just wanted to point out that there are more reasons than one

I saw Moana today, and there was so very much to love about it.  But I think I’m just going to talk about one thing for now.  And that’s the “princess upgrade.”  (Well, that’s what I’m calling it.)

Moana has the usual Disney heroine trope of “I want more than being a princess/royalty/whatever!”  (It’s a good trope for a fairy tale.)  But with a lot of Disney princesses, there’s really nothing for them to DO as princesses.  They exist, and that’s good and right for the kingdom, your prince will come and evil will be defeated, the end.  There’s no actual ruling or governance or anything you have to be trained for, don’t be silly!

Moana is the daughter of a chief, and the main point her father uses to keep her at home and out of trouble is saying, “hey, you’re gonna be chief someday, here are your people, you’ve got to take care of them!”  And the next montage shows her…doing exactly that.  We see her making decisions in day-to-day life, talking to her people, doing her job to keep the island and her people happy and prosperous.  We see her, in short, being trained to be a leader.  Her birth position is both a job and a serious responsibility that has to be performed right to keep things good.  Destiny, of course, has some extra things in mind for her, but those things are also in the best interest of her people.  They’re tasks that need to be done, and she was the person picked for the job.

That was EXTREMELY refreshing to see.  And that alone would have made the movie worth it to me, but again, there was SO MUCH MORE TO LOVE.

I am enjoying the HELL out of dragging Ann-Marie Thomson, and plan to continue to do so, but I want to point out a couple of things for my own peace of mind.

We are dragging her because she is the head of Syco PR.  She’s it. She’s the one.  We’ve dragged Simon Cowell, Simon Jones, Dan Wootton, Richard Griffiths, and Harry Magee, and all for good reason, but until now Ann-Marie has been relatively unscathed.

But the simple fact is, Syco has ultimate control over their artists. Not Modest (though their refusal to advocate strongly for their clients puts them below my contempt as well). Their contracts are stricter and more all-encompassing than regular recording contracts since their business model is different than a normal record company’s. 

Ann-Marie is not just another name we found and are throwing rotten fruit at. SHE IS THE HEAD OF PR AT SYCO.  Her job is public relations for the company, it’s artists, it’s TV shows, and Simon Cowell.  Her husband is the US Editor at The Sun and has personally written several articles blatantly pushing particular PR agendas where 1D is concerned. 

Simon Cowell is interested in making money and looking good, that’s pretty much it. For years he did both. But now he’s under fire and losing all of his money-makers, particularly 1D and The X-Factor, and Ann-Marie is the person in charge of spinning how it’s played out in the media.

As we’ve seen, 1D is being dragged right and left in the very places that Ann-Marie has the most influence - British tabloids. She has directly linked herself to the Jungwirths for no good reason (if the situation with Briana and Louis is what it is claimed to be, of course).

This isn’t tin-hatting, this isn’t speculation. There really is no one with more power over what we’ve seen happening to 1D in the UK media than Ann-Marie Thomson.

I’m just sorry it took us so long to see that.

vilde and compulsory heterosexuality: a theory

‘lesbian vilde’ has been a hot topic of discussion lately in the fandom and it’s definitely something i’d noticed/thought about while watching the show the first time around but i figured i’d compile a list of reasons/textual evidence from the show that stuck out to me:

1. vilde’s preoccupation with the idea of noora being gay/having a girlfriend in the first season.

2. vilde seeming more hung up on the idea of william (’he’s the hottest guy in school everyone says so’) as opposed to actually being attracted to him on a deeper level. everything about how she talks about william seems very superficial and it always seemed to me that, by pursuing william so aggressively, vilde was trying to create/maintain a certain image rather than actually being into william as a person separate from him being one of the ‘cool older guys every girl wants to be with’.

3. this is just my interpretation, but i feel like vilde wasn’t actually all that crushed about finding out about william and noora. i think her pride was hurt more than anything and she was upset that noora was keeping such a big secret from her but it didn’t seem like she was heartbroken over william

4. vilde making out with eva at that party and seeming way more into it than any time we’ve seen her with a guy

5. vilde’s comments after making out with eva at that party

6. and this could just be me reaching but i’m going to include it anyhow - vilde’s  love of cats. yes it was a running joke that ~magnus loves pussy~ (the cat hooker thing and then the cat hooker and his friends group chat) in season 3 but it’s interesting that we’re explicitly told that vilde also loves cats in the finale. i mean, we know they love their metaphors (isak’s locker = the closet) so i wouldn’t put it past them to subvert what they’ve built up with magnus by then applying it to vilde too.

7. and this isn’t textual evidence but definitely worth noting - julie andem’s very pointed ‘no comment’ when asked about vilde being a lesbian in a recent interview.

i’ve thought a lot about season 4 (as we all have) and i don’t think vilde is going to be the main (my gut feeling says she’ll be the main in the final season).

what i do think is going to happen in season 4 (regardless of whether the main is sana or even or whoever) is that vilde will be forced to confront and work through the compulsory heterosexuality that has guided her actions for the previous 3 seasons. 

I think she and magnus will actually try dating but vilde will realize that, unlike william (who she knew never actually had feelings for her), magnus is actually into *her*. 

there are so many stories in real life and in fiction of people who haven’t come out yet (even to themselves) crushing on people who they believe are out of their league or who will never like them back because they’re a ‘safe’ option. 

i think that was a huge factor in the vilde/william story and i think that, in the new season, the vilde/magnus thing will be a turning point because suddenly vilde has this guy who’s attracted to her and likes her and she’s going to be forced to realize that - oh shit - she doesn’t feel the same way.

If you like Friends but want a more updated version, you should watch Happy Endings:

Happy Endings is a beautiful show that was canceled too soon. But more importantly, it is so much like an updated version of Friends that one of the characters even calls them each by their friends equivalent at one point (while drugged after going to the dentist…obviously).

Your new Monica is Jane Kerkovich-Williams: a bisexual goddess control freak

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She is married to Brad, your new Chandler: 

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Jane’s sister, Alex, literally runs out on her own wedding in the pilot. Also in the fashion world (owns her own shop).

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Then there’s Penny, who is the wacky single girl friend (definitely a less dramatic backstory than Phoebe… )

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Waiting for new Joey? Look no further than Max, the gay/jewish player.

