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Title:  What You Need

Summary: After a stressful review meeting Draco thinks maybe its about time Harry were honest with himself.

Word Count: 1977

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Draco can feel the tension in his body twisting and turning, slowly ebbing away as he and Harry leave Robards’ office in a hurry.  He’d been dying to get out of that meeting from the moment it had begun this morning. 

It had been a mandatory review of all of their cases from the last six months.  Apparently the head of the department had decided that no one was exempt from the intense scrutiny they’d just faced over the last two hours.  Hell he had expected it to be brutal based on the chatter around the Auror office from those who had already faced their own review, but even he couldn’t have anticipated the kinds of questions they would ask.

“And do you feel your relationship with Mr. Potter is completely professional?”

“Mr. Malfoy, have your feelings for Mr. Potter ever gotten in the way of your ability to make an unbiased call in the field?”

“Mr. Potter, there is a history of rash decisions in your case file.  Do you believe yourself of sound mind and judgement in the heat of the moment?”

“Gentleman, have you ever had more than a professional working relationship with your Auror partner?”

They’d claimed the questions were standard, and would be the same for all partners regardless of gender or sexual orientation.  A necessary precaution they’d called it.  But Draco had felt his insides churning at the questions, his mind over run with thoughts and desires which he usually worked very hard to keep below the surface.  He had answered them with a cool and calm countenance that had betrayed nothing of his true feelings.

Harry on the other hand had begun to get agitated the second they’d questioned his personal life.

“I’m a damn good Auror and what I do off the clock is none of your business.”

They were partners.  Friends.  And yet Harry had bristled at the insinuation they were more, refusing to answer the questions which Draco was sure only made things about a hundred times worse.  

By the time they finally reach their office Harry is in a right mood, ripping his Auror robes off and flinging them on the chair in the corner.  He takes his glasses off next, setting them on the desk and rubbing his face with both hands.  He looks tired, stressed.  It’s not the first time Draco has wondered why Harry is still an Auror.  He’s good at it, damn good in fact,  His reflexes are excellent and his experience with Dark Wizards invaluable.  But even after three years working together Draco can see that he still has trouble taking orders; he’s brash and though his instinct are usually right he follows them blindly.  Mostly though, despite how good he is at his job he just doesn’t seem happy.

Draco watches with curiosity as Harry just drops to the floor, as if he truly cannot take another moment of anything, running his hands through his hair before laying down.  He feels guilty for the thoughts that run through his mind, the way he can’t take his eyes off the strength in Harry’s forearms, or the space between his legs.  H knows he shouldn’t be thinking those things when Harry is clearly struggling.  But the questions had been too much, had brought too much to the forefront of his min,  and though he might not be showing it outwardly Draco feels just as close to exploding as Harry looks.

“Do you regret it?” Harry asks quite suddenly, startling Draco out of his thoughts.

“Regret what?”

“Becoming an Auror?”

Of all the things Draco thought the other man might say that is not one of them.  He thinks back on the brutal years in training, of the distrust and harassment he had faced when he first joined and the hard work and determination it had taken to get anyone to take him seriously. He thinks back to when they had first become partners and the way they had argued and clashed just as intensely as they had in school, until one day after a bad case when they’d both ended up at the same bar and gotten pissed after work together.  The next day he couldn’t remember what either one of them had said or done, and truth be told he still has no idea if Harry ever remembered because they never discussed it, but things had changed after that.   They had begun working as a team, and before Draco had known what was happening they weren’t just two people being forced to work together they were partners; a well functioning team that both trusted and relied on one another.  

He looks at Harry now, sprawled out on the floor looking tense and unhappy, something Draco now knows he hides from almost everyone else and he wonders what it means that Harry trusts him with the ugliest sides of himself so implicitly.  

Draco doesn’t usually stop to think about his own feelings, not after having worked so hard to push them away.  He regrets many things in his life, but becoming an Auror is not one of them, not when it has led him this.  Whatever this might be.

“No, I don’t.”

Harry’s shoulders tighten and Draco wonders when exactly he learned to read the other man so well.  He looks angry, at himself Draco thinks, and guilty.  

“You know its ok to hate your job.”

Harry jerks his head up in surprise, his brow crinkling in confusion.  “But you just said-”

“I know perfectly well what I said.  I answered your question honestly.  You just didn’t ask the right question.”  Draco crosses his legs, leaning back in his chair and watching Harry throw his hands in the air before dropping his head back to the ground with an audible thud.

