just wanted to edit some pics so here we go


Some pics we took today! I got my NF staff yesterday and it’s so pretty! Zhi got Lyon’s and her WH weapons and Ras got his NF armor! lots of upgrades, also there is Thad trying to photobomb but looking cute instead you tried man

Niel and Naren didn’t get anything new but they are cute in their formal outfit, look at them

I got so many screenshots to edit and we still have some photoshoots pending nomnomnom

Ok, here is everything ya need to know about Cyndago day tomorrow.

*Use/post in the hashtag #cyndagodaypass and #cyndagoday .

*Post whatever you want. Get creative! Post Your fav Pics, gifs, quotes, make fanart and edits. 

*It will start whenever you wake up and end at about 8-9 pm EST. 

*markiplierswhatifs will be helping me host so make sure to go over there and send her some cyndago what ifs and stuff.

*We got some games and fun stuff planned for ya’ll. Expect them sometime in the afternoon. :)

*mostly, Just HAVE FUN! :D This is a fun day to celebrate these two amazing incredible guys. So join in and show em some love!