just wanted to finish s2 before i paper write all day

Elsa took a deep breath to calm herself as she stood at the front steps of a certain brunette firefighter’s home.

Earlier that day she’d received a call from him a few hours right before dismissal. She was in the faculty room, and her cellphone rang on her desk, the name “Jackson Overland” shown illuminated across the LCD screen. Needless to say she picked up the call, but not before furrowing her brows and curiously contemplating why on Earth he’d be calling her at that time of day.

As soon as she pressed the call button and put it by her ear, she could hear shouting and sirens blaring in the background. Concern immediately wrote itself over her features.

“Hello… Jack? I-Is everything alright…?”

“Oh! Uh…hey Elsa. Yeah…everything’s okay. There was a house fire at the East End. We just finished putting it out, and now we’re attending to the people.”

There was a small awkward pause before he continued to speak. “Um…I was wondering…Would you want to have dinner over at my place tonight?”

The question was delivered rather nervously, again piquing the platinum-blonde high school teacher’s curiosity. Well, she didn’t feel like making dinner for herself tonight, as she’d probably be too busy grading test papers. It was finals, after all. Hmm…a nice meal with good company sounded perfect.

“Sure, I’d love to. What time?” She replied. Elsa could hear him releasing a breath on the other end of the line, as if he really didn’t want her to refuse.

“Great! My place, around six. I’ll see you then!”

And with that, he hung up.

Elsa had been friends with Jack since they were kids, being next door neighbors, and even as they grew up and moved out from their respective nests they still kept in touch. Jack decided to become a firefighter, while she decided to become a teacher. As they themselves changed as individuals, everything else between them pretty much remained the same. However, they didn’t really go out of their way to see each other all that much, leaving it to just running into each other now and then. They knew each other’s addresses though, and remained on very good terms. 

Checking her wristwatch, it was almost six, so she was on time. Elsa had to admit, Jack’s place was pretty big for a 26-year-old man who lived on his own. The house was white with dark blue roofing, with its own front and back yards and a driveway. Well, not as if she didn’t live in a similar setup, she thought again.

Reaching a hand forward, Elsa rang the doorbell, and almost a few seconds later she could hear footsteps bounding down what could probably be the stairs and before long, the door had swung open. Her eyes widened at the sight that met her, however.

“Elsa! Glad to see you could come.” He beamed, his toned upper half left bare, beads of sweat decorating his flesh as a light blue towel was carelessly thrown around his neck. He was still wearing his uniform, it seemed, the jacket having been rolled down and tied securely around his hips.

Blinking back her initial surprise, she managed to blurt out a reply. “O-Of course. Um, did you just get home?”

“Ah, yeah…” The brunette sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. “We had to help clean up the place and make sure it was secure while investigation was ongoing.” He motioned for her to come in. “Sorry to have just called you out of the blue.”

“O-Oh, no!” She assured him, stepping into the foyer. “Actually, the offer had really good timing.” The platinum blond smiled up at him, to which he returned with one of his own before walking down the hall and past the den with her in tow.

“I guess so. It’s finals for the kids if I recall, and you’re just as stressed out with grading them. You probably want all the time to just finish it up.” Jack laughed, entering the kitchen and checking up on the food on the stove. All the while, Elsa didn’t seem to mind him not bothering to go get a change of clothes or put a shirt on. She actually…somewhat enjoyed the view.

Walking up to the center isle, she set down her things and adjusted her clothes, smoothing out the creases, her back turned to him. 

“So…what’s for dinner?”

From out of her view, Jack’s lips curled into a smirk, an unreadable intent glinting in his eyes as he looked over his shoulder at her unsuspecting shapely figure.

“Oh, well…” He began, turning the stove off and making his way towards her with the grace of a panther stalking its prey until he stood directly behind her. A small gasp escaped her lips upon feeling his large hands taking a firm hold of her hips and pulling her back against him, his lips brushing against her ear. 


The next thing Elsa realized, Jack had already turned her around and lifted her onto the counter, her back flat against the hard varnished wood as he had her legs hanging over his broad shoulders. Her cheeks burned a bright red at their position.


“I actually feel like skipping the appetizer and the main course and get right to dessert.” He said, his voice low and…husky. Elsa’s breath caught in her throat at his eyes, his normally bright and lively gaze now dark and wanting.

“…And I’ll be very honest with you, Elsa.” He said, a mischievous smile playing at his lips.

“I always take seconds.”

LOOK WHO’S BACK FROM HELL MIDTERMS! Somebody was spamming my dash with Free! S2 endings plus Human!Jack screenshots. Between hip-thrusting officer Rin and shirtless fireman Makoto, I chose Makoto cuz HOT DAYUM SON.

So here, have some sexy Human!Jack while I get back to writing and drawing. <333

Jack’s finishing lines provided by my good friend, wickedgreenphantom.

Ever wanted to write that epic length Captain Swan story but never had the motivation? Have a Captain Swan story idea languishing in your head that you just need that extra kick in the butt to actually put to paper (or screen, in this case)? Would you love to create art for a Captain Swan story but never had the opportunity to do so?

Well, the Captain Swan Big Bang is just for you!


A Big Bang is a collaborative challenge in which you are given a few months to finish a story, usually ranging from 10K to 50K+. Artists (of all kinds) choose a story based on anonymous summaries and create a piece of artwork for it, and it’s all posted on a staggered posting schedule so everyone gets their day to shine.

For this challenge, we are offering the opportunity to sign up for the Little Bang with the word count requirement of 15K and the Big Bang with the word count requirement of 50K. There is always an option to switch from the Little Bang to the Big Bang if you think you can reach that word count, but there’s no penalty for doing one or the other. Both Little Bang and the Big Bang participants will get a work of art for their story and both will adhere to the same deadlines.

You can write whatever kind of story you want for this challenge as long as the focus is on the Captain Swan relationship. Whether it’s that Neverland or S2 canon divergence fic, that AU based on your favourite novel/movie/tv show, that 5A fix it fic, or something else entirely, the choice is yours!

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May 1st: optional second check-in (suggested goal: about 40% or 20K words written)

June 1st: mandatory third check-in (suggested goal: about 65% or 32.5K words written)

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