just wanted to make something for his birthday

Wake Up Call

Characters: Y/N (reader), Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Sam Winchester

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Smut, Oral (male receiving), implied smut, lots of pics with little text lol, one explicit gif under the cut.     

Wordcount: 1300ish

A/N: So this is just something I threw together really quickly since very slow me only just now realized it was Dean’s birthday and I wanted something to post at midnight EST for him.

Thanks to the amzingly wonderful @blacktithe7 for betaing this for me. 

You had had the day all planned out for weeks. There was no rush. You had packed your bags last night after having chased a grumpy Dean out of the room.

He said he didn’t want you to do anything for his birthday. That it was just any other day. You knew he was lying. He loved when you did things for him. It made him feel loved and special, and you loved to make him feel that way. So no amount of sulking could get you to tell him about your plans, which was what his pouting really was about.

Dean was not good at not knowing. He loved planning little get aways for you, but if the shoe was on the other foot, he turned into a whiney 5 year old. That was until the secret was revealed to him anyway. Then he would always look like a 5 year old on Christmas morning.

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egoraptor's birthday project!!

since arin’s 30th birthday is coming up soon, i wanted to make a little present for him from the game grumps community!!!
the present will be a video for him, basically full of short videos of people from the community either thanking him, wishing him happy birthday, or just saying something that you’ve always wanted to say to him. in the end, i’ll put all the videos together and send it to him on his birthday!!
if you’re interested in making a little video for arin, please email one to hbdegoraptorproject@gmail.com!!
here’s some guidelines for the videos:
- please keep your video under 2 minutes!!
- you can choose whatever you want to film it with, but if you use a phone please film it horizontally!! it’ll just look nicer and more uniform when i put it all together.
- when you email me the video, please include your twitter @ or your tumblr url and what name you want to go by
- please send your video to the email above by JANUARY 1ST!!
- i may not be using all the videos sent to me if i get a ton, so if i don’t use your video please don’t get upset!!!
if you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to dm me on my twitter (@pastelgrump) or shoot me a message on here!!


Happy 27th Birthday, Liam!

“I guess when I feel something, then I just feel it and I go for it. I make my decisions about what’s going to make me happy, what I think is right and what I want to do – and I don’t worry too much outside of that.”

  • whenever Annabeth tags along to watch Percy skate she always makes sure to bring a gatorade cause he always forgets to grab something to drink before leaving the house 
  • Percy changes his outfit a minimum of three times before every date him and Annabeth go on because even after all this time he just wants to impress her 
  • Annabeth saves up for months to be able to buy Percy tickets to a Knicks game for his birthday 
  • Percy remembers Annabeth talking about this fancy calculator she had her eye on and while out with Sally one day he spots it and happens to have enough saved up to buy it for her 
  • Annabeth sits through a four hour make up lesson from the Aphrodite cabin because she finds herself delving into her femininity– her heart flutters when Percy notices the simple eye liner and blush she wears on their next night out
  • whenever they go to the movies, Percy sneaks in a box of hot tamales for Annabeth to enjoy 
  • Annabeth organizes what she calls play dates for Percy and Grover, coordinating their schedules in the hyper efficient way that only she can, when she thinks they’ve gone too long since hanging out 
  • Percy always asks how her dad and brothers are doing. It’s the only slightly subtle way he knows how to push her to talk to them because even though she’ll never admit it, he knows she misses them. 
  • Annabeth looks up tutorials and walk throughs on Percy’s favorite video games so that she can give him a real run for his money but mostly because she loves the way he sticks his tongue out a little bit and furrows his brow when he’s concentrating on the screen
  • Percy signs up for the email lists at Annabeth’s favorite museums that way he knows when exhibits she would enjoy are in town 
  • there is a Saturday when Percy has an extra basketball practice, so Annabeth spends the afternoon getting frames for the posters on his wall and putting them up– when he gets home she’s laying on his bed and has one of his sweatshirts on while she reads. He can’t help but think how he can’t wait to come home to this for the rest of his life. 
Seokjin Birthday Video Message Project:


Ok so as everyone should know Kim seokjin is very under appreciated and he doesn’t get as much love as he gives out. Every year everyone basically sleeps on him on his birthday and I find that really upsetting because all the other members get a lot of stuff like it’s insane. Anyways for this year I want to make him something special, something he can watch when he’s feeling a little down in the dumps or when he just needs to be motivated.

