just wanted to draw him actually having fun

In Honor of the new Zelda Game that came out, Breath of the Wild…. AAAHHHFHIWHCIWEHCFEIWCHFW

I’m super tired and dead a little, but honestly, I’m incredibly happy with how this sketch came out! Link for some reason has always been a HUGE challenge for me in the past, I could never get his face right, like he never looked like “Link” whenever I would try to draw him, just someone in his clothes. Where in this WIP, HE ACTUALLY ‘LOOKS’ LIKE ’LINK’! I’M SO HAPPY WITH IT!!!!

It’s gonna be fun to paint tomorrow after I get some sleep lol.

I’m gonna keep my painting spoiler FREE! So that way I don’t ruin anything for anyone. So, sorry for the rather generic “Link with is bow and arrow” piece like what so many artists have done, (I hope you guys will like it anyways) I just don’t want to give spoilers to anyone who hasn’t gotten the chance to play the game. So no spoilers please! 

Chances are I’ll draw another Breath of the Wild Piece after I get to play the game, and the game has been out a while so that spoilers won’t be an issue, One that has more of a significance regarding something important/cool to the game, but for now, I hope you like what’s coming up. XD 

Dating Ten

I Taeil* I Hansol* I Johnny I Taeyong I Yuta I Kun* I Doyoung* I Ten I Jaehyun I Winwin* I Mark I

*coming soon

A/N: These are literally the only things I can do rn. My writers block is really bad and has been for a while tbh. Like I get surges of creativity but I don’t have the motivation to even draw, never mind write :/ But I hope this makes up for it!

  • B a l l  o f  f l u f f  
  • Everyone knows this, it goes without saying  
  • Everyone L O V E S him  
  • He get along with everyone at school  
  • He’s the other ½ of the school’s comedy duo with Johnny  
  • He’s best friends with him, everyone knows that  
  • Just like Johnny, the teachers adore him
  • Lowkey gets away with shit that others would usually get yelled at for lmao
  • Is also a senior
  • Good in all subjects  
  • His best being DT (design tech) and art
  • And oh, look at that, just so happens you have those two classes as well  
  • Such a coincidence! Ur in the same class as him too! ;)  
  • So original  
  • I couldn’t think of another way you could meet lmao don’t judge me
  • Anyway…
  • Last period on a Friday, u had art and your teacher set up a kind of work shop?
  • She paired people up with people who they didn’t really talk to to have everyone brought ‘closer together’ and form a ‘tight knit community’
  • And you and your partner had to draw each other’s portrait
  • And just GUESS who you were paired with
  • So hard to guess honestly  
  • Ten
  • You had always thought he was rlly sweet and kind  
  • Also VVVV a t t r a c t i v e  
  • He always helped out with the other students in the class
  • And his drawing skills were no joke  
  • Everyone admired them
  • Even you did
  • So you felt honoured that he was going to be drawing you
  • You both grabbed your pencil and sketchbook and started drawing
  • The whole room was silent as everyone concentrated
  • As you kept looking up to take a glimpse of a certain feature on his face, he’d already be looking directly at you
  • Making for awkward eye contact tho u seemed to be the only one feeling a lil awkward  
  • He happily kept staring at you as he drew
  • You focused on the curve of his nose and the constant smile he held on his uniquely featured face that you started to find even more enchanting over the course of the hour you spent drawing him
  • Once the hour was up, it was the end of school and tbh you really didn’t want to go
  • You wanted to draw him for longer but the dark haired boy had already packed up and left
  • You packed your things and headed to your locker
  • When you opened it a A5 piece of paper fell out
  • “Meet me at the café tomorrow at 12”
  • You turned the piece of paper over to see a drawing of you, the one ten was drawing in your lesson a mere 5 minutes ago
  • U wanted to S C R E A M
  • U were lowkey impressed by his way of asking you out  
  • Something you didn’t expect from such a outgoing personality like him
  • U met him the next day, following his instructions
  • Once you saw him he had the largest smile etched on his face as he waved you over  
  • When u reached him u handed him the drawing u did of him in the lesson
  • “This is amazing.”  
  • “No where near as good as yours though, you actually made me look pretty.”
  • “I didn’t do anything. I was just looking at the person in front of me.“ 
  • He’d soooo smirk after saying that  
  • Proud of his lil flirty comment  
  • Which sent your heart racing
  • The date was simple but oh-so special
  • Since then, you both kinda just started dating
  • No official announcement or anything  
  • You both wanted the fun of shocking people and having them find out for themselves  
  • He didn’t even tell Johnny
  • So he had the shock of his life when he saw his best friend sucking on ur face  
  • "TEN WHAT THE FUCK WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!” Completely not assed about interrupting your’s and ten’s moment
  • Ten face would just flush red and he’d let out his infectious giggle
  • All of his friend had the same reaction tbh  
  • Johnny thought the not-telling-anyone was a fun idea  
  • When you’d stay at each other’s houses
  • He’d always insist on drawing you  
  • He eventually had an entire sketch book dedicated to you  
  • Soon he didn’t even need you there to be able to draw you  
  • Every feature of your body was imprinted in his mind  
  • And I mean E V E R Y feature ;)  
  • Ngl, he probs had a few NSFW drawings of you too  
  • But like  
  • He couldn’t help it  
  • You were his muse  
  • And he wanted to have physical proof of how much u inspired him  
  • How much you meant to him  
  • You’d be staying at his one saturday night  
  • Cuddled up next to him in bed as he traced random patterns on your delicate skin
  • You’d feel his heart beat become faster as you rested your head on his chest
  • You’d look up and see him already staring at you, awe in his eyes  
  • “I love you, you know that right?”
  • “Well I do now. I love you too.”
  • Craning your neck, you’d have your lips met his
  • A sinful concoction of passion, love and need oozing from the synchronised movements of your lips  
  • He’s place one final chaste kiss on you lips before he’d place them along your jaw as he worked his way down
  • The sensation lighting a fire in your heart.

