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So how do you think the sleeping arrangements usually go with the boys. I mean in hotels they only have two beds and when camping they only have one tent.

(Sorry it took so long to get to this! Enjoy! ♡)

Noctis - The perks of being a prince on a road trip with your friends who also happen to be your manservant-entourage-unit-extravaganza-thing (Prompto’s name for it, not his) are obvious sometimes. One of said perks is that even if he protests, he gets a bed all to himself. Sometimes he convinces Prompto to top-and-tail with him, but other than that he often gets his own. He appreciates that, because he just starfishes out and takes up almost the entire bed. He also drools in his sleep, and none of the boys want to be anywhere near that. Since he sleeps like a rock, and hotels have more comfort than a sleeping bag, he’s practically unable to be roused in the morning. When he has nightmares, Ignis or Prompto (being a light sleeper and an insomniac respectively) try to comfort him without waking him up. (Fun fact: when he has nightmares, he wakes up in a stifling cold sweat that drowns the bedsheets. This means that he often has to secretly apologise to the cleaning staff, ashamed and nervous.)

Prompto - He often sleeps in the other bed, curled up and warm. He doesn’t take up much space so he can sometimes slip in between Gladio and Ignis if the bed is big enough, but sometimes he shares with Noct. They go top-and-tail, Prompto’s feet up near Noct’s head and vice versa. He steals all the blankets no matter what bed he’s in. If you’re sleeping next to Prompto, things are gonna get cold really quickly if you’re not entirely close. But he’s like a human radiator, and he latches on to anyone in his bed like a koala, so if you’re a friend, be prepared to get hugged. He prefers anything to the bumpy surface of the tent floor, so despite his normal insistance on staying up late, being in a hotel makes him drowsy. The boys try and negotiate sleeping positions with him, but eventually just give up when they realise that he’s already asleep after flopping himself down on the bed.

Ignis - Ignis is almost always volunteering to sleep on the floor when there’s a shortage of beds. He doesn’t much mind it, he just feels like he should. When there’s a sofa in the room he’ll sleep on that, and when Noct and Prompto are sharing, he sleeps beside Gladio. He’s very still and relaxed, sleeping on his side and not moving much. However, he’s an extremely light sleeper. He can wake up at a moment’s notice, so he prefers hotels because he can either use a pillow to cover his ears or just chuck a pillow at Gladio because that man can snore. When he gets to sleep in a bed, he enjoys it more than he lets on, so if anyone gets in the way of his chances once he’s sat himself down on a bed, he’s gonna get passive agressive. Really passive agressive.

Gladio - Gladio is a big guy. He takes up large amounts of space without meaning to, so he pretty much always gets a bed. On those nights when he shares with Iggy, he tries to make himself as small as possible. This is difficult. It often leads him to almost fall off the bed. He also has a horrible problem with snoring, which means that sometimes the others just beg him to spend more and get a separate room as far away as possible. He eventually decided to buy everyone earplugs. Gladio sleeps fairly regularly, so out of all the boys, he’s probably going to be the one who gets the best nights sleep. The boys are jealous because A) he sleeps fine no matter what the quality of the bed in the hotel, B) he wakes up peppy, and C) more often than not he gets a bed to himself. Lucky bastard.


So for the cast leaving project i tried to draw Noma. I know it’s far away from perfect (oh i always hate my art xD) but i hope she will like it <3 I just love this woman so much and i just want to show her how much her Hermione means to me (although there are properly better ways than drawing crappy fanart of her beautiful face, but well). As much as i love her hair, boi it’s hard to draw!

Still have to think of something for the other cast members, not sure yet what i want to do…

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I must say, I didn't have much appreciation for Papa II until I stumbled across your blog. Thank you.

[ Oh man I honestly just wanted to keep this in my inbox just to come back to and re-read, but I have to properly thank you for sending this anon. I really appreciate this so damn much seriously.

And as much as I aesthetically love II, III will probably always be my favorite in terms of personality tbh. But being able to sorta convert someone into appreciating my boy through my blog means a great deal to me. So thank you again anon. 💚 ]

So Griffin McElroy was selected as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 and I just want everyone to appreciate the photo of him on the article

Here it is as it appears in a tweet. It’s a big bussinessy type deal so you’re probably expecting the rest of the pic is just him smiling normal with a nice button down or something. Well.. here’s the full pic:

Conclusion: I love this good good Forbes boy

Do you ever have one of those days where you just really love j-hope?? Like you’ll be listening to a bts song and then Hoseok’s part comes on and you can’t help but smile because of how much you love and appreciate and respect him?? Or you’ll just look up ‘jhope’s funniest/cutest moments’ on YouTube because you just want to see his adorable face??

SIKE that’s everyday lmao

tfw your teammates don’t forget about you and love & appreciate you ;u;
happy birthday to my boy georgi, forget anya, you deserve happiness!!! 


(im just a few hours late, but still hbd!) 


We don’t need boys to get along…! Is that bad?


Borderlands Appreciation Month → [BTPS] Day 15: Favorite Vault Hunter

“Something something hero stuff. Something something I’m attractive.”

