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Game’s on!

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


Imagine: Klaus gets super jealous over you and you decide to punish, in a very hot way, him for almost murdering your best friend Stefan.


*smut, so read carefully

Word Count: 1577

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Another Chance

Summary: The reader ends up on a double date with Dean. Will they have a good time or will they drive themselves and everyone else crazy?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,979

“I can’t do this. I’m leaving your ass here. Call me when you need to be picked up!” You declare strongly, ignoring the sheer panic flashing across your best friend’s pretty features.

“Don’t you dare. Let’s go!” Jenny huffs theatrically, grabbing a hold of your bicep and refusing to set you free.

“I did not agree to this.” You whine dramatically making your best friend suddenly shoot daggers at you.

“You agreed to go on this double date! Come on, Y/N. This is my first date with Sam and I’m really nervous. I need a buffer.”

“I figured my date would be someone I actually like. Sam has so many cute friends and he picked his god damn brother. What the fuck?”

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Cuphead Human AU

Just some stuff about a human AU for Cuphead and how I think the characters would be!

Cupbros: They would be teens (around 16-17) who live with their grandfather, Elder Kettle. They are famous around town for being the two kids who beat the devil at his own game. They do favours for people around town all the time (Cuphead because he wants the good name and Mugman because he’s just a good guy). You could ask anyone in the town and they would tell you about how the cupbros have helped them at least once.

The Root Pack: They’re farmers that live together on a ranch little bit outside of the town. They grow all kinds of vegetables and fruits but their main products are (of course) potatoes, onions, and carrots. The cupbros like to go over a lot to help them out with the crops, and it’s a win-win for all of them because The Root Pack gets more work done and the bros just get to have fun.

Goopy Le Grande: Goopy is a comedian who performs at the local bar. He’s actually quite famous and he likes the attention and adores his fans! He also has a side hobby in boxing (he practices with Ribby and Croaks every Tuesday and Thursday). He likes to sit with the cupbros and tell them jokes whenever he has free time because they like his jokes and he thinks that they’re pretty good kids.

Cagney Carnation: Cagney runs the local flower shop in town, he knows everything and anything there is to know about flowers. Seriously though his knowledge on flowers is almost scary, just by glancing at a flower he could tell you what type it was and if it was healthy and all the instructions to properly take care of it. The bros come in often because they like to buy flowers for people around town so Cagney is used to them being regulars and can start conversations with them fairly easily.

Hilda Berg: Hilda is a pilot that travels in and out of town a lot for her job, which is to deliver products (like crops from The Root Pack) from one town to another. She knows A LOT about astrology and will love to sit there and talk about the stars if someone asks! Sometimes when business gets slow and she doesn’t need to deliver anything, she’ll offer rides to people in the town, and of course the boys love it! Cuphead always tells her that he wants to be a pilot and she wholeheartedly supports his decision and even helps teach him the basics.

Ribby and Croaks: Ribby and Croaks are boxers that travel around for tournaments but still live in the town. They are always together, like always, it’s near impossible to see one without the other, like they are bound for life. When they are in town and not traveling around, they like to teach the bros simple fighting techniques (they say it’s for self defence, the kids need to know how to defend themselves! (And Elder Kettle maaaay not know about these secret lessons)) They are really cool guys and everyone in town loves them and they have a good rep for being famous boxers.

Baroness Von Bon Bon: Bon Bon owns the local candy store in the town, all of her minions are her employees that work there. She also has a part time acting as a candy princess (baroness?) at events like fairs or birthdays. The cupbros visit her store A LOT, she’s so used to seeing them that she can tell when they’ve walked in without even having to look up. She may seem mean at first glance but if you ask any of the employees they’ll tell you that she’s the sweetest boss they’ve ever had (she cares about her kingdom!). Her store is the greatest place to go for Halloween, and she usually gives out free candy for town events (nothing big, just like lollipops or something)

Djimmi the Great: Djimmi has a part time job as a genie/mindreader, he works with Baroness at the fairs or birthdays. He shares an apartment with Beppi and it works surprising well, they enjoy each other’s company. Djimmi scares people at first with his big frame but he’s actually a giant sweetheart, he lets the cupbros help him practice his tricks so he can make sure he has them right. He owns a cat and he loves him dearly, the cat is super pampered he’s practically treated like a prince (“only the best for my darling cat!”)

Beppi the Clown: Beppi works with Djimmi and Baroness as a clown, except he tends to get more job opportunities because.. well because he’s a clown, everyone loves clowns (right?). He shares an apartment with Djimmi and he loves it, it’s like having a sleepover with your best friend every night! Beppi has kind of a sick sense of humour, he plays the worst pranks imaginable on people all over town (no one is safe). He likes to play with cupbros, making balloon animals for them and letting them help him prank people. Beppi also has a dog, a small one with a big attitude, he adores her and likes to show her off to everyone. His dog also tends to get into fights with Djimmi’s cat but they are quick to resolve it before their owners find out.

Wally Warbles: Wally owns a small little shop where he sells handmade wooden items, like decorations or even furniture. Wally’s a single dad and he loves his son more than anything else in the world, he’ll always support him no matter what. He comes off as a rude guy but he’s actually pretty nice when you get to know him, he’ll make you little gifts if he actually likes you. The cupbros likes to come watch him work, they ask him all kinds of questions and will even help watch little junior while Wally is working to help keep him occupied (as a gift he made them their very own wooden cups for their birthday).