“Well what the bloody fuck was the right question?”

Draco can’t help it, he laughs.  Harry shoots him an angry look.

“I’m so glad you find this so funny.”

“Always so fucking melodramatic, Potter.”  Draco knows exactly what to say to get a rise out of him and Harry is on his feet in seconds.  

“That meeting was a load of shit.  We’re the best Aurors in the department and they know it.” 

“Are you angry because they questioned your work ethic or because they questioned our relationship?”  Draco says, and is surprised at how good it feels to say something.  To acknowledge them in some way, even if they have no idea what they are.  

Harry opens his mouth to speak and then stops as if he’s thought better of it.  He suddenly looks so unsure, and so much younger than his twenty seven years.  He rubs his hands on his shirt almost unconsciously and just stares at Draco.

“Do you want to know what I think?” Draco asks, rising from his seat and closing the small distance between them.  He can practically feel the tension in Harry’s body, the air nearly crackling with it.  “I think you’re tired of all of it; of the protocol and the bureaucracy and the phoniness.  You’ve spent your entire fucking life saving everyone else and being who they needed to be and I think you’ve finally had enough.  Today.  Right now, Harry.  You’ve had enough.”

Harry sucks in a deep breath, and Draco has no idea what to expect because he knows he’s crossing that forbidden line that says neither one of them will acknowledge real feelings but he doesn’t care because he can’t stand another day of pretending either.

“Aren’t you tired of being what everyone else needs you to be?  Don’t you want to get what you need for once?”

Harry licks his lips, still unable to move from his spot as if his feet have been spelled to the floor.  “And what exactly is it you think I need?”

Fuck it Draco thinks, he’s come this far already.  Instead of saying anything he reaches out, his hands sliding into Harry’s hair and gently urging him closer.  He presses his lips to Harry’s, afraid for a moment he’s made a mistake and gone too far but then Harry is nearly clawing at him, his hands grabbing onto Draco so tightly it almost hurts. 

The kiss is almost brutal, desperate, and so fucking good Draco stops trying to hold it in and just moans into Harry’s mouth which only spurs the other man on even more.  Draco’s hand is sliding down Harry’s back when there is a knock on the door and they spring apart just seconds before the door flies open.  It’s Robards.  Draco has never wanted to curse someone as badly as he does right in this moment.  His heart aches and he just knows the moment has been ruined, that this interruption has shattered whatever fragile thing they were beginning.

“Listen, Potter, Malfoy, about before I-”

“I quit!” Harry shouts and Draco’s mouth falls open in the most un-Malfoy like display of shock he’s ever shown.

“Excuse me, Potter, you can’t quit!”

Draco doesn’t even look at Robards, because he can’t take his eyes off Harry.  Harry looks giddy, euphoric even, and it reminds Draco of the way Potter used to look after he’d caught the Golden Snitch.

“Yes, Sir, I can.  I quit.  I hate my job,” he shouts, and then he begins to laugh.  Robards looks like he thinks Harry might have lost his mind.  “God that felt good to say out loud.  I FUCKING HATE MY JOB!” he screams even louder, making several of the other Aurors peek their heads down the hallway and through the open door to their office.  

Robards holds his hand up to silence him but Harry is paying him no mind.

“I hate the paperwork and the assignments and the bloody protocol that makes no sense sometimes and I hate the awful hours.  Fuck I hate everything about it except that I get to work with you,” Harry says, turning to look at Draco with a look so pure in intensity Draco is glad he’s sitting down already.

“And what about you, Malfoy?” Robards asks, sounding equal parts confused and helpless.

“Oh I quit too. I detest this job.”

“I thought you said you didn’t regret becoming an Auror?” Harry asks suddenly, as if he’s forgotten Robards is just standing there watching them.

Draco shrugs, almost nonchalantly.  “I don’t regret it, not at all.  But I still fucking hate this job.”

“Then why don’t you regret it?” he asks, and Draco wonders how it’s possible that other man really doesn’t see it.

“Because you oblivious idiot, I’m in love with you.  Pretty sure if you jumped out this window right now I’d follow you like a lovesick puppy.  It’s absolutely pathetic,” he answers in the most self deprecating tone possible.


“Yes, Harry.”

