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Hancock reacts to finding out Sole adopted two baby girls when he’s about to confess his love for Sole

SO THESE GOT OUT OF HAND. They’re all pretty much small oneshots. Cause I presume nobody wants to reblog a MASSIVE block of text which is essentially just a collection of small oneshots I decided to do it like this for those which got particularly long. 

This ask was sent to me as a personal message, the person asking chose to remain anonymous. Thank you for the ask! 

Sole is a very reserved and reticent woman who, instead of losing her child to the Institute, lost her younger sibling who was her only family. She never had children and never showed audible interest in having children. Anyway, *insert companion* loves her very much, but hasn’t told her yet. After a long separation from the Sole, they’ve decided they can no longer keep their feeling to themselves and go to tell her. When they visit Sole though, they find out that she’s adopted children. Two adorable one year old girls that she intends to raise as her own. She clearly love these girls very much too. How do the companions react? Are they deterred at all? (You can add gifs if you want.)

Sole opened the door, to find a very familiar face standing in the doorway. Their eyes widened, not sure how to handle the situation at all. They’d thought about finding them again… but it wasn’t that easy. Not considering the state the Commonwealth was in, not considering the little ones and not considering all that was left unsaid.
“ It’s been a while. What brings you here? ” Hancock breathed in, a smile set on his face, time to finally get it all out  “I…”
A baby started crying inside the house, Sole’s eyes widened. “ Damnit, I have to go back, feel free to come in though.” Hancock walked into the house, a little bit dazed. He saw Sole standing there, baby in arms, trying to soothe the child. It seemed to work when another one started crying in unison, awoken and spurred on by the cries. Sole seemed to be rather experienced at it as the child in her arms already seemed calmer, clinging onto Sole’s shirt.  

Sole scraped her throat. “ So… I guess I’ll be the first one to get you caught up on what happened. These two… they’re my children. Not biologically of course but they’re my children in every other way. I adopted them about a month ago.” She kissed the top of the child in their arms’ head while looking lovingly in at the child in the arms of their old companion. “ So… guess I’m a parent now. Surprise! Now I presume you have some news of your own?”

Hancock smiled, looking at Sole who seemed both beaming and grounded somehow. Like they found a home with those babies. He leaned against the doorpost, arms folded but head tilted. He never picture them as a parent, but it seemed natural to them somehow. Sole looked exhausted but… happy.

“ You came to find me just to keep staring at me?”
“ Admiring the view. You look happy.”
“ I am. In a way. The world’s still messed up and I now have two kids to safeguard from whatever’s coming for us next but… there’s this whole parenthood thing. I wasn’t sure I wanted it at first. It’s hard work, sleepless nights, but it feels right.”
“ Congrats.. I’ve been chasing that feeling for my entire life and the closest thing I got to it was through jet and shootin’ up the commonwealth with you.”
Sole laughed, rocking her baby. “It’s hardly shooting it up at random, you’re too moral for that.”
“ Auch, morals? Don’t let the rest of Goodneighbour hear ya. They’ll depose me.” She laughed and walked over to Hancock.
 “You’re a big softy beaf jerky. Although I never saw you as a family man. More the handsome rogue.” Her baby reached out to his face, seemingly fascinated. He reached with a finger for her tiny hand.
“ She takes after you already, not running away screaming from the rotting man in the period clothing. That, or she’s got one hell of a fashion sense already.”
“ Babies like interesting faces, not beautiful ones.”
“ Watch it, second insult.”
“ They do though. Do you want to hold her?”  He looked at the child.
“ She’ll wake up the other one, start to cry her lungs out when the zombie man is holding her. Nighmares for days. You don’t wanna do that.” She handed the child over to him regardless, intending to show him how to hold her but that appeared unnecessary. “I’m a mayor, Sole.”
He held her perfectly, supporting her little head. She reached for his face, eyes wide open.
“ She still likes ya. “ The other baby started to make noises, Sole walked back over to the crib and picked up her second daughter. She, in turn, also stared at Hancock. “Damn Hancock, you sure have an effect on my girls. Last time they look at something this fascinated it was a jangles the moon monkey.”
“ Well that shit’s about as terrifying as it gets. “ Sole nodded. “ Fair point.”