Grim Matchstick: Grim is the chief firefighter for the town (a true hero!) he’s made it his duty to make sure everyone in town is safe. Grim is very good at his job and knows everything there is to know but he has really bad people skills, Bon Bon being one of the only people he can actually talk to, he stutters a lot but he won’t let that stop him from his job. He really likes kids so he loves it when the cupbros come over to check out the place, he’ll answer any questions they have and will always give them a tour and a ride around in one of the fire trucks!

Rumor Honeybottoms: Rumor owns one the local honey farms, she is very picky about her honey because she wants every drop to be perfect for her constomers. Rumor is also super strict when it comes to security, she doesn’t want just anyone walking around her place! The cupbros like to run errands for Rumor, mostly things like deliveries and what not, and she’ll always pay them for it and will give them tea with honey when they come back, she appreciates their hard work!

Captain Brineybeard: Brineybeard works with the shipping business, shipping things overseas. He is a very good sailor and is really concerned with ocean pollution, he probably spends his weekends picking up trash off beaches (what a nice guy). He’s taken the cupbros for rides on his boat and has taught them a lot about sea creatues and even how to pilot a boat properly. He doesn’t stay in town for too long because shipping overseas can take awhile sometimes and he usually likes stay at some of the places because he likes sightseeing.

Cala Maria: Cala is your local pretty girl, but she’s also a teen around the cupbros age who volunteers with the local ocean wildlife protection agency. Cala always talks about wanting to be a marine biologist when she grows up, she’s super smart and knows a lot about sea creatures! She owns pet snakes (3 to be exact) and she loves her snakes very much and takes the best care of them. She likes to hang out with cupbros a lot and help them do favours for certain people around town and they like to play with her pet snakes because they’re cool (though they freak Cuphead out a little bit)

Sally Stageplay: Sally is an actress who performs at the theatre all the time with her husband, Jack. Sally’s super devoted to her acting career and you can always catch her practicing her lines and sets. Sally loves to have the cupbros join her in some of her plays, wether they be a main character or a minor one, they enjoy it too. Her plays are always every weekend and people like to come from all over just to watch them, and people in town like to watch them as a local activity because everyone watches her plays.

Werner Werman: Werner is an engineer who gets most of his money by going around and fixing broken things for people. Werner is super smart and knows a lot about how things work and likes to build small machines during his free time. The cupbros like talking to him because he’s always got a new invention to show or a super cool story to tell them. Werner is Rumor’s right hand man when it comes to supplying security machines, she’s where he gets most of his money and she’s spread his name around town as the guy who could fix anything, leading to his many job opportunities.

Dr Kahl’s Robot: Kahl’s Robot is Kahl’s son in this AU, the Robot being around 18 with Kahl in his late thirties/early forties. Kahl’s Robot is a very smart kid, he learns a lot from Kahl and talks about wanting to be a scientist like his father one day. Kahl is a single dad who works as a scientist, he likes to show the cupbros some of his cool experiments and he lets them play with the Robot to help keep him occupied. Kahl’s Robot is also very curious about new things, but he’s also super shy so he doesn’t know how to approach new things but he’s getting there!

Phantom Express: They run a train that runs back and forth from one town to their town, the train crew has a spooky theme because of the company name (which is the Phantom Express) so the crew has to dress all spooky. Blind Spector has hyphema (like 2d from gorillaz) so his eyes are pure black, he uses this to his advantage when it comes to playing spooky and it doesn’t bother him at all. T-Bone wears face paint to look like a skeleton and it makes him look way scarier than he actually is, he helps hold the crew together and make sure that everything goes as planed. The Blaze Brothers are twins who work together to help fuel the train and make sure it’s in running order, since they tend to stay away from the passengers they don’t dress as spooky as everyone else. The Head of the Train is the conductor and he makes it his number one that everyone on board is ok and that they remain that way the entire trip. The cupbros like to come onboard and help the crew with stuff, Mugman LOVES the train and asks all sorts of questions to which they are always happy to answer.

King Dice: King Dice is assistant manager at the casino, he keeps track of anything and everything the Devil doesn’t want to, and that’s a lot of stuff. Dice is also in charge of all the employees, making sure they keep in shape and don’t let any cheaters slip by. Dice is very good when it comes to his job, he knows what has to be done before it even needs to be done. Dice is also a very good gambler, don’t make a bet with this guy because you will loose.

The Devil: The Devil is the owner of the casino and he doesn’t make appearances very often, but when he does that means you should be scared. He looks intimidating but he isn’t actually that scary, just a rude guy. Devil likes to make sure everything is going smoothly at the casino, and that includes keeping those two little brats out of here, the Devil is probably the only person in town to actually hate the two cupbros, which only makes his reputation worse but it’s not like he could care.

Mission Bad Boy | 15

Plot: What if you could win 100,000 Won by giving someone a makeover? But here’s the catch – you have 6 months to turn a nerdy, anti-social male into the school’s biggest heartthrob.

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst, Highschool au!

Notes: First of all, I’d like to say no there won’t be an epilogue, this is the final chapter. Mission Bad Boy ends here. FINISH. I hope you enjoyed this series! Gif credit goes to bangtoori. 5k Words

P.S. Here is a song for you guys, listen to it while you read this and keep it on repeat.

