just wanted to post some art

Sometimes I really want to do expression/color palette challenges or like those ‘ask me or my characters’ things but??? It feels like I can’t for some reason? Like I feel weird about reblogging or posting honestly anything other than art here but I always have wanted to do those sorta things so like would anyone be interested in seeing that sorta stuff from me or no?

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I read your tags under the jb sleeping in Mark's bed post and how we need a fic! (can someone write one pleaseeee) but have you read any markbum fics before, and if so, could you recommend one please!

So if you didn’t already know I do have a fic rec tag!
These are the markbum fics in that tag already:

And here are some new ones

  • (ongoing) A piece of Art
    • the story where Jaebum doesn’t know does Mark want more than just a portrait of him when the two of them finally end up alone..
  • if you get to hear me
    • To Jaebum, having a soulmate was like trying to grasp moonlight, which was lazily reflecting in the water - it seemed so close, so reachable; and yet every time he tried, his fingers would only dive under the water, leaving him in deafening silence.
  • in this haze you’re all i see
    • Instead of even beginning to contemplate sitting up and trying to get a head start on the day – instead of giving himself enough time to get ready without rushing for once – Jaebum shuffles in closer to Mark, still dead to the world with his head half on Jaebum’s pillow.

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Thank you for answering my ask regarding art theft- I really appreciate how much you wrote, and the amount of emotion you put into answering my questions. You have definitely helped me out tons. Also, I learned about not uploading the full quality image after I already posted my work, so that's one more thing I'll be taking into account for the future. Once again, thanks so much. This isn't an ask, but I just wanted you to know you've been a wonderful help to me- I wish you all the best!

No problem at all and glad I could provide some help on this incredibly unfortunate topic ^ ^;

Captain Olia - Voltron: Legendary Defender

So, hey, yeah, that one post I made that was literally just screen stills from Voltron of Olia as some form of reference? Yeah, that post got more notes than ANY of my other posts. Ever. Combined.

I’m not entirely sure how to feel about that, heh.

So, here, so I feel like less of a hack, and because I wanted to draw her anyway. Just a rough headshot, actually quite pleased how quickly this was turned around; started and finished in one day. That’s a bit of a record these days.
Maybe someday I’ll get around to doing a comic of the fan-headcanon I came up with for her origin… who knows..?

Gladnoct Week Prize Schedule

Hello everyone! Sorry for the relative radio silence lately. Seeing that Gladnoct week is just over a month away, we wanted to give some more info on the prize raffle and how you can win all these amazing pieces of art!


So, each day will have at least one prize to win, some have two. To gain an entry to win a prize on a certain day, you must fill and submit a piece of content for at least one of the prompts for that day. So, to be eligible for the charms set you need use either “size difference” or “Gladio sees Noct use the ring” as inspiration for creating your entry.

You can use both prompts in one entry! Or you can create two entries for one day using each of the prompts separately! It’s entirely up to you!

Drawing the Winners:

The drawing for all the prizes will occur several days after Gladnoct week ends. Why? We understand that many of us are busy and have obligations outside fandom, so we want to give everyone a chance to submit all their work for the week. That means if you have a submission for Day 2, but forget to post the work on that day, that’s okay! You have until the end of the week (and a little after) to get all your work up and guarantee yourself entries.

Once Gladnoct week has ended and we’ve accounted for all the entries, we’ll conduct the drawings for each day and announce them. These are completely random drawings, so everyone who submits work for any of the days has an equal chance to win something, and rest assured that there won’t be any double winners. Each user can only win once.

NSFW Prizes:

We have 2 NSFW Prizes, both of them are doujin. We’ll draw the winners for those prizes first and privately message them to confirm that they’re of an appropriate age and that they’re okay with receiving a NSFW prize. If the first winners do not want the NSFW doujin they are welcome to pick a different prize and the doujin will go to someone else who wants them. So, in the event that this happens, some of the prizes might switch around last minute. But no worries, there was a lot of interest in these doujins so we doubt we’ll have much trouble giving them out.  

Barring extreme circumstances, any other winners will not be able to switch prizes.

