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Madara doing eye sex to his crush and catches him o.O

I had TOO MUCH FUN WRITING THIS. We all love some Madara. <3 I wrote it so that his crush likes him back, and they both know that there’s something there. Hope that’s okay. Enjoy!! - Admin Nunu

Madara Uchiha Doing Eye Sex on His Crush

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  • First of all, I just want to make it clear that Madara… that man. He is just too good at everything he does tbh…
  • She will feel uncomfortable at first, still unaccustomed to Madara granting her some kind of extended attention (since he is so busy with his responsibilities).
  • Madara eye-sexing his crush is more painful for them than it is for him. For every inch that his eyes travel, his crush can literally feel her skin burning. He exhibits a firm stance, and an intense, smouldering gaze that just makes his crush want to pounce on him. Like his eyes themselves are literally stripping off her clothing, one by one. Madara makes his crush writhe in anticipation. Madara will probably flicker his eyes away while subtly nibbling on his lip, just to add more to her anxiousness.
  • Madara doesn’t do it too often, but when he does… he does it at the most odd timing. In the middle of a meeting. An outing with friends. He just so happens to do it when there are other people around). And his crush can tell he’s eye-sexing them by the way Madara’s responses are kinda short and slow, almost delayed, because he is so distracted by the beauty that is his crush.
  • Lowkey Hashirama can tell when he does it, because Madara will seem withdrawn for a moment or two. Hashirama doesn’t pick on him for it, but he laughs to himself about it.
BTS Reaction to you being a bad cook.

A/N: I wanted to do one of these was unsure of what or who to do it on. LOL I really hope it hasn’t been done before. I don’t want to seem like I’m taking anyone’s creativity o.o


I can see him not caring about your bad cooking. Honestly he would laugh but not in the ‘making fun of you’ way but in the ‘My wife is so adorable’ way. He’d then smile flashing those to die for dimples and hug you saying, “It’s okay jagiya! I’m no good at it either! Let’s just order some take out hm?”

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LOL I can see him making a face as he took the first bite out of “dinner” but then shrugging it off and continuing to eat. Eventually looking at your worried face saying, “Jagiya, you know your cooking is awful? But I’m a believer that everything gets better with time.”

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10/10 can imagine him making a face at you. Then going over to you and grabbing your hands. Making sure to smile, “Jagiya maybe I should do the cooking from now on because the only thing that should be this burnt is my burning love for you.”

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This cutie would eat it with the biggest smile because he’s just so happy to see you putting in that effort to cook for him. He would look at you afterwards and hug you. Kissing the top of your head, “Look at my jagiya making me food, I love you so much!”

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I can picture him poking at his food and trying to hide a smile. Then trying the food eventually swallowing and looking at you with the most innocence in his eyes eventually giving you a shy smile. Looking awkward and confused on how to tell you in the nicest way. “Jagiya, my beautiful Jagiya, we can try cooking together in the future.”

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Like Hoseok I can imagine this boy just being extremely happy at your attempt of cooking for him. He would most definitely eat it all and make sure to wash away your worries. “My jagiya is most definitely the best at everything!”

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This boy I can imagine eating all of his food because he can literally eat anything. He honestly probably won’t even notice the taste too much except that he wants to do something for you too. He’d smile at you, “Jagiya, let’s take turns cooking! I want to cook for you too!”

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A/N: I really hope it’s not similar to anyone’s or anything! But anyways enjoy. I had fun doing this. It’s really cute to imagine and I would like to do more! LOL n.n

Something More? (Chapter 4)

I’ve been neglecting my tumblr lately. Here’s Chapter 4! (AO3 link, if you prefer)

Chapter 3, Chapter 2, Chapter 1

The only thought in Cassian’s mind was There is no way this is actually happening . Because, really, there was no way that Nesta had just pulled him down and kissed him. The was no logical explanation to the fact that Nesta’s lips were on his.

It took him about five seconds to stop with the crazy, wrap his arms around her waist, pull her closer and deepen the kiss. Damn it all to hell, this was the best kiss ever. Best. Best. Best.

Her kiss was unexpectedly fierce and fiery and intimate, like she was making up for the fact that most of the time she was cold and mostly detached. Her lips were soft, her tongue demanding, her hands were still clinging to his shirt like if she let him go he might just disappear.  

He broke the kiss, resting his forehead to hers, “Mmm… I’m not objecting to that or anything, but what did I do to deserve that and what do I have to do for it to happen again?”

“Shut up.” She said, then she just kissed him again.

This went on for quite a while, Cassian was sure neither of them wanted it to stop. That being said, he soon became aware that they were in the middle of campus, probably surrounded by a bunch of curious students and faculty.

He broke the kiss again, with a chuckle, “Look, Nez, I can’t even explain how much I don’t want to stop but, I think we’ve given them enough of a show. And, truly, it pains me to say that I still want to talk.”

She sighs, “Fine, that’s fair.”

“I bought some wine, I was kinda worried you’d think I was trying something, but since you already did, I’m just going to go with it.”

“Just wine? No food?”

“I wasn’t finished talking, sweetheart. I’m cooking and making you whatever you want.”