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I’ve got my swim trunks, and my flippie-floppies

for @legividivici, hope you like it!! <3 (ao3)

The last place Clarke expected to run into anyone she knows is the literal middle of the ocean, but the cruise ship has barely left port before she spots a familiar head of tousled curls ahead of her in the crowd.

She loses sight of him before she can get a good look, so she chalks it up to her imagination. It’s entirely possible that Bellamy is on the same cruise she is– they did, after all, both just graduate, and therefore have the same budget and scheduling constraints– but she tells herself it probably isn’t him. And that even if it is him, it’s not like they’re going to run into each other.

So of course the next day she’s on one of the decks by the pool when a shadow falls over her and his voice says, “Is this chair taken?”

Clarke pushes her sunglasses up on top of her head and wrinkles her nose at him.

“I don’t know, I my tiara really ought to have a chair of its own.”

Bellamy smirks and sits on the edge of the chair, not moving her stuff– not yet– but settling in to bicker with her. As is their custom.

She and Bellamy were RAs in the same dorm two years ago, and they had differing ideas at first about how hands-on they needed to be with their freshmen. Despite the way they picked at each other, by the end of the year they’d become reluctant allies, his calling her ‘Princess’ taking on less of a sneer and more of a teasing edge, her comebacks laced with a smile. They had each other’s backs.

But she didn’t re-up her RA contract for her senior year, and he did, and they’re not the type of friends to outright admit they miss each other, so she hasn’t seen nearly as much of him in the past couple of semesters as she would like.

“You here with Wells?”

“And Raven,” she nods. “I was saving those seats for them, but I’m pretty sure they ditched me to have tiny cabin sex.”

“O and Lincoln ditched me pretty fast too. I think they’ve all forfeited their right to a saved seat,” he grins, passing her bag back to her. The way he lounges back in the chair, skin already browning, wind ruffling his hair, he looks like something straight out of an ad. Or Clarke’s fantasies. Either one, really.

Just because she used to think he was a Class-A dick (which he is, but not in the way she thought. In the fun way.) doesn’t mean she’s never noticed how great his hands are, or how he’s got perfect hair for pulling, or how there’s probably more than one way to wipe a smirk off his face.

“Sure, make yourself at home,” she grumbles. He grins at her and pulls his shirt off, which is– honestly just so unfair.

“Don’t mind if I do.”

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anonymous asked:

Could you do headcanons for how the paladins might react to their s/o telling them theyre going to have a baby and what gender their baby will be?

Round 1 in the pregnant S/O series!!!! More to come after vacation!

Also I’m adding Pidge to this under my HC of her as a trans woman, bc even if she starts hormone therapy she could have totally frozen sperm, so that’s that.

This would take place when each paladin is about 22-25. I ain’t about to advocate teen pregnancy (i’m a result of one so don’t worry, I’m not shaming. I just want what’s ideal for the smol children)

Under the cut bc it’s long

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Love at First Hindsight;

Summary: Steve always thought Y/N was cute, but not much more than that. As Tony’s assistant, the girl was always around, and overtime started to grow on him. 

A/N: Sorry for not really being active the past couple days! I was at a concert last night, and I’ve been shopping getting ready to move away to college in the fall. I hope you enjoy, though! Let me know if there’s anything else you want to see. Also important: I KNOW Sam Wilson served in the military, but all the research I did failed to turn up what rank he was, which is why I didn’t mention it.

Trigger Warnings: Slight violence and mild harassment.

“Welcome back to the Avenger’s Complex, Captain Rogers,” a new, fresh face greeted the arriving ex-criminals, “Same to you, Sergeant Barnes, Miss Maximoff, Mr. Wilson. I can show you to your new rooms, if you’d like? Mr. Stark did some renovations during your absence.” 

“Sergeant Barnes,” Bucky pointed out to Steve under his breath, an amused look on his face, “Sure haven’t heard that one in awhile.”

Steve shushed him, trying to give the girl as much of his attention as possible. He knew she must have been nervous, addressing some of the worlds most powerful superheros AND ex-criminals. However, contrary to his assumptions, the girl carried herself with an air of self-confidence that Steve respected greatly. 

The girl pushed her large, round glasses back up her nose to settle back where they should be before she looked at them, addressing the group once again, “My name is Y/N, by the way. I’m Mr. Stark’s personal assistant. He would’ve loved to be here to greet you himself, but the rest of the team is currently away on a mission.” She pushed here glasses up yet again, Steve noted they must have been too large for her slim nose. Y/N didn’t seem bothered by the stray hair falling out of her carefully crafted bun onto her face. “Follow me, your rooms are all in the same wing for maximum comfort and ease.” 

The group of former vigilantes trailed behind her, taking in the magnificence of the building around them, listening to Tony’s assistant as she chattered on about notable architectural and artistic feats Tony incorporated into the building’s structure. 

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anonymous asked:

msr prompt: fake relationship (b/c plz) but then Skinner is there (I'm thinking maybe a hs reunion & Skinner is a friend of a classmate, but 100% up 2 u)

A bit of fun for a Sunday morning 

Mulder glanced up from his computer screen as he heard Scully groan in frustration opposite him. “You ok?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“What’s up?”

“Oh it’s nothing.”

“It doesn’t sound like nothing.”

Sighing, Scully looked up from her own computer, then sighed once again. “I just received an email from one of my school friends,” she explained.

“Has something happened?”

