just wanted to draw him actually having fun

In Honor of the new Zelda Game that came out, Breath of the Wild…. AAAHHHFHIWHCIWEHCFEIWCHFW

I’m super tired and dead a little, but honestly, I’m incredibly happy with how this sketch came out! Link for some reason has always been a HUGE challenge for me in the past, I could never get his face right, like he never looked like “Link” whenever I would try to draw him, just someone in his clothes. Where in this WIP, HE ACTUALLY ‘LOOKS’ LIKE ’LINK’! I’M SO HAPPY WITH IT!!!!

It’s gonna be fun to paint tomorrow after I get some sleep lol.

I’m gonna keep my painting spoiler FREE! So that way I don’t ruin anything for anyone. So, sorry for the rather generic “Link with is bow and arrow” piece like what so many artists have done, (I hope you guys will like it anyways) I just don’t want to give spoilers to anyone who hasn’t gotten the chance to play the game. So no spoilers please! 

Chances are I’ll draw another Breath of the Wild Piece after I get to play the game, and the game has been out a while so that spoilers won’t be an issue, One that has more of a significance regarding something important/cool to the game, but for now, I hope you like what’s coming up. XD 

Dating Ten

I Taeil* I Hansol* I Johnny I Taeyong I Yuta I Kun* I Doyoung* I Ten I Jaehyun I Winwin* I Mark I

*coming soon

A/N: These are literally the only things I can do rn. My writers block is really bad and has been for a while tbh. Like I get surges of creativity but I don’t have the motivation to even draw, never mind write :/ But I hope this makes up for it!

  • B a l l  o f  f l u f f  
  • Everyone knows this, it goes without saying  
  • Everyone L O V E S him  
  • He get along with everyone at school  
  • He’s the other ½ of the school’s comedy duo with Johnny  
  • He’s best friends with him, everyone knows that  
  • Just like Johnny, the teachers adore him
  • Lowkey gets away with shit that others would usually get yelled at for lmao
  • Is also a senior
  • Good in all subjects  
  • His best being DT (design tech) and art
  • And oh, look at that, just so happens you have those two classes as well  
  • Such a coincidence! Ur in the same class as him too! ;)  
  • So original  
  • I couldn’t think of another way you could meet lmao don’t judge me
  • Anyway…
  • Last period on a Friday, u had art and your teacher set up a kind of work shop?
  • She paired people up with people who they didn’t really talk to to have everyone brought ‘closer together’ and form a ‘tight knit community’
  • And you and your partner had to draw each other’s portrait
  • And just GUESS who you were paired with
  • So hard to guess honestly  
  • Ten
  • You had always thought he was rlly sweet and kind  
  • Also VVVV a t t r a c t i v e  
  • He always helped out with the other students in the class
  • And his drawing skills were no joke  
  • Everyone admired them
  • Even you did
  • So you felt honoured that he was going to be drawing you
  • You both grabbed your pencil and sketchbook and started drawing
  • The whole room was silent as everyone concentrated
  • As you kept looking up to take a glimpse of a certain feature on his face, he’d already be looking directly at you
  • Making for awkward eye contact tho u seemed to be the only one feeling a lil awkward  
  • He happily kept staring at you as he drew
  • You focused on the curve of his nose and the constant smile he held on his uniquely featured face that you started to find even more enchanting over the course of the hour you spent drawing him
  • Once the hour was up, it was the end of school and tbh you really didn’t want to go
  • You wanted to draw him for longer but the dark haired boy had already packed up and left
  • You packed your things and headed to your locker
  • When you opened it a A5 piece of paper fell out
  • “Meet me at the café tomorrow at 12”
  • You turned the piece of paper over to see a drawing of you, the one ten was drawing in your lesson a mere 5 minutes ago
  • U wanted to S C R E A M
  • U were lowkey impressed by his way of asking you out  
  • Something you didn’t expect from such a outgoing personality like him
  • U met him the next day, following his instructions
  • Once you saw him he had the largest smile etched on his face as he waved you over  
  • When u reached him u handed him the drawing u did of him in the lesson
  • “This is amazing.”  
  • “No where near as good as yours though, you actually made me look pretty.”
  • “I didn’t do anything. I was just looking at the person in front of me.“ 
  • He’d soooo smirk after saying that  
  • Proud of his lil flirty comment  
  • Which sent your heart racing
  • The date was simple but oh-so special
  • Since then, you both kinda just started dating
  • No official announcement or anything  
  • You both wanted the fun of shocking people and having them find out for themselves  
  • He didn’t even tell Johnny
  • So he had the shock of his life when he saw his best friend sucking on ur face  
  • "TEN WHAT THE FUCK WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!” Completely not assed about interrupting your’s and ten’s moment
  • Ten face would just flush red and he’d let out his infectious giggle
  • All of his friend had the same reaction tbh  
  • Johnny thought the not-telling-anyone was a fun idea  
  • When you’d stay at each other’s houses
  • He’d always insist on drawing you  
  • He eventually had an entire sketch book dedicated to you  
  • Soon he didn’t even need you there to be able to draw you  
  • Every feature of your body was imprinted in his mind  
  • And I mean E V E R Y feature ;)  
  • Ngl, he probs had a few NSFW drawings of you too  
  • But like  
  • He couldn’t help it  
  • You were his muse  
  • And he wanted to have physical proof of how much u inspired him  
  • How much you meant to him  
  • You’d be staying at his one saturday night  
  • Cuddled up next to him in bed as he traced random patterns on your delicate skin
  • You’d feel his heart beat become faster as you rested your head on his chest
  • You’d look up and see him already staring at you, awe in his eyes  
  • “I love you, you know that right?”
  • “Well I do now. I love you too.”
  • Craning your neck, you’d have your lips met his
  • A sinful concoction of passion, love and need oozing from the synchronised movements of your lips  
  • He’s place one final chaste kiss on you lips before he’d place them along your jaw as he worked his way down
  • The sensation lighting a fire in your heart.

