just wanted to do a quick thing for myself

This was meant to be just a quick one hour thing as a break from freelance and I got carried away…..


UK Only 

Fabric Bookmarks all cost £3.50 including postage and packing 

These are normally part of my lucky dip, but for Christmas I’m going to show you all of them so you can pick which ones you want. There is only 1 or so of each design (A-D) and E only has 2 of each design. What is in the photo is all that I have. 

Get in quick to avoid disappointment, makes great gifts for bookworms.

These are only available in the UK due to posting. I do hope to eventually extend.

In order to pay for some things for my transition I need to raise some more funds. I can’t bring myself to do a gofundme account as I feel like it’s begging and I feel like I haven’t done anything to deserve the money, people have asked me if I have one so I just want to point that out. If when you buy a bookmark, you want to pay more etc for it, that is completely up to you, again. I have had people ask me if they can do that. All profits of these bookmarks will go straight into my transition fund. 

Each one is unique, the pattern won’t be in the same place, the stitch colour may vary and the stitch itself may vary. The bookmark won’t be 100% straight, but it being imperfect makes it even more unique and weird. These will all be made by me and my mum. (They have cardboard in the middle to make them stronger.)

Message me to buy anything

Other Items:
Harry Potter Bookmarks (Deathly Hallows £3.50 )
Harry Potter (House) (£2.50)
Harry Potter Minimalist House Crest (£2)
Quote Bookmarks (£1.50)

Colour Me In Bookmarks (£1)

Sketchbooks With Reusable Fabric Cover (£5)
Journals With Reusable Fabric Cover (£10)

Thank you

I just want to say a quick thank you to anyone who likes, comments, and reblogs any of my posts. You all are great!

Thank you for your such kind comments. I wanted to let you know that you motivate me. I work out so much harder when I remember those who have said those nice things.

I hope this doesn’t come off as fishing for compliments because that’s not what I’m doing. It’s appreciation and validation for the work that I’m doing, it’s also great to hear words of encouragement. You all help me as much as I do myself.

Cheers to you guys, you’re amazing!

Okay, quick confession. I’m in the middle of you know… imagining things and touching myself because i’m horny as fxck and then this message pops up from my ex—it’s a business related message, he just sent a video and he chose to send it at this hour. Like, what the fxck right? My libido just went from high-o to low-o. Ugggh.

Now, how to do a comeback at what i was doing awhile back. Tss. Should i just sleep this off? Fxcking timing. Like i so want to have sex right noooow.


“My meat senses are tingling!” 

Hi guys! This is a quick housekeeping PSA thingamajig.

As you may have noticed, the Music Musing page is open! But, to keep things working smoothly (and so I do not pull out my own hair), I’m laying down some guidelines, which you can also find on the page itself.

First off, don’t forget that #critrole music musing is a fandom-wide tag coined by the lovely @cinderfell and not something I invented nor actively curate; tag your post within the first five tags and it will show up there (or blacklist it to avoid these posts).

Secondly, rules:

  1. Make sure suggestions are open before submitting.
  2. Before suggesting a song, make sure it hasn’t already been submitted. All previous suggestions are listed on the music musing page.
  3. Only send one song at a time. This means you cannot send three songs in one ask or three songs in three separate asks.
  4. If you have recently suggested a song, please wait a few days before suggesting another.

Please, guys, follow the rules. Nothing is more tiring than getting asks from people I can tell didn’t check before they suggest a song. 

Alright, that’s all I’ve got. Happy listening!

Sirius blaming his bad habits on his “animal instincts”. Remus tells him not to eat food off the floor and his response is just ‘I can’t help myself’ or when he leaves his hair all over the bathroom counters, he’s like ‘I shed, what do you want me to do?’ They are quick to draw the line at peeing on things to claim them as his.

Confession: I’m a virgin and I really want to explore my sexuality, but I find myself being quite contradictory about the matter. On one hand I want to experiment (but I have no one to do so with) and on the other hand I’d rather save it for love ya know. And recently I came really close to finally trying things out but he turned out to be a grade A f**kboy. thankfully I realized it quick, but I still kind of wish I just got it over with.

Sometimes I feel less than other women for not being able or brave enough to be as sexually liberated as I’d like to be . My friends really have never shamed me about it but , sometimes I get jealous of them for being so uninhibited. I’d never tell them though. I wish I stopped equating my self worth with my sexual experiences or lack there of. I just want be seen as desireable…

The Strength to Survive

word count: 1195

angst, fluff, hopelessnes

I was trapped. There was no way escaping this time. I knew I was done for. The door, the fragile wooden door, the last thing between me and certain death, was bending dangerously under the weight of about a dozen walkers pushing against it. I felt tears dwelling up in my eyes. I always knew this day would come, at some point each and every one of us would run out of luck no matter how careful we planned our runs or how safe we thought our refuge to be. I just never thought it would end like this. I had hoped for it to be quick, not the crap I found myself in right now, sitting around waiting for the walkers to get me. I listened to their growls as I started to cry.