“Sadly not.” At Mulder’s puzzled expression she continued. “My friend…Susan…Well my sort of friend…”

“Your high school friend.”

“Yeah. She’s just reminding me that it’s our annual high school meet up next weekend. I hadn’t heard anything so I presumed it wasn’t going ahead this year, but sadly not.”

“You don’t sound thrilled at the prospect.”

“That’s because I’m not.”

“So don’t go. Tell them you’re working.”

“I told them that last year.”

“Tell them you’re on vacation.”

“I told them that the year before.”

Mulder grinned. “Why don’t you want to go Scully? Isn’t it nice to catch up with old friends?”

“It is, sometimes, but not these old friends.”

“Why not?”

“Well they’re just…you know?”

“You’re talking to a guy who lost all of his school friends the moment he started talking about alien abductions. I don’t know.”

“They’re all smug married people.”


“And I’m not.”

“And that’s a problem?”

“It is, because it makes me their project.”

“Their project?”

She sighed once again. “Our annual meetup invite always states plus one. The last time I didn’t take anyone, so they spent the whole evening trying to match me with guys. Any guy who had a pulse.”

“Sounds delightful.”

“More like soul destroying. I’m perfectly happy with my life but they make me feel as though I’m a failure in some way.”

“You’re not a failure Scully,” replied Mulder, his work now forgotten. “Don’t go.”

“I know…”


“There are one or two of them I actually like. And I do feel bad when they make the effort to invite me.”

“So take someone else.”

“Mulder, most of my friends have lives. They don’t want to come to someone else’s high school reunion, plus I don’t want them to pity me.”

He chuckled. “I don’t pity you.” He suddenly realized what he was suggesting. “Actually, I don’t have a life, which means I don’t have any plans.”

“Mulder, I couldn’t ask you to do that.”


“It’ll be boring. They’ll only talk about marriage and babies and house prices.”

“Will there be alcohol?”

She smiled. “There will be a bar.”

“Listen, if you want me to come, I will. If you bring a friend maybe they’ll go easy on you, or they might take pity on me instead and make me their new project. It’ll at least mean you get a chance to enjoy yourself. It might be fun.”

“It won’t be fun.”

“It will if I ask them to show me pictures of a teenage Dana Scully. I’m kidding, I’m kidding,” he added, as Scully glared at them. “At the very least we can put them off dinner by talking about the Flukeman.” He grinned. “Every time they discuss marriage we can talk about autopsies if you like.”

Scully shook her head. “It’s fine Mulder, I’ll make my excuses.”

“Email her back and say we’ll go. C’mon Scully, what’s the worst that could happen?”

Little did they know.



Scully looked up, recognizing the voice of the woman who’d called her. Mulder saw her grimace for a split second before she forced a polite smile and walked towards her former classmate. “Susan, hi.”

“Hi!” Mulder watched as a petite brunette woman pulled Scully into her arms for a hug. As they pulled back and appraised one another, Mulder also took the opportunity to consider the woman. She had a warm, friendly face, tight curly hair and glasses that reminded him of Skinner, he realized, chuckling to himself. She seemed friendly enough, and he wasn’t quite sure why Scully wasn’t so keen on spending time with her.

“You look great Dana.”

“Thank you,” Scully replied a little awkwardly. She’d never been comfortable accepting compliments. “So do you.”

Smiling, her classmate suddenly caught sight of Mulder. “Hi there.” Taking the hint, Scully turned to him.

“Susan, this is my partner, Fox –”

“Call me Mulder,” he interrupted, reaching out to shake Susan’s hand. “Good to meet you.”

Susan shook his hand warmly. “Your partner? Congratulations.”

“Oh –” Before either Mulder or Scully could interrupt and correct her, she’d continued. “Well it’s about time Dana! We’ve been saying for a few months now that you really needed to start thinking about settling down. It’s been years since Ethan, and honey you’re not getting any younger.”

“While Scully bit down on her lip so tightly that Mulder presumed she was about to draw blood, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. So that was why she didn’t like the woman. Taking a deep breath, Scully maintained both her polite smile and her restraint.

“Oh, Mulder isn’t my partner,” she explained calmly. Susan’s smile faded. “We just –”

“We don’t know what to call it,” Mulder said, shifting closer to Scully. “Partner sounds like we just work together, boyfriend and girlfriend is odd because we’re not kids anymore…” Glancing over at his partner, he noted her shocked – and pissed – expression. *In for a penny, in for a pound* he thought to himself, as he then took hold of her hand. “We prefer “significant other,” don’t we honeybunch?” He winked at his partner, who was thankfully too shocked to respond. However he knew from the look on her face that he’d be paying the price for this as soon as they were out of earshot.

“Oh isn’t that adorable?” Susan enthused, clearly excited that Scully had finally found someone. “Come, the rest of the girls are over there.” She pointed to a long table set up near the back of the room. “They’ll be so pleased to see you, and of course to meet Mulder. It’s been a while since Dana has introduced us to anyone. Come, sit down and tell us all how you both met.” With that she walked off. “Come!”

“I hate you,” Scully murmured, squeezing Mulder’s hand so hard he thought she’d broken it. Wincing, he followed his partner and her friend for an evening of entertainment – at least for him.