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Thinking, “Hey, I could do without a Ross”? Well, don’t worry. Dave is definitely sometimes a jerk but in no way as creeptastic as Mr. Friendzone Divorce Guy. Also, he’s the chef of the group, you know, some things have to change. 

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Go, watch, be happy. All episodes are on hulu, last I checked. This is an easy show to plow through and definitely worth it. 

A lot of people like to call out Katara in TSR for saying she was going to murder someone and justify Aang’s disagreement for that reason. Well I’d just like to point out two things:

1) Katara never said she was going to murder Yon Rha. She said she wanted justice… whatever that meant to her. It was her choice to make.
2) Aang wasn’t telling her not to do it because he thought murder itself was wrong. He was telling her not to do it because he thought his beliefs, which allowed him to forgive the sins of the past, were better than hers. He thought she was incapable of doing the right thing without his guidance.

And one more thing: Zuko also never said anything about murder.

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I was wondering if there was a reason behind the names you chose for the cursed names of characters in your OUaT reboot? I was looking at some that weren't already in the show and was wondering you chose those ones specifically?

OH YEAH. One of my biggest complaints about the real show is that Kitsis and Horowitz know nothing about fairy tales (or how to use Wikipedia tbh) and so they kind of just name their characters however they feel like, without giving the careful consideration they should. An example I’ve cited before was how it was Ginnifer Goodwin who pointed out to them that Snow White is sometimes believed to be based on the real-life Bavarian baroness Maria Sophia Margarethe Catharina, which actually makes the name Mary Margaret quite fitting. This was just a happy accident rather than being the intentional touch it should have. I actually wanted to change more of the names - David Nolan was Will Ferdinand for a long time in our rewrite - but in the interest of keeping the characters as recognizable as possible, we kept a lot of them the same. Here are some of the new ones (that we’ve met so far) and what their names mean:

Evelyn Oxford - “eve” for evening and oxford is a shade of blue, tying Storybrooke’s current mayor to her identity as the Blue Fairy

Sydney Glass - Uh, this is a boring one, but I just like this spelling better. I shuffled through several name options for Sydney, including using names like Lohr (the name of Maria Sophia’s town and her father’s mirror manufacturer) and Moroni Olsen (the voice of the mirror from Disney’s Snow White) as well as some other things that would be rather spoilery at this point… but as with David Nolan, things got too confusing when such a central character went through too much rebranding. 

Ruby Connor - means “wolf lover”

Widow Agatha Lucas - Angela Lansbury played the grandmother in the film The Company of Wolves, she is also quite famous for playing Miss Marple in The Mirror Crack’d, based on the novel by Agatha Christie. It’s a bit of a stretch, mostly I just like Agatha as an old lady name.

Helen Connor - Granny’s Storybrooke alter ego, Helen is related to “selene” meaning “moon,” suggesting her werewolf connection

Marco Collodi - The Adventures of Pinocchio was originally written by Carlo Collodi

Graham Buchanan - The huntsman in Disney’s version of Snow White was voiced by Stuart Buchanan

Dominic Leroux - I bet you forgot this character even existed… he’s there though, and his name does have meaning! I just can’t tell you yet!

Luciana - The name “Abigail” was particularly worthless. We gave her a Greek name, since her father is Greek, and Luciana means “light,” loosely connected to the gold nature of her myth.

Zoe Nolan - According to some accounts, Midas’s daughter is named Zoe! That name felt weird in the Land of Ever, so we used that name in Storybrooke instead.

Matthew Llewelyn - Matthew comes from Sir James Matthew Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, and Llewelyn comes from the Llewelyn-Davies family, on whom Barrie based the adventures of Peter Pan and the Darlings.

Ivy Langland - Ivy just comes from Robin Hood’s connection to the forest. One of the earliest mentions of the Robin Hood character comes from the poem Piers Plowman by William Langland.

Matilda Fitzwalter - Matilda Fitzwalter was an actual historical woman, on whom many legends of Maid Marian are based.

Judge Lyman - Oh wait… you don’t know who he is yet, do you? Not yet, at least…

Annie Orleans - Flora Annie Steel is sometimes credited for being the first user of the name “Goldilocks,” a character who has seen several different incarnations over the years. Orleans is related to the French word “or,” meaning gold, and I also was inspired by the person of Joan of Arc, aka the Maid of Orleans, for the character of Goldilocks.

Coquelica - Most of the names from the Land of Wonder were lifted from the Tim Burton reboot, but the princess that becomes the Red Queen is named for coquelicot, a shade of red and a French term for wild corn poppies.

King Hubert - The grandfather of Cinderella’s prince shares a name with a king from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. I wonder why…

Prince William - Like I said, David Nolan was going to be Will for a long time until I decided it was just too confusing to rename such a major character. It’s just as well, because Prince Charming from Disney’s Cinderella was voiced by William Phipps.

Timothy Rupert - We let Timothy keep his name from the show, only because calling him “Christopher Rupert” felt too on-the-nose - because yes, the Rodgers and Hammerstein middle name for the prince is exactly where this surname comes from!

Ashleigh Glaser - I actually thought naming Cinderella “Ashley” was cute, I just liked this spelling better (same as the Sydney thing honestly). “Glaser” means “glass blower.”

Nancy Kennedy - Since Lady Tremaine inspired Nancy’s last name in Disney’s Enchanted, I used Nancy’s first name for Lady Tremaine’s Storybrooke persona. Kennedy is derived from an Irish surname that means “misshapen head” - inspired by the term “ugly stepsisters.”

Rhoda Kennedy - Rhoda Williams voiced Drizella in Disney’s Cinderella

Lucy Kennedy - Lucille Bliss voiced Anastasia in Disney’s Cinderella

Vladimir Mangiafuoco - Vladimir means “great, famous,” which makes sense for an entertainer like Stromboli, and in the original The Adventures of Pinocchio, the puppet master character is name Mangiafuoco.

