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When I was 16 I swallowed 3 bottles of extra strength pills in my school bathroom because I simply didn’t want to live anymore and I was tired, just so very tired. I couldn’t walk down the halls without being stared at and talked about because the school football team posted things about me online and eventually the rest of the bystanders joined in the harassment. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about, I’m here to talk about how the aftermath of your suicide will affect others in a way that you would never understand. Because you thought no one cared, but they did. So, here’s my story.
 I will never forget the look on my parents faces when they had to sit back and watch their little girl almost die from uncontrollable seizures. They had tear stained eyes and puffy cheeks. But what fucks me up the most was seeing my dad cry. I’ve only ever seen my dad cry twice. The first time was at his mothers funeral, and the second time was when I tried to end my life.
One of the responding fire fighters was a coach from one of my sport teams. And for a fearless man who ran into burning homes as a job, he couldn’t move from the corner of the room because the successful athlete he watched grow up was dying in front of his eyes.
My 2 best friends experienced the hardest part. They were the ones who found my limp unconscious body slouched up against the bathroom stall. They were the ones who had to be physically torn from my side because they didn’t want to let go of my hand. And to this day, they still have nightmares about that morning like it was yesterday.
A girl from my school who had also tried to take her own life earlier in the year showed up at hospital bed and gave me the biggest hug. She cried as she tried to explain how great life is, that image is still stuck in my head.

You see, it’s not about how many people will give a shit if you die. It’s about the ones who would, and how bad it would fuck them up for the rest of their lives. People care, and they always will. Suicide isn’t the cure to sadness. 


Thank you so much to everyone who shared my original Kiki post. I Really appreciate your support 💖 you guys are so awesome! ^// ^

These photos of my Kiki Cosplay turned out so perfectly I just want to cry! ;u ; Thank you Vagabond Photography for coming out here to shoot with me! I love everything about these! Your work is always so fantastic!! ⭐️

Also! During this shoot, we found a black cat wandering around! I’ll never forget you Jiji!


WOOOO ya boys it’s utaitelover555′s follow forever!

tysm for 1k!! idk how u all put up w me but thanks! on here r friends n fave mutuals !! if ur not on here dw i still love u n u can ask to be here and if u dont wanna be here just ask to be taken off! there r a ton of ppl missing bc i forget their urls + i didnt want to be so long but here we gogogo

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Ey- I follow you for your art, not JUST undertale. ;> Thats what everybody here SHOULD be doing

o shoot srry the bell rang right after i posted that so i had to go to class orz

and holy shit omg you don’t know how happy that makes me ahH
i dunno why but when i discussed a matter like this before with my friends
they kept encouraging me to keep on doing the undertale aus which was realy nice and sweet of them and i’ll never forget what they’ve done for me
but i think i just wanted to hear something like it’s okay not to continue if you don’t love it anymore–i draw for fun and to improve, not for gaining followers and likes unlike some other people lol
plus since now that im over with this, i can finally work on those art goals n dope projects yo

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helloooo could you please do a before+after of this post? /post/159369165549/early-grapes-actions-r-rad i really want to download some actions!!! and ive never heard of early-grape before??? idk if thats a person or the name of the action LOL

wait hold up you dont know @early-grape​?? shes a person btw and i just linked her blog so you should totally check it out!!!

heres the after+before!!

the action is here! i used forget me not! also sorry anon if this was an hour late because idk if i should tag her not lol because im 2shy

A shit AU I thought up in my spare time because I wanted to practice designing characters, so have this rough design concept. I haven’t thought about the physical design much but I though about the character a SHIT TON so here’s what I thought up

[im calling it the ‘finis malus AU’]

a bit of word building:
The AU takes place in post-batterwitch in a kinda beta timeline, only sburb was never a thing, and the timeline was pretty much the same as the beta except the batter-witch comes in that timeline. The entire earth consists of abandoned buildings, overgrown forests, and small pockets of civilization, usually oppressed by the batterwitch. The beta and alpha kids are part of a small rebellion against the batterwitch, officially established by Rose. (they’re all 18 at this point). I’ll come up with designs for the rest of the beta, alpha, and troll kids later

Grew up in the desert in a small caravan that sold metal works and weapons to the small cities littered around the desert, overall it was a pretty hard lifestyle, growing up in the open desert is dangerous with all the lusii roaming around, so he grew up fighting
Being born under mysterious circumstances, has a weird mutation based in his eyes, he can see for miles, which was useful growing up in the expansive desert, but his eyes are super sensitive, so he wears his goggles to restrict his eyesight to a normal level
Used a double hammer technique from birth, he made the ones he uses now himself with the smithing knowledge he got from the caravan, he made almost all the rebellions weapons, with the exceptions of Dirk’s katana and Karkat’s sickles.