“Well, that’s rather good then isn’t it.  Because I’m in love with you.”

“Right, well I’ll just be leaving now,” Robards mumbles awkwardly before shutting the door behind him.  Neither Harry nor Draco pay him any attention.

“So, before….when you said you knew what I needed,” Harry begins to say, crossing the room until he’s standing directly in front of Draco with his hand outstretched.  “What if you showed me instead.”

“I can’t think of anything I’d like more,“ Draco answers, taking Harry’s hand in his own and thinking that maybe what they both want and need might just be the same things.

Harry: *fangirling internally, surprised and silently pleased with the fact that his arms can enclose Louis’s waist entirely* (bless the size difference) *need to calm himself and try to look cool and flick his hair when they eneded the too long hug* love you boo, congrats.

Louis: *blushing* *silently afraid of what the management will do to them now, but love is tough and hard, who is he to go against the rule of nature* *enjoying the fact that he and hazza fits like a puzzle* love you too, haz, congrats.

Zayn: *slightly hesitant, dunno if Liam really like Peazer or not* (shall I go hug him or not, he is so cute with that excited grin and blush on his face…) *internal/ eternal struggle*

Liam: *hesitant and shy* (dunno if Zayn will want me to hug him, he is moving so slow, does it mean he doesn’t want to hug me???) *slowly open arms invitingly* *puppy look all the way*

Niall: *frustrated at how hesitant ziam is* (they are freaking blocking his view of a perfectly nice larry, and if they really want to do the blocking part, they may as well as do it when hugging each other) Hmph! you two! JUST HUG EACH OTHER ALREADY! *push zayn real hard*

Zayn: *stumbles, like a first born deer, though this normally applies to harry*

Liam: *his life flashes in front of his eyes * *gasp* Zayn! You aren’t going to fall are you?

Zayn: *stumbles into Liam’s embrace* I have already fallen, you idiot, I have fallen for you for so long.


Audience: *clapping for Larry and Ziam, and for the great job Captain Niall is doing*

Niall: *enjoys the view for a sec, moves on to hug Larry* Congrats, good job boys, the display of affection was impressive.

All the boys: *hug*

Ziam and Larry: *happy cheesy lovely couples*


(i guess this is one of the rare occasions that Niall doesn’t mind being left out) 

One step too far.

You realized a little too late that the words that had left your mouth pushed the wrong button.

Steve looked over at you, his brow furrowed in anger. “Excuse me?”

Oh god, this was bad. “Um… I just wanted you to listen to me.”

His stare bore into you. You wanted to squirm under the scrutiny. You also wanted to squeeze your thighs together to try and ease the ache that had started.

“And you thought that baiting me into an argument was the way to achieve that?” He asked, an unmistakable edge to his voice.

You were certain he meant that to be a rhetorical question, so you didn’t even bother answering.

You watched as he stalked over to you. He walked behind you and placed his hands on your hips, his chest meeting your back. He leaned his head down, his lips brushing your ear as he spoke.

“I want you to go to our room and wait for me,” he whispered. “I want you naked and kneeling by the bed.”

You nodded with a soft whimper.

“You wanted me to listen,” he nipped the shell of your ear. “Well sweetheart, I am going to listen to you scream my name.”



this is for you @cirillach because honestly, you have the best taste in men

Here’s a little animation we did in class some time ago, in groups of two.

I animated the first part, then cleaned all of the sequence.

Arie, I just want you to know that this gif right here…I can fucking stare at it for all eternity and keep swooning every damn time. He looks so damn good here. Damn. Okay. @bringmesomepie56 this is for you, love.

Dean rolled his eyes. “Come on, Y/N,” he said smiling amusedly. “You can’t be serious.”

You scoffed and walked across the room, away from him. “Of course I’m serious, you idiot,” you hissed. “You practically let that…woman…rub all over you. And the worst part? You didn’t even push her off!”

“I was trying to see if she had the friggin mark, Y/N!” he yelled exasperatedly. He knew you’d be annoyed but not this fired up about it. “It’s my job, sweetheart. We have to kill those sons of bitches before they kill anymore people.”

You crossed your arms over your chest and eyed him coolly. “It’s your job to let some skank rub her breasts all over your face? Wow. Okay. Alright. I see what’s going on here.”

Dean threw his hands up in the air, finally giving up. “And what the hell is going on, Y/N?”

