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How do animation FireAlpaca, art senpai?

Hey! Sorry for late reply! 

The most important feature you want turned on is onion skin mode. This will allow you to see the frame before (red) and the frame ahead (green) of what frame you are on. 

You can easily play back your animation with AutoPlay, which will pop up a new window like this: 

You can’t export your animation unfortunately, so you’d need Adobe Photoshop or iMovie, or a software where you can bring in each frame and string them together keeping in mind the timing and spacing of each frame. 

I sometimes just upload them all to http://gifmaker.me/ if I want to export a gif or movie quickly :) 

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What are your preferred pronouns, for those like me who for some reason assumed 'he'?

Take your pick! I am just a chick who likes to draw, write, and do all sorts of creative stuff. So call me whatever, just don’t call me late for lunch.

For me, the ultimate compliment is when people don’t actually know off the bat whether I’m a dude or a chick. I absolutely don’t mind disclosing my female status when asked, but seeing as it doesn’t really have any bearing on my creative works, I don’t see the need to bring it up that often.

I’d much rather be known as a “great writer” or “cool artist” than “great girl writer” or “cool lady artist”. Even better, I’d just like to be known as a rad human being. So when people don’t actually know, don’t really care, and are just assuming based off of whatever they want to assume about me from my works alone, I absolutely love it! 

With the massive variety of stuff I love to do, life’s too short to worry about what people call me:

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Hey, I just want to say I really appreciate the 'good morning bob' posts, because of time zone differences they show up on my dash mid-afternoon and it gives me something to look forward to each day, because as long as I make it halfway then I only have to wait another half day (and sleep, but that doesn't count because your not aware when your doing it) until tomorrow when I can wait to see him again. This ended up being super long, but thank you.

I’m so glad my cat brings you joy.

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Why do you feel the need to always bring up shit about Patrick Kane? That's literally in the past and no one gives a shit anymore. The Preds had that piece of shit Roberto forever Bitch about that instead

I did ??? But he’s gone now. So, until the NHL takes action and people stop talking to me about him, I’m gonna bring it up. If you don’t want to hear about it, I will always tag him so just block those tags

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I'm pregnant and the guy who I thought wanted me wants nothing to do with me or the child. Please pray for me and what should I do

Dear Anon my heart goes out to you and my prayers are with you. Reach out to your family, friends, and church you’ll need as much support as possible in the days and months to come. I’m not going to tell you what you should of done, or not done I think you already know that. When two people bring a life into this world they both bare a responsibility the other person can’t just ignore you and walk away. Prayers going up for you beloved that you make the right decisions.

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Hey I just saw your post about how jokes targeted at a specific group of people is indicative of systematic oppression, and while I do believe that's a fantastic point, it loses its weight when you consider the number of white people jokes made online every day. It ends up unintentionally supporting the bullshit "white genocide" narrative. I just wanted to bring it up.

lmao except there’s a huge difference between “white people dont season their food” and “jews are all corrupt criminals”

white people arent a marginalized group and thus jokes aimed at us don’t carry the same weight as ones aimed at actually marginalized ones because jokes aimed at poking fun at an oppressor is nowhere near the same as an oppressor slinging insults at the people they’re oppressing

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Is it okay to be vegan and asexual and worship Loki?

No particular orientation is required to worship the Norse gods. Loki is explicitly queer, as is Odin, who most modern Heathens treat as the head of the pantheon. There’s not much in terms of explicit asexual representation in the lore, as Norse conceptions of sexuality and gender were different than ours, but there’s nothing that calls it wrong in the eyes of the gods or anything.

You will run into modern white supremacists who put a ton of emphasis on heterosexuality and having as many white kids as possible, kind of like a Heathen version of the Quiverfull movement. And it is true that there was pressure in Viking Age society to have a bunch of kids for the sake of survival. However, the concept of whiteness as an ethnicity didn’t exist until way later. Furthermore, just as we’ve done away with human sacrifice and slavery and don’t want to bring those back, the idea of having as many kids as possible doesn’t hold up very well in modern society with our current understanding of ecology.

In that vein, there are no dietary requirements either. Veganism wasn’t really a thing in Norse society because of the short growing season and lack of refrigeration, but that doesn’t make it wrong today. Many kindreds use non-vegan foods or beverages in their rituals–particularly mead and blood–but if they’re not jerks they’ll provide an alternative or let you abstain.

To sum it up, for your safety, you should try to scope out any groups before attending an event or coming out to them. But you’re not doing anything theologically wrong.

- Mod E

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first of all, I’d like to give you a big THANKS because I’ve had a rough week and your writing kind of helps distract me. could I get hcs for a s/o who gets seriously injured because of something dumb that revali did while attempting to show off, and how he reacts?