Ryan Booth - Honestly, Ryan is taken from the guy Emma meets in the opening sequence of the pilot and Booth we just took from August Booth since that character wasn’t going to appear in our version. But Ryan does mean “little king,” so I wonder what that could mean for his future…

Sylvia Wren - One of my favorite names in the whole lot, Sylvia comes from Sylvia Llewelyn-Davies, the mother of the family that inspired the Peter Pan stories. As for the surname, in the original stage production of Peter Pan, the program credited “Jane Wren” as Tinker Bell, despite the fact that the character was just lights and sound effects, as a wink and a nod and a way to add mystique to the character. The best part is that H.M. Inspector of Taxes wasn’t in on the joke, and sent “Jane Wren” a tax demand.

Monique Hamilton - We’ll get there… her name definitely means something though!

Moira Henley - She takes her name from her great-grandmother’s middle name. Margaret Henley was a young girl who was an acquaintance of Sir J. M. Barrie. The legend goes that she called him “friendy” but could not pronounce her Rs, so she actually said “fwendy.” Allegedly, Barrie dropped the letter F and found his heroine’s name - Wendy.

Nathaniel Thorn - Who is he? I’ll tell you one thing: this name is the only one that means absolutely nothing.

And I think that’s everyone so far! Forgive me for indulging, but I really like questions like these. Also, I didn’t keep good track of where they all came from, so I had to do a little digging myself, which was pretty fun! I hope you like the new names, we put a lot of thought into them, and there’s certainly more characters coming still!

Steve: What you did all those years… wasn’t you. You didn’t have a choice.

Bucky: I know. But I did it.

This is Bucky single-handedly defending Tony’s point-of-view and actions later on in the movie, before they even happen. This is Tony’s reasoning for why he attacks Bucky after finding out that he was the one who killed his parents. Bucky is clearly aware that while he never chose to kill anyone that HYDRA sent him against, he is still responsible – physically – for their deaths.

Put the person who killed someone you loved right beside you, and I guarantee no matter what they’ve been through, no matter if they’re just as much of a victim or if they didn’t even want to kill the person you loved; even if they had no control over their own mind and weren’t able to make their own choices, you would, at the VERY least, be able to sympathize with Tony’s rage and pain. More than likely act on it too.

To add insult to injury, Steve kept the truth from Tony; most likely to protect Bucky. Whatever his reasons, Tony had a right to know who killed his parents, so Tony’s anger at both of them is very much justified. Trying to kill either of them, of course, is never a right choice; but like hell if Tony cared. Like hell if ANYONE cares what was right or wrong when you’re in that much pain and sorrow. He literally just watched his mother and father mercilessly and brutally murdered by the very man standing on one side of him, and the one who hid this fact from him standing on the other.

And perhaps, in a dark corner of Tony’s mind, he’s thinking that because Bucky took his parents away, and Steve hid the truth from him, if he kills Bucky, not only is he getting revenge for his parents, he’s also getting revenge on Steve. Because that’s what this is about now. Not justice, not right or wrong– but VENGEANCE. Tony’s hurt; he’s angry. And he has every fucking right to be.

The saddest part? I’m sure if Steve weren’t around at that moment, Bucky would simply let Tony kill him. Not only to give Tony peace of mind, but himself as well. To feel as if he’s atoning for his crimes, despite the fact that he never chose to commit them.

so shemar moore is coming back for the season finale of criminal minds. v good for (6) reasons

  • it’s really out of character for morgan not to have been visiting reid on the daily as soon as he found out about the jail situation so this is good for continuity’s sake
  • i miss morgan more than any other character who has left the show at any point, so if shemar just makes 1 guest appearance per season for the rest of the show, that will soften the blow of him leaving by about 1000 times
  • possibility for the baby to make an appearance or even just for morgan to talk about him, i’ll take what i can get
  • no one has called reid “pretty boy” in far too long
  • alvez will finally meet morgan??? they can be best friendsS???
  • i also really want to see him interact with jj! the gang is back!
Okay lets talk about Arab supremacy for a minute

Arab supremacy is just as toxic as white supremacy.

Most Arabs look down on you if you’re not Arab or more specifically, a light-skinned Arab

Arab supremacy is lowkey an inferiority complex which makes them want to be more like whites.

“Arabs get called terrorists everyday we can’t be racist” ok lets just forget about the fact a lot of you embarrassingly believe you’re superior.

Let’s just forget about bathism, arab supremacy, arab nationalism which discriminates against non arab minorities in the “arab world”

Let’s ignore the treatment of kurds at the hands of arab nationalists, the treatment of non arab migrant workers in arab countries.

Non-Arab Muslim countries have to fight western imperialism/domination on one end and Arab supremacy on the other.

Too many arabs pointing out white supremacy while simultaneously sweeping arab supremacy & anti-blackness under the carpet.

Arab supremacy irks me more than White supremacy. Arab supremacy is the reason why Kurdish people don’t have their own country yet.

Muslims want to speak about white supremacy while simultaneously ignoring Shia Genocide and Arab supremacy.

Arab supremacy is a false concept many Muslims have secretly bought into, even against the teachings of our Prophet (SAW)

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I think I'm Bi but i don't want to come out becuse what if that changes. what if im pan. I just don't want my (very straight) friends to think im lying if i relize that im not actually bisexual

Sexuality is fluid and confusing. Your friends will understand if you decide to change your label later on. Plus, bisexual and pansexual overlap a lot. (Some people even use both labels) It’s understandable to be unsure of which to use or change which one you use.

Bisexual: attracted to more than one gender (2+)
Pansexual: attracted to all genders, attracted to people regardless of gender

And no offense, but if your logic is that you’re not coming out because you might eventually change which label you use, well you’ll never come out. People can change at any point during their lives. They can realize something new about themselves, find a label that describes them better or that they prefer for whatever reason, etc.

You don’t have to come out if you don’t want, but don’t hold off on something you want to do because you’re afraid your identity might change.

so my dad came to visit me at college today and we went Out to get food and all and somehow we got on the subject of mental illness shit (specifically mine 🙄) and he asked if the reason for my shit was bc he was never there or whatever and i was like “yeah some” (which is true like i have more than one source of trauma) and he was like apologizing and everything and like….cool an acknowledgement of his shitty fatherhood and like the ?first/only? apology ive gotten in all these years lmao but i felt nothing and i still feel nothing for him so anyway………..next

I know I’m late to the party but I just finished Black Moon and I am so hurt. I nearly cried at the end and the only other person to make me cry in more than one book in a series is JK Rowling. It’s not just because of the end but the emotional ride throughout to the point where I couldn’t put the book down but wanted to prolong reading so that Thirteen Rising would be out when I finished. And don’t even get me started on Crompton’s speech. I felt that right in my soul. For whatever reason, I don’t heed the advice given to Rho throughout the book and trust just any ole person, making the pain hurt worse, but I love the plot twist. There’s just so much I love and will continue to love about this series and I’m so blessed to have picked it up.