What you need to do:

The idea is to make a video for Jin that will be spread like wildfire on his birthday telling him little sweet and nice messages. You can say it in english there will be Korean subtitles for him to read from.


The message is 3 mins Max if you only need to say few words like fighting! or other words of encouragement thats fine.

Also if you are uncomfortable with showing your face you can just send in a voice recording and we’ll put it over a fanart of Jin.

You can submit video’s and fanart to my email hikmataden01@gmail.com

Don’t forget to put your name and what country you’re from in the subject of the email it can be a nickname or just your first name or even just your initials.


Fanart of Jin would be very much appreciated there can’t be anything inappropriate. Anything with obscene writing or gestures will be removed from submitting. But yes you can submit fanart of your fave Jin ships ;))

I hope everyone will consider this amazing project and I really hope you decide to join :))

Also if you have any questions feel free to message me @seokjinwfun


@beagle-jin @seokline @jinblond @jineat @jingif @bangtan @snowedjin @jungkookjpeg @yoonmin @2seoknet @busanie @jinoodle

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scruffysterek  asked:

For the prompts - Sterek (obviously lol) and H (just because I'm so curious what they'd be wearing and/or why.. )

H. “Everyone knows the 90s were the epitome of high fashion.” 

“Most of your clothes look like you’re in a 90s grunge band, why I can’t just wear something you already own?” Derek asked, glaring at the outfit that Stiles held up for him to wear.

“Don’t be so dramatic Der,” Stiles said with a wide smile, his eyes bright, “Everyone knows the 90s were the epitome of high fashion.” 

“When you said you wanted me to dress up as Slater from Saved By the Bell for Scott’s stupid 90s themed birthday party I figured you’d make me wear an ugly shirt and those stupid acid washed pants,” Derek said, “Not that you’d want me to wear his wrestling uniform.” 

“It’s a timeless look,” Stiles mused, tossing Derek his outfit and pulling on his faded jeans that he had bought at Goodwill earlier that week, “Now get dressed, it’s no fun being Zack Morris without AC Slater.”

“I’m sure it could be,” Derek muttered, watching as Stiles tugged his bright tee shirt over his head and then his patterned windbreaker.  He had even been growing his hair out so he could dye the ends blonde and style it like Zack. Derek knew that Stiles look this seriously for some stupid reason he couldn’t comprehend. 

“Come on Derek, you’re going to look amazing in it,” Stiles said, stepping closer and running his fingers through Derek’s exposed chest hair, “Really sexy.”

Derek rolled his eyes, but he picked up the maroon wrestling uniform and pulled it on over his jockstrap, “You owe me big time for this.”

“I will pay you back in sexual favors,” Stiles said, running his eyes up from Derek’s muscular legs to his bulge, “All the sexual favors you could ever want.”

The Bayside High School logo was pulled tight over Derek’s broad chest, his nipples exposed on either side, “I look incredibly stupid.”

“Well that’s because you haven’t put on your super awesome white high top sneakers yet,” Stiles said with a wide smile, “We’re going to look great.”

“You look perfect,” Derek muttered, grabbing Stiles by the windbreaker and pulling him flush against him, “You should know that the only reason I’m doing this is because I love you.”

“I know,” Stiles said, kissing Derek on his cheek shaven cheek, “I love you too.”

“Let’s get this over with,” Derek said, kissing Stiles once on the lips before they headed out of apartment and over to Scott and Kira’s apartment. 

When they got their Derek discovered that there was a prize for best costume and best couples costume. He and Stiles won. He still didn’t think it was worth the wedgie he had most of the night, but the look on Stiles face made the whole affair worth it. 