Hancock started making some noises at the baby when Sole scraped their throat. “Hancock… “ he looked up.
“ I was wondering what brought you here? I presume you didn’t come here for a baby visit? ”
“ I didn’t, ya never seize to surprise gorgeous.”
“ So why did you come here? Demon spawn terrorising Goodneighbour? ”
“ Because I want to spend a lifetime with you. This lifetime. “ The little girl started to make a noise. “Didn’t forget about ya, there’s enough room in my life for all three of ya. But it’s your mom/dad that I want to date though if that’s cool with you.“ Sole looked at him with a hint of sadness, for the first time.
“ Not the hoped for reply, forget I said that. It’s fine if you don’t feel the same. We can just continue where we left off.”
“ No… no it’s not that I don’t feel the same. Fucking hell I did. I do. But I’m not sure if murder central is the right place to raise these two.”
“ No questions about my parenting skills?”
“ No. About the jet, yes.”
“ I’ll quit it, I’ve got a new high. Seeing you like this. Damnit, it does something with me. “
“ Cheesy.” He shrugged.
“ I’m a lotta things but not an idiot. I know a good thing when I see it and I want in, if you’ll have me. “
“ Doesn’t make goodneigbour any safer.”
“ I’ll guard these kids with my life, they’ll treated like royalty. Guard at every corner. Me to wake up in the middle of the night when they decide it’s time to test whether they have rock star potential by having a good cry.”
“ That does sound tempting.”
“ Bonus; I’ll be happy to guard your body personally. Day and night.” He winked at Sole. “What do you say?”
Sole laughed. “ I suppose we can give it a go.” He high fived the baby very lightly by pressing his hand against the kid’s palm and started speaking to her. “ Hey kiddo, I’m your daddy now!”


Not Perfect chapter 1 pictures (set 3)

The white haired boy tilted over the barrier of balcony and almost crashed on it with all his body. Then he fell to his knees. At that moment Nezumi heard Shion’s scream. It was different than the one from eight years ago. It was full of hurt and it was begging for help. It torn Nezumi’s heart and soul apart.
Small cry followed the scream.
“Please. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please. Nezumi…”
The silver eyed boy frozen after hearing his name. This whole scene hurt him more than anything else in his life. Before he got himself together Shion was already up and he slowly moved inside his room. Afterwards a few steps inside, he fell down on floor.
After Shion didn’t move for a minute Nezumi rushed to his side. Climbing into balcony wasn’t hard when he was 12, so now it took the dark haired boy only a few seconds. He fell on knees beside Shion and shook him a little.
“Hey, Shion! Wake up! Shion.”
But the white haired boy was silent. Nezumi checked his pulse and breath. They were quiet, but firm. Afraid to move him, Nezumi only raised his head a little so unconscious boy had easiest way to breathe. He saw a communication unit in Shion’s hand. He could just run down the stairs to the bakery, but he was too much afraid of leaving Shion alone so pressed a few buttons and pushed call button.

“Dear, do you need something? You don’t usually call..”
“Ms. Karan, Shion lost conscious. Can you came to his room fast?” Nezumi interrupted woman.

Not Perfect story:


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anonymous asked:

Well, hi. I'm gonna start with how amazing and inspiring your art is, you have such amazing talent and sharing it with tumblr has inspired me to draw. I can draw, and it can be very pretty sometimes. But,the thing is,i can only copy other drawings. Does that even make sense? Like, i can only copy other people's drawings and i can't really draw by my imagination. And when i do, It's not nice. I would say i have a talent for copying drawings, and i'm only 12... What should i do?

how to avoid use references forever? I mean, I’m still learning anatomy, but do not want to be dependent on references to poses, have any tips? :(

I’m not sure if the second ask is also written by you, but they are still very similar in their sense, so I’ll reply to them both.

First of all, thank you!

Then. I can say from personal experience that I have started exactly the same baaaack back then. I used to “draw” by only copying pictures I have seen on the internet. Somehow back than it didn’t even occur to me that those pictures were someone’s drawings ( I don’t know why it never crossed my mind back then O_o) So. I used to draw like that and then stumbled upon Burdge’s drawings, and I realized just how much I wanted to draw like that. To be able to draw from my mind.