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anonymous asked:

hey sonnet! i'm currently waiting for all the routes to come out so i can buy the whole game together and such but i wanted to let you know that i really enjoyed the demo! i dont usually play as 'myself' in games but i felt compelled to make choices i would for once. it was really enjoyable to see how people react to things i would say. anyway, a quick question: do djinn have any means of expressing affection that differs from humans? like, touching or butting their horns? just curious

Aw, I’m glad that you liked the demo! And I hope that you enjoy the full game, when you can finally play it. ^_^

Wild djinn have their own intimate body language and courting rituals. I won’t go into them here and now, but Amir will probably be able to teach you a thing or two. ^_~

Harry Potter & Pansy Parkinson


I hate you. I hope you know this. You make me feel things I do not want to feel, and you make me write things that rhyme. I thought of you as a quick fuck; a way to release the toxins my body was pumping through my veins. The sad part is, you just injected more poison into me. You will laugh at my verbiage for that, you will mumble “that’s what she said” to yourself, and you will have that stupid grin on your face that I want to smack off. I promised myself I wouldn’t love again, and you’re making me break that promise to myself. I hate you for it. I also hate that I don’t hate you for it. I hate that I now regret wanting to hand you over to the dark lord, I hate that I consider you mine, I hate this feeling of attachment. I’m known as a stone cold bitch; I don’t let my vulnerability show. I’m happy about that. I want to keep that image up, but you’re fucking it up. Now I’m happy you’re fucking it up. Nothing makes sense anymore because of you, yet I look to you for answers. You drive me crazy. I love you. I hate you. I don’t need you. I need you.

Don’t leave me,


Fp/depended: yeah I went out and got my permit today and went shopping and bought a brand new dress with my friends but I’m heading off to voice lessons right now so I’ll talk to you later, just wanted to send a quick text to say I love you!!

Me, translating it for myself: yeah I went out and had a bunch of fun without you with friends I love way more than you, and now I’m going to go do another thing that isn’t spending time with you because I secretly hate you and wish you were dead. I just wanted to send you a text and slap you in the face with how much I hate you!!

anonymous asked:

Hey, this is the Accidental Cult Ask anon, and I just wanted to give you a quick casual thank you. I know I sent it as a playful joke ish thing, but I appreciate that you brought up the reality of cult potential. The Universe™ has given me a few signs before that I am really... "Easy Pickings" for cult stuff and you helped remind me? Idk if this is a super weird ask, I just wanted to let you know. So thanks for helping me keep myself safe.

that’s all i’m here to do, anon. all i want to do is keep people safe. i don’t want anything to do with a cult around me

     ((Just a quick thing I wanted to say:
     PLEASE Do not try to push the comfort zones of mun’s on Sin day
. If they are not okay with even light amount of nsfw please don’t push them with heavy stuff. Not everybody is okay with smut/sex/nsfw stuff, respect that. We all have different levels of accepting nsfw and it needs to be respected.
     Please be nice and courteous to those who don’t like it. Being ACE myself I can only take a certain level of nsfw–It makes me uncomfortable, but the lighter stuff I can take. Heavier and I will have something near an anxiety attack. I tried to push it for others, but it didn’t do well for my mental health.
     Be nice and lovely trainers and don’t abuse rules mun’s set about nsfw))

Pyromanic Baseball Blues

         A Mamimi Samejima & Naota Nandaba fanmix

Skate Witches - Teen Suicide

i will take pills, and when i do, i will call you, cause i don’t like myself,but i can’t be someone else 

Manger - The Sweater I Gave You

every night you wake up to the same dream, i wanna be your time machine, i’ll feed you drugs and ice cream , i’ll do anything

White Light Doorway - Florist  

please come quick i stuck my head in the banister again, but i just wanted to know what it would feel like, with one part of my body alive

Blake Says - Amanda Palmer

blake makes friends but only for a minute, he prefers the things he orders from the Internet

Pixie Sticks - Cullan Bonilla

i don’t want to kiss you, i just don’t want anyone else to

Teenage Girl - Cherry Glazerr

internalize so much but so little, don’t make us feel belittled, world

By Your Hand - Los Campesinos!

and it’s a good night, for a fist fight, because the dew will temper your fall, you’ll sing me lullabies in form of your cat-calls.

@ Chl0ek - Modern Baseball

but I know that you don’t give a fuck, Cause you’re knee deep in your iPhone

Joyriding - frnkiero and the cellabration

it’s just one more thing i’ll regret, i hate my weaknesses, they made me who I am

Oh Boy - Boy

how can you ever catch her eye when, she’s all colors and heat, you’re all grey and cold, you keep looking up, but she’ll never ever look down

Breezeblocks - Poppy

she may contain the urge to run away, but hold her down with soggy clothes and breezeblocks // please don’t go, I’ll eat you whole, I love you so, I love you so

Congratulations - MGMT

i’ll keep your dreams, you pay attention for me, as strange as it seems, i’d rather dissolve than have you ignore me

Moshi Moshi - Tiger Jaws

and I’m not imagining how you give me the shivers, standing up to your waste in your river // Hey angel, I think your halo has a screw loose, ‘cause you dropped me like a brick off the rooftop of your high school

Caroline, Please Kill Me - Coma Cinema

caroline, Your eyes are dead like outer space, and I know that I am boring, I can read it on your face, 'caroline, please kill me’ said my spirit to your mind, I will hang out in your feelings until the end of time

Combat Baby - Metric

they try to kick it, their feet fall asleep, I want to be wrong but, No one here wants to fight me like you do

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Seriously, if you ever feel like you’re stuck with one particular thing in a drawing/painting etc, just take the time to set it aside and use the extra 20 min or so to make several quick studies about the said matter. Then go back to the original picture, and you will have so much fresher set of eyes and sharper skillset for it 

I know it’s hard - I’d myself rather just push it thru with one go, but holy shit do this help