There was no doubt about it, Scully was going to kill him, Mulder thought, as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. In response, she dug her nails into his upper thigh. Hard. Around the table sat seven other women with their husbands, girlfriends and, in the case of one couple whose babysitter cancelled at the last minute, their children. They were all listening intently to the story of how Mulder and Scully met. He recalled a similar conversation not too long ago when both he and Scully were out in California, and recalled the death glare his partner had shot him when he’d informed their neighbors that they’d met at a UFO conference. This time however, he decided to stick to the truth. “…and then Dana was assigned to work with me. It was love at first sight on my part,” he added, flashing Scully a sheepish grin. Her expression suggested she couldn’t decide whether to punch him or vomit.

Thankfully her school friends were oblivious.  A lady sitting opposite, Caroline, clapped her hands together. “That’s so adorable. Who’d have thought you could find love at the FBI.”

“Well look at Anna.” All eyes landed on a woman sat next to Scully. “She managed it.”

“You work at the FBI?” Mulder asked. The woman shook her head.

“No, but my partner does. He’s coming along shortly.”

“I bet your mom is excited for you Dana,” interrupted another woman, Laura. “I bet she can’t wait for the big day.”

“Oh we’re not getting married,” Scully replied, with an air of finality that only Mulder could detect. He willed himself not to smirk.

“Not yet anyway,” he interrupted, receiving another dig to the thigh. He was clearly having the time of his life, though he knew he’d pay the price for it as soon as he and Scully left the building. “But right now we’re happy as we are.”

Scully suddenly sat forward in her chair, picked up her glass of wine from the table and downed what was left of her drink. “Who wants another?” she asked. As her friends gave their orders, she made a mental note and then turned to Mulder. “Can you help me with the drinks…sweetheart?”

“I’ll help you Dana,” offered Anna.

“Oh no it’s fine,” she replied sweetly. “Mulder will help me.” She glared at her partner, who then nodded and got to his feet, ready to face the wrath of Scully.


“What the hell are you playing at?”

They were barely out of their seats when Scully turned on him. “What?”

“Don’t what me. You know. Significant other. Marriage. Mulder, some of those woman still speak to my mom. And Bill too.”

“Bill?” Mulder grimaced as he realized that word of their “relationship” might reach Scully’s brother. “I was helping you out.”

“Helping me? How?”

“Scully you told me those woman only ever talk about marriage and babies and can’t understand why you’re single. They pretty much turned on you the instant you walked in here…” His eyes suddenly narrowed. “Wait, you are single aren’t you? I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes?”

“Shut up Mulder.”

“I know how uncomfortable they make you feel. You said yourself that they’re like leeches sucking out your soul.”

“They are.”

“And that they’re constantly discussing your love life.”

Scully sighed. “I know.”

“I’m just helping you out, getting them off of your back for one night. At the next reunion you can just tell them we split up. Make me the bad guy.”

“I guess so.” She didn’t look too convinced. “Alright,” she conceded, once she’d given the drinks order to the barman. “But only because telling the truth now would just make me look pathetic. You get to deal with my mom when she inevitably finds out. “

“Deal. For a moment I thought you were going to make me talk to Bill.”

“Don’t tempt me. Bill would tear you apart if he thought we were dating.”


Scully saw Mulder’s eyes dart over towards their table, before refocusing on her. He smiled sweetly, while she eyed him cautiously. “What?”

She stood perfectly still as her partner reached out, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ears. His breath caressed her skin as he leaned in to whisper. “They’re watching us,” he whispered, suddenly cupping her jaw and kissing her tenderly on the lips. It was a sweet kiss, PG-rated, but it still look Scully by surprise and left her breathless. It was a dangerous kiss, she thought to herself as Mulder pulled back and smiled once again, licking his lips subconsciously. It made her want to kiss him again.

“This is what couples do, isn’t it?” He turned o pick up the drinks in front of him when suddenly he caught sight of Anna walking towards them with a familiar figure. A familiar male figure. “Shit.”

“What?” Scully was oblivious, still paying for the order.


She froze as she suddenly heard AD Skinner’s voice ring out behind her. Mulder was sporting his best panic face as he realized by Skinner’s smug, knowing grin that he’d just witnessed their public display of affection.


Scully slowly turned, her face flushing furiously. “AD Skinner.”

“I told Dana you were coming, I didn’t realize you knew one another,” Anna explained, clearly unaware of the awkward tension that had crept into the room.

“You could say that,” Skinner replied. “I see you two are enjoying the evening.”

“Sir –”

“Anna was just telling me about the new man in your life Dana.”

Scully looked as though she wanted the ground to open up and swallow her. After she’d murdered Mulder of course.

“It’s not what it looks like sir.”

“Nonsense, I’ve heard the rumors.”

Now she definitely looked as though she was moments away from killing her partner.

“You don’t need to pretend otherwise around me, at least not now. We’re not at work this evening.” He gestured back to their table. “We’ll see you shortly.”

Skinner and Anna headed back over towards their table, leaving Mulder and Scully alone.



“I didn’t –”

“Just don’t.” She gestured once again to the barman.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting a drink.”

Mulder looked down at the glass of wine he was holding. “You’ve already got a drink.”

“I know. I need another.”

It was going to be a long night.

{Reaction} Gang EXO falling in love with their bosses daughter while they were supposed to guard them.