Ms. Romina, Empress Romina, I salute you and thank you for not only writing this series but also being interactive with the fandom, supporting us supporting you, and just being great altogether.

most of you probably won’t care, but

can we talk about kim seokjin? he’s the most underrated member of bts and it makes me sad to see when other members are far more popular than him. i know so many other people have done almost this exact same post before but it clearly isn’t working because he’s still ignored :( (also if you’re going to complain about ANOTHER kim seokjin post then get the fuck out pls thank you) 

a lot of people say that jin is “just the visual”, that he’s only in bangtan for his looks, that the only reason he got in was because of this looks. they point at the fact that he was casted off the street solely for his looks, that he gets the fewest lines and it’s always the easiest ones, that he can’t dance for his life.


remember that jin came to bighit with absolutely no singing/dancing/music experience (and all the other members had some) and look where he is now. have you heard his cover of Ra.D’s mother? it’s fucking amazing i cried and i will fight you if you don’t agree with me. and have you seen that hard ass choreo bangtan performs that mama just fucking looked over because bts is too qualitfied? maybe he is the worst dancer in bangtan, but he also tries so hard to keep up with this amazingly hard choreo and he pulls. it. off. look at how hard he’s working: his singing and dancing has improved miles since debut, he tries hard to be funny in variety shows/bts vids, he always sings live in performances, and he never complains about any of it. and you just recognize his looks?

not to mention the fact that he knows he’s so handsome - and says it all the time. you find it annoying? i think it’s important: he’s self-confident, and he shows it. kpop idols are just that: idols. fans look at them and idolize them, and setting this self-confident example for us is great and so much better than idols that say “oh, i’m not that handsome…” because he’s teaching us to embrace our looks just like him! and it’s just so important that us young people, especially in this society, learn this.

same goes with eatjin - in this world of stick skinny kpop idols that do one meal a day diets and are ALL underweight, jin has a video series of him just eating food? how great is that? and it’s not just him taking a small bite of food, it’s him wolfing down like 2 servings of food and making it seem okay to eat more than a lettuce leaf for lunch

and not to mention that without him, bangtan probably wouldn’t be around like do u think the other 6 members can manage their silly asses without jin? he’s such an important part of the group, and without him it wouldn’t be the same. can you see bangtan without him? stop ignoring him and what he does. please. it annoys me to see other members talked about and idolized and seokjin never mentioned. it annoys me to see people commenting on eatjin videos asking for other members? it’s his fucking broadcast, pleasepleaseplease don’t ask for other members: it makes him feel bad for not being as loved as the others. and the prologue? HE WAS THE FUCKING MAIN CHARACTER ESSENTIALLY AND I SEE PEOPLE IGNORING HIM. WHY? HOW? his birthday is DECEMBER 4TH and i see like 4-5 people making countdown posts? i swear i saw at least 30 a day for jimin, and tae already has projects going strong even though his isn’t until the end of december. 

tl;dr: stop ignoring seokjin. he’s hardworking and important and a great role model and needs to be recognized. his birthday is december 4th. make him feel loved. participate in jinpreciation week at least. also watch his cover of mother because it’s fucking amazing okay bye.

Rules: Post song(s) that reminds you of your muse and then tag people whose songs you want to see. Repost, don’t reblog.

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Almost Anything from Lindsey Sterling

Just let me have this. Lindsey Sterling may or may not be the reason I suddenly decided Lina could play Violin okay. Like. So many people had inspirations for their character’s musical skills and I could never find one well guess what.

Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon

One: Carolina LOVES dance. It’s one of those things she keeps to herself, bUT. Two: Cork aka Yorklina. Listen to this and tell me you can’t imagine this from York’s point of view. In all seriousness, though, this is one of my happy songs for her. I have more than enough sad ones.

Immortals by Fall Out Boy

I usually picture this one as another Yorklina song, but honestly it could just work as a general Project Freelancer song for her and any of her team.

Enemies by Shinedown

This was suggested to me a long time ago by an old friend of mine as a Tex v Lina song, and personally I like to imagine it as a back and forth between them. “It’s quite a drop from the top so how you feelin’ down there?” and “You got the world on it’s knees, you’re takin’ all that you please, you want more–” being two points specifically. That, and it’s hella pumped up.

Ready, Aim, Fire by Imagine Dragons

Let’s see… “A man on a mission, changing the vision, I was never welcome here”… “And empire falling in just one day, you close your eyes and the glory fades”… “Blood in the writing, stuck in the fighting, look through the rifle’s sight”… “We never quite thought we could lose it all”… Yeah, this is PFL to me. Specifically the end of PFL, and the ‘lost years’ after PFL; this song to me represents Lina’s mourning, confusion, and loss, rather than her mounting anger at the Director.

Monster by Paramore

This is pretty much the same as the previous one for me, except starts to represent more of when she starts to get angry about the situation. I’d quote specific lines, but it’s… Pretty much the entire song. <8I Fun fact: Hayley Williams (Paramore’s lead singer) was even going to be my faceclaim originally (before the shuffle those of you who have stuck with me know about) because of how well the songs work, but another Lina RPer asked me not to. Still works; just think about it.

Control by Halsey

This one is more of her S10 Era? With the SIM Troopers. She sees herself as a villain, and it gets… Complicated, because she was manipulated, sure, but she internalizes a LOT of it. She knows she’s powerful, but doesn’t really know where to lie the blame for her past. Also: “And the kids cried out ‘please stop, you’re scaring me’ I can’t help this awful energy goddamned right you should be scared of me–” in relation to the reds and blues as well. It’s… Complicated. <8I

Monster by Imagine Dragons

This just distinctly reminds me of a sort of… S11 thing? “I don’t think we can get all the way back to good” in canon vs “Can I clear my conscience if I’m different from the rest?” “I never said that I want this; this burden came to me” and “And if I seem dangerous, would you be scared?” amongst other lines. Basically, just… Her inner turmoil S11 on, yeah?