“You’re an asshole,” you stated before turning your back on him and making your way toward the door.

“No no no no,” Dean caught your arm and turned you around to face him. “You don’t get to yell at me and think it’s okay afterward. I’m not okay with that.”

You scoffed. “Well, I don’t give a rat’s ass if-”

“You’re angry,” he said, nodding his head. “I get it. But, Sweetheart.” He cupped your face with both his hands, forcing you to look up at him. “No damn woman is gonna take me away from you. Not a single damn one. You hear me?”

You rolled your eyes.

“And you can roll those beautiful eyes all you want, it’s not gonna change anything. I fucking love you and I’m gonna prove it to you.” Dean clenched his jaw before giving you another nod. “I’ll get on your good graces, Y/N.”

You pushed his hands away, your anger slowly slipping away. You weren’t going to let him off the hook this easily. But you wanted to know to what lengths he’d go to prove it.

“I’d like to see you try, Winchester,” you muttered, smirking at him slightly before turning around again and walking out the room, leaving a stunned Dean behind.

Title: The Breakthrough

@a-girl-interupted​ requested: I always felt Max was a very sympathetic  character. I’m not sure if thats bad screenwriting or because I love JDM or what but I always felt he really tried to fight his urges and if she had given him a chance he could have been a wonderful boyfriend. I wouldn’t mind a play on that :) maybe if she hadn’t pushed him away that night (smut) or if she found out he was watching her and instead of getting creeped out played and teased him a bit ya know? Just off the top of my head.

Character(s): Max and Juliet
Summary: What if Juliet didn’t stop Max? Would that have changed everything?
Word Count: 2,251
Warning: SMUT!!! 
Author’s Note: Thank you, @a-girl-interupted for this request! I agree one hundred percent that Max could have been a wonderful boyfriend if given the chance. So, I hope this is okay! It has been a while since I’ve written for Max, so hopefully it’s not too out of character. Enjoy! :-)

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We are the same

Word count: 1839

Warning: some smut

You are a heretic that’s even more powerful than Kai, which turns him on but when you get hurt he realizes that he loves you

153 years. That’s how long you’ve been living in Mystic Falls. You were an original vampire but you were also a siphon, which made you a heretic. Your life wasn’t easy because your life could’ve never bee normal. While your friends played with each other, you were stuck in your room just because you were different. It only happened once that you accidentally siphoned a little girl, even though you didn’t even know you had these powers. Everything changed when you grew up. You distanced yourself from everyone and started living your life. That’s how you ended up in Mystic Falls. Of course, there was no one there who was like you, that is until a significant siphon came to Mystic Falls. Malachai Parker. He always wanted to prove he was better than you, stronger, a powerful leader of the gemini coven, but truthfully, you were way stronger than him. You merged with your twin sister who was the most powerful witch when you were younger and getting all of her powers only meant that you were the strongest of them all. You loved it. The strenght you had, the powerful magic that was running through your body and the fact that you could siphon your vampirism and covert it into more magic always made you feel even more powerful.

You and Kai were always competing, always did things that would somehow prove who out of the two of you was stronger, but it was obvious it was you.

‘Why do you always have to prove that you’re better?’ Kai muttered while the both of you were standing in the middle of the woods, his body slowly taking small steps as he walked around you, watching your every move.

‘I don’t have to prove anything. I am better.’ He stopped in front of you, his face only inches away from yours. You leaned in, getting so close that your noses were touching. 'Stronger. More powerful than you. It’s actually fun.’ You muttered, your hot breath tickling his lips, making him sigh deeply.

'Is that so?’ Kai asked and walked behind you again, moving your hair from your shoulder to one side, allowing him to get a clear sight of your neck. He came closer and brushed your neck with his nose, sending shivers down your spine.

'Yes’ you breathed out, unable to concentrate on anything else.

'It’s kind of a turn on. Having the girl who’s more powerful than me, has more control. I like it.’ He whispered on your ear as his hands found your waist, his fingers tugging on your shirt. You swallowed hard and quickly turned around only to be face to face with him once more, your heart feeling like it was going to jump out of your chest. You’ve always been attracted to Kai. From the moment you started hanging out with eachother, you felt attracted to him.

'You know I could snap your neck with just two fingers and make you feel pain you’ve never felt before?’ You muttered, Kai’s eyes never leaving yours.

