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guess what I wrote fic because I decided to take Barry’s advice to Iris to “keep running” literally aka ‘Iris and Cisco go running together in the mornings’ (now on AO3)

Iris West spends a lot of time with Cisco after Barry vanishes into the Speed Force. Barry isn’t dead (which is…hard to explain to her colleagues) but she’s still feeling something like grief. And Cisco helps. She knows that what happened to Barry and what happened to Cisco can’t really be compared, but Cisco shares grief counseling tips with her anyway. (She can’t go to the actual classes - that would be like admitting that Barry was gone for real. And what would it look like to the other group members if her dead fiance came back to life?)

Cisco tells her that sticking to a routine - not playing video games for hours for hours on end - helped him after Dante died. Barry told her to keep running, and, well, that’s what she’s going to do. And an exercise buddy is the best way to keep accountability, so that’s how she and Cisco ended up jogging together three mornings a week.

She has a little bit more stamina than Cisco, but, well, she was better at boxing than cross-country. And running helps, it really does. Cisco jokes that cardio is part of his “superhero training”, but it’s just…nice to spend time with him. Sometimes they chat, sometimes they run in silence, and sometimes Cisco blasts Work, Bitch from his phone. The routine helps. Cisco helps (and she thinks it’s helping Cisco too.)

And, well, running makes her feel closer to Barry. Iris doesn’t have speed coursing through her veins, but she’s running on the same streets he ran on. Barry is gone, but she and Cisco brought him back one time, there’s no reason they can’t do it again, right?

In the meantime, she’ll keep running. 

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I don't know how you cranked out that awesome adventure zone art so fast but I just want to say wow and thank you

i may or may not have been setting aside half of my thursdays just for a taz doodle

oops here’s another

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I don't understand how people can think Jensen and Jared hate Misha. Like, if they hated him they wouldn't have to do panels with him, share a rent house together, vacation together, etc. Like, why can't some people realize they aren't obliged to hang out with Misha, but they do because he's one of their best friends.

Because they are blinded by hate and whatever happened in their own lives that led them to be so hateful and negative. Misha isn’t the only person / thing they hate, it’s a running theme. I wish J2 would be more vocal about specifically saying this is bullshit rather than their continued just acting like it is bullshit and hoping this would get the message though, as clearly saying they love Misha over and over again both showing that they’re totally comfortable and love each other so much isn’t cutting it….

These people who project so much hatred not only are spreading negativity but also are contradicting themselves in saying they love J2 but ignoring the fact that they clearly love Misha (how many times do they have to repeatedly show it and say it out loud in front of them?!). They actively work with his charities, enjoy working together and even spend time with each other with their families outside of work etc so they are attacking J2 as well as Misha when they do this as he is their FRIEND.

I can’t abide by anyone who sends hate towards someone else, LET ALONE a person who actively is trying to help others and make the world a better place, I just cannot comprehend how they don’t see that they are the bad guys in this. If you are actively hating on someone who is trying to spread goodness in the world, you have gone wrong somewhere.

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do you ship jimon?

kind of! i think the better answer is that i don’t not ship it, like when i see their gifsets, it’s cute, but outside of that i don’t think about them very much. it’s mostly because jace doesn’t really occupy my thoughts very often so by extension i don’t really think about him being with simon or vice versa.

personally, i think a lot more about simon x maia. i wish they’d been given more of a chance on screen than what we’d gotten; they were both downworlders who really understood each other and connected almost instantly over their shared experiences (being turned around college age, their connection with luke as a father figure, etc.). there was so much here to explore and it was a shame we didn’t get to see it.

Have a Nice Day

I am at 10-12 in my progress in sending asks with that nice little message, and Tumblr told me to stop and I have to wait an hour before asking anything else. Maybe this is spam? I’m not sure but maybe some people actually hate those things I dunno I actually love them it makes me feel good… so…

 @m0riartysbitch @dr-davin-jamesgethin-mcgann @jimoghy @ohmyglobwhatthefrickamievendoing @destiels-little-devil @please–be–happy @mirirosynni @gonnamurderyou @impalafamily @supernaturalcosplaygroups @heckitsfandomtime @kateis-cakeis have a nice day. You don’t even have spread anything to anyone I just want you to know that I wish you have a lovely day filled with luck and happiness. 

I’ve seen your names the most and I have noticed, so thanks. Message me if you’d like, I’d love to talk you more. Some of you have asks or anon off and some of you I just hadn’t had a chance to try yet before tumblr stopped me haha peace (if you want me to never do this again please just let me know, I’ll stop) 

In light of the unfortunate recent events, I just wanted to say something. I know on this blog I would occasionally reblog news relating to world events and politics but recently I have decided not to anymore. Life is stressful as it is, and to be surrounded by this bad news all the time is just extremely exhausting. I want my blog to be a place I can come to so I can feel safe, so I can relax and forget about the bad. And I want it to be that for others as well.

I hope no one is upset with me for not reblogging anything. But please know that I do care.

Thank you and ily all. ♡

Life’s going pretty okay, probably in a way I never expected it to be before, but it must be because I finally learned to stop taking things for granted. it really changes your perspective when you start appreciating the little things. I’d say I feel really happy but…. I don’t know if this is me being greedy because despite me feeling comfortable I… still wish it was better than this. I want more. My life is okay but it could be even more better??? will it get to be better??? I don’t know. I hate to say this but I guess only time can tell.

Hello yes my heart is ready to be taken

HOOO BOY I didn’t think I would have to do this in this nearly 3 years down the line, but my inbox has become a hellish wasteland due to misinformation so I’m gonna be as blunt as possible here: I don’t ship Makorra and I haven’t since the show ended.  Personally it’s just… not My Jam anymore. It hasn’t been for a while. But that’s not the point of this post.

An old post of mine started going around claiming that my opinion regarding fandom toxicity is invalid because “I’m a 24 year old makorra shipper who’s still bitter about korrasami”. I touched base with the person who left the comment asap to try to figure out what was going on & they told me they had me confused with another blogger. They retracted the statement immediately

but the damage had already been done. The version of the post with the “callout” is still circulating.

Look, if this was true and if on top of that I was in fact spreading any kind of hatred or making shitty posts that offended people, I would take this criticism to heart and work to actively change what I was doing. I want and have always wanted this blog to be a safe and comfortable space for anyone and everyone. 

But. Honestly. I refuse to go down because of a case of mistaken identity. This is ridiculous, guys.

If you have to call someone out, please try to do a little research. Misinformation can be harmful.

Okay but do you realize that this shit has happened to Sana before? and that’s why her mother is so worried about her… It looks like Sana has been bullied before, in the school she went to before Nissen; since the flashing images of hate messages in the new clip was from people from that school. Honestly this explains so much of Sana’s behavior and her mother’s protectiveness over her and why she wants Sana to “have friends that are more like her”… she wanted to prevent Sana from getting bullied and hurt again.