Note: So, admittedly I did struggle with this one a little so I hope it’s alright. Please enjoy anon and anyone else reading! ~Mami

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

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When Chanyeol finds out he has the opportunity to protect you, he jumps at the chance. Not just because he likes protecting people, but also because he knows how beautiful and amazing you are since the boss talks about you a lot. When Chanyeol met you for the first time, his feelings were nothing more than a small crush, but as time went on, his feelings progressed and he found himself falling in love. A part of him would be really happy about it, since there isn’t a lot in his life that keeps him happy anymore, but he would also be upset, knowing how minimal the chance is that the relationship would work in such a rough business.

Chanyeol: “{y/n} if you accept my love, then I’ll stop all of this. I’ll give up the gang and we can live a normal life. We can get married and buy a house with a garden and a dog. We can think about having children and taxes. I promise that if you accept me, I’ll do everything I can to turn this all around.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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Kyungsoo didn’t have a say when he was told you needed to be guarded, and frankly, he wasn’t happy about it at first. At the start, he wouldn’t talk to you much. He’d make sure you were safe and nothing more, he didn’t want to get involved with you more than he needed to. But as time moved on, that became increasingly difficult, especially since you were so sweet. It started off that you offered to talk to him about his problems, and for a long time he wouldn’t. But when you got him to open up and trust you, he did. That’s when he started falling in love, and that was the point of no return.

Kyungsoo: “Would you ever date someone from a gang?”

{y/n}: “Maybe, why do you ask?”

Kyungsoo: “I was just wondering…”

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun doesn’t have the ‘ladies man’ image for no reason. When he’s told he’s guarding you, he sees this as a perfect opportunity to woo you {he doesn’t care if you’re the boss’s daughter, if he sees something he wants, he isn’t going to hold back.} For a long time, his attitude was simple flirting and persuading you into one night stands {but since it’s him, he didn’t have to persuade you too hard.} He started to realise he was in love quite early on, which to him was rather scary, but he wasn’t going to let it fuck everything up. He’s still a member of a gang, and no woman was going to change that. Therefore, he intended to hide behind his feelings for as long as he could get away with.

{y/n}: “If this is just a one night stand, why are you still here?”

Baekhyun: “I’m supposed to be protecting you, remember?”

{y/n}: “Not on Sundays, my Dad is home.”

Baekhyun: “It’s Sunday already? Wow… I had no idea.” *Terrible liar*

Oh Sehun

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Sehun would have a hard time when he first starts guarding you since you didn’t want to be guarded. You’d argue with him and pick fights when he told you that you couldn’t go on ‘missions’ with him. But even though you drove him crazy, he still managed to fall for you. But that only complicated things. When he fell for you, he found himself caving into your pleads to going out with him to illegal spots and doing dirty work.

Sehun: “You can’t come on this one {y/n}, it’s dangerous.”

{y/n}: “More dangerous than robbing a bank with arms?”

Sehun: “… Not the point, if your Dad finds me I’m dead.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Lay won’t take any messing around from you. If you try and get out, he isn’t going to take it lightly, or if you try and deceive him, he isn’t going to let you off for it unpunished. At first, the relationship wasn’t much, he was the guard, and you didn’t dare try and get past him. But as the relationship progressed, you became more daring, knowing where Yixing’s boundaries where and which buttons you could push. He started falling for you, but he’s a realistic man, and knows that a relationship with the boss’s daughter is more than forbidden.

{y/n}: “I’ll go right now and tell him how I feel about you-”

Yixing: *Grabs your wrists and pushes you up against a wall* “Not if I make sure you can’t walk to go and tell him”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Jongdae knows the business of the job is rough, and feels sorry for you that you didn’t have a choice but to be in it. When he’s asked to guard you, he does, mainly because he knows how dangerous the business can be, and he doesn’t was you getting hurt on his conscience. He spends most of his time talking to you while guarding you. Luckily for him, no one really tries to come and find you, so his job is pretty easy. He realises he’s fallen in love when his job is slowly ticking towards it’s end, and he knows that if he doesn’t confess now then he’ll probably never have the chance again.

Jongdae: “I know you’re my boss’s daughter, but I really like you {y/n} and I want to be able to protect you forever…”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Like Yixing, Minseok won’t take any messing around. But unlike Yixing, he doesn’t let his feelings change how he works around you. When he starts falling in love, he doesn’t become any more lenient, and certainly doesn’t let it change how he does his job. He’s not going to let you sneak out behind your Dad’s back just because he’s in love with you. He can be a sweetheart, taking care of you, but he can also be very intimidating. When he finds out you feel the same way that he feels for you, he doesn’t know what to do with the information. And even though he plans on making some kind of confession, he makes sure that his guarding job is done beforehand, knowing he can’t let his personal feelings interfere with his work.

{y/n}: “But I want to go and see that guy! He was so hot and-”

Minseok: “If you wanted to see a hot guy {y/n}, all you had to do was ask.” *Raises up his shirt slightly to give you a sneak peak of the toned muscles that lay underneath*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Even though Tao is undoubtedly the strongest member due to his martial arts, that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to be a complete ass when it comes to protecting you. He would see guarding you as babysitting, and would probably be very careless at first. That is until you go missing and he freaks out because he knows your Dad will kill him if he finds out. Though Tao doesn’t take long tracking you down, he beats up the people that took you and takes his job more seriously after that. During his time of protecting you, he teaches you some self defense and some basic martial arts so that you can protect yourself. This is when he realises he’s really fallen in love.