I get you’re on the same stage. Only I think I was around 15 or so. I would recommend looking for online tutorials, and trying learning from them, the way I did. For now at least. Though at first I looked at drawings and tried mimic them and only then I have found tutorials THAT WERE GREEAT GREAT HELP! Because tutorials allow to “build” your drawings in a way. Only I have to say that try not looking at tutorials of only one artist. If you like the way an artist draws eyes and they have tutorial- go for it! Try to combine things various artists draw specially. (or you like)

It is going to be hard at first, but the more time passes and the more you draw, the better you’re going to be! Imagine how great you’re going to be by the time you reach the age I started. And then when you reach mine current age! It’s a process and a long one, and a key is not to give up! Tutorials are the key, for now, I think. You may start with something small, like only portraits, then waist ups, then full body.

Now, REFERENCES. Guys, there is no shame in using them. They can be great help in learning anatomy as well, if they are used right. I used to use (haha) them a lot too. Like there’s a whole period in my drawings when I could pretty much only draw from them.

There is no shame, but I understand why it can become frustrating to an artist. There’s not a ref for a SINGLE pose you want, right? SO. Since you probably have experience with drawing from them, whether it’s a ref or someone’s drawing, you might remember some basics.  Maybe now you can draw people standing without using anything. Then, you might look at yourself instead of drawing from picture.

Analyze the way your body moves , always have a mirror nearby you! I nearly always look at my hands when I draw them, sometimes I look at my shoes when Im enthusiastic. The ref might be used simply when you want to draw your character in a certain brand of clothing too. And it’s okay! Probably everyone uses them at some extent.

If you can’t draw without references AT ALL, once again, look at tutorials. You can look at a reference, AND look at tutorial. And BUILD the picture you see. Like you won’t be drawing mindlessly from a reference, but you will do that with more understanding.

If the pose is hard, look at yourself in the mirror and try to…remember what goes where. If you don’t, look again and don’t be ashamed or upset by it.

Some artists can’t draw without refs, for some it’s harder to vision something if they don’t actually see it in front of them. Some use refs, but then change some details or the pose slightly. Some don’t use them. Either way, I think the more you draw from both them and tutorials, the easier it’s going to be in the future to draw from mind. (though it’s still not going perfect and in the way you want it.)

Don’t give up and get upset because you draw from pictures or references for now! As long as you want to break out from that, everything is possible! 

  • yeah, so like, I really headcanon daichi to have like a really good singing voice that really works well with any genre, but he unintentionally blows people away when he’s just singing along with a guitar
  • because his voice is like deep and rumbly, and cool to the senses, but he’s got enough soul whenever he sings and people just like melts
  • so like, this is the VBC’s Ultimate Hidden Weapon™ , but daichi made them (third years) promise not to disclose this fact to any of the members so its also kinda like the hidden seventh wonder or something
  • somehow, they listened to him and respected his wishes so not one of the kouhais knew about it. literally no one.
  • until that particular school festival where the student council and the festival committee decided that its not enough for clubs to compete in different sporting events, they must also have representatives for the talent show
  • and while the reward of additional budget for the next year sounds very promising daichi isnt really that desperate and no matter how much sugawara tries to convince him, he’s pretty sure the girls team, with their idol inspired act would win it for all of them
  • that is until the captain of the basketball club taunted him that the additional budget would go to their club because its not like the volleyball club would need it anyway
  • needless to say sugawara just signed up daichi (and tanaka as the guitarist) names’ in angry bold letters after that meeting
  • (and since its not enough that they win the first place, they included hinata and nishinoya and by some stroke of luck managed to convince kiyoko and yachi to join michimiya and other girls making the idol group a combined effort of the whole volleyball club)
  • (turns out hinata was a natural, knows the song and dance by heart because natsu listens to these kinds of songs nowadays and they are pretty catchy and dance-y and well, he’s a big brother who is wrapped around his little sisters finger)
  • (so was nishinoya who wholeheartedly agreed once he learned that he’ll be dancing along with kiyoko, which tanaka bemoaned at his luck but also wholeheartedly supported his bro for taking one for the team)
  • (sugawara promised him popularity with the girls if he joined daichi with their chosen act, so its quite win win really)
  • although when they first practiced, tanaka wasnt sure about gaining those female fans anymore because he would most likely be just an accessory because hoLY CRAP CAN DAICHI-SAN SING, like is he really the same person who gets demon angry at them for being so stupid?! 
  • (yes, yes he is)
  • so yeah, somehow, by some stroke of luck nekoma heard about it (kenma from hinata who sent a picture of him wearing the wig he would use, and taketora from both noya and tanaka, who was alternately crying and screaming at wanting to see kiyoko-san and you lucky bastards)
  • so kuroo heard, because who wouldnt, taketora could probably be heard across the ocean, and was about to tell him to shut up, but taketora had to blurt that he also heard that their captain would be singing, and tanaka’s been saying nothing but praises and kuroo-san just cant lose like that!
  • and yeah, the whole nekoma team went to miyagi and karasuno’s school festival for science. 
  • (kuroo’s not dying to see and hear daichi sing, no hes not, thank you very much.)
  • (he is. he really is. he desperately is.)
  • sugawara and the rest were surprised to see them there but hey, more people to shock he supposes and suga lives for it when they shock people for the heck of it
  • so like, the girls came out first and it was cute and like hinata and noya really did blend in well, even flirtier than the real girls and were really upping the ante (tsukishima noticed the insane blush kageyama was sporting, and the way the other setter was looking all intense, and ugh, mohawk was steadily loosing water and blood and snot and ew, disgusting)
  • then it was daichi and tanaka’s turn, like the lights were off at the beginning until there’s a spotlight on the stage and when tanaka strummed the first note, everybody held their breaths 
  • kuroo was already at the edge of his seat and literally swooned, along with the rest of the gymnasium when daichi opened his mouth because good lord, it was such sweet music to his ear and bless his soul he could drop dead right this moment without any regrets.
  • suga looks smug at the stands, gloating at the basketball club captain because hah, jokes on you. were owning this.
  • suffice to say, the third years, shout out to daichi ey, will leave the club with another legacy and enough budget to keep the team afloat for the coming year.
  • and tanaka did get a number of female fans, but they were still too scared of him, just content at watching and admiring him from afar, omg poor you.
  • but it wasnt compared to the legion daichi gained overnight.
  • too bad a very persistent guy beat them at it. and how.