Obstacles by Syd Matters

This always strikes me as a sort of a… Peaceful song for Lina. When she’s not busy being emotionally distressed, running around pulling stunts, or so forth, it just… Seems like her. The feel of this song strikes me specifically as the kind of mood she’d get into when she’s observing the SIM Troopers - an optimistic, gentle mood, and perhaps even tentatively reminiscent. This is… A healing song, I like to think, and she needs that.

… I could go on but let’s stop here for now <8I

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okay i know an interview with howard can be a big risk but she needs to a interview some point in her life where she can talk about everything, she keeps getting predictable question all the time, it would be nice to see some of her personality, i liked the bobby bones one even though he's a douche

I think fans want to hear more things i guess, more personal details about specific encounters or feelings or people?, but as much as those would be interesting to hear i dont think she has to share them for any reason. I mean the interviews are in promotion of her album, they arent just sit-downs to spill her guts about her life. If she chooses to do that… then great, but i dont personally view it as a necessity. Anyway, that said, i think she really does put a lot of herself out there, a lot more than some other artists actually, first the fact that she is actually the one writing the songs about her life, it’s not just some pop anthem four suits came up with around a table… and she shares a lot of specifics like her hopes and dreams and fears and experiences, not just trivial details like oh here is my favorite cookie and i buy my groceries from whole foods and here’s a funny story about a time me and lily took dixie to the zoo…. but actual experiences and emotions and coping mechanisms…. but in a way such as to not reveal it in a locker room type of way. I find it very candid yet done so respectfully. Plus some things are just your own, and you dont want to share them with everyone, and i’m sure its the same for her. anyway, just my 2c.

#BestYearEver: Laugh More

How to improve your mental well-being and live your life to the fullest

The more you laugh, the healthier you’ll be. Laughter is one of the most powerful tools we have to alter our daily mood. Nothing works faster in bringing your mind and body back into balance than letting out a loud chuckle. The release of endorphins decreases stress and relaxes your entire body, boosting your overall enjoyment of life. If you’re feeling down and could use more laughing in your life this year, read our ten important reasons to laugh more below. 

10 Reasons to Laugh More

1. Smile more. Smiling throughout your day will make you and others feel happier. Make it a point to smile at strangers too - you don’t want to be known as the girl with the resting bitch face. 

2. Embrace your laugh. Everyone’s laugh is unique. No matter if your laugh is loud or if people find it annoying, just laugh. The way you laugh is a part of you and you shouldn’t have to change or hold back for anyone.

3. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. People with a sense of humor, who make you laugh and smile, are the best medicine. Life’s short, so don’t waste it by spending time with people who bring you down. Those who laugh will make you laugh.

4. Have a sense of humor. Don’t be a bump on a log. Listen to what people are saying and find the humor in it. Discover your own sense of humor and surround yourself with those things that make you laugh, whatever they may be. From cheesy jokes or dry comedy, everyone’s humor varies. 

5. Learn to laugh at yourself.One of the most important things is learning to not take yourself so seriously. Crack yourself up! If you mess up or trip on something, find the humor in your mistakes. As long as you find yourself funny, you’ll be happier and less likely to be depressed.

6. Seek humor every day.Whether it be watching a funny TV show or movie, find something that makes you laugh every day. YouTube is great for funny snippets. 

7. Be playful. It’s ok to be silly and act like a child sometimes. As adults, we can forget how to have fun. Run around, tease your loved ones in a playful manner and seize life.  

8. Adjust your environment. Your everyday routine can become boring and drab. Liven it up with an uplifting spirit and mood. Surround yourself with things that make your day happier and funnier like humorous photos and quotes or cheerful colors and décor.

9. Laughing burns calories. They say that if you laugh for 10 to 15 minute a day, you’ll burn 10 to 40 calories. Therefore, laughing in general will improve your quality of health in mental and physical ways.

10. Don’t force a laugh.You never know what’s going on in someone’s life, so don’t force them to laugh. Start with a smile and go from there.

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yknow i think there actually might be something to the idea tht putting out positive energy into the world results in more good things happening, bc you look at the last like 5 years or whatever and the whole pop sj culture that’s now become kind of mainstream where it’s cool to show off how informed you are and being a jerk to people who are geniunely less informed than you, like yeah that is *a* way to spread information and social pressure is a powerful tool for motivating people to change their behavior but you also end up with people who are genuinely confused bc no one will answer their questions about “simple” things, like the world is not split into people who are Educated and people who are willfully ignorant bigots

and like anger and aggression are totally good and reasonable tools for dealing with those willfully ignorant people bc at that point your main worry is for safety, but you tend to want to keep that and everything you do rooted in compassion and kindness towards other people 

idk just, do good things. try to make good choices and be a good person and love everyone and also yourself


Aerith Gainsborough starts off with more love points than Tifa Lockhart for a reason. And that reason is very simple: Square Enix wanted Clerith to be the primary love story of Final Fantasy VII. If that wasn’t the case, both Aerith and Tifa would have started the game with an equal number of love points. And if both ladies are tied by the time of the Gold Saucer date, the tie goes to Aerith. 

As with all love triangles, you have to give both options a way of working out. That is why Cloud can choose to *optionally* rekindle a childhood crush with Tifa through a *variable* scene. However, just because this is an option due to the inherent nature of a love triangle, doesn’t mean it is the primary or canon love story of Final Fantasy VII. It simply means Tifa is an alternative to Aerith if you choose to play the game that way. But when one girl is given 20 more love points from the very beginning, it is not hard to see which girl is the primary love story of Final Fantasy VII.

If gamers played Final Fantasy VII once or twice back in 1997, they probably got the Clerith date and the low-affection Highwind scene. And even if they got the high-affection Highwind scene, the non-optional hand reach between Cloud and Aerith follows shortly after. The big difference here is Cloud and Tifa’s final scene is variable, whereas Cloud and Aerith’s final scene is non-optional. Aerith is primary [non-optional]. Tifa is secondary [variable]. 