Ay sweetie, I hope your week gets better soon. And I’m glad I can be of some small hope. I’m always here to talk!

-Mod Pinks

Accidentally injures s/o (Revali)

  • He had just wanted to make his s/o light up with awe when he finished his new trick
    • Not accidentally shoot them in the arm
  • Panics even though he’s a warrior because dear gods he just shot his love
  • So nervous he instead takes them to another healer because his hands are so shaky
  • Doesn’t do tricks around them for a while after
    • Until they ask to see them
  • Avoids doing archery around them
  • Tries to seem un-effected, but everyone knows how sorry he is.
  • Brings them flowers and shiny trinkets for days afterwards. 

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did you like the new video?

It was cute. There wasn’t much to it, just a nice mindless ten minutes I guess? I mean the eye part was some quality there, but I fully buy into the ~theory that it just got left in because they wanted the video to not be like six minutes long. I’m really surprised they didn’t try to come up with some kind of twist on the game to make the gameplay itself more interesting - I think anyone could have predicted that Dan would be good at it, since he has better reflexes, and Phil would die in about .5 seconds.

I wish they’d bring back the handicapped games - not as dvp but just playing each other but with some kind of handicap. 

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Can you give me some advice on how to keep motivated on school work? I've been in this slump for over a month where I can't even bring myself to do any homework or study. It's gets really overwhelming when the work begins to pile up and I've even skipped class sometimes because I don't want to face the teacher for not completing assignments. I waste so much time just laying around in bed when I could be doing something productive...I don't know please help me..

the situation you described is actually me right now, i’m not kidding. my anxiety is interfering with my productivity and sometimes i stay home from school. getting work done is hard especially when it’s given all at once or if it’s presented with lots of pressure surrounding it. procrastination becomes your worst enemy. even when school gets tough, i still find ways to stay motivated. i don’t know if this will help, but it’s kept me quite motivated over the years. first, think about what you want most in life, a goal you want to accomplish and what makes you happy. keep that image with you at all times. when you’re feeling down at school or if you’re having trouble getting work done, think about that goal. the goal i made for myself was finally moving out of the u.s. and living in iceland by myself alone in comfort. i always think about that future i wish for and it always fills me with hope and motivation. the only reason i work hard in school is because i get closer and closer to that goal every day. work hard so you can get closer and closer to your goal. another key is organization. split your assignments by days, so you won’t have to do it all at once. take it step by step so you won’t get stressed. this has also worked for me and has made work easier to accomplish. i don’t know if this helped, but i hope you find that passion that pushes you forward and i wish you the best. if you have any other questions or concerns you can always talk to me :)

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science competition with kuroshou?

Kuroo slams his fist on the table. “You’re coming at me with a volcano? What are you, eighth grade?”

“Shut up. You just want to mix stuff together until they explode,” Daishou sneers.

“Yeah, because explosions are cool!” 

“Volcanoes explode!”

“Volcanoes erupt, god, get it right, Suguru.”

Daishou crosses his arms. “I can’t believe I’m competing with you on how to nerd the hardest.”

“It’s not even a competition, Suguru. I’m obviously the winner.” Kuroo leans forwards, smirking. “So? Admitting defeat?”

Daishou presses his hands on the table, too. He leans forwards until he’s practically nose to nose with Kuroo. His eyes are twin slits on his face. “Against you? Never.”

“Bring it on, snake face.”

“My pleasure,” Daishou says, lips pulling up into a smirk to mirror Kuroo’s. 

They’re still staring each other down, a bit too close for comfort, when Kenma finally puts down their phone and tells them to either move on or make out already, he’s not putting up with this ridiculous sexual tension anymore, not today,

I’m so sorry...

A while back (like a week or so) I asked for prompts because I didn’t have many fic ideas. Many of you sent in requests and I am so grateful!! However, lately I can’t seem to bring myself to sit down and write any of them. 

I feel so crappy about it, and I’m sure one day I’ll get slapped across the face with a way to write them but I just wanted to let you know why it’s taking me so long  to get them done. 

Hope you can deal with me and have patience about this. 

…on the plus side, I’m less than 10 away from my next 100. Which is crazy since I just hit 600 at the beginning of this month.. So thanks for liking my stuff and tolerating the swarm of emotions that has colonized in the creative parts of my mind. 

Since Abby knows Mouse (I mean she’d have to since he was in Jay’s unit. He’s probably the only other person aside from Will that knew about Abby.) I hope she’ll ask about him or somehow bringing up Jay’s past will get us a GOD DANG UPDATE ON MOUSE!!

