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BTS Reaction #6 - You dress up in a cute onsie and cuddle them to death

monsta x / black pink/ bts how would they react if you would dress up in a cute onesi and cuddle them to deathxD

And the final part is here! I’m a little sad since this is so cute!! ^.^ Thank you again anon!

Seokjin (Jin): *practically has a heartattack from how hard he’s fanboying over you* “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! How can one person be this cute??”

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Hoseok (Jungkook): *this is his favorite moment of his entire life and he acts cute with you* “You are the most perfect human being I have ever met~”

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Namjoon (Rap Monster): *blushes and smiles super widely* “What got into you, you little cutie?”

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Jungkook: *malfunctions from adorableness but is also still a dweeb* “BABE WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? MY HEARTS GONNA EXPLODE, IT’S SO FULL OF RAINBOWS”

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Taehyung (V): *happiest alien ever* “Yah, how did you know just what I needed tonight? You know me so well sweetie. I love you.”

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Jimin: *always up for a cuddle session* “Aww, babe! You’re so warm and cuddly~ Want to watch some movies and just chill tonight?”

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Yoongi (Suga): *usually initiates the cuddles so he’s happy for the switch* *lughs* “Yah, why are you so weird?” *gives you a gummy smile and laughs more at your pout* “I love your weirdness though!! I swear!”

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She’s a Monster Pt. 4

Choi Youngjae X Reader Ft. Im Jaebum/JB

Part 1 . Part 2 . Part 3 .

A/N - Sorry I’ve been neglecting this precious baby. It’s hard to move back and forth between the mindset of A&D’s and this one and this one definitely took the back burner between the two, however, if people are still interested in it, then I promise to do better.  Here is some Fluff N Smut to make up for it.

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Auston Matthews - I Missed You

“You’re here!” I exclaimed as I picked up my girlfriend Y/N from the airport in Toronto. We had been long distance dating the entire season, and she was finally able to take a break from school and come visit me.

“I’m so happy to see you, babe. I’ve missed you so much!” She said as I hugged her tightly and spun her around.

“I know, it’s been so tough not having you here.” I told her as I loaded her suitcase into the back of my car. “I don’t have anything planned for tonight… do you want to go out somewhere or do you want to just stay in and hang out?” I asked.

“Would you be mad if I wanted to just stay home and chill with you tonight? I’m exhausted after a day of flying.” She said.

“I was hoping you’d say that. I miss our chill nights together.” I kissed her on the cheek and opened the car door for her.


“I’ll order some pizza. Make yourself at home. I even emptied half of my closet for you to put your things in.” I told her as I googled the number for the pizza delivery place.

“Aww. That was sweet, babe. You know me too well. I definitely over packed.” She said as she dragged her suitcase into my room.

“I knew you would!” I called after her.

I ordered the pizza and she walked out of my room a few minutes later, wearing just my t-shirt. It was way too big on her. Her hair was a mess and she had taken her makeup off completely. The way I liked her best. She looked stunning.

“So let me get this straight, you over packed enough to need half of my closet but didn’t pack anything to wear to bed?” I asked as I wrapped my hands around her waist and kissed her.

“Maybe I just missed stealing your clothes.” She said as she pecked my lips again.

“Maybe I missed seeing you in my clothes. You look sexy.” I told her. She giggled and kissed me again.

Our kisses were interrupted by the door bell. “We’ll finish this later.” She said, shooting me a seductive smile and pushing me towards the door. “I’m hungry.” She added.

“Me too.” I told her as I opened the door. I paid the delivery man and set the pizza down on the counter.

“I want to know every single detail that has happened since you’ve been here.” She told me as we sat down at the table.

“And I want to know every single detail of college back home. You first.” I offered.

“Well babe you know most of it because we talk most seconds of most days.” She said with a smile. “And I love that. I just wish I got to see you more.”

“I know. It’ll be easier when you graduate and we can just live together here… or whatever city I’m in.” I said.

“Well you know I’ll be graduating a year early and I’m hoping to do a few online semesters so I can come stay with you.” She said.

“I would love that, babe. But I don’t want you to be rushing through your college years just for me. As much as I want you here, you deserve to enjoy yourself.” I told her. As hard as it was to say that, it was the absolute truth. I tried so hard not to be selfish, but I was. I wanted her with me every second of every day. I was absolutely addicted to her.

“I’m happiest when I’m with you.” She said, narrowing her eyes and walking over to me.