Further – Cloud and Aerith’s non-optional “Promised Land hand reach” was given a “homage” in Advent Children, a theme further explored in Clerith cameos such as Final Fantasy Tactics.

Everyone that played Final Fantasy VII back in 1997 remembers Cloud and Aerith’s love story. It played out before our eyes during the entire first disc and was back again for the finale. It was clear to the majority of gamers back in 1997 that Cloud and Aerith were the intended lovers of Final Fantasy VII – the official Amano artwork speaks for itself.

Unfortunately, ever since the release of Crisis Core, Cloti’s have routinely used Zack to invalidate Cloud x Aerith. But back in 1997, Aerith said her relationship with Zack wasn’t very serious:

Cloud: “You were…serious?“ 
Aerith: "No. But I liked him for awhile.”

I also remember watching the canon Cloud x Aerith date back in 1997 and coming to the only logical conclusion: Aerith initially liked Cloud because of Zack but soon grows to like Cloud for Cloud. Aerith wanted to get to know the “real” Cloud. She says so herself:

Aerith: “………first off, it bothered me how you looked exactly alike.”
“Two completely different people, but look exactly the same.”
“The way you walk, gesture…”
“I think I must have seen him again, in you…" 
“But you’re different.”  
“Things are different…” 
“I’m searching for you…”
Cloud: “…………?”
Aerith: “I want to meet you.”
Cloud: “But I’m right here.”
Aerith: (I know, I know… what I mean is…) 
“I want to meet….. you.” 

Retcons won’t change the fact that Aerith moved on from Zack in 1997’s Final Fantasy VII. This is made crystal clear during the canon Clerith date and through official Square Enix statements:

“At first when I met Cloud, I believed he was similar to Zack. Little actions, the way he spoke… his kindness.” ~Aerith’s monologue in Gongaga, Final Fantasy VII Dismantled, Square Enix

“Although in the beginning Aerith felt close to Cloud because he behaves like Zack, her interest in Cloud himself grows and she is attracted to him.” 
~page 31, Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega, Square Enix

As the story of Final Fantasy VII unfolds, Aerith begins to realizes she likes Cloud for Cloud:

But Cloud is Cloud. 
I, now undoubtedly, love Cloud much more than Zack.” 
~Aerith’s monologue in Gongaga, Final Fantasy VII Dismantled, Square Enix

Cloti’s also say Cloud only liked Aerith because “he thought he was Zack.” They reduce the entire Clerith ship to a mere plot twist, saying Cloud and Aerith’s love story was just another example of Cloud’s jumbled memories. In other words… Cloud only fell in love with Aerith because he thought he was Zack, Aerith’s first boyfriend.

According to them, during the lifestream sequence, Cloud discovers he took on parts of Zack’s history/persona, which leads him to realizing he never loved Aerith because it was actually him thinking he was Zack. Subsequently, this re-triggers his love for childhood crush, Tifa Lockhart. Clerith is now reduced to a mere plot twist. 

Unfortunately, rediscovering an *unreciprocated* childhood crush that led to a *strong-armed* promise doesn’t automatically translate into present-day romance. Nor does it mean Cloud’s eternal feelings of love for Aerith suddenly vanish. Cloud can both re-discover a childhood crush *and* maintain eternal feelings of love for Aerith. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

If you can believe it, though, Cloud and Tifa fans go even further and say Square Enix declared the high-affection Highwind scene canon due to largely unknown and unread books mostly sold in Japan. Admittedly, these books do give the high-affection version of the Highwind scene preferential treatment in some places. However, nowhere is the high-affection Highwind scene stated to be the ‘normal’ outcome like the Cloud x Aerith Gold Saucer date is. Preferential treatment doesn’t equal canon, whereas something being stated as the ‘normal’ outcome does make something canon [like the Cloud x Aerith Gold Saucer date].

Given that this is a love triangle, there has to be a way to play Final Fantasy VII the Cloti way. So the answer is yes… you can optionally rekindle a childhood romance through an intentionally *variable* Highwind scene. This is, after-all, a love triangle – Square Enix is required to make Tifa a possibility. But the secondary love story is given a *variable* scene while the primary love story is given a *non-optional* finale regarding the Promised Land.

Everyone in 1997 witnessed Cloud’s heart break when he was holding Aerith’s lifeless body in his arms. Cloud and Aerith had just received a romantic wedding prediction from Cait Sith, went on a ‘normally’ occurring date at Gold Saucer, and spent numerous romantic moments together. Cloud and Aerith’s entire star-crossed love story developed before our eyes – spanning all of disc 1. This clear-cut Clerith love story is why there has been an intentional and systematic campaign to delegitimize, discredit, and downplay disc 1 of Final Fantasy VII.

So although you can play Final Fantasy VII the Cloti way (because this is, after-all, a love triangle)… that is clearly not the way Square Enix wanted you to play it on your first playthrough. Cloud and Aerith’s love story was simply too essential to the main themes of Final Fantasy VII – themes of the Planet, the lifestream, life, death, and the Promised Land.

Everything from the official Amano Clerith artwork, to the Final Fantasy Tactics Clerith cameo, to Aerith starting off with more love points than Tifa, it is clear Cloud and Aerith were the intended couple of Final Fantasy VII back in 1997. I have a sneaky suspicion that even the majority of Cloti’s played Final Fantasy VII the Clerith way on their first playthrough.

Recently, I asked my friend DJ about Final Fantasy VII, and what he said about Cloud and Aerith was interesting: “All I remember is that she comes back at the end and they are going to meet inside the planet.” He didn’t even remember the Highwind scene between Cloud and Tifa (and it’s notably absent from the official Final Fantasy VII strategy guide).

Despite Aerith being the intended girl for Cloud, many male gamers seemed to hate Aerith’s spunky, confident personality. And with the release of Crisis Core, these Aerith-haters looked to turn an unsuspecting generation into Cloti and Zerith’s by reducing Clerith to a mere plot twist. 

This fan-made theory ignores two key points, however:

1. Cloud remembers a genuine and “real” flashback in Aerith’s house, proving Aerith reaches the “real” Cloud during their disc 1 interactions.