'Damn.’ Kai trailed off. You part your lips slightly and leaned in, your bottom lip brushing Kai’s upper lip, making Kai swallow hard.

'Remember how we decided to stay friends when we met? Did we make the right decision?’ You trailed off and pressed your pelvis against his, making him look down.

'Fuck it.’ He groaned and suddenly pushed you against the tree, your back hitting the hard surface. His hands roamed all over your body as his lips finally found yours. He kissed you deeply while your hands found their way to his jeans, unbuttoning them and pushing them halfway down.

'I’ve waited too long for this.’

'Stop talking.’ You breathed out and took of his shirt, revealing his toned torso, while his hads worked on taking your clothes off. You were standing completely naked in front of him while he only had his jeans and broefs still on, but pushed halfway down, stopping just slightly above his knees. He placed his hands under your ass and picked you up, your legs instantly wrapping around his waist.

'Ready?’ He breathed out.

'Just do it.’ You commanded as he caught his lenght with his hand and brought it close to your entrance. He pushed the tip in, your mouth instantaneously falling open as Kai placed his hands on each side of your body, his palms resting on the tree behind you. He locked his eyes with yours and pushed all the way in, his eyes focused on your actions and how your mouth parted and a moan escaped your mouth when he entered you fully. He kept still, waiting for you to adjust but you couldn’t wait any longer. You bucked your hips forward, looking for some more friction.

'Kai, move. Please.’

'As you wish.’ He pulled back and thrusted in really fast and hard making you moan out loud and throw your head back. He kept repeating his actions, his pace changing from fast and hard, to slow and deep and it was driving you crazy.

'Shit.’ He groaned and placed his head in the crook of your neck, his hot breath constantly hitting your skin, moans escaping his mouth everytime he thrusted into you. Your hands went up to his hair as you grabbed on it gently, your hips bucking every now and then to meet Kai’s hips.

'Kai, I’m close.’

'Me too.’ He moaned out and picked up his pace again, focusin on getting you to your release first as he felt your walls clenching around his lenght, letting him now that you were there. Your eyes shut closed, your orgasm making you dig your nails into Kai’s back and out of pleasure, you accidentally siphoned him. He threw his head back and groaned at the feeling as he came strongly inside of you, making his fangs to come out. He stilled and looked at you while trying to catch his breath. He pulled out and let you down on the semi cold ground, covered with grass and an occasional flower. He pressed his forehead on yours and closed his eyes for a brief second.

'Well, this was fun.’ He said and got dressed quickly, you following his actions.

'So, is this going to stay a secret or?’

'It’s just a one time thing, isn’t it?’ You asked him, catching him by surprise. He was lost for words. He looked down, avoiding your eyes because deep down, he didn’t want this to be a one time thing, but he didn’t want to say anything so he just nodded. You looked around, staring at the ground, looking for your right shoe.

'Where is it?’ You muttered under your breath and sighed deeply, unable to find it. You waked around for what it seemed like minutes to find it, when it was right in front of you the entire time. You laughed and started walking to pick it up, when you felt an excruciating pain in your torso, a loud noise following it. You looked down and saw about 5 vervain stained bullet holes in your body, the burning sensation making you wince out in pain. You turned around and faced Kai who looked more shocked than ever.

'Kai’ you muttered out and dropped down on the ground, feeling the bullets sliding deeper into your body with every breath you took.

'I’m gonna help you.’ He said and pushed a finger inside your torso, getting the bullet after bullet out of your body. Vervain stinging on his fingers not bothering him at that moment because he did everything to help you and get the bullets out of your body.

'Kai, there’s one.. going right toward my heart.’ You stuttered, your voice barely audible. You knew that bullets couldn’t kill you because you were an original, but it still felt like you were going to die.

'Shit! I’ll get it out, just hang on, ok?’ Kai stated and dug his fingers right where the last bullet was. He probably forgot you were an original and was starting to panic that you were going to die. The look on his face when he couldn’t pull it out was something you could never describe. There was pain, concern and even anger visible on his face, not wanting to give up. He pushed his fingers a bit deeper and finally pulled out the bullet, making you take a deep breath and arch your back at the feeling of relief that suddely took over your body. His eyes were focused on your body, watching how every wound healed quickly. You sat up and pulled yourself back a little bit, leaning on the tree behind you. Kai didn’t say anything. He was staring at the ground, not bothering the blood that was covering his fingers.

