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nochu unsolved (m)

Pairing:  Jungkook x Reader
Genre: boyfriend!jungkook , smut, comedy, fluff
Warnings: thigh riding, dry humping, panty fetish, creampie, graveyard sex, mention of past emo Jungkook lmao
Word Count:  8k+
Summary:  cryptid hunting with your boyfriend doesn’t go quite as planned…

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My mum told me today that if you’re a transboy you can’t wear makeup or paint your nails or dress in a feminine way so please reblog if you disagree i want to show her how many do.

Returning the Favor

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: The next morning (after the events of “Beard Burn”), Steve’s girlfriend returns the favor ;)))

A/N: this is intended as the sequel to Beard Burn! Yay! Look i finished something that i promised i would do! Thanks again all you beautiful people for getting “Beard Burn” over 1k notes.  That’s crazy,,,

Warnings: all smut, some fluff.  oral sex (mr), language

Words: 2260

tags: @feelmyroarrrr @sistasarah-sallysaidso @daybreak96 @doct0rstrange @trade-baby-blues @yourtropegirl @lipstickandwhiskey @captainumeboshi @emily-james-barnes

also: @bkwrm523 you seemed excited about this ;)

and @daughterofthebrowncoats i dk i just tag you in everything and this is blowjobs ;)

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(I should have used this gif for the first one dammit)

The next morning, you wake before Steve, eyes fluttering open against the annoying morning sun; you’d forgotten to close the blinds last night.  You groan and roll over onto your back, hitting Steve, who immediately wraps an arm around your stomach.  You glance up at him, expecting to find him awake, but he’s still fast asleep on his side, one arm bunched under his pillow, the other now lazily thrown across your stomach.  You smile and reach a hand up to run through his beard.  He looked so cute like this, his mouth open, lightly snoring, eyes squeezed shut against the sun.

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Bello Magazine Photo Shoot - Cody Christian Drabble

Word Count: 850

Warning: Implied smut descriptions 😉, also, not proof read. I was too eager to get this posted, so sorry for any errors, ha.

Author’s Note: For all the Cody Christian fans who got extremely thirsty after seeing all of Cody’s photos and videos from his Bello Magazine photo shoot, this one is for you. 

[My Teen Wolf Master LIst]

I saw Cody walking towards the photographer, slowly undoing the sleeves of his jacket before he took it off. Except, he didn’t take it off completely. He pulled it off from his shoulders. My eyes immediately landed on his broad and tight chest. Then, my eyes trailed along the curve of his abs, before following down to his happy trail. I bit my lip, wanting to touch him with gentle feather-like touches, tracing every beautiful curve of his body as my lips kissed every inch of his tanned body with small butterfly kisses.

I licked my lips as my eyes landed on Cody’s tight pants, showing off his sexy thick legs. I knew how hard he had been working out at the gym lately, how focused he is about taking care of himself and eating right. It was paying off. Boy, was it paying off. Suddenly, I felt for stupid getting after him for spending more time at the gym than with me. Now, I’m all for supporting his gym life.

My eyes slowly wondered back up, thinking of all the things I wanted to do to him. I wanted to lightly run my nails along his sides, just under his rib cage, knowing it absolutely drove him crazy. I wanted to lick, bite, suck that sweet spot of his on his neck and just behind his ear as I rolled my hips against his. All before I’d undo his belt, remove his pants and underwear, and slowly ride him with my hands on his chest, enjoying the soft yet tight skin under my palms as he dug his fingers on my hips.

I closed my legs together, trying to ignore the pool of wetness forming between my thighs as I looked up at Cody. He looked away from me and back at the camera with a teasing smile as he pulled the jacket back on, leaving it open to expose his bare chest. I knew that teasing smile. I had been busted.

Cody leaned towards the photographer as directed when I stood up from his chair and headed towards his trailer. I couldn’t stay another minute. If I did, I knew it would only leave me with a pair of soaked panties and completely frustrated.

“Lunch time!” The photographer yelled out. I overheard him say something, but I was too far to make out what he was instructing to Cody and his crew.

I opened the door to Cody’s trailer and leaned against the wall by the door, trying to catch my breath and clear my mind from the impure thoughts. I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing, which was getting calmer by the second.

My eyes flew wide open when the door opened. Cody walked in and closed the door behind him. He turned around to see me, surely completely flustered, hot, and bothered. He locked the door and smirked at me. I looked down and noticed he was still wearing that stupid jacket opened and those stupid tight pants. I bit my lip, trying to fight back a moan.

Cody leaned in and placed a hand against the wall, beside my head. His nosed brushed against mine, the warmth of his breath fanning against my lips. I licked my lips before biting the bottom one once again.

