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“Broken” (Chapter Nineteen)

This chapter is the sweetest fluffiest thing in the world. Only one more chapter left after this one! 


Enjoy :)


“Do you want a shower?” Tony asked sometime later, squeezing at Bucky’s waist lightly. “I don’t know if Clint told you, but I have a fairly impressive bathroom.”

“Clint mentioned the shower.” Bucky said with a smile, but he didn’t lift his head from Tony’s shoulder. “But I’m not— I’m not ready for that. Not ready for more than this. I’m just not. I’m sorry.”

“Hey.” Tony ran a thumb over Bucky’s chin, trying to get him to look up, but going back to just holding him when Bucky refused to move. “I’m not asking for more than this. When I said a shower, that’s what I meant. Just a shower. Just you, unless of course you want me to help.” He was teasing, but Bucky still shook his head, so Tony softened his voice again.

“I know you aren’t ready, baby, and that’s fine. I would like you to spend the night with me tonight, just sleep next to me all night, but you don’t have to. Trusting me with this is different than trusting me to share a bed, and that’s fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course.” The Alpha nodded firmly. “Bucky, this will never be more than you want it to be. If this was a one time thing, it’s fine. If you never want to stay the night with me, it’s fine. I understand.”

“Because you have other Omegas.” Bucky asked, and he hated how insecure he sounded. “It doesn’t matter if this never happens again.”

“No.” Tony laughed, not because he thought it was funny but because that idea was so far off base he couldn’t believe it. “No, Bucky, not because I have other Omegas. What happens between you and I has nothing to do with what I have with Steve or with Clint. Everything about this is fine because I’m going to try and be the Alpha you need, regardless of what that means.”

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The Cold Storm (Part One)

Ivar x Reader

Warnings: kinda smutty but not as much as part two. Its just a mega make out sesh. Also it’s pretty long, I also managed to make them both super frustrated XD

“I should get back to Margrethe.” Ubbe sighed as he sat up. “Are you two coming?” He asked you and Hvitserk as you both talked quietly.

“Why would she go with you? She has not even spoken to me yet?” Ivar huffed from his spot across the cabin.

“I don’t mind staying for a while.” You told Ubbe before he could object and remind Ivar that he couldn’t tell you what to do all the time. You weren’t in the mood for Ivar’s grumpy pouting.

By the time Ivar was bored of your company you attempted to leave and rush back to your cabin but the light drizzle of rain, that had been gently trickling down all day, was not so heavy you weren’t sure if you could make it up the hill side.

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Auston Matthews #2.2

Requested by Anon: can you write a part 2 to the last auston imagine? the one where they hate each other?

Word count: 1909

warnings: angsty, lost love

Authors note: this really ran away from me. I don’t think it’s necessary to read part one to be able to read part two but it’s def would be in your interest. Also the end product is 4905 words. so yes there will be a few parts.

Auston Matthews #2 | #2.2 | #2.3 | #2.4 

Originally posted by wonthetrade

You sat on Auston’s couch mindlessly watching a show you didn’t care about. You were sitting next to Auston but you felt miles apart from him. The two of you had been dating for almost a year now after confessing your love to each other at your party. You were felt alone in this relationship. The spark you once felt with Auston was dwindling and you knew it wasn’t coming from your end. It was coming from Auston. You reached for the tv remote turning the television off. The room was darker now than when you two first began watching tv but Auston didn’t seem to notice. He was highly invested into his phone with a small grin on his face. The type of grin he used to have when he was talking to another woman before you two were dating. You stood up, not really sure what you were going to do. You grabbed your phone and keys that you placed onto the side table. The jingle of the keys made Auston look up at you. He gave you a bit of a confused look, one that made him look like a puppy. Your inside’s turned to mud when you looked at him but your head was telling you to stop. “Um, I think I’m going to head home. I have a long day tomorrow and I just think sleeping in my own bed would be better,” you justified. There was a moment of a confused anger on Auston’s face. The most emotion you had seen in a while. You were curious to see what his reaction was to you going home. Your schedule to sleep at home was probably 3 nights out of the week and each of those nights were never alone unless Auston was playing. This was the first time you planned on not staying with Auston willingly. His face smoothed over into calmness. “Okay, be safe,” he said as he returned to his phone. Your heart pounded in misery. You left without another word.