Calligraphy drafts #1

Hi y’all! so I do calligraphy.

I am going to start posting more of my work, and I actually do commissions!

If you want any calligraphy done (these are rough drafts, not my really clean professional ones (hehe)) just email me at:


I just made this stuff up. Was trying to have some fun with their names!

Also, this is my temporary post for Adrinette Month!

I’m so behind, but I had these, so why not? :)

Victuuri Week: Day Five

Pure Happiness

Pairings: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Yuri Plisetsky/Otabek Altin

Rating: G

Word Count: 2,388

Summary: When Yuuri and Victor finally get the chance to adopt a child, there’s only one Yuuri takes an interest in. Through the years, their loves for one another grows and eventually their little family grows bigger.

*Yuuri Prompt: Family

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I wanted to draw/sketch/design a genderbend Kakashi..,
excuse me for having fun.

ow.. and I didn’t want to do it like a “sexy-no-jutsu” thing..
cuz we allll know… sexy-no-jutsu Kakashi wouldn’t look any different from regular Kakashi.
He is already Sexy-no-jutsu incarnate!

“All the seats have been filled. And now the last vessel shall bear my heart like the rest!


What if…Soranort was a thing? And then imagine him running into Vanitas …lol awkward…

I don’t know if I was imagining this happening instead of the whole Terranort thing or actually after it. But the whole thing of Sora being an intended Vessel of Xehanort just made me want to draw this… It was fun…Also, I have a thing about good guys going bad…what can I say? Hey, if he were to then split into a heartless and a nobody, would his nobody still look like roxas but with white hair and yellow eyes? These are questions I must ask myself…


Well. Here’s finally the finished drawing, sorry it took me quite a while ;w;
Actually I have a lot of work to do and I wasn’t supposed to draw tg fanart at all! However, your ask really got me, anon! I just wanted to do a quick sketch, but I had too much fun and in the end…voila.
When you said “seeing” Hide getting attacked, my first thought was that Kaneki would instantly rush in to save him. So I drew that. I hope you like it a little :’)


System detected a potential_hazard: Part 1/?

I’m just having a little fun here, don’t mind me.

As expected, a lot of people were curious ;) We’ll check in on them later.

I might make a couple more of these short comic things (like 2-4 updates per topic) about stuff that reveals things about Fatal, but aren’t necessarily going to be prominently featured in the actual comic. Just whenever I have time/am between comic updates. Really I just wanted an excuse to draw red-eye Fatal. I like him lots :)

Also the gif doesn’t always work? Not sure what that’s about? 

Personal opinion

Definitely not hampering anyone’s desire to draw humanisations in whatever way they want, but I’m generally under the belief that with Zootopia, you really, //really// do need a racial difference between some of the characters to properly get across what they’re conveying within the scope of the movie.
Ie. If you want to draw it for fun, by all means but if it’s meant to actually represent the relationship these characters have in the movie, that’s not going to work well.

Judy obviously distrusts Nick outside of the fact that he’s a dude. She immediately assumed the worst (never mind that he dresses nothing like a thug, it’s solely his species/race), makes innocently condescending comments about him being ‘articulate’ despite both of them speaking on the same level and and there’s the entire “You’re not like them!” “Oh so there’s a THEM now?!” Convo that just reeks of racial tension. They are clearly not the 'same’.
The argument that they’re 'just animals’ is a bit weak given the amount of social commentary in it from a person in power trying to get the minority vote to shopkeepers reserving the right to refuse service to someone simply based on how they look.

Making them //both// white is just???? Where would the tension be exactly? What is the prejudice (a key theme in the movie) if translated to a human world suppose to be rooted in?
Unless you’re going back to around the time Annie was first made (she was a redhead specifically to break this stereotype as red hair was undesirable) and maybe portraying Nick as Irish?