“I saw you…” his voice was so deep and low. “Tell me, what were you thinking?”

“How badly I wanted to rip that jacket off myself,” I purred as I quickly removed his jacket, letting my hands roamed every inch of his body before my nails trailed down his sides.

Cody closed his eyes and groaned as he placed his other hand on the wall to steady himself, now trapping me with his arms. “What else, kitten?”

I loved it when he called me kitten.

I leaned in and pressed my lips against his sweet spot. “How badly I wanted to take these pants off,” I said between kisses as my lips moved down his neck and across his collarbone.

Cody hummed in approval as I traced his happy trail with one of my fingernails before unbuttoning his pants. “Are you sure we have time for this?” I whispered against his lips.

He nodded. “Hour lunch and I have to change out of these clothes.”

I smirked as I slowly pulled the zipper from his pants down and began palming his hardened member. “An hour lunch, uh?”

He growled as his hands slid behind my ass and lifted me up from behind my knees, guiding me to wrap my legs around his waist. I let out a small squeal as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Cody’s hand went back to my ass, cupping them before he squeezed them. I clung on to him as he held me against the wall. His hands began unbuttoning my shorts before he slid his hand down the front of my shorts. I gasped as his fingers slid between my wet slick folds. “And I know exactly what I’m eating for lunch,” he growled lowly before he crashed lips with mine.

anonymous asked:

Where can I meet Korean men online that aren't fuck boys.. I feel like I'm going to feel so secluded and inferior when I go to SK next year bc I'm chubby and short. I kinda just want to be loved ya know? *cries internally*

Ho, boy. I feel like I am going to give a pretty negative answer from quite a cynical perspective/experience. Let me preface this by saying I know people who have met their genuine long-term boyfriends through apps (and nightlife,) so I know it’s possible, but let’s all be real here and admit that it’s not p-r-o-b-a-b-l-e. Don’t be commenting on this saying like “WELL I MET MY BOYFRIEND THROUGH TINDER,” girl, okay, but like, the majority of the trash on Tinder is not boyfriend material. No one is going to recommend Tinder to find a real relationship even though it’s possible.

Honestly, the majority of meet-up/dating websites or apps are going to get you fuckboys or guys just looking for a one-time hookup. That is the reality. There are of course bound to be nice people among them (*hell, you’re there and you’re nice!), but you’re going to have to sift pretty hard.

*this is what I tell myself, hah.

The reality is that by meeting someone online or through apps, you have no other social connection to them, meaning that even though they act like an asshole, no one’s going to know about it once they block and delete you from all of their social media. It’s not like you can talk to your mutual friend about it and ruin his reputation. Clean cut. Snip snip. Ghosting is super common here, for girls and guys, to Koreans and foreigners alike.

Think about it. Why are they using the apps? They probably have a solid network of friends and acquaintances that they have known since elementary school and still contact on the regular (very common in Korea) who could introduce them to someone to date. This is generally the norm here. So why are they there?

Personally, I tend to put more trust into people who have moved to Seoul recently or just moved out of their parents’ house on their own, meaning they’re in a new city/part of town and might be genuinely looking for people to talk to and meet in their neighborhood because they are somewhat cut off from their network. For example, I dated a guy for several months who had moved into my neighborhood who was originally from Daegu and he was nice and real and genuine. But if he was born and raised in Seoul and lives with his parents, why do you think he’s on that app?

Unfortunately, as a foreigner your options of meeting genuine people are a bit limited since Korea doesn’t have a culture of talking to/asking out strangers during the daytime. You can basically meet people through apps or through nightlife. Both have negative implications in this country. If you’re a student you’re lucky because you can meet people at school or through mentor programs or clubs. Maybe then THOSE people can introduce you to their friends, and then you have a link.

Regarding your concerns over your physical appearance, shortness is not a problem (rather the opposite,) and chubbiness is relative. I see many “chubby” Korean girls with boyfriends walking down the street. There are people of all body types these days, especially in the younger generation, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Just realize that as a foreigner you may attract people who want to use you to practice their English, people with fetishes, or people who want to act on their stereotype of the concept of “open mindedness” and want to have an experience with a foreign girl. Stay away unless you just want random sex or to be objectified. Don’t take pictures with these guys (or any random guys who approach you) unless you want them to show you off to their friends as the foreigner they nailed.

Here is my advice—I can’t tell you not to use apps, because I use them too. But I caution you to be wary and realistic. If a guy messages you on an app, check his pictures. Do they look like fuckboy pictures? Is he posting other things that make him look like a fuckboy? Does he have FACE pictures, plural? Does he have information on his profile? Did he just make his profile? Does he have an Instagram? Is there a girl in it? Talk to him for a while before you meet up. Fuckboys will tend to lose interest after a couple of days. Use common sense.