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wassup I need some saeran, V, and RFA hcs for how they would react if them and the MC were having sex and the MC starts crying because they ripped her favorite underwear

A/N: i think id be more pissed than crying if im honest with ya ~Admin 404

Is this NSFW? I don’t know. I don’t think so, it’s mainly just talking about underwear. I promise I don’t say Cockasaurus Rex in this one. But this is here, just in case you don’t want to read about underwear and almost doing it


               Oh god the poor baby thought he did something wrong and hurt you. He didn’t even get that far with you yet, and you were already crying!! Was he that terrible, did you really not want to do this? You could just tell him, MC! If there’s something wrong just tell him please, he’ll do anything to fix it. As he was freaking out, through your soft cries you told him that you weren’t hurt, he just ripped your favourite underwear when he took them off of you. His face completely dropped when he heard this. Turning bright red, he hid his face behind his hands and mumbled an apology, stumbling over his words. He’s crying, you’re crying, there’s no sex happening tonight my friends. Just a lot of cuddling and tears over some underwear.


               He /warned/ you about the beast. He could be gentle, or he could go into beast mode like a werewolf. You had chosen to provoke the beast this time, and now you were to pay the consequences. In the heat of the moment, he had attempted to pull your underwear off, tearing the side of them in the process. You heard the fabric rip and you immediately sit up, catching him off guard. With wide eyes, he looked at you, watching as your eyes started to tear up. “MC? MC what’s wrong? Did I scare you? I didn’t mean to, I um-” he was cut off when tears started to roll down your cheeks. Freaking out, he’s trying to see if there was any indication of him hurting you, heart pounding and tears threatened his own eyes until you started to mutter about your underwear over and over again. He sat up, carefully just patting your head as he felt bad about ripping your underwear, but he also had to try and hold in his laughter because you were ridulous…ly cute!


               Listen, she didn’t expect her ring to catch onto your underwear, it just… happened. MC, it was just a small little hole, why are you crying?? It happens!! She’s done it very often on her own, she’ll just go with you to pick out some new ones *wink wonk*. But she couldn’t help but feel bad about the tears in your eyes, so she kissed you softly and just held you instead. She thought you were ridiculous for crying over /underwear/ but she does know the feeling of losing your favourite undies- the ones that are so comfortable and they felt like you weren’t even wearing them. Okay, she understands why you’re crying now MC, she wants to cry too- y'all just need new undies;;


               Papers practically flying to the floor, you’re up on his desk and he’s pressed against you, capturing you in a heated kiss. There isn’t much time before someone called him or Assistant Kang came (hopefully) knocking on the door. But you were teasing him, obviously wanting to ignite something, and he would give you exactly what you wanted. He just had to be quick about it, meaning these undies were coming off quickly. With a quick tug on both sides of the clothing, he had the sides ripped immediately and they were thrown into the trash under his desk. As he was leaning in to kiss your neck, he felt tears hit his face and he pulled back to look at your face in an instant. Through your tears, you told him those were your favourite pair of underwear and he straight ripped them practically in half and you started to cry a little more and pout angrily at him. He just shook his head before leaning in to kiss away your tears before kissing your lips softly. “I’ll buy you new ones,” he muttered before pressing for a harder kiss, attempting to get back to previous activities.