As Avery sat on her porch swing, she was overwhelmed with an idea. It was a scary idea, but an idea that somehow brought Avery comfort in her time of darkness. She had something in common with this monster. Some kind of power, some link. Maybe, just maybe, that could help. She let ice spray from her hands as she stared at them. Darkness had been whispering her name, and she’d been starting to respond but maybe… Just maybe this was a sign. Maybe she could do something else, make another stand, a good stand. She hadn’t seen any of her friends in ages. She was managing to avoid Talia since freezing her in their house, hadn’t really seen Lydia since Lydia said she didn’t want to be friends, so on and so forth. She even missed a Lydia Martin party. But she just couldn’t bring herself to approach any of them. But… She looked up as a figure approached. She might not have a choice. “Hi?”

Galra Keith Theory Continues

This scene I feel is so, so important. 

Not only is this a great character development for Hunk and Keith’s relationship, which as you recall got shaky when Keith didn’t want to go save Allura in Season 1. 

But the meaning behind Hunk’s words. 

I think turning Galra has made you a better human.”

Up till this point, Keith was doing just that. Trying to be human. He was secretive, overly protective and tough skinned. He obviously didn’t want to share his own insecurities.

When they find out Keith is Galra, that’s when they saw the human side of Keith. His fears, his dedication to the others, his humor. He gave up his family to accept another family. 

This quote is so so important. Because it’s true. 

So it’ll be interesting then, to see if Keith can keep this balance. Especially since this scene also brings up an interesting question.

When Hunk is staring at Keith, he responds almost affronted. 

Are you looking to see if I’m Purple??”
(A little help here, can anyone tell me where this is in which episode??)

EDIT (I found it): 

Yep, that’s right, Keith’s Galra form. 

As we remember in season one, when Keith came into direct contact with pure quintessence, we saw this. His hand turns purple.

Hunk looks for that purple skin, and Keith just shrugs it off. Almost scathingly. Like how could Hunk even think of such a thing. When we all know it is a thing. We saw his hand turn purple. And his fear of it. 

When Haggar hits Voltron with the pure quintessence at the end of Season two, we see a bunch of close up shots on all the paladin’s faces.

Except Keith. We only see him from the behind. It takes a few seconds before we do see Keith’s face again, and he appears fine.

But why? Why couldn’t we have seen Keith right away like the others?

You all know where I’m going with this. Because Keith does have a Galran form. We just haven’t seen it to it’s full extent, and I don’t believe Keith has either. Yes, he’s been suspicious, but for the way he acts, he hasn’t seen himself yet in full Galran form.

So I believe we’re going to see Keith getting defensive. Now that he has become more Human, I think he’s going to fight to keep it like that. He isn’t ready to accept he is more Galra than just blood. 

Remember Victor’s words after Yuuri’s last eros routine?


But Victor talks about this as something from the past, as something he believed, but he knows this all ended once he got to meet Yuuri. This is why he’s always felt greatful, always felt the need to want to give back that what Yuuri gave him.

And after getting to know this nervious but endearing boy, he came to understand just how precious and valuable this person in front of him was. What it meant to have him in his life, what he would give up to have him skating on the ice again.

Victor flying from Russia to Japan, for the sake of this one boy he barely knew, willing to give up a season just to be able to bring this boy back to the ice, crying like he did after finding out Yuuri was retiring, it’s a nomal behaviour when you care so much about that other person you just can’t keep your emotions and actions under crontrol. Victor is easily moved by Yuuri, and he knows it.

Yuuri willing to retire and give up on Victor, in order for the other to feel “free to act again”, not wanting to kill his career. Victor willing to stay away from the ice as long as it took in order to concentrate on keeping Yuuri skating. Both looking after each other, in their own “selfish” way. It was like the moment they crossed paths, they understood just how much they needed each other in their lives. And now that they knew what it felt to stand close to each other, they couldn’t let go.

Victor made his decision, no matter what it meant for his career, name and glory (which could have meant something back in the old days, when he still had yet to meet Yuuri Katsuki). No matter what people said if he came back as both a coach and competitor… he was gonna do it, if it meant keeping Yuuri on the ice, if it meant waking up to watching him train alongside him, if it meant he could stand by his side a little longer.

There was never regret in any of Victor’s decisions, how could it be? Just look at how content he is when seeing the other boy… Yuuri changed his life, and Victor is willing to cherish each and every moment alonside him.


He’s weak for the most ridiculous stuff and they 100% know and take full advantage of it

Hold me to your heart 

and never let me go

hold me to your lips

so that I always know

I want to feel your pulse

and feel our souls collide

hold me to your heart

until the day we die

Hey guys, this is something I’ve been excited to bring you. I wrote this small poem back in December which just screamed Klance, and wanted art to go with it. I ended up contacting @purpleneutrino, who made this absolutely stunning artwork, and I cannot thank her enough.