Red flags:

  • Talking late at night/wanting to meet up at night/wanting to meet up in a non-public place/wanting to meet up right away
  • “I love foreigners/black girls/blonde girls/etc.”
  • “Do you live alone?”
  • “Can I come hang out at your place?”
  • “You must be lonely…”
  • Asking for sexy/body pictures/wanting to video chat right away
  • Making sexual comments about your body/asking you about sex/asking if you’ve ever dated or been with a Korean guy
  • Asking to contact you on something other than Kakao Talk

Again, use common sense.

Other warnings: Don’t meet random guys from Tumblr because Korean guys have somehow stumbled upon this site thinking it’s an easy way to watch and spread pornography (since porn is technically blocked here.)

On nightlife: In my opinion, more so than where I’m from, Koreans (mostly) see clubbing as a way to find someone to hook up with. Of course this depends on the person, but tell someone sort of average or “pure” that you like to go clubbing and watch their expression. I bet they’ll have made a snap judgment about you. Meeting genuine guys at clubs is not going to be common. Also, while we’re talking about clubs, are there other foreigners at the club? Has this guy tried to dance/talk to/get with all the other foreign girls too? Hmm.

Rather than clubs, you might have more luck at drinking places where “hunting” is common. It’s very normal to go with a group of friends to these places and have guys come up to you and ask you to hang out together and merge groups. You might be able to find someone in this way. Maybe foreign-style bars are similar to this too (but then you’re risking the fetish thing.)

Also, how long will you be in Korea? If it’s a short time, you may have to adjust your expectations accordingly.

Finally, here’s the apps/websites I know of that you can use to meet people for dating or otherwise: instagram, okcupid, pof, badoo, skout, ublove, meeff, 1km, amanda, Tinder, bumble, scruff, grindr, (+ Hello Talk and italki, language exchange apps, GPS capabilities)

You’ll be more likely to find people who want to DATE on sites like OkCupid than places like Tinder. Again, common sense. 

TL;DR: You basically almost can’t! There are several factors that lead to this including dating norms and how friendship works here vs. other countries. Be careful and don’t be naïve. Try more public things like Instagram.

Exo reacting to their girlfriend and her members covering Monster-Exo



Would be very into it. If he can be seen in the audience, you can bet he’ll be dancing on as hard as he can or just being extra as heck in his cheering. Would give you pointers on how to do it properly.


Originally posted by exoturnback


Loves that you take inspiration from him. He would turn into a pile of mush watching you perform, showing off that huge gummy smile. Would give a thumbs up to the camera if they got a shot of him.

“That’s my girl.”

Originally posted by minniedeer


He would help you and your group nail the moves the way he does. If you were covering his group, he would want you to do it right. Would give a sheepish smile once he saw you performing. Praises you quietly afterwards.

“Good job (y/n).”

Originally posted by squynhty


Would be super extra and loud about it. Constantly reminds everyone that HIS girlfriend is covering HIS song. Would teach you how to sing the high notes or pretend to know how to rap if you were a rapper. Screams consistently throughout the entire performance.

~Sings or ‘raps’ along with your part~

Originally posted by mauloveskpop


Would be confused/surprised as to why you chose this song. Would scream when you’re performing.

“GO (Y/N)!!!”

Originally posted by rxxbinc


Would cry tears of happiness, super proud you’re covering his song. Would dance during the performance and cheers widely at the end.

“That was great!”~Tears up~

Originally posted by r-velvets


 Acts like he doesn’t care. Is secretly dying of happiness inside. If you asked for help, you should know what you’re signing up for. Smiles through the performance.

“You’re off key again, start from the top.”

Originally posted by luedeer


Would turn into a pile of mush he would be so happy. Would “practice” with you(aka just playing around and having fun instead of doing the exact choreo.) Has a crazy grin on his face, watching you perform. Gives you a standing ovation.

“Hey, you’re better than we are!”

Originally posted by jonginssoo


Like D.O., he pretends he doesn’t care(he does care). Even when you’re performing, he sits there and acts bored(secretly clapping his hands under the table when you’re finished). When you ask him how it was he shrugs.

“It was *almost* at our level.”

Originally posted by r-velvets

-Admin Leigh

I Can't Lose You Too

Jughead x Reader 

Requested: - Anonymous said: Hey, I’d like to request a jughead x reader  where jughead is like super protective over the reader. Like he walks with her in school. Sits with her in pop’s. The reader is never out of his sight (only when she’s home). And the reader doesn’t really mind, bc there’s a killer in the town and stuff. And it’s kinda hot Thank youu ^^

A/N: I made this more like he was protective over the relationship and losing you rather than your safety. THIS IS VERY ANTI ARCHIE IM SORRY.

