just wanted to do smth in photoshop

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hey aah i love your edits how did you add that falling animated glitter to one of the doctor who edits you made its stunning plz teach me your ways!!

hey! tysm, sorry this took me so long to answer, i am the worst.

  • okay, so first you should have photoshop (i personally use cs6 extended but i think any version should work).
  • then you’re gonna need a picture you want to edit. i usually just take mine straight from the video (i use potplayer).

1) open the picture on photoshop and edit it the way you want. add a psd, doodles if you like, crop, resize, whatever you want basically.

2) (this is optional but i personally do this) save the image as jpeg and reopen it. that way you won’t have any additional layers. 

my edited picture looks like this:

3) now for the falling glitter effect. you will need a specific gif for that. try googling “sparkle gif tumblr” or smth along those lines. and going way waaay down in the search results. once you find the gif, save it and open it on photoshop.

4) my personal preference is to change the delay from 0 to 0.06 but that is totally up to you.

5) now what you have to do is change the opacity of the gif. (i have no idea how to do all frames at once so you’re gonna have to change every single one by hand). click on each layer of the gif and change the opacity from 100% to 40%. when you’re done it should look like this:

Disclaimer: i suggest saving this version of the gif as a psd file somewhere, so you don’t have to change the opacity again, the next time you need it.

6) now you can crop and resize the gif so it fits with your edited picture better. for example, i resized mine to 540x300px.

7) now go to the “window” tab -> arrange -> 2-up vertical (or horizontal, whatever is more comfortable for you). and then select Layer 1 on the gif.

8) drag the edited picture onto the gif. and make sure that the picture is the very bottom layer (drag it below Layer 1)

Disclaimer: because of the gif, the image might end up pretty dark so you can just change the brightness of it :)

9) go to file -> save for web… -> make sure it’s under 2M -> save

and you’re done! ^.^ the finished edit should look smth like this:

hope i explained it well enough, and again, so sorry for the long wait! if you need any more help, feel free to message me!

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Do you have any tutorials posted on how to use psd in photoshop? I have a portable version and I can't figure it out. If you don't want to that's fine. I also wanted to say I love your blog!

UHH i have a tutorial on how to use an action if thats what u mean?? im not sure if they work with photoshop portable though, if u mean a psd file tho like a twitter layout or smth u just download, unzip and open it :^)


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(if any of these pictures belong to you and you dont want me to use them let me know and i’ll fix it for you!! <3)