You arrived to your apartment to see all your roommates sitting and playing drunk scramble. Your heart dropped again for the second time tonight. They were yelling at each other at the moment, not even noticing you coming through the door. Jeff was the first one to notice you. He yelled your name excitingly, “You’re just in time! Come play drunk scrabble with us!” he slurred out, while spilling some of his drink. You gave them a smile trying to mask your sadness. Sam, the one seemingly the least drunk noticed first. “Are you okay?” he asked. You nodded your head yes not wanting to be ‘that girl” but you couldn’t help the tears fall down from your eyes. You quickly ran to your room. You curled up on your bed. On Auston’s side of your bed was an old sweatshirt of his. You grabbed it angrily and threw it on the ground. How could this be happening to you. You grabbed the closest pillow and screamed into letting all your frustration and sadness out. The door opened and in walked Liz and Sam. One look at you and they knew you were hurting, “Oh baby girl,” Liz said to you sympathetically. She walked over to you to cradle you in her arms. Sam looked angry, “What happened, did the break up with you?” he asked seriously. “I will fight him. I don’t care if he probably could kill me with one hit. I will fight him for hurting you,” he said angrily. You let a small laugh out of the idea of Sam trying to fight Auston. “No, I just can tell we are close to the end of our relationship,” you broke at your own words and crumbled into Liz. It was your first time admitting it out loud but it was something that has been on your mind for a while. Sam’s anger quickly disappeared and was replaced with sympathy making it even harder for you. “Also I think he is talking to another woman,” you commented. “Have you talked to him about this yet?” Liz asked in a soothing tone. She ran her hands through your hair trying to calm you down. You felt Sam sit down on the floor in front of you both and he placed a comforting hand on your leg. “I haven’t. I know if I do then he’ll break up with me, but I still love him,” you spoke truthfully. It felt good to let it all out. The three of you talked for hours about what you should do. They also comforted you with all of them. It was calming to you because these were your best friends and they were there for you no matter what.

For the rest of the week you didn’t feel like doing much. You avoided Auston’s phone calls and text messages. You wanted him to suffer a little before you tried talking to him. You knew it was wrong to leave him hanging without telling him what was going on but you weren’t ready to have the talk yet. You also were seeing how it would feel for you to be apart from him. Your heart was aching and all you wanted to do was sleep through the pain. Liz wasn’t going to let you though. “wake up,” she said as she opened the blinds letting the daylight brighten the room. You covered your eyes instantly wishing she’d just let you be. “you’ve got class in an hour, and yes you’ve got to go to class. I know you’re heart broken, but we can get through this,” she stated positively. You playfully glared at her. You finally agreed and got out of bed to get ready.