Drabble Prompts

YoonJinKook Things
  • Yoongi and Jungkook help Jin bake cookies but Jungkook ends up eating a good portion of the batter because Yoongi’s weak for Jungkook’s pout and can’t tell him “no”. (Jin’s not amused at all and makes Jungkook and Yoongi clean the kitchen up after he’s done baking)
  • Jungkook uses “I’m going to tell Jin hyung,” as a threat whenever Yoongi locks himself in his studio and doesn’t eat or goes more than one night without- at the very least- some sleep. 
  • Shopping for groceries together (Jungkook always puts extra snacks into the shopping cart and even though Jin tells him to put them back at first, he eventually relents)
  • Yoongi and Jungkook love to “surprise” Jin on his birthday by making him breakfast in bed
  • Jin and Jungkook acting like complete dorks in public and Yoongi walking a few steps behind them, pretending that he has no idea who they are until Jungkook runs towards him, grabs his hand and drags him to look at something in the window of the manhwa store they just passed as Jin slowly trails behind with the brightest smile on his face.
  • Jin and Yoongi pushing their beds together so that Jungkook can sleep in the middle (Jungkook always trudges to Jin and Yoongi’s room when he has a nightmare or wakes up in the middle of the night feeling homesick)
  • Jin using the fact that he’s older than Yoongi to convince Yoongi to do things he doesn’t want to do and Jungkook snickering behind his hand when Yoongi ends up having to take Jin’s pink coat to the dry cleaners (Yoongi doesn’t understand why Jungkook’s laughing since Jungkook’s the one that drives him there)
  • Jungkook and Yoongi helping out with chores without Jin having to ask them
  • Jin and Jungkook making lunch boxes for all the members (Jungkook always sticks a post-it on Yoongi’s and writes some sort of positive message with a doodle of a bunny here and there)
  • All three of them sprawled on the couch with Jin sitting snug in the middle, gazes intently focused on the tv screen as they play Mario Cart. Yoongi and Jungkook start arguing when Yoongi throws a bomb at an unsuspecting Jungkook’s cart, Jungkook calling foul and the both of them jumping up from their seats, bickering as Jin sits calmly, completely ignoring them.
  • Yoongi rolling his eyes at Jin’s puns and the way Jungkook cracks up, face scrunching up adorably as he laughs
  • Jin cooking lamb skewers on special occasions
  • Yoongi and Jin constantly ruffling Jungkook’s hair, kissing his temples, patting him on the back and complimenting him because the maknae is too hard on himself 
  • Jungkook making fun of Yoongi because every time Jin blows him a kiss, he gets flustered and Yoongi grumbling about how Jungkook shouldn’t be talking since he’s the one that choked on his milk when Jin came home with freshly dyed blond hair. 
We saw a guy decorating a cake with edible gold leaf...

MollyRen: Buttercream Bling is my new band name
Chroma: Why would you want to eat gold leaf I never understand that.
MollyRen: so your poo can sparkle
scifigrl47: “Remember, if you’re eating something, make sure it’ the EXPENSIVE THING.”
costumersupport: Tell me Tony Stark doesn’t cover food in gold leaf just to be That Guy.
copperbadge: Steve’s gonna decorate a twinkie with gold leaf for him for his birthday in the Foodieverse
MollyRen: … so I just realized something about myself, and it’s that I want to eat a gold leaf twinkie
copperbadge: Molly, I’m sorry I’ve given you this dream. But if you do, you need to take photos and show us.
copperbadge: Oh my god I just googled gold leaf twinkie and look what came up

Preferences: Comforting You - Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf

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  • Stiles can not stand to see you upset. He will do anything and everything in his power to make you smile, going above and beyond is just almost expected when it comes to him, and when the reason he’s doing it is for your happiness nothing will stop him
  • Stiles would try to show you how much you mean to him, and how much you mean to the world in general. This would start with awkward long conversations about all the amazing qualities you have and all the things you’ve done for him and the pack
  • He would shower you in gifts in an attempt to make you smile, giving you gifts he had planned to save until your birthday. These include things you wanted, things you need and an awful lot of things that just reminded him of you when he saw them
  • Trying to cook you a home cooked meal so you eat something good… and failing badly. Possibly with the food ending up on fire, but almost definitely with smoke filling your kitchen
  • After his abismal attempt at cooking he would order pizza, or your favourite delivered food, set up Netflix and settles in with you for the night, making sure to turn his phone off so you know you’re the priority
  • Playing music that you like and forcing you to get up and dance, even if it’s barely moving, some awkward shuffle, in your room
  • Contacting Lydia and asking if she will take you shopping the next day if he is busy so he knows you’re in good hands and you won’t be able to get caught up in your thoughts
  • Just being there so you know you aren’t alone. Always offering to do anything to help, even if it means beating up someone, including Peter (which almost always brings a hint of a smile to your lips)
SEVENTEEN (vocal unit) forgetting your birthday

[Notification]: “Y/N’s Birthday!!!!!!! ‼️🔥❤️

Joshua: *runs around making a small gift basket of candles and baggies of cheezits he found in the pantry* “They’ll like it right? At least for right now.”