'Kai?’ You said, making him snap out of it, his eyes immediately focusing on yours.

'Are you ok?’

'What? Yes, I’m fine. It’s just- you really scared me. I thought you were going to die.’ Kai muttered, his voice shaking like he was going to cry.

'You know I can’t die like that. Bullets can’t do anything. Except if they’re made out of white oak. Which I probably shouldn’t mention ever again.’

'You know I would never use it to hurt you. I care too much about you.’ He said, taking you by surprise. At that moment you started to wonder what was all this really about?

'Are you sure you’re ok?’

'No.’ He said and smiled weakly.

'Talk to me then.’ You pulled yourself closer, your palms resting on Kai’s hands.

'I’m scared that I’m going to lose you and I don’t want to. You mean so much to me and I didn’t want to say anything but, I’m in love with you and seeing you hurt was the worst thing I had to go through in my life. I want to do everything I can to protect you and make you safe.’

'Why didn’t you say anything before?’

'Because I know you don’t feel the same.’ He said while getting up as he took a few steps away from you, his back facing you.

'Judging quickly, aren’t we?’ You trailed off, making him turn around.

'I’m just stating the facts.’

'Well, you’re completely wrong. I can’t imagine a day without you.’ You said and at that moment Kai took a few large steps toward you, his hands instatly finding your waist. He stared at yoir eyes for a few seconds before he cupped your face and kissed you deeply, this time the kiss feeling completely different than before.

'Can’t believe you waited so long to tell me. If me dying was the key to you finally admitting admiting how you feel about me, I would’ve done it a long time ago.’ You said and laughed, Kai’s face expression serious.

'That’s not funny.’

'Come here.’ You whispered and pulled him close again, your lips finding his soft ones once again, fitting perfectly like you were made for eachother.

Monthly Troubles

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 1 963
warning : slight smut
summary : Reader is on her period and Kai is trying to be cute which only ends up annoying her but she is too shy to tell him whats happening , but he figures it out on his own.
* gif by christopherwooddaily

