just wants to give you a friendly reminder

just a friendly reminder: FRIENDSHIPS ARE RELATIONSHIPS, TOO.
  • friends can be emotionally abusive.
  • friends can be physically abusive.
  • friends can disappoint you.
  • friends can lie to you.
  • friends can make you wonder if they found someone better than you.
  • friends can be manipulative.
  • friends can give you severe trust issues.
  • friends can dump you.
  • friends can be jealous that other people want to be friends with you.
  • friends can argue over the same issue repeatedly because someone’s needs aren’t being met.
  • friends can hurt you.
  • friends can judge you.
  • friends can ghost you.
  • friends can damage your self esteem.

there does not have to be a romantic undertone. we put so much weight on romantic relationships that we forget how important friendships are. romance does not automatically give your relationship more validity. treat them the same.

A friendly reminder that once you beat Pokemon Sun/Moon and go to Guzma’s parents house on Route 2 his mom will tell you that Guzma wanted to give you a gift…

You wanna know what that gift is?

It’s the fucking “SWAGGER” TM.

Upon further conversation with his mother not only was “Swagger” his favorite move but he also taught all his Pokemon “Swagger” and won competitions as a kid with said Pokemon.

All of his trophies in his room are from those battle competitions where he just used “Swagger” all the time to beat his opponents.

Bless Guzma.

I just want to be that person,
You know the one who is your 6th period best friend and always texts you the homework when you’re gone,
the random girl who compliments how your cardigan matches your shoes-
that friendly face you can rely on in the hallway for a quick smile and hello despite the last time we hung out was.
that friend who gives hugs that are just a little tighter than the norm, who always remembers to say “drive safe, see you soon, have a good weekend, I love you”
I want to be that person who shines a bit of light into someone’s day.
That person who reminds her friends their worth and is nice to strangers
kind to people in her past and present
because it’s really not that hard to be nice,
and you never know when people need it the most.
—  a.w
Just a Friendly Reminder













i have been seeing so many people lately complain about how ungrateful people are in regards to their resources ? and seeing it’s something that has been bothering me for quite a while as well i’m just so ? tired ? it really is not hard to say please and thank you when requesting, it really is not hard to give a resource post a like or reblog when using, it really is not hard to not double request resources, it really is not hard to check a tag before requesting to see if there is already a resource like the one you want, it really is not hard to check a wid or rules page before requesting, manners !! aren’t !! hard !! this entire rpc has gotten so toxic and ungrateful when it comes to resources and rph’s. just a friendly reminder but making resources is not a job, we do not solely exist to make resources for you, we have a life outside of our help blogs and y’all act like we were literally put on this planet to serve your very needs and desires, deadass nothing is more annoying than having smth you love be turned into a smth you hate by people bc they repeatedly fail to give you acknowledgement, show you their appreciation, or are just straight up ungrateful. long story short get some motherfucking manners bc i know a lot of ppl are on the verge of quitting making resources for y’alls impolite butts.

Guess What Time It Is, Guys?!

That’s right!

Time for another friendly reminder that you should stop tagging your F!Inquisitor centric fic with M/M and Adoribull. 

I know you’re proud of your work and you want readers, but people who are tag searching for M/M and Adoribull aren’t looking to read that sort of story. They’re actually trying to filter it out.

So while you might think–hey! I mention Adoribull, maybe they’ll give my writing a shot what actually happens is:

- Another F!Quiz-centric fic lands in the ship tag. 

- Brief flare of elation because yay! A new story that fits my interests!

- Sudden disappointment that oh. It’s uh…not my pairing. Even though it’s tagged with my pairing. In fact it’s more het lit. Excellent. 

- They don’t click it. They don’t read it. All they feel is frustration because the tag becomes yet more clogged by things that don’t fit in the tag.  

Please stop, guys. 

Just a friendly reminder:
As Sherlock made ​​the decision to kill Magnussen, he knew that he could have been shot by the SWAT team right after that. So he had the intention to sacrifice himself for John - again.
Sherlock would give his life away for John in one second. Very sociopathic - really.
Oh and that look he gave John shortly before he shot Magnussen…This look was full with feelings. It said: “I’m sorry John. I want you to be happy John. Be happy. I want you to be safe John. So I make sure that you’re safe. I love you John.”

Without Mycroft’s orders Sherlock could have been shot right in this moment… Sherlock wanted to shot Magnussen for John. And he made it in front of a whole SWAT team.
Mary wanted to shot Magnussen for herself in this office. And she wanted to make it secretly.
It is symbolically. Think about this…


Friendly reminder today with it being Ali’s birthday that if something cute happens to just keep your fangirling in the Krashlyn tag, keep it out of the player tags and please for the love of god DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE comment ‘omg krashlyn’ or any variation of that on anything thing that either of them post. Fangirl all you want, but please understand what proper boundaries are. Don’t be that person that give the rest of us a bad image.