Seungkwan: Admits his defeat and doesn’t hesitate on telling you the truth. After he explains his forgetfulness, expect a loyal slave for the rest of the week. “I’ll do anything to make it up to you! Want a massage? Are you hungry? I’ll run a bath.”

DK: *Laughs and laughs and laughs until the tears stop falling because hOW COULD HE FORGET SOMETHING SO SPECIAL?*

Woozi: “Now, I’m not saying I forgot your birthday, it just kinda’ slipped my mind. Want to go get some birthday pancakes?”

Jeonghan: Tries to play off his huge mistake and act as if he isn’t freaking out on the inside. (He’ll pull some strings and get both you into a fancy restaurant.)

more jally headcanons

-dally smoked less when he met johnny because he made him feel more content and less stressed out

-dally likes to put his hands around johnny’s waist

-johnny gave dally a bracelet he made and at first he was iffy about wearing it but now he wears it everyday

-dally usually holds johnny really tight
-dally actually likes to write poems about johnny but he hides them away under his matress

-johnny makes dally flower crowns sometimes and he doesnt expect him to wear them but he does

-whenever its johnny’s birthday or christmas, he saves up the money to buy him something instead of stealing it because he wants it to be more special

-whenever they go to the movies with the gang, they end up leaving and going to the bathroom for like 10 minutes and the gang just pretends not to notice
-johnny always takes dally’s baggy t-shirts to wear

-johnny hates when dally gets into fights

-dally accidentally lost his temper with johnny one night when he came to him with bruises from his dad because johnny was trying to defend him so he yelled and he always feels bad

-theres looooots of hickies with them two
Phil 30th Birthday video!!!

Hey guys so I really want to show Phil how much he means to us. So with that being said I want to make a birthday video for him, there are very few requirements and I just really want to show him how much he has done for so many people.

//Suggestions \

*send in a video between 5 and 15 seconds saying what you love about Phil

*send in a picture or screenshot of a message that you would want Phil to see

*send in a few of your favorite photos of Phil

*send a picture or drawing you’ve made of Phil

*anything else you can think of that would brighten Phil’s day on his birthday!! ^-^

|||| submissions end January 28th!!! Please participate I would really love to make Phil something so he can see just how much he means to us!!|||

Instagram: Phil_precious_lester

anonymous asked:

Hello! I read all your writings and it's p e r f e c t. If you don't mind and requests are open, i have one for a headcanon: Ravus got a lot of professional paintings with note "from your secret admirer". And later he finds this poor person sketching something or someone, perhaps him.

Aww, thank you for your kind words, Anon! You make a girl blush.

Poor little Ravus, I just want to give him a big warm hug. I hope I got your request right, here goes…

✓ On his birthday, which Ravus never makes a fuss about, he receives an unexpected parcel from an anonymous sender.
✓ Inside the parcel is a small painting of the Tenebraean sylleblossom plains, with a small, handwritten note wishing him a happy birthday, “from your admirer.”
✓ Ravus is not used to attention, and he tries to ask Luna to help him figure out who the painting is from. She insists he must work it out himself.
✓ A month later, another parcel appears, with a bigger painting. This begins a slew of paintings arriving, approximately once a month, for the next year or so. The subjects are always related to places or objects in and around the palace.
✓ He asks around to figure out who the paintings are from. Every time a new one arrives, his heart warms - it’s one of the few gestures of affection he has received for many years since his childhood.
✓ One evening, looking at the paintings all laid out against the side of his bedroom wall, he realizes that if he puts them in a certain order, and connects the locations, they create a route through the palace.
✓ Getting up instantly, he draws a little map on a piece of paper, then hurries out, following the directions, checking to see the subject of each painting as he walks along.
✓ Finally he arrives at the servants’ quarters, where most of the palace attendants reside. He runs through the corridors, as the map ends there, unsure where to turn to next.
✓ Frustrated, he walks out into the courtyard, but it’s there that he sees a figure sat under oil lanterns, with pages, paints and canvas laid out around them. Approaching them quietly from behind, he sees sketches on the floor that look a little bit like himself.
✓ He lays his hand on the artist’s shoulder, very softly, but the artist startles and turns around to see him smiling gently. “It was you,” he utters tenderly, as the artist realizes they’ve been discovered.
✓ “You always seemed so sad, sir,” the artist responds, unsure of how Ravus feels about the situation. 
✓ “Not anymore,” Ravus responds smiling, kneeling down next to the artist, taking their hand. “Not anymore.”