Development of Celeb Crushes
  • Me: Wow what a classically beautiful person.
  • Brain: Uh-oh...
  • Me: No it's fine, they're not my type. Ha. I can appreciate a beautiful person without having to watch their entire back catalogue of work y'know.
  • Brain: You don't have time for this!
  • Me: Relax, it's just one film.
  • Brain: It's one film now, but then there's the three hours of Google Image Searches afterwards!
  • Me: Nonsense! I just want to make sure I'm immune.
  • Brain: Oh boy...
  • Me: It's fine. I can look at them and feel nothing.
  • Brain: ???
  • Me: I feel nothing.
  • Brain: Why have you spent 45 minutes looking at their pictures?
  • Me: I feel nothing.
  • Brain: You're imagining lazy Sunday morning cuddles with you as the little spoon! This is it. You're gone.
  • Me: I feel nothing. Maybe I am incapable of love now.
  • Brain: *eyeroll* Batten down the hatches, lads, she's gonna go - in three... two... one...
  • Me: Shit!
  • Brain: Here we go!
  • Me: They really are beautiful! Like oh my god look at them it's like they were carved by angels!!! Oh no no no no no!!! Not this! This can't be happening! Oh no! I thought I was immune! Why you play me this way, Brain?! WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP ME BEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE?!?!?
  • Brain: *facepalm*

Okay, but can we all just appreciate that Izuku, timid, quirkless, average teenage boy (and his mother, too)… that this average boy who everyone had thought would never become a hero… that he gave All Might, Number One, who had already accepted his future and death, his will to live back?

Because that’s literally what happened. All Might wants to live for Izuku - he is alive because of Izuku, because he refused to die and leave his student behind. All Might is not alive because he wants to for his own sake, or society, or because there is something he has to do as a hero  - he is alive for Izuku.  

… and anybody telling me that this boy is not the best successor and a lucky twist of fate for All Might really needs to read this chapter again because, dude, I think you missed a line. (Addressing Nighteye with this.)

Edward Nygma still bore scars from his childhood. Some that couldn’t be seen under the naked eye. They were deeper, a part of every thing he did. That desire to be liked, to be acknowledged for his brilliance, a brilliance that his father had tried to beat out of him.All that he had wanted was to be appreciated for who he was.
Jim Gordon carried anger like an old friend. It settled in his bones from youth. Anger at the world for taking his father from him, anger for surviving a car crash while his father perished beside him. It was anger that pulled him through rigorous training so that one day, just maybe… he could stop another little boy from carrying that anger with him.
Oswald Cobblepot had grown up in fear. Fear of being unloved, unliked and unwanted. He feared that the bullies that pushed him around would be right, that he would forever be a nobody, and promised to himself that it would never happen. It was fear that fueled the shadow of his heart as he committed the gravest of crimes to ensure that he would never be afraid again.

-writing [ @jokesterwrites ]-

save me era hair colors
  • jin: "i just bleached my asshole" blond
  • yoongi: no seriously save me blond
  • hoseok: soft 'n luscious caramel brown
  • namjoon: wish the care bear blue
  • jimin: yoongi's soul
  • taehyung: RED RED RED RE DRE D REDR E ED!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jungkook: terry crews brown
Hunk Appreciation
  • “He’s our mechanic”
  • Such a nice boy, just wants to be appreciated by his friends. 
  • Stress bakes. 
  • Knows you should never follow mermaids. 
  • Has a sophisticated palate. 
  • Hates blood. 
  • Will jump in front of a giant worm’s face for the sake of the mission. 
  • Large but soft. 
  • Unlike Allura, appreciates Balmeran cuisine. 
  • Manages to take over a kitchen within an hour of being there, with the power of kindness and love. 
  • Does not question the Galra guy Keith picked up in the stomach of a worm. 
  • Naps a lot. How utterly relatable. 
  • Accepts Galra Keith instantly. Loves him anyway. 
  • He and Lance make faces at each other. 
  • Naturally cautious, knows how to stay out of danger. 
  • Probably the one who ended up taking care of the cow, because he is a friend to all animals. 
  • Armour claws, designed to anchor him to the ground. Triggered by his desire to save people. 
  • He and Shay have a love story that will span the galaxy, Please, lets get these kids united. 
  • Interprets complex quantum phenomena through cute analogies. 
  • First instinct when strange creatures jump on his is to declare them adorable. 
  • Shines like a thousand suns. 
Bts Reacting To You Changing Your Clothing Choices For Them.

Request:  i would like to request another one where the boys react to when you (their girlfriend) usually dress like a tomboy but you start wearing more girly things like dresses and high heels :)

This one is going to be fun haha



He noticed you trying to dress in dresses more often and would appreciate it, but he would be suspicious as he knew you weren’t a fan of dresses. He would eventually confront you and ask you about it, making sure you weren’t doing it just to please him. 

You would tell him of corse you wanted to impress him but that you just wanted to try it out. He would smiles and kiss your cheek and say you are so cute but he wants to you dress however you want. 

You eventually find a happy medium to please your tomboy side and to please what he likes as well. 

