just wanted to end the night with something silly


“I wanted to write a rock ‘n’ roll song. And so it started out being much sillier than it came out. It didn’t end up being silly at all. It ended up being very serious actually. But when I started it I was just… I thought this is good for me since I write so many like intense, serious, dark songs that I wanted to write something that was up but… And it starts out that way and it is up but there is a definite eerieness that goes through that song that I didn’t even know was there, until just the other night when you were filming that.”

Stevie on ‘Angel’, Tusk Documentary.


I know no one asked for this but in case you’re wondering … a Ringabel fan zine is in the works! I’ll have more information very soon regarding pre-orders. :) I hope that the book will help fill the hole you may feel (especially if you miss Ringabel).

I’m not done with the comic, there’s at least another page to it, but I wanted to share even if it’s a little late. ^^;