Summary: You and Jug get in a fight about your closeness to Archie and he apologizes. 

Words: 822

Warnings: slight arguing 

Originally posted by dailyjugheadjones

“Do you guys want to come with to Pop’s?” Betty asked Jug and I as we walked out science.

“Yeah, see you later.” I said to them as they all chorused byes and okays while we walked to my locker to get a few books.

“I thought we were going to your place for movie night?” Jug whined and leant against the locker, I eyed him and he looked back and huffed, “What?” I shrugged my shoulders, “Y/N. What?”

“It’s one evening Jug.” I rolled my eyes and shut my locker.

“That we could be spending together.” He whined again and took my hand dragging me closer. “Now I have to worry about Archie stealing you.” He joked.

I chuckled slightly, “Hey, he’s our friend!” I slapped Jugs chest playfully.

He pulled me into him and started walking down the hall, “He might be our friend but he seems to have a go at anything that moves these days.” I hit him again and chuckled.

“Archie won’t have a go at me, I promise.” I giggled and leaned up to give him a quick kiss.

“You never know, he’s like a panther, stealthy and silent.” He wrapped an arm around my waist pulling me into him as we walked out school to Pop’s. I leaned my head on his arm as we walked, he always held me close to him making sure I was okay.

Everyone was already slurping their milkshakes when we got to Pop’s, we walked up to the table and I was about to sit in between Archie and Jug but he pulled me in front of him making me sit at the end. I sighed and slumped into the seat, we exchanged our hellos and the conversation went on.

“I get you don’t trust the panther at this point in time, but he’s my friend and you can damn well trust me Jug.” I whispered to him.

He looked at me and sighed “I’m sorry babe, It’s just…” he couldn’t find his words, he just looked at me.

I took his hand and kissed the tops of his knuckles, “It’s fine just remember that I can look after myself too please.” He sighed and put the hand I kissed on my thigh before turning back to the conversation.

Jug went to bathroom just as our order was called, Archie and I got up to help the waitress carry because there was enough food to feed an army. She thanked us and we returned to the table, without thinking Archie sat down.

“Arch, moveee.” I groaned and tried pulling him off the seat, the whole table laughed when I wasn’t able to move him, so stubborn me jokingly sat on his lap. He held me against him with one arm so he could see his plate as he ate his fries one by one.

I was talking to Betty about cheer practice when Jug came up to the table, “Y/N, can we talk? Outside.” He said and started walking out. The girls shot questioning looks at me I shrugged my shoulders and hopped off Archie’s lap and stumbled out the diner trying to catch up to him.  

He heard my footsteps and turned around, “What was that Y/N, I went to the bathroom for a minute!” He yelled, you could see his heavy breath in the cold.

“Jug we were messing around, he didn’t even try anything, we helped carry the food and he sat down without thinking and then jokingly refused to get up so I just sat on his lap.” I explained gently, Jug sighed and reached for my arm pulling me closer to him.

“Y/N I will not lose you too, I’ve lost everything and you’re the only thing I have right now. I’m just afraid of losing you Y/N.” He said while placing soft kisses on my forehead.

“But you won’t.” I said leaning up and giving him a kiss, he smiled down at me.

“Pinky promise?” He said holding out his pinkie and giving me a cheeky smile.

I rolled my eyes and intertwined my finger with his, “Pinky promise.”  He pulled me into him and we walked back into the diner.  

“And the love birds return.” Veronica announced as we walked back in, she was now seated next to Archie showing him her freshly painted nails.

“Having fun Arch?” Jug chuckled and Archie shook his head viciously, everyone laughed and Veronica acted hurt and huffed at Archie. Everyone seemed to brush off what just happened between Jug and I which was good I guess because who wants there best friend to find out they don’t fully trust them.

Jug put a hand on my thigh and squeezed it “I’m sorry I was being a dick.” He whispered, I giggled and gave him a kiss, everyone oohed and awwed as we pulled back. Jughead’s cheeks grew red as we all laughed.

Poor Little Rich Girl-Part 11

This is an A/B/O AU

Your father Lucifer is the Alpha of your pack and he rules your town with an iron fist.  He is forcing you to marry the son and heir of a rival pack.  It is 3 weeks before your wedding when you find out Sam Winchester is back.   Sam was your first love at 17, and when your father found out, he forced his family to leave town.  You haven’t spoken to him since.  What will happen when you see him again?