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He wouldn’t be happy, there is no denying it. He loves you wearing Jean, a snapback and an oversized tee. 

Seeing you in a dress and heels would throw him off quite a bit and he would ask why you are dressed up so much, especially for just hanging out at the studio with him. 

You would tell him it’s because you thought he would like it better than your normal style since the other members preferred a girl that dressed up. To which he would pretty much face palm and stand up and tug on your dress. 

“I think you look pretty like this don’t get me wrong love, but you look so sexy dressed in jeans and a normal shirt. Please don’t think you have to dress up just because everyone says so.”

You would blush and nod at him. He would make you go home and change and when you come back he would stop working on whatever he was doing (which rarely happens) and sit on the sofa and cuddle with you, which would lead to you both falling asleep wrapped in each others arms.

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He would get very excited to see you dressed up all nice for him since it rarely happened unless there was a special occasion. He wouldn’t stop complimenting how pretty the dress looked on you and how tall you were with your heels. 

Only later did he notice you squirm uncomfortable in the dress did he realise maybe you weren’t doing this because you wanted to but because you wanted to impress him. 

He didn’t want to confront you about for fear he would hurt your feelings so he would purposely say things like I love how you look in jeans and your flannel shirts. 

You took the hint and went back to wearing your normal clothes soon afterwards, to which he would then smile widely and say he was happy to have you back to normal. Which surprised you that he noticed you were doing it for him. 

Before you could even ask him how he figured out he would kiss your lips sweetly and tell you never to change who you are because he loved you just the way you were. 

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Rap Monster

Your mother was insistent that you tried to dress up for you boyfriend more since she had been wanting him to “pop the question” for a while. You protested as much as possible, hating the idea of pressuring your boyfriend of 2 years into something he wasn’t ready for yet especially since his career was skyrocketing.

Eventually, you caved though and she kept a close eye on what you were wearing, making sure you didn’t wear your normal clothes. 

Rap Monster of corse to notice and asked what was up, he laughed loudly when he found out. “Aren’t you cute, you are (your age here) and you still can’t say no to your mom” he would tease. 

You would get slightly upset about the whole thing, to which he said he would talk to your mom and tell her he loved you just the way you are and he didn’t want you dressing up to impress him when you had done that years ago. 

He would eventually pop the question but not for a few more years, ever time you dressed up from there on though he would tease you. “did your mom pick that out for you sweetie” to which you would playful smack his arm, earning a chuckle from him followed by a kiss. 

“You are so beautiful y/n”

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“That dress it cute y/n but why is it on you?”

That’s all it needed for you to realise you had been caught.

 You had recently watched an interview and he had stated that he had a thing for girls that dress up in dresses and heels which made you feel self-conscious that maybe you weren’t good enough for him. 

So next time you saw him you showed up wearing a pretty purple dress and white heels, he definitely eyed you up and down for a moment before he asked you why.

When you told him you saw the interview he blushed and rubbed his neck and looked at the floor.

“Just because I said I like girls that dress like that doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. I just said that girls that do that are pretty, they never asked me what I find sexy” his voice would fade out shyly as he looked back up at you. 

You giggled a little realising without him saying what he was saying. You would hug him tightly and tease him for being so shy. You would share a deep kiss before he would break it only to poke your nose “You are too beautiful for me y/n”

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He wouldn’t notice it at first because he always gets so caught up staring at your beautiful face. He would sit there admire you for a solid minute at least before he would look down and furrow his brow.

“Ay, did I miss something! Did we have a date tonight!” He would panic and start freaking out as you chuckle telling him that you just saw a post talking about his ideal type is a girl who dresses up in expensive nice clothes so you decided to try to dress like this more often from now on to please him. 

He would frown and shake his head telling you not to read those silly articles and that you didn’t need to change your whole style just to please him and that he liked that you were diffrent from most girls and that is why he was drawn to you to begin with, was becasue of how you didnt follow the normal dress standard. When he realised your personality also shine differently than other girls he fell for you.

You would blush as he told you how much he loved you for being you, and he would poke your cheek as you blushed from his confession. 

“I love you y/n, no matter how crazy you are” he chuckled as he hugged you. 

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You knew he would be Shook he always is when you dress in dresses and heels, but this time it was because your friends told you to so because you were worried that you weren’t good enough for him. 

He wouldn’t say anything at first, but he would differently show it through his awkward actions. He didn’t know how to approach you about it so he asked the older members what to do (which they pretty much told him to man up and talk to you)

When he finally did talk to you about it, you thought he was going to break up with you because he looked upset. When he asked why you had been dressing up recently your didn’t bother lying to him and told him the truth.

He frowned deeply as you told him how you felt. He would hug you tightly and kiss your forehead over and over again, running his hands through your hair. “Don’t ever talk like that again, I love you and you are the most perfect person I have ever met.”

He always went the extra mile from then on to make sure he expressed his love for you, telling interviewers how much he loved you and talking about you at concerts and fan meetings when they asked about you. 

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thank you again @-happytbh- for your request. I had fun with this one to.