Sam drove you to class because your roommates couldn’t trust you to stay at class, but your day was actually pretty nice. Your classes kept you busy and it was able to remind you that heartbreak was just a minor bump in your life and it would be something that didn’t define you. You were walking towards Sam’s car to go back home when you saw Auston trying leaning against his nice black Audi. People where gawking at him, not believing their own eyes. You felt your heart race. You had forgotten the affect he had on you in person but you also didn’t forget the heart break he was causing you. You looked at him wishing he wasn’t here. You didn’t want to restrain your emotions because of the public but more importantly you didn’t want to do anything that would cause Auston to be looked at in a bad light. You sighed trying to avoid eye contact. Maybe if you didn’t say anything and walked straight to Sam’s car nothing would happen. That off course didn’t happen. the closer you got the more you couldn’t help but peak at the tan American. He wore his jeans rolled up at the cuff and had a white tee shirt on. He caught your eye. He called out your name. You ignored him and tried to keep walking. “Wait,” he called out you. He took a few long stride and blocked your path. “Auston,” you warned. You took a second to analyze him. He looked normal but more stressed. He seemed annoyed with your response which just made you angrier. “Can we talk. I think I have the right to know what is going on,” he commented. You rolled your eyes at him wishing he wasn’t right. You looked around to find that more and more people were gathering around to see if the real Auston Matthews was on campus. You knew you were trapped. “Fine,” you grumbled. He walked you to the passenger door to his car and opened it for you. You got in trying to calm your emotions. As some courageous fans stopped Auston to take pictures, you quickly sent a text to Liz, Sam, and Jeff about what was going on. Auston eventually got into the car without another word. You anxiously bounced your leg up and down. “why are you nervous?” Auston judgmentally asked. You glared at him because his tone of voice was rude. It reminded you of when the two of you hated each other. You didn’t respond until you were safely in the gated parking lot of his apartment complex. “I have a lot to explain,” you said simply. Auston looked at you with an anger flashing in his eyes. At least he was showing some emotion. “The hell you do. You haven’t responded to any of my messages in a whole week. I don’t even know what the hell I did wrong?” he raged. The vein in his head bulging put a little. You let out a sarcastic laugh, “Finally some emotion. This whole past month has been terrible for me,” you said angrily, “Do you know what it’s like to be so madly in love with someone and see their love fading for you. It makes you question everything. It makes you question yourself worth. Your judgement,” you breathed out. You didn’t even notice the tears falling down your face until you had a second to breath. Auston opened his mouth to respond then closed it. The opened it again. He avoided your eyes the entire time causing your heart to break even more. “Auston, I know your feelings for me have faded. I don’t want you to find an excuse for it I want you to be honest,” you said deeply and truthfully. He finally looked at you with a plead full stare, “it doesn’t matter. This happens in relationships all the time. The fire will rekindle,” he said to you. You knew he was doing this because he felt bad for you. Your heart raced quickly in sadness. “Auston, I know you’re talking to other girls. I’m not going to force this relationship. I respect both of us too much,” you told him. He looked stunned at you calling him out, “How? what?” he stumbles over his word. You gave a weak smile thinking it was funny how you knew, “I know because you have this look on your face when you’re flirting.” He looked upset that you knew that, “I didn’t mean to hurt you,” he admitted. The tears came out harder and more. He reached up to brush the tears away but you quickly moved your head in the opposite direction. You saw the hurt in his eyes. and as much as you cared you didn’t. You got out of the car and walked to the front gate not even sure how you were going to get home. You texted your roommates to pick you up, when none of them could come you called Mitch.

Mitch came in minutes. He didn’t ask for details but he knew from the sound of your voice. You didn’t feel like going back to your apartment but you went to Mitch’s. You laid there on top of the kitchen counter with pint of your favorite ice cream. “I’m so fucking stupid,” you said sadly, “I should have known, this was going to happen.” Mitch looked at you shaking his head, “You aren’t stupid. You can’t get angry about your feelings. You can’t be angry about that. You will have more heart breaks. You will fall in love again,” he said to you. It was something that stuck with you.

Halloween celebration! Who decks out the entire home with decorations? Who dresses up as hardcore as a cosplayer? Who forgets to dress up and has to get a weird costume from the store last minute? Who just did not try and bought a shirt that says “This is my Halloween costume”? Who made a map of all the best places to trick or treat? Who stays in the middle of the group because they’re actually scared of Halloween but wants to be part of the festivities with their ship? Who gets sick from eating too much candy at the end of the night? Who straight up goes to bed in their costume?

Bonus points if there are those in the ship who don’t understand human customs, Halloween must be a very strange time for them to see.

So the clinic on the Rez accommodated me to see my dad in Sudbury which is 7 hrs away from home. It’s day 5 at the hotel and I just switched rooms bc I saw a small bed bug on the bed 😷 now I have to wash and dry all my clothes.

But I stayed in the hotel bc I don’t want to leave my dad.. he’s 95 pounds right now and can’t walk. He said he was happy I’m here and we got to do things and spend time.

I crawled back in to bed after I got home from taking Scarlett to school and I really just want to stay here for the rest of the week. Unfortunately that’s not an option. Remember when I said I don’t like having more than one thing to do in a day? I also don’t like to have more than a few days of activities in a week. I have not had a day to myself since last Wednesday and I’m fucking dying. And the rest of the week is busy too.