Characters: Alpha! Sam Winchester, Beta! Dean Winchester, Beta! Castiel Novak, Omega! Mary Winchester, Reader, Alpha! (Nick) Lucifer, Beta! Michael, Beta! Gabriel, Beta! Stephanie (OC), Alpha Eric (OC) Beta! Kerry (OC) Omega! Tess (OC) Alpha! Malcolm (OC)

Master List

Introduction (all parts are linked)

Text messages are listed in Bold

Dean’s POV

Michael had given me the address that Malcolm had written down.  When I put the address into my phone’s GPS, I saw it was at least a 3-hour car ride away.  Sam was chomping at the bit to go, so the convoy headed out.

Something just wasn’t sitting right with me.  Call it a cop’s instincts, but he caved way too easily.  He was the Alpha of his pack, and Eric was his son and heir for Christ’s sake! And all it takes is a little pressure from Lucifer and he’s spilling his guts? Well, I don’t buy it. I decided to have my partner help us out.

Dean: Hey Cas? Are you busy, man?

Castiel: Nope.  Just solving murders.  Saving lives.  The usual.  What’s up?

Dean:  Can you run an address for me and see who is listed as the owner?

Castiel: Aren’t you supposed to be on vacation?


Castiel: Do I want to even know why you need this?

Dean: NO

Castiel: Fine. Give it to me.

Dean: 21127 Morning Glory Drive.  It’s in Essex.

Castiel: Hang on.

Dean: Anything?

Castiel: Are you sure you got the address right?

Dean: Why do you ask?

Castiel: The only thing coming up for that address is a cemetery.

“Son-of-a-bitch!” Dean swore.  “Stop the car!” He immediately yelled at the driver as he called Cas’ cell.  

“What the hell is going on, Dean?” His partner asked warily.

“I’ll explain later.  Can you try to find out if Malcolm Reynolds, the Alpha of the Whitehall pack has any alternate addresses listed?”

Covering the mouthpiece of the phone, he spoke to Sam and the driver, who were both staring at him.  “The bastard tricked us! The address he gave us is a cemetery! I have my partner searching for any other properties he owns.  You might wanna let your boss know.”

Sam punched the seat in front of him while muttering a particularly foul expletive.  Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Michael walking towards his side of the car.  “What’s going on? Why did you stop?”

“Dean had a hunch that Malcolm was playing us.  He was right.  The address he gave us is a cemetery.  He is having his partner do a check for other properties he owns.” 

Michael let out a low whistle.  “Luci is gonna tear Malcolm’s head off when this is all over.”

Sam gave a harsh laugh.  “Yeah well, he can get in line.”

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Such A Tease ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Oral with Klaus

Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Word Count :400

Warning: none

Tagged:  @crysxtal @dunbarkiss @kirsty-lou666 @emo-chick-59-stuff@xxshewollfxx @horror-movies-and-disney@kittencutie245 @thejulietfarciertlove @yui-miyuka

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If you love journaling...

and planners, and self-development, and #studyspo, and periods of time for self-reflection and taking stock of your life, then this is for you.

We’re coming up on the two-week anniversary of quitting my job. (It just happened!)

I was at that job for over two years, and I wasn’t happy. I felt like the proverbial dog sitting on a nail, and I didn’t move but I kept howling until someone showed me a way out. And I took it.

When I quit, I decided to take the whole month of December off, to rest and recharge and write and reflect.

On where I am, now.

On where I want to be.

On what I’m doing to get there.

A couple of years ago, I wrote this nifty little ebook that I called Journaling Your Goals.

It’s loosely structured into a four-week program:

Week One: Here and Now

  • evaluate the current balance of your life
  • realize your values
  • start implementing small changes to make you more productive
  • learn how to track your productivity 

Week Two: Reflect:

  • look carefully at what you’ve accomplished
  • how your current behavior could bring you joy…or regret
  • how to overcome paralyzing doubt
  • how to combat fear
  • how to become a better you

Week Three: Act On It:

  • associate hard work with good things
  • visualize your goals
  • automate your routines
  • use various techniques to “hack” your brain to respond positively to your efforts at productivity

Week Four: Moving Forward:

  • create your own manifesto
  • start a spiritual routine
  • celebrate your achievements
  • support yourself with self-care and healing techniques 

JYG also includes sections on:

  • how to set a self-directed challenge
  • how to get obsessed
  • how to make a Memory Jar
  • New Year’s Resolutions

It’s about 30,000 words of handy tricks, life hacks, and inspiration, based on my own experiences as a lifelong addict of organizational tools and journals, for $3.

$2.99, actually.

I’ll be using it this month to realign myself with my values and get back on my feet for the New Year.

So if you feel inspired to do the same, especially considering the fact that I am facing a month with no income and every little bit helps, I would appreciate your support by buying a thing that I created (all by myself! out of thin air, it seems!).

Thanks, lovelies. You’re the best.

