just wanted to draw him actually having fun


Well. Here’s finally the finished drawing, sorry it took me quite a while ;w;
Actually I have a lot of work to do and I wasn’t supposed to draw tg fanart at all! However, your ask really got me, anon! I just wanted to do a quick sketch, but I had too much fun and in the end…voila.
When you said “seeing” Hide getting attacked, my first thought was that Kaneki would instantly rush in to save him. So I drew that. I hope you like it a little :’)


Maybe next time, boys. XDD

Hey, I want these losers to kiss just as much as you do, but that’s saved for the actual main plot soooooo y’know…..

I think this whole drunk thing is technically a little side-story XDDDDD two more parts, I think uwu
(Also, thank you very much!!! I’m glad you like the AU >w</ )


System detected a potential_hazard: Part 1/?

I’m just having a little fun here, don’t mind me.

As expected, a lot of people were curious ;) We’ll check in on them later.

I might make a couple more of these short comic things (like 2-4 updates per topic) about stuff that reveals things about Fatal, but aren’t necessarily going to be prominently featured in the actual comic. Just whenever I have time/am between comic updates. Really I just wanted an excuse to draw red-eye Fatal. I like him lots :)

Also the gif doesn’t always work? Not sure what that’s about? 

“All the seats have been filled. And now the last vessel shall bear my heart like the rest!


What if…Soranort was a thing? And then imagine him running into Vanitas …lol awkward…

I don’t know if I was imagining this happening instead of the whole Terranort thing or actually after it. But the whole thing of Sora being an intended Vessel of Xehanort just made me want to draw this… It was fun…Also, I have a thing about good guys going bad…what can I say? Hey, if he were to then split into a heartless and a nobody, would his nobody still look like roxas but with white hair and yellow eyes? These are questions I must ask myself…

Yashiro from StwH by Yoneda Kou | MY FANART

I’ve always wanted to imagine how a real Yashiro would have looked like! Maybe I drew him younger than he actually is..? lol anyway I fell in love (/∇\*)。o○♡

Remember “Garrett”? That security guard I randomly made and even created a backstory some time ago just for fun?So yea,I’ve been sketching/drawing him a lot lately (not only him,but Alexa too,but…my cartoon-ish style still doesn’t really have a vers. for children.I’m still working on it) and…yea…I actually have been using him not only for fnaf-related stuff but for “playing” with my friends that also has oc’s and draw…

About the “Assis” as his surname…I wanted to make a reference to my own “origins” and make him half-brazilian (I gotta admit,I put some stuff I have on him,like how pale I am and such…not the surname tho,since my surname has italian origins).
The name is a reference to a popular and really known brazilian writer from the XIX century called “Machado de Assis” 

In this quick sketch I made him as a original cartoonish style and a more realistic one…though since I’ve been getting lots of inspiration from dfox999 (cuz she’s awsum and kewl and has awesum artistic skills) I ended up accidentally getting a bit of her style…which I’m actually sorry cause idk I just…UGH I FORGOT HOW TO ENGLISH BECAUSE I’M TOO TIRED NOW—sorry 
Just like Garrett,I don’t sleep as much as I should so yea…this happens

I wanted to draw/sketch/design a genderbend Kakashi..,
excuse me for having fun.

ow.. and I didn’t want to do it like a “sexy-no-jutsu” thing..
cuz we allll know… sexy-no-jutsu Kakashi wouldn’t look any different from regular Kakashi.
He is already Sexy-no-jutsu incarnate!

Fun fact: You love Kelas Parmak. You might not know it yet, but it’s true. There is no way to undo this.  Nor would you ever want to I mean look at him

Garak does not deserve this beautiful soul 

Some days  late into the early morning hours you just need to draw quick sketches of cardassian babes

anonymous asked:

How about Rein's team going on one of those team building paintball exercises? I've just been on one, and shooting your boss with paintball pellets is hella fun. And there is always one who takes it too seriously!

That’s actually a really cute idea! haha I kind of want to draw a mini comic about it if I have the time. But oh man they’d definitely be down. Rein wouldn’t take it seriously, most of the time he’d be evading their attacks, but he’s surprise at how much his team really wants to shoot him lmao Pretty sure he heard Micah yell “Die!” In a distance, paired up with Nuri’s “Shoot him in the butt!” And Cerys is enthusiastically joining in, with a strong fire in her eyes. Chills run down Rein’s spine– 

Gio’s actually a pretty good shot, and he succeeds in shooting the other teammates, and they’re like “Who’s team are you on??” And Rein would thank Gio for being his hero, and Gio would have the sweetest smile on his face… bEFORE HE TURNS ON HIM AND TRIES TO SHOOT REIN. Rein would barely dodge it and as he runs away, he hears Gio yell, “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE VICTOR. NO ONE LEAVES HERE ALIVE.” (He’s the one who takes it seriously because he takes any game seriously.) 

The first time that Rein actually gets shot is when Sin shoots him square in the forehead from a distance, and all of a sudden he’s on the ground bc Sin appears out of nowhere (technically, experience wise and accomplishments, Sin is on the same level as Rein lmao) After that, the rest of the team gets their chance to shoot him lmaoo If Rein were to actually take it seriously then– that’s a different story haha.

I told Maggie I’d draw her furry if she made a reference for him aaaaaand she did ;w;

Sooo this is Maggie’s wolf furry, Wren. When she was describing him to me it was when I was drawing that Luna picture so if you read the tags you’ll know I was listening to Girls Just Want to Have Fun on a loop, so she was describing Wren to me while I was listening to the music and I thought she said “God furry” when she actually said “goth furry” (”god furry” made sense to me too because of the star on his face because like some people draw Clan leaders with a star on them and yeah)

but yea here’s Wren

so today I did another random word comic with some coworkers.  The word this time was “colonel”.

I ended up doing a ton of drawings of a colonel character.  I had so much fun just drawing him.  I was disappointed in myself for not using him as well as I probably could have in the comic.  But maybe I’ll re-use him again some time.  Just wanted to show you guys these because I liked them probably more than the comic I did with him.  I’ll post the actual comic up some time when I find a scanner