Today: cleaning for my grandma and soccer practice (with the soccer dads, my least favorite group of people on the planet)

Thursday: taking the car we want to buy in for an inspection, probably buying said car, parent teacher conference

Friday: Flying to Southern California for my medical evaluation (by myself 😭) which will literally take all day, raid night

Saturday: hanging out with our FFXIV guild IRL, soccer game, raid night

I’m also super fucking behind in my classes and at some point I need to find the time (and more importantly the mental energy) to catch up in both of them. Also my house is a disaster and we haven’t grocery shopped in weeks.

Ring Once

Story by reddit user Pippinacious

I’d never been good in storms, but I was even worse in hospitals, so when the choice came to go visit Nana, my ma’s mother, or stay home and brave the thunder and lightning on my own, I only hesitated for a moment before making my decision.

“You sure you don’t want to come, Hannah?” Ma asked, hovering uncertainly in the doorway leading to the garage.

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the happiest kiss & cry

anonymous asked:

can we get some hcs for soft boy richie??


(thank you @eddiesbadbreak and @stanleyuriis for some of the HCs ily)

- God, Richie is such a hopeless romantic underneath all the bullshit he spews.

- Richie is starved for attention and affection at home, which often makes him question whether he deserves that at all. So he craves attention so much, especially from Eddie.

- When they’re not bickering or joking around, Richie is so sweet with Eddie. But he definitely has to be in that mood. When Eddie is affectionate with him, calls him pet names or says that he loves Richie, Richie pretty much crumbles.

- Tbh the first time Eddie says “I love you”, Richie almost tears up because like… no one says that to him. It means more than anything because someone actually loves him and he loves them back and it’s all so amazing.

- He’s pretty sensitive, especially when it comes to his insecurities and his family situation. He totally does not show it often though, and the only people that know the true extent of how he’s feeling inside are Eddie and Bev.

- Richie is SUCH a cuddler, and often likes to be the one cuddled. He loves being the little spoon or being the one to rest his head on Eddie’s chest instead of the other way around. He loves laying with his head on Eddie’s lap when they’re with the other Losers.

- If Eddie runs his fingers through his hair, he melts instantly. He loves that shit.

- In general, he loves being taken care of by Eddie. He’s never had anyone take care of him before, so if Eddie ever acts that way it makes Richie so happy. It makes Eddie happy too because he’s always the one being babied, so he loves being on the other side especially because he just… cares so much and has so much love to give to Richie?

- Like one time Eddie packs Richie lunch for school and Richie’s like !!! This is what true bliss is. He’s smiling all day from this small gesture.

- It’s so canon that Richie keeps a spare inhaler for Eddie.

- Any time anyone laughs at his jokes it makes him SO happy. He feels awesome if people actually think he’s funny.

- Also if anyone compliments him, he’ll brush it off or make a joke out of it but everyone can always see how happy and mushy that makes him as well. He feels so valid when he feels like the people he loves love him back.

- Secretly when no one’s there, Richie and Eddie are SO fucking cheesy with each other omg. They call each other pet names. Besides the typical “Eds” or “Eddie Spaghetti” that Richie calls Eddie, he also very often calls him “babe” (which Eddie loves), or he’ll get real creative and call him absurd things like “Snicker Doodle” or “Cuddle Muffin” (which Eddie hates)

- Eddie will often call Richie “Rich”, “Red” or “Sweetie” and Richie dies every time he always gets butterflies in his stomach

- They go on cheesy dates a lot of the time: Stargazing, Rollerblading, even sharing a milkshake with two straws. A lot of the time though, the two like spending the whole day being lazy and staying in bed and eating junk food.

- Richie is super gentle with Eddie, but Eddie is also super gentle with Richie? Especially if Richie is upset, Eddie is so patient with him and will stay up comforting him all night if that’s what he wants. They’re just really careful with each other.

- Bev sometimes paints his nails and Richie really likes the way they look. He usually only lets her do one hand, though.