And if you do start going through the program, please tag me or drop me a line and let me know how it works out for you!

Read the pitch here.

Buy the ebook here.

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Hello there, hope you're doing well! So the other day I came across a nail polish named, I kid you not, 'Blueberry Hot Rod', which naturally reminded me of Rodimus and his new look. So, may I request the Lost Light crew reacting to a human s/o who painted their nails to match their paint jobs?

XD  I really want to believe that whoever named that nail polish is a fan MTMTE!  I’ll just do a few of my favs, if you don’t mind, as there are quite a few bots running around the Lost Light.  ;)

Rodimus:  He chuckles and gets this big goofy grin on his face when you show him the totally fierce flame motif you painted on your nails.  “Aw, babe!  That’s so cute!  We totally match!”  He wants to show your beautiful nails off to everyone one around the ship.  “Quick, Rewind!  Get a picture of me and my babe!”  He gets the biggest ego boost when you do things like this for him.  (Magnus can’t handle him when he’s in this state.)

Drift: When you show him the white, red, and black swirl patterns you painted, he immediately becomes very interested.  His optics light up and he gently takes your hands in his as he starts describing what the particular colors mean.  “It’s a powerful statement.  The double meanings give it sort of an ambiguous feel.  Now this color here, means…”  You have to actually spell it out for him.  “Drift, these are your colors.”  His mouth snaps shut and his cheeks flush in embarrassment after a moment.  “Oh,” he chuckles, bringing a hand to his face.  

Skids:  “Well, how about that?” he beams at your red, yellow, and blue nails.  “You’re quite the little artist!”  You flush and tell him that you chose those colors specifically to match his paint.  He lets out a hearty laugh as his optics sparkle with warmth.  He gently lifts you up to place you on his shoulder.  “That so?  Well, thank you, m’dear.  I appreciate it,” he smiles giving you a light kiss on the cheek.

Swerve:  “Wow! Your fingers look really pretty!” he says, leaning over the edge of the bar to admire your red and white French manicure.  You let out a soft giggle.  Suddenly, Whirl leans over to see what you two are gawking at.  “Aw, how cute.  You two dorks match!” he says with all his signature charm.  You turn to face him with a wry smirk.  “Yeah.  I did that on purpose actually.”  You turn back to Swerve and flash him a dazzling smile.  He stands there gaping at you, for once at a loss for words, as all the energon rushes to his faceplates.

Rung:  He delicately turns both your hands over in his as you show him the orange and white designs you painted.  His slender fingers trace gently over the back of your hand and over each digit, lingering more than necessary and sending little shivers down your spine. He lifts his gaze up to meet yours and smiles at you fondly like you’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. “You have lovely hands, my dear,” he says softly, placing a small kiss to your knuckles.  He asks you if you wouldn’t mind letting him try painting your nails for you sometime.

Tailgate:  There’s a light shining brilliantly behind his optics and he bounces around in excitement, clasping your hands as you show him your white and blue nails with the word “bomb” spelled out across each hand.  “Oh, man!  Wow! That is so cool!  You’re literally the best!” he cries, picking you up in a fierce hug and nuzzling his face against yours, making you giggle.  “Hey, Cyclonus!  Check out y/n’s awesome hands!”  (“…I’ve seen their hands before, Tailgate…”)


I just finished this cute charm for a lovely customer! This rainbow drink charm has a cute rainbow unicorn horn straw! 🌈
🌈I also have to show off my new set of matching mermaid inspired nails done by @harleyquinn505 !🎀
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Euron Greyjoy x Reader...

((Soo not A LOT of Euron Greyjoy, but I’ve never written for him so…I’m trying to take it slowly so I don’t completely screw up his character/personality. There will be a second part to this))

Word Count: 1,573

They came out of nowhere. You never stood a chance. He timed it so well…the moment the storm started brewing he was there…docking as his men screamed and ran in all directions. You watched this from your window in your father’s keep, your heart thumping against your chest because you knew the gates would not hold them off. You were from a poor Lordly House, barely noble at all. A…cadet branch of a cadet branch of a cadet branch…and so on about half a dozen more times. Really…your Father was just a merchant with the name Lord because of his blood.

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To my little whore

Baby girl let me treat you like a princess and buy you everything you want, take you out to show you off. But once we’re alone be my little whore let me fuck you like one, let’s not make it past the stairs before you open your legs for me be easy like that just for me. Let me play with your tits like no one has and leave marks everywhere so everyone knows your mine. Turn around with no shame and let my tongue be deep inside you while my fingers spread your pussy open. I want to hear you scream how much you love it when I fuck you like this. Let me dig my nails into that wonderful skin because I can’t get enough of how you taste… pull me deeper into you when I play with your tits and clit. Let me finger fuck you hard to send you over the edge and cum all over my hand so I can lick all my fingers clean, then as we’re kissing tell me how much you love being just my personal little whore.

