just wanted to do something c:


final fantasy type-0 personality types:

№15. Rem Tokimiya (insp.)

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that moment when you think you could do something else- 

and then someone like @sensual-obscurity replies to you

and you just drop everything and go fck it - and work on drafts instead


a series of unlikely crossovers: 

c: That’s it! I am officially over candlelight
k: Really?  I’ve heard some people find it —
c: — Quaint? Romantic?  That kind of wore off after lighting five billion of them.

“Fuck off…” Rolando moaned silently, his body sprawled outside on the grass. Rain interrupted his sleep, as slow droplets on his head. He moaned groggily, rolling over on his stomach, patting down his person to retrieve a pack of crushed cigarettes. Popping one in his mouth, he lit a match and lit one, smoke escaping from his mouth. Rain trickled down slowly and steadily. Opening his bag, he withdrew a flask. Just as he was about to open it, he heard a loud cough coming from behind him. Jumping in fright, Rolando quickly turned around.

“What the fuck are you doing? You scared the living shit out of me.”



behold, the new hood! i named it briny beach b/c at the time i was doing a re-read of the series of unfortunate events. this is the most effort i’ve ever put into decorating a neighborhood terrain, and it’s still pretty half-assed.

initially i was gonna do this whole thing where i re-introduced the existing families complete w/ intricate posing/backstories etc. but then…that didn’t happen.