- Richie also loves when Bev puts hair clips in his hair to push his bangs back. She did it for the first time when making Richie do a face mask with her, but after Richie said he thought it looked really cute she continued.

- He even started doing it to keep his bangs out of his eyes when he was doing work at home. Eddie thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. Richie also loves headbands.


- In general, Richie is actually so caring with his friends? I mean of course, he’ll roast and make fun of them to the moon and back but in reality they’re the most important people in his life and he would die for any one of them any day.

- No one would expect it, but he always remembers birthdays and anniversaries. He writes such long cards for all the Losers whenever it’s their birthday, talking about why he thinks each of them individually is awesome and making long lists of all the inside jokes they have together.

- He also is the best gift giver. His gifts are so thoughtful even if they’re small. He remembers what people told him they wanted months ago, or he gives them gifts that have to do with inside jokes. Things that only he could gift.

- Richie always stands up for any of the Losers without even a second thought. After Henry and his gang are gone, it’s rare for them to get bullied, especially in High School. If they ever do, it’s all verbal. They don’t really get beat up anymore. But if anyone is being a dick to any of his friends, he ALWAYS stands up to them and isn’t afraid to cuss them out, even if it means him getting detention.

- He also comforts them after they get picked on. Even underclassmen he doesn’t know. If he sees a freshman getting picked on, he’ll tell the bully to fuck off and smile so wide at the kid, telling them they’re okay!

- Tbh everyone in High School LOVES him. They think he can be kinda annoying sometimes, but he’s a genuinely good guy and he’s super funny.

- Richie is that cheesy boyfriend that picks flowers to give to Eddie. They also put flowers in each other’s long hair and Richie takes a million pictures.

- Richie saves and pressed into a book the flowers that Eddie got him after the opening night of the school musical he was starring in. His heart skipped a beat when Eddie brought him flowers and told him how amazing he was.

- As adults, Richie is so caring about Eddie especially after dealing with losing his arm. He’s so accommodating and supporting and just loves Eddie so much. After he knows Eddie is okay, all he wants is to have a happy life with him.

- As an adult, Eddie also calls Richie “Reggie” because of one time where another radio host introduced him as “Reggie Tozier.” Like you don’t even know how funny this was to Eddie. It made him tear up from laughter for like a full week after it happened, so to tease him sometimes Eddie will call him that. Richie acts like it pisses him off but he thinks it’s pretty funny himself.

- Richie’s the type of husband that comes home with flowers and is like “BAAAABE I GOT YOU FLOWERS AREN’T I THE BEST HUSBAND EVER”

- Holy shit Richie is SUCH a softie when it comes to him marrying Eddie and later when they adopt/surrogate children. Richie cries for half the wedding and then after they get their kids he tears up like EVERY damn day about it.

- He’s just so happy to actually have a family? For once in his life? Like HE built this. It’s HIS family. He gets to come home every day to such happiness it’s like unreal to him it makes him get choked up.




- Even as adults Richie and Eddie always go on such nice dates. They never get sick of being together, especially since they feel like they have to make up for so much lost time. When they’re back together as adults it feels like falling in love all over again except this time they can actually be together and it makes Richie thank God for real.

- It’s so fucking important for Richie to be a good dad since he knows what it’s like to have horrible parents. He just wants to do what’s right.

- Overall Richie is such a sweetheart under all those dick jokes. He’s so fucking soft and good. That’s all.

Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 8/12

 Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s): Panic Attack scene mixed with vomit

A/N: I quote from my favourite poetry book Salt in this part, s/o to whoever sees the ref!

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 (Soon)

Eddie walked into his home, his heart hammering in his chest and washing his blood around his system at a high rate; after checking stuff off his bucket list such as skipping school, smoking a cigarette, kissing someone and stand up in the back of a car/truck of some sort with the wind in his face (bonus points that it was to Hey Jude) he was feeling starstruck after such an eventful day.

It was all because of Richie.

Eddie felt breathless, but in the best way possible. For once, he wasn’t reaching for his inhaler despite him losing it. For once, Eddie had rebelled for once in his life and didn’t regret a minute of it.