“Wanna sit with me for a minute?”

“So, what now? Back to the dance floor?”

“Let’s go on a vacation, just the two of us! Anywhere you want!”

This has been a friendly reminder that Korra gave the decisions over to Asami no less than three times in their final conversation–she was completely willing to give Asami space at any time, and to do whatever it was that Asami chose to do, because this was all about her. She’s not going to force Asami to do anything, because Asami’s just been through a lot of trauma and loss and needs to put herself back in control (heck, the last time Asami really had a say in her own life was when she offered to teach Korra how to drive, and before that it was when she showed Korra how to drive…other than that it was all hero work and company management), and Korra fully understands how important it is to give Asami that kind of flexibility. Even something as minor as “Should we go back to the dance floor and mingle again?” is left up to her, because Korra isn’t about to leave Asami’s side without asking if that’s okay. The level of gentleness and empathy is astounding for someone who started the show with the delicacy of a brick-laden truck. 

so the season 5 premiere is coming out tomorrow and i just wanted to give out a list of friendly reminders for all my fellow swan queen shippers out there:

  • you’re not delusional. emma and regina’s chemistry is obvious, and they have parallels with many of the romantic pairings on the show.
  • wanting adam and eddy to take the big leap to make swan queen canon is not asking for too much. you are not a bad person for wanting a groundbreaking LGBT love story.
  • swan queen is not fan service. emma and regina are main characters, and their relationship is important to the show.
  • calling out someone for homophobia is not hate. getting upset and defensive because people constantly are vilifying you and this fandom is not hate. your anger is legitimate. 
  • the antis wouldn’t repeatedly beat down and make fun of a fanon ship if they weren’t scared of something.
  • and lastly, if you need to talk, i, along with many others, are here to lend an ear.

Friendly reminder , especially to those thinking about watching Galavant - tomorrow is the season finale.

If you want another possible season of the show, you need to watch it. Give it ratings. Buy the soundtrack. Money obviously speaks heavily to ABC.

Any way you can watch the show, that will give it ratings/numbers, is what you need to do. I know some of you have just started watching it, which is awesome! You need to show ABC that you want more!

So spread the word!

Don’t make me go Madalena on your ass!

Comics to Read, 3/11

Last week was a great week with the debut of Descender and the new Hawkeye. And this week has another new first issue but a rather short list. Hey, I’ve got a budget too!

Becky Cloonan continues to focus on the writing part of her career with new title from Image with Andy Berlanger. We have a female lead, we have a trip to space and we have some precise and thoughtful world building. Cloonan’s work on Gotham Academy along with her creator owned work show her expertise at adding tantalizing layers. I read this a few weeks ago and it is definitely one you want to pick up.

And now the rest 

You all heard that my friend Kelly Thompson is co-writing the Secret Invasions Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps with Kelly Sue DeConnick?

When ISN’T this going to be a pick of the week.

Just a friendly reminder that one of the best comics of this decade is still publishing new issues.

Gonna give this another try as the first issue didn’t blow me away. 

And as usual I’ll pick up Batman Eternal. And that’s it for me. What’s on your list?


//I said I wouldn’t say this again but it’s been happening again lately and has been on my mind again. 

Friendly Reminder: 

It’s in many episodes where even feminine sounding names do not mean the person/entity is female or even goes by she/her pronouns

It’s very annoying to correct people on my pronouns just because of my URL, to the point where I thought about changing it multiple times. 

You can give me the nickname of Erika if you want since it’s in my URL, but I am not a girl nor do I go by she/her. Stop it. I’m not the only one who has had to deal with this as well. 
I really like my URL and I’ve had it ever since I joined the fandom. It’s like my Brand Name so I really do not want to change it. But especially recently, it’s becoming more and more frustrating to keep it. 

TL;DR: Feminine names do not equal feminine people pronouns and all. Stop assuming things. 

Not all fics reblogged this month have a review, because unfortunately Miranda isn’t here and hasn’t been for a while. For that same reason, or our list this month is a little shorter, but I wanted to publish it anyway, because it’s got some (cough all of them cough) good fics on here!

Please, please, remember to leave a review when you read a fic, just a few words telling the author how much you loved it, means the world to a fic author.

(I would also give a friendly reminder that I am not the best at writing reviews, but I have tried, so I would like a golden star anyway.)

Happy reading!

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