2. The “real” Cloud remains heartbroken over Aerith long after he regains his memories (“I remember Aerith a lot.” ~Cloud during disc 2)

We know by simply observing Cloud’s legitimate and “real” flashback in Aerith’s house that the “real” Cloud was falling in love with Aerith throughout all of disc 1. Aerith was able to evoke the “real” Cloud to the surface and reach his core. That was the entire point of their disc 1 interactions – to showcase that Aerith was reaching the “real” Cloud and brining him to the surface. 

We also know by simply observing Cloud’s behavior after he reagins his memories to know that he is eternally heartbroken over Aerith Gainsborough:

“Delivery Item – Bouquet
Destination – The Forgotten City
Client Name – Elmyra Gainsborough

But, going back to the place where he parted from Aerith might mean that his sorrow and regret was going to tear his heart again.”

~Case of Tifa; Square Enix

After Cloud regains his memories, he remembers Aerith often, fights to avenge her death, and wants to find her in the Promised Land. Cloud remains heartbroken over Aerith throughout the entire compilation, something Tifa is confirmed to become jealous of. So don’t ever let anyone tell you Zack makes Clerith illegitimate. He doesn’t.

Only recently have Tifa fanboys tried to remove Barret from the family he created in Case of Tifa, tried to make Denzel [a boy Cloud believes was brought to him by Aerith and later fights with Tifa about] seem like some biological child of Cloud and Tifa’s, make an optional scene that receives preferential treatment only [never being stated to be the ‘normal’ outcome like the Clerith Gold Saucer date] seem like the canon version, and completely ignore Nojima’s quotes about Cloud and Tifa not working out, saying it probably has nothing to do with Geostigma or Sephiroth.

Clerith has always been obvious to anyone with common sense. Aerith moved on from Zack [as she states on her date with Cloud and through official Square Enix quotes] and Cloud continues to love Aerith even after regaining his memories – thinking of her often. And remember, Cloud’s heart ‘cracked’ when Aerith died, and his heart was pulled at again when he visits Aerith’s grave according to Square Enix. Cloud becomes distraught and drinks after visiting Aerith’s grave and fights with Tifa, leaving Tifa wondering if Cloud even loves her. Then Tifa get’s jealous when she see’s Cloud living in Aerith’s Church after she strong-arms Cloud into admitting he believes Aerith led Denzel to him.

At the end of the day, Cloud and Tifa fans wouldn’t be working so hard to discredit disc 1 if it didn’t make Clerith canon. However, due to the 10 romantic disc 1 Cloud x Aerith moments, Clerith was canonized back in 1997. Cloud and Aerith’s love story is essential to the main themes of Final Fantasy VII – themes of love and life beyond death and within the Planet, the lifestream, and – the Promised Land. I can’t wait for the Final Fantasy VII Remake to expand on Clerith moments that are microcosms of much bigger themes explored throughout the compilation.

Cloud and Aerith’s non-optional, star-crossed love story played out before gamers in 1997. By Square Enix deciding to give Aerith more love points, and declaring her date with Cloud as the ‘normal’ outcome (something that has never been declared for either Highwind scene), it is clear how Square Enix wanted gamers to play the game if they could only place it once. Retcons such as Crisis Core don’t change this. 

“I think I’m beginning to understand. An answer from the planet…the Promised Land…I think I can meet her… there…” 
~Cloud Strife; Final Fantasy VII

“The ending scene of the battle with Bahamut, the scene where Aerith reaches out her hand, is homage to the last scene from a previous production. It was Tetsuya (Nomura)’s idea….” 
~Nojima; Reunion Files; Square Enix

Eternal Love is Real. The Promised Land Does Exist.


Woo, alright. This is gonna be a looong post. I wanted this to be out during Lapidot week but I was busy soo.. yeah. ANYWAY, this is just a huge post pointing out at all the possible Lapidot moments/hints for reference maybe? And this is also just inferences as well. If anyone asks, “Why do you ship Lapidot?” This.

I wanted to include pictures with each thing, but I wouldn’t wanna be ‘stealing art’, when I get to drawings by the Crewniverse, I’m sure everyone saw them anyway, and it’d be a lot for one post. So, here goes..!!

At first, Peridot records herself imagining how well the conversation her and Lapis is going to go when she actually talks to her. She mentions “We can watch the sun come up and figure out what we’re going to do with all this time, eh, Lazuli?” and then says (as Lapis) how she would be impressed by her “new compact look and capacity for friendship. I’m so glad we’re going to be living together!”

Later, Peridot really wants Lapis to see that she isn’t who she thinks she was before. She continously tries to get Lapis to like her and does not give up easily. She doesn’t get frustrated with Lapis, since usually she would call someone a “Clod”, instead, she insults her self and her ideas (“What a CLODDY idea! Of COURSE she wouldn’t like that!”) at trying to get her to like her. Peridot’s last try is her giving Lapis her most valued item, her tape recorder. When Lapis destroys her tape recorder, Peridot doesn’t snap, but she does tell her how she understands how Lapis is feeling, that she gets it. She tells her she knows what it is like to be in a place that doesn’t feel like home yet, and both of them are the same, except, Lapis doesn’t have to be alone, if she just accepted her. Finally Peridot asks whatever Lapis wants, she would do it. Lapis tells her to leave and she does so without protest, respecting her decision.

Towards the end, when the Ruby ship comes to look for Peridot, Lapis protects her, finally seeing why Steven defends Peridot. Peridot walks away, trying not to be seen by Lapis, since she thinks she’s probably still mad at her, but Lapis calls out to her and asks if she is okay. To this, Peridot gets a big smile on her face, along with a nerdy laugh and makes Lapis go “Umm…” and blush.

> “Look! The ribbon is even blue! I got'cho number!” *winks*
> “H2Oh my gosh! It’s a smaller than average lake! …It’s a gift for you!” *weirdly seductive laid back pose on the inflatable ring*
> Steven drew Peridot and Lapis holding hands!!
> The sky magically cleared up after Lapis finally accepted Peridot…and making her blush….
> They live alone together now!

> Peridot indirectly calls Lapis “cute” when an ad appears on her tablet, saying “find cute roommates in your area!” She continously presses “no”, saying “I’m all set, thanks.”

((These are on the official Peridot Twitter, run by Lauren Zuke, which could basically mean these are canon.))