Percy Jackson Headcanons #2

•Percy talks in his sleep. Mostly of the time it’s just gibberish, but once when Jason was staying with him at Percy’s apartment, Jason heard Percy say in his sleep, clear as day, “Quiero afeitarme un gato.” Which is ‘I want to shave a cat’ in Spanish. Jason doesn’t even know where Percy learned Spanish.
•Piper and Percy often go out and play laser tag. Piper pays most of the time, but Percy makes up for it by bringing her blue cookies, made by his mom, which Piper thinks are just heavenly.
•On Frank’s 21st birthday, Percy and Jason took him out to a bar to get him drunk. Percy and Jason were the ones who got off-their-ass drunk and after a drink too many, the two were flirting (as if that was something new). Frank had to drive them home and explain to their girlfriends of their failed plan.
•Jason passed out while Frank was driving him home, so when he got home to Piper, Piper joined with Frank to draw on his face.
•Jason woke up the next day wondering why his head hurt so badly and why he had a drawing of Captain America on his forehead.
•Annabeth, Piper, and Hazel once went on a girl trip to the mall. Most of their time there was spent with Annabeth and Piper dragging Hazel away from today’s technology. Some of their time was also spent with Hazel and Annabeth trying to stop Piper from Charmspeaking her way into lower prices for clothes.
•Percy invites Frank to family gatherings all the time because while he’s not close family, he is still family. Sally loves him all the same, and she even has a separate bedroom for him in case he needs a place to stay while in New York. He takes up that offer every time he is in New York.
•He sometimes invites Hazel, but Sally’s number one rule is that Frank and Hazel can’t be in the room together with the door closed.
•Neither of the two remember it until they look at old class photos, but Percy and Piper were in preschool together. Piper often makes fun of Percy because of how goofy he looks and Percy responds that “not all of us are child of Aphrodite. Gods, Piper!”
•After having their first child, Percy and Annabeth were tired most of the time. Mostly Percy because he’d wake up in the middle of the night to check on their baby then accidentally wake her up and have to make her a bottle to get her back to sleep. Because of that, Annabeth (and everyone else for that matter) finds Percy asleep in the most random spots. Jason once found him asleep under the Poseidon table, curled up in a ball. Like a cat.
•Jason acts like this tough, strict, Roman leader guy, but in reality Piper has found him more than once singing songs such as What Makes You Beautiful and Call Me Maybe in his cabin. Once when she found him, she scared him and Jason screamed and whacked himself with his “mic” which was a hairbrush out of fear.
•Despite what Venus had told her, Reyna keeps trying to find love. She actually found love with a son of Apollo. The two were together for awhile, to a point where Reyna told Venus to suck it. (Mentally, not verbally. She’s not that stupid to insult a goddess).
•Percy ended up in the hospital from being in a car crash. It was nothing serious, but everyone was acting like it was. Piper even joked that if he didn’t make it, she’d be taking his mom and making Sally her mom so she could have blue cookies whenever she wanted.
•Once Percy heard Nico and Will talking and decided to eavesdrop. He heard Will ask Nico teasingly “then what is your type?” to which Percy interrupts and practically screams at the two “NOT ME!”
•On the day of Percy and Annabeth’s wedding, Jason was the best man and he was suppose to give a speech. He completely broke down with everyone staring at him, and he just blurted out all the bad moments that he’s had with Percy, including a moment where Annabeth walked in on Percy on top of Jason while the two were wrestling, making it a very awkward moment. It wasn’t until Percy kicked him off of the “stage” that Jason shut up.
•On the anniversary of Leo’s death, the demigods get together and play some songs that remind them of Leo. Someone (*cough* Piper *cough*) made the mistake of adding Things We Lost to the Fire, which the eight demigods laughed over but soon started to cry.
•The Athena cabin has a bunch of stupid jokes that only they (or anyone else who was smart enough). One joke that Annabeth once said made everyone laugh then made them realize how sad it was that they all understood the joke, and it ended up with most of the Athena cabin sobbing and saying “we’re a bunch of nerds” while Annabeth tried to say sorry.
•On the day of Piper and Jason’s wedding, Piper was terrified that she’d tripped and fall and make a fool of herself. However, it was actually Jason who tripped.

… I don’t know what to do with my life.

Maybe something about what the v3 boys will do for their s/o’s bday??