Ok so there’s something I need to rant about right now
The bold type
This show is great, I know, it’s feminist in all the right ways, it’s realistic although with the slightest touch of holywood magic we need. But you know what ? I’m in love witg Kat. With the way her realisation of her feelings for Adena are protrayed. The way she pauses before she says “I think I really like you”. And the kiss is also perfect. Because she’s done searching and wondering. That feeling right there was why she wanted to spend so much time with Adena. There right now she doesn’t give a damn about the labels and that’s exactly how I felt the first time I kissed a girl. Scared and anxious about revealing my feelings. And then just completely swept off my feet by how right and happy and perfect it felt. And I believe this show nailed this protrayal of sexuality. It’s all about the people and the moments.

Mr. Principal & Mr. VP

Disclaimer: I write these posts not only to inform but to make sure I don’t forget my POTS and I document the luxury or horrible places I have went to for future references or possible freestyling.

Didn’t I tell you last week I was going to sugar hard? 

Mr. Principal

 I’m having drinks with a Charter School Principal. We spoke about community initiatives and I told him I had a horrible date (Mr. S). So he is making it up to me and we are going to The Roxy Bar. This is going to be the most casual date ever. No makeup, flats and no skirt. Just high waisted black pants and an orange shirt. 

Mr. VP 

He’s lives on the Upper West Side. If you major in finance and equity, he works in the company everyone wants to get an internship in. I met him on Tinder and we spoke about business and technology advances. He wanted to choose the restaurant and he did not disappoint me. 

He chose Modern NYC in the Museum of Modern Art so we can have a private tour of the art after we are done eating. 

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This caught me off guard. Also, finding his resume just by using his last name on Google. Now, I have to rush to the beauty supply store and get eyelashes and dark chocolate brown or a brown pink lipstick. This is the outfit I picked because, I didn’t want want to show too much skin but I do want to show curves. As for my hair… I don’t f**king know. I have to rush to the nail salon for a gel pedicure because closed toe shoes looks ugly with this dress. 

anonymous asked:

how would the league of the villains react to someone like giran (not really member but do jobs for them) BUT is insanely skilled and strong. Bitch can take out your heart with just her nails zoldyck style(hunterxhunter reference) AND she treats everyone decently like she's always respectful and polite.

-Kurogiri would be super impressed by her. Like, oh my god.
-He treats her with the same respect he shows to [the guy that talks thru the tv at HQ] (no spoilers from mod shouta today lmao)
-He wants her on the team officially
-Likes her even more bc she’s polite as hell

-Shigaraki would be pissed off at her. Probably because they’re more skilled than he is, but Shigaraki is a bundle of various emotions so….it’s a lot of reasons
-He respects her but he also feels inferior
-So he’s super rude to her and Kurogiri tells him off a lot for it
-It pisses him off even more when she doesn’t respond to his insults or when she’s nice in return

-Dabi’s into it, man
-He’s not super verbal about it like Kurogiri is but he likes her a lot
-Dabi would be the one to fall in love with her lmao (not really *love* but he probably would try to do the do)
-He gets a little angrier than normal with Shigaraki when Shigaraki is being rude
-“hey it looked like u needed help so here I am. I incinerated this guy for u. ur welcome.”

내가 미쳐 - Going Crazy

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |  Part 4

Description: After a difficult and traumatizing childhood you’ve mostly recovered from the past, besides the recurring nightmares and occasional struggle disassociating yourself from it. When a boy from said past shows up after seven years, you want nothing to do with him.

Pairings: Jongdae x Reader

Word Count: 1,014

it pushes up to me like thickening fog
cutting off my breath, it’s killing me
these infected wounds
are getting deeper, they keep aching
(but it was you)

You felt your whole body shaking in fear as you awoke from yet another nightmare. At this point you’d taken precautions to muffle sounds coming from your room so that your roommate, Minah, wouldn’t worry. You let out a single gasping sob before forcing yourself to calm down.

It’s just a dream Y/N, that’s all.

You dug your nails into your palms as you attempted to calm your ragged breathing. They were always the same every time, not the dreams but their subjects. Always your mother, always the darkness, always him leaving you behind without a second glance. You took a sip of the cool water on your nightstand and collected your thoughts. You laid down and focused on breathing steadily before, eventually, falling back to sleep.

Waking up the next morning was a feat. Eventually you managed to drag yourself out of bed and outside your room. There you found Minah sitting down at the kitchen table looking at you expectantly. “Well,” she motioned, “I made you breakfast. Sit down and eat it.”