Tao: “No, your arm needs to be like this.” *Comes up behind you and holds your hand to put it in the right place. Smiles when he feels his cheeks blush like he’s a teenager all over again.*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Even though Junmyeon is very kind, he is also very demanding, and won’t let you do anything that he sees as unsafe. He knows how to handle himself and won’t ‘take messing from a little girl.’ When he starts to fall in love, that’s where his starts to go downhill. He doesn’t know what to say, so he simply continues to try and work, but it’s not the same with the added emotions. He’s still a hard ass, and refuses to let you do anything bad, but he is more lenient and will take you out to certain places as long as they’re safe enough to do so.

{y/n}: “Please? The coffee shop is literally over there, please?”

Junmyeon: “Ugh fine, but this is your only treat.”

{y/n}: “Remember when you said that last night?

Junmyeon: “… Shut up, we don’t talk about that. Especially when your Dad could be around the corner.”

Lu Han

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Luhan accepted the job to guard you, and certainly didn’t regret it. Since he’s so used to the guns and violence, he isn’t easily intimidated, if anything, he’s more intimidating than some of the other members. He’d spend half of his life walking around with a knife in his boot, and can be strict with you when he needs to be. He only lets you out when he’s with you, and does not appreciate other men looking at you. {He will beat up those shits if he notices them looking or make a comment about your hotness.} He realises he’s in love one night while you’re sleeping {he doesn’t sleep much, he doesn’t trust himself to since he can’t ensure your safety}. He was watching your face, how soft and beautiful it was and how peaceful you looked when you slept and that’s when he realised his true feelings

Luhan: *Watches you, realising he’s in love* “Well shit… that’s fucked up.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin was told to guard you after an incident where you had been captured, so when he finally started his job, he realised how screwed up you really were after the bad experience. He knew how scared you must be, and took that into consideration while guarding you. Unlike the other members, Jongin is a lot more caring, and will treat you more as a person than his ‘job.’ He makes you feel safe in any way possible, even if it means cuddling with you in the bed {though he isn’t exactly complaining about that one.} He doesn’t really remember when he realised he loved you, it just always seemed to be there, and that’s when he silently vowed to himself that he would never let you get hurt.

Jongin: “You’re a precious little petal, aren’t you {y/n}” *Patching you up after you fell over running away from another gang with him.*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris was assigned the job of guarding you after he saved you from a very dangerous gang. The boss had been so impressed that he had given your well being into Kris’s hands and Kris really didn’t know how to feel about that. Half of him was happy, he wasn’t about to complain about having a beautiful girl all to himself, though another part of him was annoyed, he didn’t want to become your ‘babysitter’ as he put it. At first, he didn’t show you much emotion, but when he found out you’d fallen for him, he couldn’t help but fall for you. He realised he was in love with you while watching you do ordinary jobs in the small apartment you were both staying in together as a hide out.

Kris: “She’s so talented”

{y/n}: “Did you say something?”

Kris: “Table! I said table, you’re a table!” *Bad when it comes to complimenting/confessing*

Guys and Cars: Chapter 1 (Nessian AU)

@spegetty asked: “ “Oh, to Hell! That wasn’t supposed to happen!” “You dimwit, what do you know about anything?!” with nessian ok thank u jaclyn”

Modern Nesta would totally be a gearhead just to piss men off fIGHT ME

Chapter Masterlist

Music up, windows down, shades on.

That was Nesta Archeron’s summertime motto. If the sun was up and the sky was clear, you could find her on the highway, cruising along the oceanfront. The salty breeze of the Pacific called her home, the purr of her 1969 Charger’s engine was as familiar as her own heartbeat.

There were few things she loved more than her car, which she had affectionately named Bertha. Nesta cared for it, kept it clean, and fed it only the best fuels.

The only reason she’d bought the car was to piss off her good for nothing father. It had been his dream car for years, and in between his drunken fits it was all he could talk about. “I’ll have that Charger one day,” he’d say before taking another swig of bourbon.

Nesta had saved every penny she’d earned from her shitty waitress job at the only grimy pub in their tiny town. The day she’d seen the ad for a mint 1969 cherry red Charger in the paper, she’d withdrawn half of her savings to pay for it and used the rest to move to the Pacific Coast.

She considered it her petty revenge.

She had never intended to keep it for very long, but she ended up loving it. The rush of adrenaline when she dropped the clutch and slammed the gas had become addictive. She took pride in the way the pearly paint shined in the warm summer sun. She relished the way her car turned heads, and absolutely lived for watching men’s jaws drop when they glimpsed a woman in the driver’s seat.

Of course, there were also days that her precious Charger turned heads for a completely different reason.

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"i want you" w stenbrough

Walking down the hallway at school was becoming torturous. 

The words made Bill grit his teeth and become more animal than man.

Oh, Stan Uris, isn’t he beautiful? 

I’d love to ask him out!

He smiled at me in chem and I nearly fainted! 

It was the boys that pissed him off the most.