“So, are the Toronto girls all over you?” She asked as she sat down on my lap, wrapping her hands around my neck.

“I’m not going to lie, they try pretty hard. But none of them compare to you at all. You have nothing to worry about.” I said, kissing her gently.

“Oh, I know. I check social media and see who those girls are. Some of them make me want to hug my mom and thank her for raising me with morals.” She said with a laugh.

“Couch?” I asked. She nodded, and I picked her up and carried her to the couch.

She rested her head on my lap and spread her legs across the couch. She fell asleep as we watched Netflix and my hands ran through her hair.

“I love you so much. I’m glad you’re here.” I whispered to her as I picked her up and carried her to the bed.

“I love you.” She whispered back.

DWImpala67 (SamW1983 Part 4)

SUMMARY-Ever felt like you were in the wrong place and time? What if you were right and somebody was trying to get you home?
CHARACTERS-Reader, Sam, Dean, Jo
A/N-So this part is for my Dean girls. Sorry out took so long but writing Dean is hard.

    Dean looked from his phone to Jo, “You sure this is gonna work?”
    Jo rolled her eyes, “It should. We just have to learn from Sam’s mistake and take it slow.”
     “Yeah,” Dean smirked at his brother, “Don’t want to mess up.”
      Then he ducked as Sam threw a beer can at him.

     Life was back to boring. No one had tried to kidnap you in about a week, SamW1983 had stopped his constant messaging dropping to one or two messages a day. You had started answering him back but if the conversation started getting weird you cut him off. It hadn’t taken him long to figure it out and you were back to posting on Tumblr.

     Tonight you just wanted to chill on Twitter though. You only had one notification:

DWImapla67 followed you.

     You checked the profile out. Obviously a newbie, only a few followers and a couple of tweets. The latest just a few minutes before.

[DWImpala67] I give up. How do I work this thing?

     Alone in your apartment you laughed, followed him back and tapped out a reply:

[Y] What do you want to know?
[DWImpala67] Freaking everything. I know Jack about Twitter.
[Y] Well you’ve figured out how to follow, tweet and reply. That’s a start.
[DWImpala67] Haha, very funny.

     You spent the next hour explaining the basics of Twitter to him. You went over things you’d wished someone had explained to you when you started, like hashtags, adding photos and tagging. A few of your friends joined, teasing you about flirting with the new guy. He treated them just like he was treating you so you assumed flirting was part of his personality. Finally you had to call it a night.

[Y] Have to go sleep. Work tomorrow.
[DWImpala67] Ok later sweetheart.
[Y] Sweetheart? Really?
[DWImpala67] Sorry you remind me of an old friend. Won’t do it again if it bothers you.
[Y] S'all right just nobody’s ever called me that before.
[DWImpala67] Somebody should have. Night sweetheart.
[Y] Night DW

     The next night you introduced him to a few more of your tweeps and he seemed to fit in well with your online family. After a week you couldn’t imagine him not being there. After two weeks you worried if he didn’t answer you in a few minutes. After three weeks you considered him one of your best friends.

     It had been a rough day at work, one of those days when everything and everyone seemed to be going out of it’s way too piss you off. Tossing your jacket and purse onto the couch you pulled up Windows media and clicked the music shuffle button. On your way to the kitchen you opened the Twitter app on your phone.

[Y] @DWImpala67 you there dude?

     You grabbed half a pound of ground sirloin out of the freezer and tossed it in the microwave to thaw. While butter melted over low heat you chopped onions and garlic adding them to the pan. As you washed your hands your phone chirped at you.

[DWImpala67] Hey sweetheart. What’s up?
[Y] Just making dinner.
[DWImpala67] Nuking something or actually cooking?
[Y] Cooking. Don’t like nuke food for the most part.
[DWImpala67] So what’s for dinner?
[Y] Beef stroganoff or at least my version of it.
[DWImpala67] White wine or cooking wine?
[Y] No wine ground sirloin, onion garlic pepper salt paprika mushroom soup ©
[Y] and sour cream. I serve it over rice instead of noodles.
[DWImpala67] Sounds good. So when’s dinner?
[Y] Half an hour or so. lol you coming over?
[DWImpala67] I’d that’s an invite I’ll be there.
[Y] Sure why the hell not. You get here I’ll feed you.
[DWImpala67] See ya soon.
[Y] Right. 😒

     A little while later you were dishing up some food while singing Heartbreaker along with Pat Benatar at the top of your lungs. Your phone chirped once again.