You smiled at her, as roommates go, she wasn’t the worst. In fact, it was great sharing an apartment with your best friend. “Thank you, Minah.”

She smiled back at you but you saw the worry cross her face, “how did you sleep-”

“Fine,” you responded, a little too quickly, “I slept fine.”

Minah opened her mouth to respond but you cut her off, “I’m gonna go shower. Thanks again for the breakfast.”

“You barely ate anything!” She protested.

“Just not that hungry.” You ducked out of the room.

When you turned on the shower the splash of warm water across your skin was soothing and helped to give you the boost you needed to get ready and out the door for your morning classes. Even so, you spend the day in a bit of a haze. Your lack of decent sleep always made focusing a struggle.

You felt yourself sigh with relief when you were finally able to return home. Campus was close enough that you never took a car (not that you had one), so you began the short walk back to your apartment. The seasons were beginning to change and you found yourself staring at the way the leaves were changing color.


There were times you could go days without the flashbacks, the echoes of what used to be replaying in your head on a constant loop. Sometimes you could almost forget. Other times, though, you were not so lucky. And now, thousands of fractured memories flooded your mind. The comfort you’d once found, the only solace you’d had. The moments spent hiding away from all the damage inside your home. The searing pain when your only escape from it all was gone. The years you’d spent building yourself up and planning your freedom in the wake, the years of torment you faced alone. And his voice, calling out for you as you heard it now.

You felt as if the world was collapsing on top of you and you unintentionally fell to your knees, heart pounding in your ears. You had learned over time that you should never show any signs of weakness, never fall down, but you were far too overwhelmed now. You brought your hands up to your head and tore your fingers through your hair, trying to feel something other than the ever-pressing panic. As you drew them over your face you realized it was covered in tears.

And then you felt a hand on your arm. You’d never really believed in a god but in that moment you prayed to any deity that could be out there, begging for it to be anyone but the boy who raced through your memories.

“Y/N?” His voice was softer this time. You couldn’t help but be reminded of the hours he’d spent comforting you, trying to calm your aching heart.

When you finally forced yourself to look up it felt like you’d been slapped across the face. Why now?

He was so beautiful, he had always been beautiful, but here, seven years later, you could see how the boy you remembered had grown into his features. He looked ethereal, and you wanted nothing to do with him. Even so, you still found yourself choking out his name, “Jongdae.”

You didn’t understand the look he gave you in response, you thought perhaps, it would be pity, but it was something different other than that. There was sadness in that look. You almost wanted to laugh to yourself, maybe he had hoped that you’d gotten better, that after seven years he wouldn’t find you sobbing on the ground like the lost child you used to be. You couldn’t stop the violent shaking in your hands, wishing you could be anywhere than there with him. There was no way you could’ve ever been prepared for this moment, for seeing Jongdae again. Some people would have thought you crazy, it’s been seven years why are you still so upset? You wished there was some sort of explanation, something better than that your mind had been torn apart and pieced back together in its own way. You lived every moment haunted by your past and oh how you hated it.

Oh how you hated this reminder in front of you of everything you wished you could forget. He looked lost, unsure of what to do.

“Why are you here?” You whispered as you attempted to brush the tears off your face.

His response sounded incredulous and confused, “I- for you.”

Then why did you leave?” Your voice cracked and you felt the tears building behind your eyes as you shook his hand off your arm and stood up, “I have to go I can’t- I can’t do this right now, ever. You shouldn’t have come.”

“Y/N can I just talk to you?” The boy that had once been so familiar to you was a stranger now, and you had no intention of getting to know him.

“No!” The word came out faster, sharper than you’d intended, “please just… leave me alone.”

You didn’t wait for a response, you simply hurried away as quickly as possible, leaving Jongdae standing alone on the pavement staring after you.


I remember taking every single one of these pictures.

my first day on hormones. the first women’s clothing I ever bought. the first time I was ever comfortable with showing my belly. inheriting my sister’s old wardrobe. showing off the crop sweater that my friend secret-agent-egg bought for me because I was too nervous to buy it myself. the first time I casually wore a dress for no reason other than I wanted to wear one. the first time I had my hair and makeup done by my sister. the first time I ever nailed shaving.

I haven’t looked at these old pictures until now, and… I don’t recognize them. they look so much different from the me I see in the mirror now… I just needed to look at them all together to see that I’ve made so much progress in such a short amount of time. hormones really are magic :D

Just wanted to show off how calm Garrus is when I clip his nails. This is me messing with his paw post-trim and he was hanging out in my lap, falling asleep the whole time. He’s does get a little touchier about his back paws but as long as I go slow he is willing to let me work on him. Nail trimming doesn’t have to be a stressful experience!