Aw, cute! Hope you like it!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • he doesn’t really know what he should do for you, so again, he keeps things pretty traditional.
  • it’s a pretty simple celebration, but he also does little things like make dinner and draw a bath for you.
  • and of course, he gets you a cake.
  • and it’s really good too!
  • but definitely store-bought.
  • you still appreciate it though.
  • he gives you lots of cuddles and attention, and wishes you a happy birthday many many times!
  • he just wants you to have a good day today.

Rantarou Amami

  • he made you a cake!
  • it tastes pretty good, and it’s really beautiful!
  • he’s really happy that you like it too, because he worked pretty hard on it.
  • he also wants to give you something else.
  • he takes off his necklace and puts it on you, as a gift!
  • you’re really flattered that he would give you something so important to him…
  • he assures you that he wants you to have it, and he trusts you with it.
  • he kisses you on the cheek, and suggests you two watch a movie!
  • he knows you’ll probably just want a nice quiet birthday, just the two of you at home.
  • so that’s what he gives you.
  • you two cuddle a lot that night, and he makes sure to wish you a happy birthday every time he kisses you.

Kokichi Ouma

  • he acts like he forgot completely.
  • he acts like that all day! no signs of birthday love!
  • honestly you don’t mind too much, you didn’t even tell him when your birthday was, so how could you expect him to know?
  • so you’re just going through your day like usual, on your way home.
  • and when you walk in…
  • he’s set up a massive party for you! absolutely huge!
  • there’s balloons, and tons of food, and all your friends are there!
  • plus some people you don’t quite recognize dressed in purple who may or may not be members of a secret society trying to make sure everything goes smoothly
  • you have a surprisingly good time!
  • he makes sure you get your space when you need it, but that you’re having fun too!
  • you’re kind of curious as to how he actually found out your birthday??
  • he has his sources.
  • he kisses and clings to you so much, you can’t get away from him for a second!
  • not that you’d want to of course.
  • he makes sure you have a really special day, and even buys you something really cool!
  • OUMA NO.

Shuuchi Saihara

  • he’s not really sure what to do…anything that’ll make you happy.
  • so he takes you out for a date, wherever you want to go, and he pays!
  • you even get to order an expensive dessert!
  • he insists on you get whatever you’d like, despite the dent you’re putting in his wallet right now.
  • he just wants you to have a good birthday!
  • and you do!
  • you feel a little bad about the price though.
  • after that, you two go home and cuddle on the couch while you watch your favourite movie!
  • you really enjoyed this birthday, and saihara is glad.
  • <3

Kaito Momota

  • you will never guess where you’re going today.
  • he tells you to pack for a day out, but you can tell he’s up to something.
  • besides, he won’t tell you where he’s taking you and the trip there is taking quite a while.
  • but surprise!
  • he’s taking you to a place that’s really special to him!
  • this here?
  • this is the first rocket he ever took up to space!
  • that’s so incredible!
  • and he wants to share his experience with you!
  • he actually, truly wants to take you up to space!
  • after some debate, you decline, only because you’re not qualified.
  • but you two still have a very nice lunch date inside the rocket.
  • happy birthday!


  • he’s had your birthday in his internal calendar for weeks!
  • he’s been planning as many traditional birthday festivities as he can, and he’s confident you’ll like them!
  • when you get home, there is balloons and banners and confetti EVERYWHERE.
  • kiibo made a cake! yay!
  • he’s so excited that you’re finally here for your party!
  • at first, you’re surprised, but you found it really adorable honestly.
  • he’s just so happy to be throwing you a birthday party!
  • and you absolutely love it!
  • he hugs you lots and gives you lots of kisses and bought you a present from toys r us and loves you so much!
  • he wants you to have the happiest birthday you can!

Gonta Gokuhara

  • has never had a birthday party.
  • has never been to a birthday party.
  • has no idea what a birthday party is.
  • but understands that birthdays are special to you!
  • so he takes you to the butterfly conservatory!
  • it’s absolutely beautiful, and you both have a fantastic time.
  • the butterflies are absolutely beautiful, and he makes sure that you get to hold a few!
  • he wants today to be really special for you.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • he knows today is a pretty big deal.
  • after all, it’s his s/o’s birthday.
  • so he spends the whole day with you, doing things you like!
  • he cuddles you, makes dinner, and gets you lots of ice cream!
  • he also gets you an absolutely beautiful ring.
  • n-not that it’s an engagement ring, not like he wants to marry you!
  • i mean, th-that’s not to say he doesn’t want to marry you, just-
  • this is really embarrassing now.
  • maybe he wants to marry you??
  • maybe he was waiting until your birthday to ask you??
  • maybe???
  • the ring is absolutely beautiful and as soon as you two figure out that he just proposed, you say yes!
  • happy birthday!