Y/N woke up with cramps in her stomach. Instinctively she curled into a ball on her bed pulling the sheets and covers with her, her hands holding onto her stomach. Those days of the month were the worst , not all times but most of them. Usually she’d stay home curled up the same way on her bed or the couch , wait it out  until the pain went away. This time however was different because her boyfriend Kai Parker was in the next room. She could hear the clattering of dishes and pans from the kitchen as he was making breakfast. Kai was the best , always loving and caring towards her… Today tho she didn’t want him around. Those days of the month also included crankiness and last thing she wanted was to get him upset with her but Y/N didn’t know how to tell him she was on her period. She was too shy to do so.
Another cramp followed and Y/N curled into a tighter ball , closing her eyes wincing at the pain. Being human is awesome , but on days like that she wanted to just stop being one for a few days.
A few moments later Kai walked into her bedroom with a food tray with pancakes , bacon , orange juice , coffee and a small vase with a flower in it.  He left the tray on the far end of the bed and leaned in towards her from behind , kissing her neck gently while wrapping his arm around her.
“Morning princess.” he said smiling , making her roll to her other side until she faced him. Kai pressed his lips against hers kissing her briefly. “How did you sleep ? Hope I didn’t wake you earlier…”
Kai was looking at her with his smoky blue eyes which always made her heart flutter , her knees weak and sent butterflies in her stomach. He was waiting for her to smile back at him like always and attack him with a long good morning kiss as usual. He always kissed her briefly , enough to start a fire in her and make her want more. Instead Y/N just stared at him without saying a word, closing her eyes for a few seconds trying hard not to let the pain show on her face as another cramp followed. Kai tucked in a strand of hair behind her ear , tapping her nose.
“Where is the smile?” he teased. “Smile or I will tickle  you until you do.”
Y/N kept starring at him , wishing he’d just stop being so cute all the time. On any other morning by this point she would’ve smiled widely , snuggled closer to him as he fed her as he always demanded. A deep sigh escaped her lips and she pulled the covers over her head to hide her face from him.  It wasn’t his fault she was in pain and not in a mood at all. Y/N felt his hands trying tickle her through the sheets , hoping to get her to smile.
“I woke you up , didn’t I ?” he said with a hint of a smile in his voice. “Sorry about that. I’ll make it up to you , promise.”
“It’s not that.” she mumbled.
“She speaks.” said Kai poking her in the stomach. “What is it sweetheart ? Tell me. You know there isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for my girl. I would cross the oceans , walk through fire … Tho the last one would be painful and would probably kill me but I’d still do it for you.” he said, poking her stomach again.
Suddenly Y/N pulled over the covers from her head , her hair a complete mess from it. Kai was being annoyingly cute with his smile not leaving his face , poking her every few minutes in an attempt to get her to smile.
“You look so cute with your hair all messed up.” he teased. “Though I like it better when I am the one to mess it up like that.”
Y/N shot him a warning glare. Kai couldn’t understand what was happening , what he had done to get her this upset with him. He thought back but couldn’t come up with anything that could make her act like this. Everything had been fine the night before. They had cuddled and she had fallen asleep in his arms while he had been  stroking her hair gently. Y/N seemed on edge , she placed her hand on her forehead starring at the ceiling. Just as he was about to ask again she curled up into a ball again , a low pain filled groan leaving her lips.
“Are you okay ?” he asked concerned. “Whats wrong ?”
“I’m f-fine just … stuff.” she mumbled , wincing in pain again. Her entire body felt tense , every muscle hurt and she felt as if someone was trying to yank her stomach out of her body. Kai tried to touch her but she pulled away.
“Come on princess , you know you can tell me anything.”
Clearly something was wrong and he didn’t understand why Y/N wouldn’t just tell him like she usually would. Then he thought back to the last time she had been acting that weird around him … a month ago , and then the previous month too. How hadn’t he figured it out earlier ?
“Oh.” he whispered. “I’ll be right back.”
Kai got off the bed , moving the food tray to her desk a few meters away and walked out of the room. Y/N stared after him , slowly sitting on the bed and sighed. She wished she wasn’t that shy and would just tell him. Seeing him like this - thinking he is the one who had done something… thought she already suspected he knew. Kai went back to the kitchen , boiling water for tea. While he waited , Kai searched through the kitchen cabinets looking for her favourite dark chocolate with whole nuts. It always seemed to cheer her up and make her feel better whenever something was wrong. A few moments later the water was ready and he made her camomile tea to help with the pains and headed back towards the bedroom only to find her hiding under the covers again. He sighed , leaving the cup with tea and the chocolate on her nightstand before gently pulling the covers away and sneaking them with her.
“Come here.” said Kai as she snuggled closer to him. “Why didn’t you tell me ?”
“Cuz its embarrassing…” she whispered. “Wait … did you sme-”
“No. I just made the connection between today and the last couple of times you were upset with me without apparent reason.” said Kai softly kissing her forehead and placing his hand on her stomach rubbing it gently. “It’s not embarrassing , its… girl stuff.” he laughed awkwardly. “I am going to take care of you until its over.”
“Thank you.”
“Always sweetheart.” he said reaching for the chocolate. “Hey do you want some ? I know you love this one …it has whole hazelnuts in it.” he teased , breaking a piece of the chocolate bar. “And almonds too..”
Y/N opened her mouth waiting for him to feed her as usual and Kai smiled.
“I made you tea too to help with the cramps.” he said softly. “Though I think this will help you a lot more.” Kai rubbed her stomach  gently clockwise and then counter clockwise over and over , kissing her forehead from time to time.
“Can we stay all day together like this ?” she asked softly , with a hint of smile in her voice.
“Anything you want princess.”
Kai had been right - him rubbing her stomach had helped a lot more than the tea and a part of her wondered if he had used magic or something to dull the pain. By the end of the day her mood had improved a lot. Kai was so nice to her , carrying her around the house just in case it causes any more cramps. They spent most of the afternoon on the couch watching Tom and Jerry as a distraction. The few times her stomach started to hurt again , Kai would pull her closer to him and rub her stomach again while talking and talking about everything just to distract her.
Later on they sat in the kitchen having dinner together , Kai holding her hand on the table his thumb rubbing circles on her hand when suddenly Y/N stood up from her chair.
“Where are you going ?” he asked starting to get up only to have her push him back on the chair , sitting on his lap and his hands instantly found their way on her waist. She hooked her hands around his neck looking into his eyes for a long moment. Kai tried to say something but she shushed him with a kiss. “You must feel better.” he smiled pulling her closer to him.
Y/N swung her hand over her head , pulling her hair to the side.
“I do actually. Thanks to my blue eyed handsome hero in shining armour.” she said smiling a second before kissing him again. Kai’s hands slid up her back towards her head pushing her lips closer to him. She tug on his lower lip at the end of the kiss , smiling widely at him afterwards. He couldn’t tear his eyes off her - her smile , her eyes , the way she slightly tilted her head when she wanted something. Kai could see Y/N’s eyes darting between his eyes and his lips. A split second later Kai’s lips crashed against hers , drowning her in a demanding kiss. Her hips swayed on his crotch as she moved closer to him. He could feel his pants getting tighter around him with her every move. Kai’s lips left kisses all the way her jaw line towards her neck , kissing every inch. Y/N arched her back towards the table a little as Kai’s hands slid under her shirt cupping her breasts. Her eyes were gazing into his , seeing how they had turned a darker shade of blue.
“It’s a little hot in here isn’t it?” she asked with a mischievous spark in her eyes , pulling her shirt over her head.
“Y/N… we shouldn’t … not when you ar-”
“Shhh..” her lips pressed against his at the same time her hands gripped on his shirt pulling it over his head. For a second they gazed longingly into each other’s eyes before they lips crashed against each other. Y/N tilted her head giving Kai full access to her neck to bite , kiss , do whatever he wanted. He kissed her neck leaving wet sloppy kisses all over.
“You are driving me crazy …” he whispered in her ear , biting on her earlobe.
Y/N ran her fingers through her hair , feeling Kai’s lips leaving soft kisses on their way to her chest. He looked up with his brilliantly blue eyes that always made her weak as he pressed the flat of his tongue onto her left breasts , swirling his tongue around her nipple. Meanwhile his hand massaged the other , listening to the soft moans tumbling off her lips.
“MMmmm that feels so good.” she whispered.
Kai trailed his way back to her neck leaving kisses all over , his hands holding her steady as he sucked on a spot and then another and another marking her as his. Y/N’s head was spinning , feeling his lips on her body , his tongue drawing circles across the sore spots. Only he could make her feel this way - like her body was on fire , just with one touch. He brushed his fingers against her cheek rubbing his nose lightly against hers.
“I love you.” he said, lovingly gazing into her eyes.
“I love you more.” replied Y/N , kissing him briefly.
“I love you most.“ 