> Peridot took a picture on the roof, Lapis can be seen as well. They were both probably stargazing. 


> …. OH. THAT SOMEONE’S NOT HERE. (She sounds a bit dissapointed doesn’t she?)
> After Peridot shows the world she can move a spoon with her mind, she says:
LAZULI WOULD GET A KICK OUT OF THIS I BET. (She’s trying to impress her with her new powers.)
> Soon after, she also calls Lapis a “Star” when she says:
(This is after the events of ALONE AT SEA, which could mean Lapis came back after encountering Jasper and Peridot got off Twitter to go and comfort Lapis.)

You can really see how close Lapis’ and Peridot’s relationship has become. They both love watching Camp Pining Hearts together, even sharing the same opinions based on their comments about the show. They both decorated the barn, and even made a collaborative “meep morp” as Lapis named them or “morps” as Peridot likes to call them.
Peridot moves on to show Steven and Amethyst her “One Gem Metal Band” but hasn’t practiced enough to actually make it work. This makes Lapis snort, and then tells her she should try “one thing at a time.” Peridot tells her that they have guests “who must be impressed”. Lapis smiles, picking up the tamborine and telling her “Let’s try it together.” They both dance together, and have fun, before Amethyst gets annoyed that “JASPER is out there!” Peridot gets nervous and tells Amethyst she tries not to use the “J” word so loosely at the barn. Meaning she is careful around Lapis, not wanting to trigger her with the word “Jasper”.

Later, when Peridot is about to leave to the Beta Kindergarden, she stops and tells the others she wants to make sure Lapis is ok. Peridot asks Lapis if she’s okay, and Lapis says “Yeah”. She asks “Are you sure?” for reassurance, and again, “Yeah”. Peridot tells her she will be leaving, but she will back, so she won’t worry. Then she asks her if she needs anything and what season of Camp Pining Hearts she was watching. Almost like a married couple.. Also, When Peridot quickly takes off her bowtie and says “You know what to do with this!” and throws it at Lapis for her to catch, they probably have had more moments together off-screen so that Lapis would know what she needed to do to the bowtie.

> Both seem to smile at each other a lot in this episode.
> Lapis puts a hand on Peridot’s shoulder when she tells her she should “take one thing at a time.”


Lapis isn’t really impressed by Amethyst shapeshifting into Jasper. When the Crystal Gems are going to the Ruby ship, Amethyst asks Peridot and Lapis if they want to be prisoners too. Lapis gives her “that” look and says “Not really.” And Peridot quickly holds on to Lapis’ arm, being protective of her and not wanting Amethyst (as Jasper) to make Lapis feel uncomfortable with the disguise in front of her, and the use of the word “prisoner”.


When Peridot finally bubbles her first corrupted gem, her bubble appears “home” which is at the barn. Living with Lapis, on Earth, really shows how she does see the barn as her home, even with her roommate.

> The bubble appears above Lapis, and she doesn’t seem shocked by it either. Both of them are probably used to their weird stuff now. …Like a couple.

Subtle hints (?) / Some are from the wikia :

> In CRY FOR HELP, Peridot refers to Lapis as her ‘informant’ rather than her prisoner.
> In CATCH AND RELEASE, Peridot says she knows Steven healed Lapis’ gem, but in THE MESSAGE, Lapis told Steven she never told anyone, meaning she probably lied about it.
> In LOG DATE 7 15 2  Peridot watched ‘Camp Pining Hearts’ where Paulette (wearing a blue diamond, and stylish blue raindrop scarf) and Percy (wearing a yellow diamond, and an outline of Peridot’s hair on his hat), try to kiss; which Peridot questions “Are they trying to fuse?” Then, in SAME OLD WORLD, Lapis takes a liking to leaves and is seen holding one throughout the ending. This also might be foreshadowing as Paulette was holding a Canadian-like flag. (Which had a leaf symbol.) There is many promo art/drawings from storyboard artist Lauren Zuke where Peridot is dressed up as Percy. And also that ship chart Peridot made. Supposedly, the colors matched up to pair Lapis and Peridot.
> In Barn Mates and in Beta, when Peridot and Lapis are seen on the screen alone together, both times they were by the portrait of Steven’s grandparents. Peridot on the husband side, Lapis on the wife. Symbolizing marriage maybe?
> Peridot calls Lapis “Lazuli” a lot, in SAME OLD WORLD, BARN MATES and in some zines. Nickname~

> In RESPONSIBLE EARTH CITIZENS, by Lauren Zuke and Mira M., Peridot acts like the stereotypical husband, coming home from work to Lapis the stereotypical house wife, making dinner.

In FLIES OF LIFE, by Lauren Zuke and Mira M., Peridot learns about fireflies and then asks Lapis if she would like to learn about Earthly things with her, Lapis’ response looking like a typical anime trope, the one when a character “falls on to their knees” when another character does something cute.

> Shelby Rabara, the voice of Peridot, ships Lapidot, along with Pearlmethyst.
> Shelby was also recorded a phrase for a fan, saying. “Lapis, fuse with me.”
> Even Lauren Zuke made an AU based on the song Genghis Kahn, which shows, towards the end a gay couple living together. Maybe she ships them ?


>There is a lot of fanart/promo art of Lapis and Peridot together.

> There is also a listing for shorts and one of them is “Video Chat with Lapis and Peridot”. 

> Also, I heard Peridots are used to heal, which symbolizes how Peridot is able to help Lapis heal.

Yup, that’s it! I tried not to pick things that seemed like too much of a stretch, like how Lapis glanced at Peridot in “The Return” or how Peridot likes water (Lapis’ powers are water) since the events of “When it Rains”. But I’m mentioning them now so I guess they’re just here, in case anyone wanted that too.

I just liked analyzing this since.. both of them have come a long way! I will try to keep this post updated if there are any more hints towards the ship. I just think this ship has so much potential! Lapis and Peridot learning about the earth together reminds me so much of Ruby and Sapphire learning about the earth. It’s like Garnet’s story, only it’s happening now. Lapis healing with Peridot’s help is the best thing ever. Even if they never fuse, or confirm as a couple, their relationship should be pretty much clear for everyone. 

It’s a healthy relationship.