Distant gunshots. I can hear them so clearly. I only heard tales of how this district used to be. Vain, greedy and as far from the strictures as possible.


Now only weepers walk those half flooded streets and the few scavengers left know better than to roam. Like me. But food gets scarce as well as water. I keep wondering whose flat I am living in. No writings or pictures left, only the shell of a life. I know how it feels, cast out. I just hope I can somehow make it. I just wait a bit. Loud noise draws the weepers out onto the streets. And the hounds.

The stump of a pencil was growing short now. He had to find one soon, somewhere there in the ruins of earlier lives. Sometimes he felt like little more than a ghost between the piles of dead and forgotten, scared that he would be forgotten too. Erased from the world like he was from the Abbey. The brand still felt raw and tender, sudden strips of raw skin among the untidy beard he was sprouting. I bet none of my brethren would recognize me now. He carefully folded the dirty bit of paper and put it to his little stash of a diary. 

The stash itself was growing bigger from day to day but when he looked at it, it sometimes felt like he was missing something. Slipping right out of his memory and therefore he wrote. And by now, the distant howling and barking of the wild hounds quieted. It was just so quiet. And therefore the rumbling of his stomach almost startled him. It was no use, he had to use the remaining daylight before it was too late. And those hungry nights were filled with bad dreams. 

Strictures protect me, the void is grasping for me. But he would not be caught, not yet. His dirty uniform and metal mask on his face, he felt the echo of better times. Makeshift knife in hand, he walked down decrepit stairs and onto the stinking streets.

When the triplets are babies, what if Dip-dop changes his appearance to calm them down? Perhaps he tries to look like he was their age? What if he also performs the ‘Lamby Lamby Dance,’ with lamb costume and all? Henry, Mabel, and Stan walk in on Dipper, appearing like a 3 year old, doing his little dance. Henry just wants to unsee everything, while Mabel is taking pictures and videos like the world is going to end tomorrow. Stan plans to use Mabel’s pictures and videos for blackmail.

After Mabel, Henry, Stan, and the Triplets die, Dipper can barely look at the lamb costume without crying, as it brings back too many memories. Dipper never destroyed the pictures or videos of him, appearing as a 3 year old, dancing and singing in a lamb costume. (Bonus: Those same pictures and videos somehow make their way onto the internet, and Dipper is at a loss for words.)