[DWImpala67] I like your singing.
[Y] ❓❓❓
[DWImpala67] Told you I’d be here for dinner. Open the door.

     You darted to the front door to look through the peephole and let out a squeak of surprise.
     Jensen Ackles was at your door.


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I enjoy your personality on Tumblr. You're so informative, passionate, and chill. Just wanted to encourage you today/tonight! -GS

Thank you that’s very kind of you 😁

Ants in My Pants
Say Anything
Ants in My Pants

“Ants in My Pants” by Say Anything

Stress can breed a psychopath
You’re all that calms me down
I forget that I’m a mess when you’re around

Please, can you be home tonight

Say it’s not over yet
My human tranquilizer
My pretty percocet

I just want to chill with you tonight, girl
I wish that I could chill with you tonight
Stop the worries that keep forming in my head
I’ve got ants in my pants unless it’s you in them instead
Oh baby, I was a faker before you

Some Nights with Michael Clifford

I don’t know what came over me as I dialed his number on my phone.

“Hello?” a raspy voice answered on the other end of the line.

“Hey” I answered a rather long ‘hey’ than appropriate. “Do you wanna come over?” I blurted out of nowhere. 

I could tell he was taken by surprise by the long pause that occurred after my unwanted question. I know I just know Michael for two days but, from the first moment I locked eyes with him, I’ve felt this warm feeling crawling all over my body. The feeling that could send you into a frenzy on a late night alone. 

“Sure, I’ll be there” his answer surprised me. He didn’t even sound unsure. 

“Is pizza okay with you?” I ask.

“Pizza’s perfect.” he chuckles and I bite my lower lip.

“Alright, then. See you.” I say with a smile and I hang up.

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Johnson imagine..

You and Johnson have been dating for about 3 months. It was still a new relationship and you two were still getting used to each other. Jack called you and he just wanted to chill at your place tonight. Your parents would be going out to their anniversary dinner tonight (Your parents didn’t want a boy in the house alone with you) and you told your boyfriend that he could come over when they leave. It was about 8:00 and Johnson would be over at 9:00. You took shower and got dressed in your tank top and leggings since you knew you guys were gonna cuddle and watch Netflix. Johnson came knocking on your door at 9:00 on the dot. “Hey babygirl”. He said kissing you. You giggled “Hey babyboy” you said closing the door. “Well let’s get this cuddle & Netflix session started.” He said going to your couch. You went into the kitchen found some popcorn and drinks and you guys ordered pizza. When the pizza arrived Johnson payed and the pizza man left. “We can go to my bedroom if you want” You told your blonde haired cutie. “Okay sure” he said. You guys were snuggling in your room one your guys three movie on Netflix and you heard a car outside slam its door. “Oh my god baby you have to get outta here. My parents are gonna kill me if they see you in here” You said. “Okay but how?” Johnson asked. “My window go out my window”. You said looking for his shirt. When he got home he called you.
Johnson: Baby I’m so so sorry I had to leave. I love you
You: Baby don’t be sorry it was my parents fault I love you too.
Johnson: I promise I’m gonna make this up to you. Movie and cuddle session at my house next Sunday we’ll be alone. Gilinsky will be with Madison.
You: Aww baby that sounds good. Alright I was supposed to be asleep by now I’m gonna sleep. I love you
Johnson: Goodnight babygirl I love you more.
With that you hung up!
And he kept his promise and you went to his house. (Without your parents knowing of course).

Oh hey xjackxjohnsonx (:

The Valentine's Party (closed w/ thevaldangeloshipper)

“Oh, come ooon!” Jason said, punching Nico on the shoulder. “You have a great time! And you might find someone to help get over… Him.”
Nico glared at the taller boy, rubbing his pained shoulder. The Son of Jupiter really didn’t know his own strength. “I don’t want to, Jason. I’d rather choke on my own spit, to be quite honest.”
“Please, Nico? I just to want you to be alone tonight. Even Leo’s coming, you could chill with him…?”
“Yeah, because he’s such a joy to be around.”
“He is!” Jason protested, “Once you get past the-”
“The everything?” Nico retorted with a harsh tone. He couldn’t stand Leo, with his lively brown eyes, silky dark hair and aggravatingly attractive smile. That kid was worse than Percy! The first, no /last/ thing Nico would ever want to do is spend Valentine’s night with him. Jason’s face crumbled, and Nico could stand it.
“Fine. I’ll go.” He snapped.