She smiled at that, “Whatever I want?”

“Whatever you want, sweetheart. Are we going to your house or mine?”

She thought about that for a second, “Mine. I’ll make sure Feyre isn’t there so we can be alone… Just in case…”

He smirked, “Let’s go then.” He decided he wanted to hold her hand, so he took her hand, hoping she wouldn’t take her away. She didn’t and he couldn’t help but smile.

Nesta: Hey Fey, r u staying home all nite?

Feyre: Going 2 dinner w Rhys in 5

Nesta: Ok

Feyre: y do you ask? R u bringing a man home u don’t want me to see? Hahaha

Nesta: Yes muahaha

Feyre: O.O WHO?

Nesta: …Cassian?…


Nesta: Shut up. It’s abt yesterday.

Feyre: Did u kiss him and try 2 take his clothes off? Is that what was so embarrassing?

Nesta: I was drunk, not demented.

Nesta: (not his clothes anyway)

Feyre: Lmao so the dementia part came on 2day

Nesta: Lol yeah

Feyre: Well have fun u lunatic

Nesta: :D I will

“Are you going to help or just look at me with that scared expression the entire time?” Cassian asked once he started cooking in her little kitchenette. They had gone to the grocery store because: “We don’t stock actual food ingredients in the house, just stuff for me to bake, Cassian. So unless you want to eat something that needs only flour, sugar and yeast we need groceries!” And now here they were, cooking together. Kinda.

“I’m not scared. I just don’t really cook. The kind of don’t cook that has tried but failed every attempt.” She said, looking at what he was doing with the broccoli with a suspicious look.

He laughed, “It won’t explode, Nez, com’ere. I swear, with me, there’s no way this will go wrong.” she lifted an eyebrow but didn’t move. Cassian couldn’t help but laugh, “Come on, come to Cass. Cass is great at cooking, trust Cass.”

She closed her eyes and shook her head in something close to amusement and said “Stop talking about yourself in the third person, you dope.” He could tell she was trying not to smile when she looked down.

“You know you like Cass, sweetheart, even if Cass is a dope. Sometimes. Now help Cass, will you?”

She rolled her eyes and muttered “You’re an idiot,” but she walked to him and sighed, “What is it you want me to do?”

He smiled, “Put these on top of the water to steam,” he said, pointing at the broccoli with a knife. “No one can mess that up.”

She tossed the pieces in the steamer, then lifted her eyebrow at him, “I could oversteam them,” she drawled.

He chuckled, “I’m in charge of that, actually. So no, it won’t oversteam.”

“What are you doing with broccoli anyway? I said I wanted steak.” She says, lifting herself on the counter next to him.

“Side dish.” he said, throwing some salt into the potatoes he just put on the stove to boil.

She sighed, “Broccoli is so boring, they taste green.”

“Broccoli gratin is what I’m making.” she lifted an eyebrow, obviously telling him she had no idea what that means. He moved so that when he leaned over he was braced on either side of her. Looking up at her he said, “Broccoli with a bunch of cheese on it.”

“Yummy.” she said, smiling down at him.

He tapped a finger on his lips, asking for a kiss. She gave him a look, “Hey, I’m making you food. I should get a kiss.” She gave him a little peck and she was obviously going to stop with that, “So,” he started, “What the heck do you and Feyre eat if neither of you cook?”

“Feyre goes out to eat with Rhys a lot. I make bread, good healthy bread, and we’re stocked up on cold cuts. I eat sandwiches and salads mostly, go out to eat when you guys invite me.” she shrugs.

He chuckled a little, “That’s why you’re so thin even though you never work out.”

She shook her head, giving him a push on the shoulder, “Hey! That’s so obnoxious.”

“Hey, I work out everyday and I make money off of making other people work out. Good money, too.” He gave her his most brilliant grin, “You didn’t think I could be this-”

“Hulking.” she interrupted, rolling her eyes.

“ Hulking? ” he asked furrowing his brow at the wrong adjective.

She started playing with his hair, “Gargantuan, mammoth,”

He swatted her hand, “I know what it means, you evil woman.” She chuckled, but he took her hand and put it back in his hair, “I was going to say ‘hot’.”

She bit her lip, “That too…” she said quietly.

He smiled, “Now that we’ve cleared that - and you’re hot too, by the way. How is it you can bake but you can’t cook?” He walked back and to check on the potatoes and start on grating the cheese. The potatoes were still uncooked so he left them and the broccoli were just right, so he took them off the steam and into the the ice he had prepared.

Nesta made a noise, “I can get flour and water and yeast turn into this delicious bread but I can’t get anything that has fresh ingredients to come together.”

He chuckled a bit, as he took the cheese and the grater, “Can I ask you to grate this cheese for me?” she nodded and took the cheese as he turned around to check the potatoes again, he drains it and began to mash them, “So, how do you like your steak?”

He placed the plates on the table and sat down. Nesta liked him a lot in that moment, though she was a little scared it might go away… “So,” he said quietly, face a little smug, “are we going to talk about what you said or what?”