Here is the prize schedule itself, the prompts for each day and links to the individual prize pages included. If you want to learn more about any of the prizes, just click the link and check out the individual pages!

Day One: Size difference / Gladio sees Noct use the ring

Gladnoct Charms Set

Day Two: Magic use during sex / Fantasy Creatures AU

Both Fanfic Commissions, from @niaswish and @navigationilmare

Day Three: Belly Bulge / Noctis loves to be comforted by Gladio’s hugs

Gladnoct Acrylic Stand

Day Four: “Princess” / Gladio and Noct have hatesex on the train

Doujin “Injuriam” (NSFW)

Day Five: Stamina Training / Gladio and Noctis find out that Clarus and Regis are a couple

Art Commission by @whipbogard

Day Six: Authority kink / Gladio likes to lift Noctis

Doujin “Winding Road” (SFW)

Day Seven: Enouement / Prince and Shield marriage-esque ceremony / Free day!

Doujin “Stay, Boy!” (NSFW) or Clear File Folder

wound up voluntarily institutionalized recently for an episode of psychosis, just keeping y’all updated on where i’m at bc i do not usually make personal posts. so, uh, yup! living each day at a time ect. ect., probably have bipolar disorder or a personality disorder. i made some weird art about it, if anyone wants to see.

Night full of stars~

After a LONG LONG time of not drawing anything BTS related I finally doodled something again.

Due to some personal issues I couldn’t doodle them without getting some unwanted feelings

BUT today I tried to step over that and just doodle Taehyung.

And I’m glad that I did cause I love how it turned out c:


Uhm, have some Danganronpa V3 fanart..
I somehow accidentally got into Danganronpa V3 and I dunno how??
Also the blood in some of the pictures is actually just random, because I wanted to draw some blood, so nope, those aren’t any spoilers or something
And characters from top left to bottom right: (plus my unnecessary nicknames for them)
Tsumugi Shirogane (Shy cosplay girl)
Kokichi Ouma (…..hydraulic press boy)
Shuichi Saihara (That one detective guy)
Kaede Akamatsu (Wannabe Mozart nr.2)
(Her picture looks a little awkward sorry
But my friend said I should still post it..)


more zelink but this time it’s post botw and zelda is the queen of hyrule while link is the prince consort

they’re also a bit older so they have a little girl named roma ain’t she cute

give me this nintendo i want them to be happy


Because these boys share their birthdays in the same month, I drew ‘em both!

YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - OC kid doodles #2

featuring the second son, the Yurio x Yuuri kid, Shura <3

(younger fraternal twin, conceived when Yuuri is 27 and Yurio is 19)

The other near-identical twin, he is almost always glued to Yasha’s side. It’s partly out of competitiveness, but mostly because they both just want to do everything together. Despite their similar appearances, he’s the polar opposite of his brother in many ways. He chooses not to appear friendly to outsiders, but is also completely incapable of hiding his emotions and is very much an open book. He’s openly hostile and fiercely jealous of anyone who tries to take away his siblings’ attention, but is extremely affectionate to those he loves.


More info on the kid and the AU HERE.

(NOTE: the AU itself is Yuuri-centric multishipping poly. Heed all tags and warnings)


This INTRO POST covers some of the basics of how ABO works in this AU.

For links to the other comics in this AU, check out the “Future!verse ABO” section of my YOI Art Masterpost HERE!




Underestimating Lance is not the smartest of moves- he may be a goofball on the surface, but in reality he’s one of the most crucial and powerful members of Voltron. No, not because he’s the Sharp-Shooter or anything, he’s even greater than that.

In the end, I firmly believe he’s the team’s Bard. And all of his failed flirting and everything up to this point in the series has just been him getting the worst roles. But when things get close, at some point, I am positive that he’s gonna get that one role that gets the main villain on their side, and pretty much save the campaign for the team.

…Ok I don’t know if that’ll actually happen, but I’m really really hopeful. And, again like in one of my previous posts, I just really want Lotor to be the one person out of everyone they’ve met to find Lance attractive and think his jokes are funny. xD

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