It makes sense that it’s not Alec’s birthday but is instead Max receiving his first rune. If it was just Alec’s birthday, Magnus probably wouldn’t have a big party because he’d know that Alec wouldn’t want that. He also wouldn’t have an angelic rune ice sculpture or a shit ton of random shadowhunters in his home. Plus, the punch. You have punch at parties for kids…Magnus probably offers to host the party because it’s safer than the institute or something.

Aside from the stuck-up bash in that Instagram story and the tequila and taco night at Cafe Habana, I hope Harry did something /he/ wanted to do on his birthday.

A boy fighting in a man’s war:

The solider gasped for air as the small Nuclear Shelter finally shut. His body felt trapped, and his legs already ached with cramp. 

His arms were wrapped around a Mini Nuke, protecting it with everything he had… his eyes then watered over as he began to cry. He knew he shouldn’t, he was a solider, solider’s didn’t cry. Men didn’t cry. But the truth was, he wasn’t really a man, not yet… 

He had only just reached his eighteenth birthday about a week or so ago. But no matter what age he might have been, he was still scared. He was still human. 

A bang on the shelter door made him jump. He had only just escaped some civilians who had charged at him, and they wanted answers. Answers he just didn’t have. Blaming him, shouting at him, making him feel guilty for something he had no control over. The bombs would have fallen that day with or without his existence. 

As the bangs became more frantic, as did the anger he began to think of his mother and how much he missed her, how much he wanted her. He began to sob now. Arms still clutching the very thing that he had no care for. But he had his orders–protect it at all costs–and that meant if he had to die in the process. 

He was so scared. 

He was only a boy.

Expected to do a job in a petty man’s war.

He closed his eyes tight as he began to hear screams, and then guns shots fired, in seemed never ending, but soon the loud bangs against the shelter stopped. But he dare not more.

He sniffed. Wanting nothing more than to go home. “Mama, if you are up there. If Heaven is real… I’ll be seeing you real soon… Okay Mama? I hope I did you and Pa proud. It’s all I ever—” 

The young man never got to finish. The world ended before he could.

The next time that shelter door opened again was two-hundred years later, and as Sole went to pick up the Mini Nuke from the young solider’s remains, she changed her mind. Out of respect, for his bravery and sacrifice. A sacrifice that was uncalled for, and a bravery given by someone so young.

Headcanons for Sebastian and Ciel celebrate their s/o’s birthday? I just love your headcanons btw!!

Thank you for always requesting SebaCiel! 

Sebastian celebrating his s/o’s birthday

- This will depend on how you want to celebrate your birthday.

-If you don’t want a fuss, then it’ll be a quiet “good morning, My Lord/Lady” and a small cake he made for you, or something else if you dislike cake, and then a candle-lit bath with rose petals he drew for you, then a massage and maybe more *wink wink nudge nudge*

- If you do want to make a fuss, then he’ll pull out all the stops - a proper Ball, an ice sculpture of your likeness, cake or something else if you don’t like that, probably plant your favourite flowers or trees in the garden… then he’ll show you how much he loves you in the evening…

- He believes in showing his love for you every day of the year.

- But on your birthday - the day that brought you closer to him - is cause for extra celebration.

- He’d get you a very meaningful gift, and he’d know that you’ll love it before he’s even given it to you.

- Sebastian agonised over your gift until Ciel ordered him to choose one.

- You’d go to sleep in his arms, beaming.

Ciel celebrating his s/o’s birthday

- Ciel wouldn’t see much point in celebrating your birthday. It’s just another day to him.

 - However, he’d make an effort for his s/o.

- He’d pay close attention to you in the few days preceding your birthday, figuring out what kind of day you want. 

- Any kind of comment would be taken seriously unless it’s obviously a joke. 

- He’d get you several, small meaningful gifts, knowing you’ll love them (Sebastian probably picked them out under orders) 

- He’d get Sebastian to make you a birthday cake and to put together a small party with himself, you, Sebastian and your closest friends. 

- At night, though he’s not fluffy, he would try to tell you how he feels about you.

-Getting embarrassed because the words are coming out incoherently! He deeply cherishes you, though, and would need you to understand that and return those feelings.