So yes, please, bring on POC!Zootopia humanisations. The Latinos and Middle Easterners and East Asians and African-Americans and everyone in between. This is a movie that practically demands variation—up to the point of segregating sections of the city specifically to accommodate everyone’s differences so why not give it the variation it’s portraying?

The Bae and his BEWD

Scanner killed it a little bit but I guess for the most part I am satisfied. If there is anything I am actually confident about it’s that I can draw Kaiba decently on point in these last few times I’ve drawn him. I really really want to draw him more. He’s my problematic fav lol Also Seto with messy wind-blown hair~ I only just now realized that the original image got cut off at the bottom, there was more of his hand there. Oh well. My scanner isn’t huge, I make do with what I have. Anyway..

Glad I got this out at least. I haven’t gotten dizzy again since this afternoon. That..really wasn’t fun. And I am hoping I feel better tomorrow, I still have a lot of catching up to do. I’ll be up for at least another hour or two, but I’ll be resting until I fall asleep. Have a good rest of the weekend.

This… has been sitting on my computer for a couple weeks. I’m not gonna finish it. But if you’re curious, it’s some thumbnails for the story I mentioned in this sketch dump here x. I just wanted to animate Nick landing in the cage which is why the camera angle doesn’t change (and I wanted to animate him hugging Judy…). The pacing of this is quicker than it would actually be though, because without any dialogue or the Coyote in the scene it would be a lot of Nick pretty much just staring off to the left. …..Anyway. I thought I should post it. Also, I know he doesn’t movie his tail around nearly as much in the movie but drawing Nick’s tail swishing around was fun haha


Man I’m drawing a lot aren’t I? Yeah, expect a lot of updates today. :)

Have I mentioned that I love the Momma CQ AU? Because I do. Have I mentioned that I love Freshgrease? Because I do ALOT ( and I really want to draw it.)  I also love the idea that if Geno and Error were kids and they found out Fresh had a crush, they would DEFINITELY make fun of him about it, isn’t that what bros are for?

(also I know how to spell clinking. that was just the only way to get it fit rhythmically.)

I asked him what animal he’d want to be, and he gave me a list to choose from, but then he jokingly said “Oh do a hybrid, that’d be fun to see.” and because I’m a smartass I did do one along with all the other ACTUAL options (You can see them if you’re a +$5 Patron on my Patreon)

But then he actually liked it a lot

And now I can’t get this out of my head

But he’s actually going to just be a lion, I’ll have a clean proper drawing of him later


Maybe next time, boys. XDD

Hey, I want these losers to kiss just as much as you do, but that’s saved for the actual main plot soooooo y’know…..

I think this whole drunk thing is technically a little side-story XDDDDD two more parts, I think uwu
(Also, thank you very much!!! I’m glad you like the AU >w</ )

Remember “Garrett”? That security guard I randomly made and even created a backstory some time ago just for fun?So yea,I’ve been sketching/drawing him a lot lately (not only him,but Alexa too,but…my cartoon-ish style still doesn’t really have a vers. for children.I’m still working on it) and…yea…I actually have been using him not only for fnaf-related stuff but for “playing” with my friends that also has oc’s and draw…

About the “Assis” as his surname…I wanted to make a reference to my own “origins” and make him half-brazilian (I gotta admit,I put some stuff I have on him,like how pale I am and such…not the surname tho,since my surname has italian origins).
The name is a reference to a popular and really known brazilian writer from the XIX century called “Machado de Assis” 

In this quick sketch I made him as a original cartoonish style and a more realistic one…though since I’ve been getting lots of inspiration from dfox999 (cuz she’s awsum and kewl and has awesum artistic skills) I ended up accidentally getting a bit of her style…which I’m actually sorry cause idk I just…UGH I FORGOT HOW TO ENGLISH BECAUSE I’M TOO TIRED NOW—sorry 
Just like Garrett,I don’t sleep as much as I should so yea…this happens

anonymous asked:

Are Karkat and Dave the kind of parents to put their kid in dance or like fighting lessons (karate judo ect.) for the sake of them doing something and making friends or they the parents who are like if you wanna do something tell me and we'll figure it out??

karkat doesnt know how to parent the human way and dave just. attempts to teach anshu rap battles & music mixing. she really wants to be as good as him but also sucks real bad. she ends up picking up on his shit drawings and asks for actual drawing classes. she also gets to go to dance classes!

I told Maggie I’d draw her furry if she made a reference for him aaaaaand she did ;w;

Sooo this is Maggie’s wolf furry, Wren. When she was describing him to me it was when I was drawing that Luna picture so if you read the tags you’ll know I was listening to Girls Just Want to Have Fun on a loop, so she was describing Wren to me while I was listening to the music and I thought she said “God furry” when she actually said “goth furry” (”god furry” made sense to me too because of the star on his face because like some people draw Clan leaders with a star on them and yeah)

but yea here’s Wren