone wanna talk about Zayn and Niall sending each other cute videos of the silliest things, like Zayn’s dogs playing in his yard, or of a funny commercial Niall saw? How it makes both of them smile when they get a message from the other, knowing they were on each other’s minds, the bright little warm spot in your heart when something thinks of you because something sweet and happy and wonderful just happened? Because they want to share that sweetness, that happiness, that wonder with you? Like, the fondness they’d feel, the natural and domestic intimacy of “Saw this and thought of you?”

Does anyone wanna talk about that???

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Hi! How do you think the RFA would feel about an asexual MC?

Hi! I know I’m super slow rn!
Just a disclaimer that I’m not Ace and I tried to be as broad as possible but pls do let me know if I said anything problematic etc❤

I’m sorry they’re short- ultimately they’d all accept it, they love their MC ❤


🎼He’d never pressure you anyway!!

🎼he would always be conscientious of
your boundaries and always check things were ok before doing them. He’d ask if you were ok to hold his hand, and if you were BOOM handholding is on the agenda. You’re happy to kiss? Best believe you’ll get plenty of kisses. You’re not ok to get intimate? No problem! You are but only rarely? No problem just let him know!

🎼he’s happy to talk through these things with you, would really want you to know he loved you, you were valid and anything else you were worried about.

🎼Would find out as politely as possible what you were comfy with /him/ doing and whether you wanted to know he was doing it or not, if ya catch my drift. Could he watch porn? Would you rather he never thought about you in that way? Whatever you’re happy with, he’d comply!

🎼Loves you so much, and is always there to listen if you want to talk about this stuff (or anything else ofc)

🎼Would do his best to raise awareness and show consideration for the Ace community once he knew about it, but would also learn quickly how to be not only supportive to you but to show support for others without speaking over people etc.
🎼Is careful to not pressure you into anything, including kids although does let you without seeming pressure-y that if you did want to have kids there are plenty of other options (both because of you being Ace or any other factors ❤)


⭐️Probably doesn’t really get it at first, thinks it’s either nervousness or just him
But he would take on board what you said and pretty quickly understand

⭐️Gets so angry if his gaming friends / anyone at college says, implies, etc anything negative like frigid etc etc

⭐️Starts a group at uni for Ace awareness and stuff, is always super quick to tell his gamer friends to be quiet if they are disrespectful, and is quick to assure you if you hear them that they’re speaking nonsense

⭐️Honestly idk what else to say

⭐️Adores you


☕️As soon as you mention it she’s looking it up

☕️That’s totally fine! She’s used to handling herself and is perfectly efficient at that, happily in love with you as you are

☕️Always asking how to be more supportive!

☕️Gets a mug with the flag that you identify with most on it and uses it at work, and (with your permission) educate anyone who asks

☕️again sorry I didn’t know what to put

☕️Loves you!!!


🚀Already suspects from your online presence

🚀Does loads of research into loads of different ace lifestyles so he understands different people have different boundaries

🚀Puts up a flag in his room and sees if you comment

🚀When you do he suddenly thinks this wasn’t a very tactful way to approach it but HEY HO HERE WE GO

🚀He’s super supportive of course, like everyone else

🚀keeps an eye out for anybody online being unfairly mean to you or other Ace people and if they do he’ll get ‘em, from minor technical annoyances (like their screensaver changing to random angry looking cats) to more severe consequences.
🚀Sets up a bot to send you/ any unfairly treated or bullied Ace people friendly supportive messages anonymously like “hey there! Just a reminder that you and your identity are valid!”
🚀Still wants to marry you at the space station ofc!


💎Takes some time to understand

💎He doesn’t mind, he just doesn’t really understand because it doesn’t fit into the narrative he expects of you falling in love and getting married

💎Asks if you need any medical or psychiatric help, but realises that wasn’t kind of him when you get upset

💎Zen gives him an earful if he ever makes you feel bad at all about it

💎But genuinely doesn’t mind at all, loves you for your emotional closeness and because you understood him etc

💎Slowly learns the nuances to your specific aceness and is happy to accommodate anything you are and are not okay with, never wants to hurt you just is a bit slow with getting it

💎tbh as long as you’ll stick around and be with him and be kind to Elizabeth 3rd he’s more than happy and loves you

Friendly reminder to back up your writing!

Wrote a couple hundred words for a dragon’s bio? Put that stuff in a notepad and save it.

Revamped an outdated dragon’s backstory into something new and improved? Notepad file!

Threw together some lore that you’re proud of and trying to sell? Notepad! File!

Look, sometimes FR glitches and sometimes you hit ‘select all’ without realizing it and sometimes things happen.

Anything you don’t want to risk losing, save that stuff to your computer.

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Hi, I really love your writing, you do a really great job! Could you maybe do head canons on how Aizawa would act around a pregnant s/o?

Aizawa and pregnant s/o

  • There’s this calm and relaxing aura around him. If his s/o is experiencing mood swings or raging hormones, he’s just the right guy to be around cuz there isn’t a single thing in this world that can make him worry too much
  • This doesn’t mean he isn’t taking care of her. He buys her food when she wants (just imagine him with his grumpy face buying ice cream at 4 am in the morning) and he goes shopping with her just to lift her heavy bags.
  • When her belly gets too big he helps her pun on her shoes and casually walks behind her so he can pick up everything she drops
  • He isn’t one to run around and preoccupy himself with planning all her meals but if he sees she’s going overboard with the unhealthy food he’ll give her a friendly reminder “You should eat healthier food.”
  • And if she doesn’t listen he’ll add “For the baby.” This way he gives her no other option
  • When it’s time to go shopping for baby stuff he lets her choose everything. He just stays close to her if something is out of her reach or she needs help lifting something heavy
  • This man won’t feel the pressure until the baby’s about to be born. He is screaming on the inside but keeps his usual expression so he can help his s/o calm down
Word of advice to ppl going to restaurants, clothing stores, aka any where there is customer service


•We have to fucken smile at everyone

•We have to make sure everyone is “happy” for our sake or we could loose our jobs

•Which is why we constants ask “is everything okay?” “How are you all doing?” ITS PART OF OUR JOB

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. WHATCH YOUR CHILDREN. WE ARE NOT THEIR BABYSITTERS. Because God forbid we ask your child to cease what they are doing that could harm them and you get mad at either us or them cause you choose not to play attention to them.

•Please Please Please have patients if you notice the workers are short staffed, it’s not our fault that it happens, but we try our best to make sure that YOU the customers that are there are happy.

•ALSO, be patient if you see it’s busy in the workplace. We try to tend to you asap. But realize that everyone there is thinking the same thing and wanting help as well as thinking that they need the food right away, but like hello??? There’s 100+ ppl wanting food, so youre not going to get yours right away like you’d want it to be. so PLEASE, patients when it’s busy.


•Because we are people. Sales reps, waiters & waitresses, cashiers, fast food servers, anybody who sells in general: are all people. We are not lower just because we take food orders, just because we sell you stuff, and cater to you. So don’t treat them that way.

This have been your friendly daily reminder~.