               THIS ASSHOLE HAS RIPPED A FEW PAIRS OF YOUR UNDERWEAR BEFORE JUST BECAUSE HE WANTED TO PUT THEM ON AND MAKE YOU LAUGH. But there was a pair that was absolutely your favourite, and you refused to let him anywhere near them, because? He was Mr. Destructo™ with your underwear and you knew it. But one night, you weren’t thinking and you were ready for anything he had to throw at you. Well, apparently he was ready too, because in the heat of the moment, he was having issues pulling them down and he was impatient, so he just tore them at the seams, throwing them over his shoulder. You called his name, pouting with angry tears threatening to leave your eyes. When he looked up at you, his eyes shot open wide to look at you, frantically wiping your tears. “MC! MC don’t cry! Those… those were your favourite ones, weren’t they? I can get you more! Um, uuumm… here! These are my favourites, go ahead and rip them too!!!”


               Angel in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets™. There were times where he is a beast in the bedroom, or in the living room… or in the kitchen….. Throwing you onto the kitchen counter, your giggles only fueled his fire as he smiled up at you, leaning in so his mouth could pay good attention to your pulse line. He started to want you more and more, his need for you growing and his patience running out. With a grip on your hips, he pulled you closer to the edge of the counter, not realizing that you were sitting on the edge of a picture frame. The corner ripped a hole into your underwear, and your hand untangled itself from his hair to feel the hole. He watched your face as it sank in that now your favourite underwear were now ruined, and tears pricked at your eyes. His heart dropped and he buried his head against your chest after wiping away your tears. He kept muttering apologies, and how he should have paid attention instead. Hearing him so sad actually made you feel worse than your underwear did??? The poor man felt terrible and there was no way he could have sex now


               He didn’t even feel like bothering with your underwear when the two of you were in the heat of the moment. They were an inconvenience and they were pissing him off. Did he want to take the time to take them off? No, no he didn’t. So with his tongue on your mouth and a pocket knife previously located on the nightstand, your undies were cut cleanly down the sides and tossed out of his way. He pulled away for some air before diving back in for another kiss, but you pushed him away. Looking confused, slightly annoyed, and overall just sexually /needy/ he noticed your eyebrows were knit together, and tears threatened to pour down your face. He stared at you with his own eyebrows drawing together, waiting for your explanation, and when you said you were upset at him for literally cutting your undies off, he actually laughed? You just got more and more angry, and he had to stop laughing and he placed a small kiss on your forehead, leaning down so his lips could travel back down your body. “They’re just underwear, MC. If you want, I can get you new ones, don’t be an idiot. Just have a little fun with me, princess~”


This… has been sitting on my computer for a couple weeks. I’m not gonna finish it. But if you’re curious, it’s some thumbnails for the story I mentioned in this sketch dump here x. I just wanted to animate Nick landing in the cage which is why the camera angle doesn’t change (and I wanted to animate him hugging Judy…). The pacing of this is quicker than it would actually be though, because without any dialogue or the Coyote in the scene it would be a lot of Nick pretty much just staring off to the left. …..Anyway. I thought I should post it. Also, I know he doesn’t movie his tail around nearly as much in the movie but drawing Nick’s tail swishing around was fun haha

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Congrats on 1k followers!! For requests, how about Shance - Dance :3c

Thank you :D

*Keep in mind I HC this as happening in the 80′, and Shiro is not a minor.

Taking this chance to remind everyone I’m still taking requests for my 1000 followers special! (Ps, ya’ll can ask for stuff other than shance lmao, like 80% of the prompts are shance fjgkhf not that I’m complaining)

“Would you do me the honor of a dance?”

The voice came from a cadet younger than him. Shiro recognized him as Keith’s friend, or rival, or something like that. Two grades below him, dark skinned, scrawny, and surprisingly not as short as Shiro had come to expect from younger people. He was almost his height, actually. Really cute as well. Such a shame Shiro would have to decline.

Smiling warmly, he said, “Thank you. I appreciate it, but I really don’t want any pity dances. Being outed like that wasn’t fun, but it’s fine.” He’s had a couple of other askers earlier that night already. Straight, genuinely nice guys who probably wanted to cheer him up, show their support. He appreciated the gesture, he really did. But he just wanted to let the storm pass, not draw more attention to the fact that, as it was phrased, “The garrison’s most promising fighter pilot is a faggot". Not over a pity dance, anyway.