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Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: You’ve been secretive around Tom and he’s finally had enough. 

Warnings: Angst, Emotional Tom

A/N: I’m back and ready to attack xx Hope you all enjoy this Imagine :,)

[Reader’s POV]

    Today seemed to go by slowly as you sat around watching people pass around in a blur. Minutes seemed to merge into hours as the morning started turning into the afternoon. Tapping your foot against the bar of the chair you were sitting on. A small hum filling the space around you. 

“Have you seen Tom around?” looking up to the familiar voice you see Chris Evans standing in front of you. Shaking your head no he frowns before taking off towards a different direction. Unlocking your phone you start scrolling through Pinterest again. Your nails tapping against the screen of your phone.

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♡ bts as boyfriends  [ yoongi ]

Originally posted by yoongichii

- pairing: yoongi x reader

- warnings: fluff with a bit of smut which has been made clear, skip past if you want to

- a/n: my first post!! i will be doing all of bts soon, yoongi’s up first. hope u all enjoy!! :^)

seokjin - yoongi - namjoon - hoseok - jimin - taehyung - jungkook

request/ask - masterlist

  • oh god this boy
  • he has never been so in love w somebody in his LIFE

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Possible Future

Summary: In the middle of the night, Bucky shows up in your house with his son in his arms looking for someone to talk to.

This is my submission for @whotheeffisbucky AU Writing Challenge! . My choice was single parent au

Paring: Bucky x Reader


Warnings: Fluffy, so much fluff.

Thank you @drinkfantasy for beta this for me you are amazing. 

credits to the gif owners

Originally posted by sebstanslaugh

It is a beautiful Saturday night, the weather is warm, the stars are shining and your apartment smells like fresh baked cookies. What else could a girl want? You are almost falling asleep on your couch when you hear your doorbell ring. Who would visit you at 8 p.m on a Saturday night without previous notice?

When you open the door, you are not surprised to see Bucky with his son, Grant, in his arms on the other side. If someone was going to show up at your house without being invited this someone would be Bucky Barnes. Not that you mind, you loved to spend time with him and his little boy.

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Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 3/12

Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s): Mentions of Sexual Abuse,  mixture of fluff and angst throughout the series, homophobia

A/N: Listen to THIS beautiful piece whilst reading !! (right click on the video and press loop!). This isn’t my favourite part, but enjoy some Richie and Bev friendship time!

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 (Soon) |

Richie tossed and turned, the storm outside loud and frightening. The sound of the wind swishing through the air in ripples was very ear-splitting on this very night. He could barely sleep on this dark; cold night, too many thoughts were swirling inside of him.

His curls were matted against his pillowcase and his legs were tangled between his blanket, in order to get comfy. Which wasn’t working very well.

Richie smiled as he remembered the memories of today, how him and Eddie were reunited. Sure, it wasn’t the same as it was. But who says it can’t be in the future?

A sigh left Richie’s chapped lips as he began to settle into a dark abyss of sleep.


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BTS Reactions | He finds out you love him

Not sure how to go about this, just hang tight ARMY, constructive criticism welcome ♡ 



Originally posted by bwiseoks

You shoved Jungkook as he continued to tease you about your crush on Jin. It was pretty embarrassing, apparently you had spit the detail out to him the night before, when you were drunk. “Kookie” you whined and pouted, hoping it would make him shut up. “Look Noona” Kook said, raising his brows to mention towards the elder member walking into the dorm with his cell phone at hand. You glared at Kook before you punched his shoulder and tried to get away from him. “Ow Noona!” he groaned, causing Jin to look up, confused. “Y/N, why are you hitting Jungkook?” he asked as he sat down beside you. You opened your mouth to respond but Kookie beat you to it. “She’s upset cause I’ve been teasing her about being in love with you hyung” Kook said casually. Jin’s cheeks turned pink and yours did as well. “I’m so sorr-” Jin cut you off with a shy smile. “I love you too y/n” he confessed. 

“How long have you felt this way?” he asked.

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