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just saw your post about Auschwitz... I must say I've been there last year in summer and I also visited Birkenau, a smaller concentration camp here in Germany and no pictures or videos in the world could describe the feeling you have when walking around in there, the coldness and silence and the bad smell and grey walls on the one side and flowers and bright green trees on the other... so what I wanted to say is that the post kinda took me back to that day, I'll never forget these memories

It’s one of those places I feel like I have to visit before I die. Surprisingly the way you described it is the way that I always imagined it to be, cold, grey, empty and silent, it’s definitely a haunting place.

someone on AO3 asked me what Dipper and Mabel do all day since they’re 20 and not in high school anymore. That’s actually a pretty good question so I’m posting my response here as well.

Mabel is extroverted and has a pretty active social life and is out a lot going on dates or just going out and doing things in general and making the most of having the money to do pretty much anything she wants. 

(plus you can’t forget poker night with Grunkle Stan every Thursday that Ford doesn’t know about)

She spends a bit more time at home now since Dipper’s gone a lot and if she doesn’t she’ll never see him.

Before starting to go out constantly to hang out with Bill, Dipper didn’t have much of a social circle and spent most of his time on puzzles and books to keep his mind interested as well as try to help Ford out if he can. He still does these things when he is at home but it’s less than stimulating at this point. Ford doesn’t engage him as much anymore either because he’s an adult now and can find things to do on his own.

Dipper was going to start looking into collages before he met Bill but Bill kind of side tracked that.


A short none related comic with Shishio-sensei and Suzume <3 Just something that could have happened if Mamura didn’t come in the way xP

Part 1 of 2 because I can’t upload more then 10 pic on one post haha, so I’ll have 9 here and 3 on another one xD

read the rest here…

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My bf and I have been together for a while now. When I met him he hadn't had any serious girlfriends so I wanted to be his first and I wanted to be the sluttiest so he'd never forget. He was pretty innocent and hadn't done much.The nerdier the better. First time I rode him while his room mate slept nearby. I went on to give him a lap dance and teased him with a long blow job. I love sucking on his balls. After being teased we had sex for hours including anal. Now, we make videos just for us.

Hey tay, today marks a month since we met. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for everything. Thank you for following me on here, thank you for liking my posts, thank you for wanting to meet me, thank you for knowing my name before I told you and thank you for saying you loved me too. Everything you have done for me this past month has meant so so much to me and has made me the happiest girl in the world, so thank you for that also. I miss you so so much and I will never forget you, ever. I love you more than anything.
Forever and always, Laura.

okay so i didn’t get any photo ops or autographs for seacon at first because i knew that i was going to be an emotional wreck about them and i wanted a more chill con experience for once. but naturally i’m super weak for misha and decided to last-minute impulse buy a misha autograph for sunday. now, i’ve had misha autographs before, and i always plan to say something about how much he means to me etc etc but get there and clam up, so i really wanted this time around to be more significant. the inimitable anna (dirtyovercoats) had these postcards lying around the apartment, and i thought it would be a good impetus for the conversation i wanted to have with him, sooooo!!!

anyway, i got up to him and we said hi and he started writing my name etc and i said “so i know you get this a lot, and i know that it’s taxing to hear so i apologize in advance” and he stopped writing and made eye contact with me and he goes “no no, what is it?” and i said “i’ve been coming to these cons for a while, and the first time i met you was actually the one year anniversary i guess of the day i tried to take my life.” and he got really solemn-faced and ducked his head a little to catch my eye because i was like refusing to make eye contact with him lol and i just kept going with “that day you told me to stay strong. and since then, just by being who you are, so incredible and supportive and by what you stand for, you have reminded me time and time again to keep staying strong. so i just wanted to thank you for that.” 

he took this like deep breath and said “thank you for saying that. i am so glad you’re here.” and he smiled so softly and warmly and added the message at the bottom, and he said “never forget it, okay? promise me.” and i did and thanked him again and yikes anyway lots of post-autograph waterworks but i am super super happy bye

2016 is almost over (thank god) and I decided to make a follow forever to show my appreciation for the 1.7k amazing people who follow me, like my edits, and continue to support me everyday. I love each and every single one of you very very much. I joined tumblr in 2012 and I honestly can’t believe I’m still here. I’ve made so many great friends along the way that I will never forget, even though we don’t talk anymore. My blog has changed in many ways over the years, but it would be nothing without all of your love and support. I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but I’ve been posting a lot more gifsets/edits recently. Before, I was really insecure about them and I did not have the motivation to make them. Recently, I’ve felt a lot more secure and I just wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to like/reblog them. You are my motivation, so thank you!  I made this follow forever as fast as I could since 2017 is quickly approaching. I also turn 21 in a week, like WAT. I KNOW I forgot a lot of amazing people in this follow forever, so please forgive me. Also, please remember that I’m always here for you and stay strong. I love you all!! <3 :)