“Wow, that’s… uh… I’m bi. And you’re hot. Really hot.”

“Oh.” Well, that… Certainly changed things.

“When I heard what happened… I was so pissed. It was such bullshit. You’re the best pilot we have, so who the hell cares who you… Uh…  Fancy.” The young cadet finished awkwardly, scratching the back of his head.

Fuck, he probably meant to say. It was known, after all, how the famous Takashi Shirogane was caught on his knees, sucking off a dude he picked up in an underground gay bar. According to the more tame rumors, anyway. The wilder ones… He didn’t even want to think about those.

He shouldn’t have broke the curfew to sneak to the nearest town. He was horny, yes, but was it worth almost getting kicked out? Absolutely not. Of course the administration said it was because of the disciplinary offense, aka breaking out at night, but they all knew what it was really all about. More than half the students sneaked out on a regular basis, and no one gave a flying fuck. But when word got around he was caught with a dude…. It was another story.

“Thank you. I wish more people would agree with you on this.” Shiro said weakly, letting some of his tough facade fade into something more vulnerable.

“I’m Lance, by the way.”

“Lance.” Shiro rolled the name around on his tongue. He liked the shape of it. “Takashi Shirogane, though I get the feel you already knew that.”

Lance chuckled softly, and yup, Shiro was indeed very, very gay. What was it about a cute boy laughing from your joke that instantly made your knees go weak?

“And on a second thought… A dance sounds really nice.” Damned be consequences, he wasn’t missing this opportunity for the world. 

I wanted to draw/sketch/design a genderbend Kakashi..,
excuse me for having fun.

ow.. and I didn’t want to do it like a “sexy-no-jutsu” thing..
cuz we allll know… sexy-no-jutsu Kakashi wouldn’t look any different from regular Kakashi.
He is already Sexy-no-jutsu incarnate!

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How did you come up with such a cool design for Abel? Not only he's awesome, he's also super fun to draw! Also your style is so pleasant to look at!

thank you so much and I’m so happy you like him this much,
well actually it all comes while listening some good music (and seeying too much demons oc around, so I wanted an angel instead, a f***ed up one)

I just imagined the kind of “clean” image an angel must have, since he’s the good hero of the show, but so much hatred and coldness inside


Calligraphy drafts #1

Hi y’all! so I do calligraphy.

I am going to start posting more of my work, and I actually do commissions!

If you want any calligraphy done (these are rough drafts, not my really clean professional ones (hehe)) just email me at:


I just made this stuff up. Was trying to have some fun with their names!

Also, this is my temporary post for Adrinette Month!

I’m so behind, but I had these, so why not? :)

Victuuri Week: Day Five

Pure Happiness

Pairings: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Yuri Plisetsky/Otabek Altin

Rating: G

Word Count: 2,388

Summary: When Yuuri and Victor finally get the chance to adopt a child, there’s only one Yuuri takes an interest in. Through the years, their loves for one another grows and eventually their little family grows bigger.

*Yuuri Prompt: Family

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here’s a Megatron poster design thingy I made for my AP Art II teacher!! :0 in class he’d call me Megatron every now and again and it pretty much just kinda became my nickname lol. Sometimes we’d talk about Star Wars and Transformers (with what very little knowledge of G1 I have) and idk I just had a lot of fun in that class and wanted to make something to thank him!! 

there’s a lot of design mistakes here since, admittedly, this was my first time drawing literally all of these guys and the background probably could’ve been better (I had to rush to get it printed in time yikes) but other than that I’m really pleased with the way this came out!! and my teacher really liked it too aaaa I’m so happy!!

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None of these strong amazing boys actually needs protecting but is that gonna stop me from trying? Is it?? (the answer is no)

Anon said: Hi! If you haven’t already answered this, would you mind listing the tags/ships you aren’t comfortable with people tagging your art with?

Ohhhhhh what an interesting ask, I’ve been thinking about how to answer since I got it and?? I’m not sure, so let’s put it like this: generally, if the art is obviously meant as platonic I’d prefer it if you didn’t use the ship tag on it, but as a general rule I don’t actually mind people tagging ships anyway? I know how this site works so if I’m really uncomfortable with the idea of it being misinterpreted as romantic I’m just not gonna post anything with those characters in it from the start

That said, sometimes people tagging ships confuses me a lot??? For example the majority of people who’ve reblogged my latest bnha comic have tagged it with the bkdk tag and? There’s nothing romantic about it?? Bakugou is literally off to kill Deku why is that romantic we just don’t know, bkdk shippers seem to have an understanding of romance completely different from mine haha

Ah, also I’ve been having people tagging my bokuro and akaken arts with the ot4 tag, even if I rarely ever draw all of them in the same place. Please don’t do that. Like. Seriously.