She looked down at her steak. It was on top of some mashed potatoes and it looked pretty with the cheesy broccoli on the side of it, she took a bite of the broccoli and it was surprisingly good. She sighed, “What did I say, because I don’t really remember…”

He was eating already when he stopped and looked at her, “That was the problem Nez, you didn’t say anything concrete. Just got this scared look on your face and said your ex got ‘really mad’ when you broke up with him…”

She sighed, cutting into her perfectly medium rare steak, so perfect she wanted to weep, but she settled into putting it into her mouth and groaning it was so perfect. “Best steak,” she croaked. He lifted a brow at her, pleased that she liked it but not having it with her changing the subject, “Okay, fine. He was mad.”

He rubbed his eyes, “Nez, please just tell me he didn’t hurt you, tell me he didn’t touch a hair on your head. Please .”

She took her glass of wine and drained it… then filled it another time and drained that again. “Eat, Cass… Otherwise everything will get cold… And wine, let’s drink all the wine.”

He sighed, “Nesta,”

“Please,” she said quietly, “The food is so good and I haven’t had this good a steak… ever. It’ll take like ten minutes, please, Cass.”

“Okay.” He sighed.

“Please don’t be like that, I’ll tell you, I promise, just let me eat… And save the getting mad, we can do that, later.”

He nodded and started talking about how good the food was, she ate pretty fast because it was the best food she’d had at home. Ever.

She felt Cassian’s hand on hers, squeezing gently, “What happened, Nesta?” he said quietly.

Her eyes started tearing up as she thought back to what had happened. She’d never really cried about it before, other than right after. Maybe it was Cassian and his hazel eyes… “He tried…” she swallowed, took a deep breath, “He tried to rape me…” she whispered the last part because she couldn’t really say it louder than that.

He went very still for a moment and he looked mad but his hand on her was impossibly gentle. He was dangerously quiet when he asked, “What’s his name?”

“Why do ask?” she said sadly.

“So I can kill him.” he said very seriously, in a way that made her think he might just do it. She threw her hands in the air and ran her fingers through her hair. Cassian rolled his eyes, “Fine, I’ll just beat the crap out of him. Not as satisfying, but still.”

She’d been taking a sip of her wine to take the edge off but she couldn’t help but snort at that. “Can I get less angry Cass so he’d tell me to hug him?”

His entire demeanor softened, “Of course, sweetheart, come here.”

She walked to him (and his open arms because he was Cassian ), and sat on his lap. Her arms went around his neck as she settled on his chest. He was very huggable, incredibly so, like a big - very muscular - teddy bear. He even rubbed gentle circles on her back.

“He sounds like a jerk.” he said a few minutes later.

She snorted, “In my defense, all the Archeron sisters make horrible choices when it comes to men.”

He laughed, “Your sister is dating my brother.”

“Rhys chose her more than anything. We Archerons have a horrible track record, Tomas Mandray for me. Elain was so infatuated with this horrible guy, Graysen for like a year until he dumped her for some racist reason. Tamlin as you well know.”

“Wow.” he marveled.

“Yep. Daddy issues at its finest.” she smiled unto his chest, a little happy somehow.

He was still gently rubbing her back when he asked, “Can I ask you how the relationship was like? I mean, how did he treat you up until, y’know?”

She sighed and shook her head, “It was,” she shrugged, “Bad. I was never good enough, I was never a good girlfriend,” she huffed, “I was too cold. Bad in bed.”

He stopped and grabbed her by the arms so he could look at her, “The motherfucking asshole told you you were bad in bed ?” he shook his head and rolled his eyes, “Now I really want to kill the guy.”

She shrugged again, “It’s probably true…”

He snorted, “Bullshit.”

She hugged his neck again, “Hey, Cass…”


“Can you stay? You can sleep with me…” she could feel his eyebrow raising, “Not like that… actual sleep. I don’t think I want to… you know, after all the talking.”

“Okay, I’ll stay. But cuddling is required.” He said seriously.

She huffed a laugh. Then she smiled, “Promise?”

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what are some of your favorite digimon fics? not a generic fic rec list, but fanfiction that you really like?

Hello there! I’ve been trying to answer to your question and do it justice for the past 9 days or so (while feeling guilty for taking ages…), but in the end my free time is always narrowed down to Sunday afternoons. Sorry about this. o.o”

So I decided to come up with a list. 


This means a lot of the stuff I have in my favourites may be pretty old… For instance, I’m yet to do a serious hunt around the AO3 community, which I’m sure it’s what most people use these days (I haven’t read a lot of tri stuff, even though I really want to. I just don’t have a lot of time to).

But this way I’ll get it updated from time to time xD hope you have fun.

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Are you going to do something for Jade and Jake's bday?

uhh I have a pic with them from a while back but it’s not birthday related and I’m not sure I’ll finish on time either ;v;

kinda wanted to draw something for all the kids in general but I don’t have any fun ideas


ahah probably not, another time

Anon:I thought Jane’s birthday was November 11?! As in 11/11.

no that’s just when she was introduced I think :o

Anon:Anon:Wow why are almost all of the kids’ birthdays so close together?  O.o