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so after posting these tags:
#i want them to track clarke in season 3#because bellamy tries so hard to respect her wishes but by day 4 he’s going nuts#so they follow her#and she’s got a huge lead#and knows that bellamy will be leading a team#and though she doesn’t want to be caught#she uses rocks and any surface she can find#to leave them art#she draws maya for jasper#she draws her dad#she draws octavia and her butterflies (maybe one day octavia will forgive her)#and it’s not a trail#so much as a promise#that she’s okay#and she’s never going to forget them#she just can’t be with them right now#so she draws them instead
on this photoset, i received an ask requesting i write a fic about this so??? here i am! post 2x16 bellarke goodness because all i can do to survive the next seven months is write them!!

Bellamy lasts four days before he decides to go after her. He tries, he really does, to respect her wishes and her need for space but he can’t just sit at camp and wonder if she’s okay, or where she’s gone. He has to see her with his own eyes to confirm that Clarke Griffin is still out there somewhere.

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Comic book fans make me want to quit comics. They are too critical. Too loud. Too self-absorbed. I feel sad when I try to visit a comic news site, a reddit post, or a tumblr. We've all become too toxic and self-important. I honestly thought this was going to be a lifelong hobby, but I'm close to 30 years of being a comic book fan and I've never seen it this ugly-- from people I agree with and disagree with. I just don't know if I want to be "in the club" any more? yknow?

it breaks my heart to hear this. 

just don’t go to those toilets full of garbage people. so many people at signings or here tell me how they can’t post ANYTHING positive about anything without some shithead jumping up their ass.  its weird. i know, free speech, but someone should be able to celebrate joy without being hammered. 

just like what you like, celebrate what you want to celebrate, enjoy the books and forget reddit even exists. you’ll have a full life.

1000th post celebration

Heyyy everybody, so this is my 1000th post since I joined it the crazy world of Tumblr. It has been quite a ride of meeting people, reblogging things… serious business.

I want to celebrate this with all of you… followers, fangirls, small and big blogs, meaningful and crazy, calm and shy… oh you know what, you can forget that.

I just itch for making another long gif post… judge me, block me, hate me, you are never gonna change who I am. Enjoy the party, people.

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I know I forgot to tag a ton of people so feel free to tag everyone you´d like to join this dumb little thing :)

I´ll just wait here then… that´s what I´ll do.

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Domestic!AU where Bard has to leave early for his job so he has to get up before Thranduil and the kids. One morning he wakes up late and is rushing around in a panic and he’s trying eat breakfast and shower and get dressed all at the same time while Thranduil is leisurely taking his time chewing each bite and blinking sleepily at Bard whenever he comes into the room. But no matter how late he is or how much of a rush he’s in Bard never forgets to put a kiss on Thranduil’s forehead before he leaves.


this was supposed to be a christmas follow forever but i kept forgetting about it so yeah…

i just wanted to thank everyone who followed this blog and all my cool mutuals (for not unfollowing me even though i post too much (?) girl’s day/iu/eunji/hani) i’ve only talked to a few people here and i’ve always wanted to talk more with you guys but i never have the guts to do so because you’re all too cool and i’m shy lol. mary, alyssa, maddy, summer, mariana, arianne, christine, natania, michelle, ana, poonam, liz, and a few others, thank you so much. (:  and thank you to my fellow followers for always reblogging my stuff/showing support to me, i recognized most of my followers because you guys always reblog my stuff! i love you guys so much! <3

this is basically my blogroll for kpop blogs so do check these blogs out!

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My name’s Eve, and I’m coming to see you (for the first time ever!!) tonight at Levi’s Stadium!!  

I’m 19, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have grown up with your music in my life.  I couldn’t possibly cram every story I’d want to share with you into one post.  Just know that you’ve made my past seven years wonderful, bearable, beautiful and magical.  

I’ve never gotten the chance to meet you, but you share so much of your life with us that sometimes I forget that!  Having you here on Tumblr this past year has been so much fun.  I’ve loved losing my mind every time you’ve liked one of my posts.

I’ve been looking forward to this experience for so long, and I know the show is just gonna blow my mind.  (And as of yesterday, I now have a lot to celebrate!)

I’ll be in the Right Pit (on your left!) and I’ll be wearing a red dress and a black leather jacket.  I can’t wait to dance with you and 68,000 of our newest friends!

All my love, and thank you for everything.