As for the general tags, there’s a lot of tags I don’t understand, but from there to saying I’m uncomfortable with them is a bit of a huge step… the one thing that comes to mind is people trigger-tagging Bakugou’s mom. That’s. Hm. I happen to really like that woman and my drawings depict her in a positive light always, so if people could stop that it would be very nice? That’s about it tho~

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I think his first week at high school would start out kind of rough before he finds a comfortable groove. Shouji would like weekend practice the most thou, I think. I also think he would walk/jog to and from campus provided it’s close enough. Growth spurts! He gets achy joints, but that won’t stop him. He’s not going to let Fukurodani’s team get soft just cause most of their star players graduated; he’s worked far to hard and he’s not going to let his skills go to waste lol

This was fun, I actually like doing black and white drawings. There needs to be more. Maybe I can think about doing a comic eventually if I ever get that far lol Rn I have lots I want to do. I’m hoping I can do some AU stuff this week. I feel like I’m overdue for the next installments~

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Just wanted to say, I love your art!! Hinny is a ship I've grown up with and you capture it perfectly. I'm really enjoying your current young Harry series - I find it very true to how I've imagined him growing up, and your art style is just wonderful :) I'm glad you're drawing what inspires you - it really shines through on the page how much you care about and actually want to be drawing your subjects :) thank you for sharing with the world!!!

Aaaah thank you!! :D I have so much fun drawing, it’s quite the highlight of my day to be able to sit down and draw some harry potter stuffs. I love it so much. It’s nice that you see this through my art!

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could you do the opposite of the bakugou hickeys request? i also got interested in that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ask and Ye shall receive!!

-Bakugou would genuinely be like “what the fuck” “who did this” “how could this have happened to me”

-it’s very entertaining considering how much of a hickey fanatic he is and how much he enjoys giving them to his partner

-desperately tries to figure out how the actual fuck he’s gonna hide those things

-like how is he gonna wear his hero costume now? ah yes a scarf! those are totally in style right?

-he’s trying to recall you giving them to him, but he can’t seem to remember and chalks it all up to just a crazy fuckin’ night

-still a little irritated because that was supposed to be his thing and..ugh he just wanted it to be his job ok. let him have his moment!

-but actually don’t because it’s fun seeing him sulk in big hoodies and watching him purchase a turtle neck to wear in case of similar emergencies

-he looks sophisticated and kinda hot in a turtleneck, so if anyone wants to draw Kaachan in a turtleneck that’d be great ok thanks


(((I wanta draw him more in his uncoiled state but he only does this when he’s completely relaxed and that only ever happens rarely in the off season, the three months with no guests,,,)))

(((Sometimes The Lady wants him to look as natural as possible (having something very ugly around can really boost someones self esteem ya'know) but he never uncoils around the guests. That would be highly unprofessional! And since he never does it anymore he can’t really hold his own weight up so he’s mostly a weird boney slug if he’s uncurled…)))

(((Also his cloths are just,,,fucking magic I’ll figure out how his damn uniform works at some point aaaaathereisascientificishreasonijustneedtofigureitout)))

“All the seats have been filled. And now the last vessel shall bear my heart like the rest!


What if…Soranort was a thing? And then imagine him running into Vanitas …lol awkward…

I don’t know if I was imagining this happening instead of the whole Terranort thing or actually after it. But the whole thing of Sora being an intended Vessel of Xehanort just made me want to draw this… It was fun…Also, I have a thing about good guys going bad…what can I say? Hey, if he were to then split into a heartless and a nobody, would his nobody still look like roxas but with white hair and yellow eyes? These are questions I must ask myself…


Well. Here’s finally the finished drawing, sorry it took me quite a while ;w;
Actually I have a lot of work to do and I wasn’t supposed to draw tg fanart at all! However, your ask really got me, anon! I just wanted to do a quick sketch, but I had too much fun and in the end…voila.
When you said “seeing” Hide getting attacked, my first thought was that Kaneki would instantly rush in to save him. So I drew that. I hope you like it a little :’)




Okay so, since my latest art post, /some people/ have felt like making my experiment boy happy, that is, drawing him at the beach or shit like that. Soooo this post is actually just to ask if any of you want to do this too? Like, it’d probably make me cry in happiness hhh–

Should I put some kind of prize for this? Like, its mostly for fun and not exactly a competition, so I see no point for that bgfkbgkb