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

Written for @thefitzsimmonsnetwork‘s Fanfiction Friday Challenge - For Science. Prompt: Fitz and Simmons invent something together.

Synopsis: Imprisoned in space, Jemma is determined to find a way to communicate with Fitz, but she needs his help to make it happen.

Title from Dear Evan Hansen. I would also recommend listening to the song Only Us from the musical for additional FS feels, as I listened to it on repeat while writing this. 


Today was the only day her plan was going to work. Jemma had memorized his schedule, as random as it seemed, and figured out their lunch breaks would align on this particular Tuesday. Well, whatever day it was, as it was getting more and more difficult to remember the days of the week after so much time spent on the unfamiliar base. She had sometimes imagined what it would be like to work in space, but her current predicament was not what she had in mind. Being taken against her will with the team was one thing, but to be separated from everyone and forced to perform labor without any context for what they were trying to accomplish was draining. She honestly didn’t mind the work, as simplistic as it was, but what was truly agonizing was being separated from the most important person in her life for what seemed like centuries.

When she made her way into the common area with her lunch tray – a modest meal, but it would suffice – it only took moments for her to spot him in the corner of the room occupying a table by his lonesome. The sight of him made her heart sink – she had hoped he would connect with someone on the base while he worked, maybe make a friend or two, but that obviously wasn’t the case. Nevertheless, she welcomed the opportunity to finally have some alone time with him, even if it would only last a few minutes.

After approaching his table casually, she carefully placed her tray down on the surface opposite his, not wanting to startle him, as he appeared to be concentrating rather intensely on the sad excuse for a sandwich on his plate. As she sat on the bench, he glanced up quickly before returning his eyes to his tray.

“Fitz,” she whispered, reaching out her hand across the table before thinking better of it and pulling it back into her lap. The last time she held his hand was on their way to the diner before they were taken, a far off memory she held onto each night while she tried to find sleep in her dark cell, his own cell many hallways away. She worried herself sick thinking about the nightmares that most likely plagued his mind, but today he appeared okay, or as okay as he could be. At least he was eating.

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