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Hello! Could you please do some RFA + Saeran imagines with MC taking them to the skating rink on Valentine’s day? Thank you, love your imagines a lot^^ @chen-meilin


  • It was really an impromptu idea to go ice skating
  • Yoosung and you were walking around with hot drinks in hand (from your cafe date) when you both saw that the skating rink was open
  • It was only early afternoon, so why not? There was a lot of time to kill before dinner
  • Yoosung paid for both entering fees (so gentlemanly!) 
  • You both got laced up and ready to go!
  • Luckily both you and Yoosung knew how to skate decently and it was really cute even though you acted like every other couple in the rink
  • He held your hand and pulled you along with him, just enjoying talking and spending time with you
  • Leans down to kiss your nose a lot because “It looked cold!”
  • If you got separated from him at any point and see you from a distance, he’d hold his arms wide open for you to skate into, resulting in a big hug!!
  • Skating was a lot of fun!
  • In fact, by the time you both left it was sundown
  • “We should go skating next weekend, MC!”


  • She’d love to go ice skating for Valentine’s!
  • The only problem is that she’s a little worried because the last time she’s skated was as a child
  • But right when she hopped onto the ice, it was like she never stopped
  • Baehee’s got this
  • She’s having so much fun doing spins and twirling with you, her smiles and laughter is so contagious
  • Luckily for the both of you, there was a cafe in the arena so she definitely stopped there for a break
  • There was a couple’s deal for coffee too! Buy the Valentine’s themed drink with your partner and get them both half off!
  • The coffee was a rich chocolaty flavor and the swoosh of warmth in your stomachs was so refreshing
  • After the coffee break you and Jaehee skated together for another hour or so before leaving
  • “I almost forgot how fun ice skating was! We should go again sometime.”


  • He’s down for Valentine’s ice skating
  • He actually learned it sometime in the last year for a role where the character he played was an ice skater so Zen was still pretty passionate about ice skating
  • The producers had professionals teach him how to skate so he was really good at it
  • Zen will totally make the whole date as romantic as possible, holding your hand constantly and kissing said hand
  • “Babe, are you cold? Here take my jacket!”
  • Lowkey showing off his skills to you by trying to teach you some of tricks he’s learned
  • This sweetheart will also make sure you don’t get hurt
  • Accidentally slipped? Not happening babe, he’s gonna catch you
  • So happy when the couple’s skate starts and sings to you softly while skating with you around the giant heart they illuminated in the middle of the rink
  • When you get really tired, it’s time to head home
  • But right when you reach the outside, he pulls you in for a deep kiss
  • “I had a fun night tonight, I love you.”


  • “Ice skating for Valentine’s Day?”
  • “Yeah!! It’ll be really fun, Jumin!”
  • You bet he rented out the entire rink much to other’s couple’s dismay for Valentine’s Day
  • While you knew how to skate, Jumin did not
  • He insisted on having a trainer come out and teach him but you happily said that you could teach him
  • Jumin liked that idea more because you were so sweet and patient with him
  • Your hands were always securing his balance unless he was trying to skate a short distance
  • It took a little while, but he could keep up with you now!
  • Relaxing romantic music played in the arena while you and Jumin idly skated about while talking
  • He actually found ice skating quite fun with you, maybe he should try this more often
  • “Thank you, MC. I would have never gotten to experience this if not for you.”


  • The local lake froze over and dammit Saeyoung wanted to get his fill on the childhood he never got
  • So he dragged you there on Valentine’s day at midnight, where there would be no people around
  • Admittedly, it was a little creepy being in an empty park but thankfully they kept the lights on around the lake in case that wackos like Saeyoung come at midnight
  • He had his skates on in a flash and got frustrated when you took too long, so he did them quickly for you
  • Right when you were ready, he ran onto the ice
  • This guy is such a big show off, he’s doing jumps and twirls with a huge smile on his face
  • “AM I I LIKE THE GUYS FROM YURI ON ICE YET, MC??” he yells over to you
  • He’s so goofy, chasing you around the lake and trying to tackle you
  • You’re so happy to see that he’s having a good time, it’s worth the cold and tiredness
  • Around 3am was when he deemed too tired to continue
  • He skated up behind you, wrapping his arms around your neck and resting his chin on your shoulder
  • “Thanks for letting me fill in my missing childhood, MC. This was the best Valentine’s Day so far.”


  • “What’s Valentine’s Day got to do with ice skating?”
  • He wasn’t so fond with being in a crowded rink so you took him to a lake deep in the woods where nobody really went
  • It was serene and beautiful surrounding
  • You laced up your skates and Saeran’s as well since he didn’t really know how
  • He didn’t really know how to skate either since he never got the opportunity to
  • You carefully guided him around, but he was still having a lot of trouble
  • It took a good portion of your time there to teach him how to skate on your own, but he admitted that he kind of liked you constantly holding him
  • So even when he learned, you still held on to him
  • When he got tired, it was time for a break! You packed hot chocolates in the thermos and boy did they warm you up
  • “Thank you for taking me here, MC…Happy Valentine’s Day? That’s what I’m supposed to say, right?”

More “adventures in screenshots I’ve taken” but I really like Zethrid as a character.

We’ve seen relatively little of her so far, but, she’s a really interesting lively character. The writers did a good job letting her live outside of the generic snarly musclebound type- it actually makes perfect sense that she’s in with Lotor’s much more calculating group because even if she’s not always patient, it’s shown that she does have a head for strategy and can appreciate the nuances of a well-made trap.

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Imagine Chris fulfilling his promise.

A/N: Yes, got this finished before I head out for the day. Thank God the time zones mess with my sleep schedule, right? 😂 This is a request from @ateliefloresdaprimavera. I hope you like it, love. I did, it’s honestly so cute. ❤️ And I love Mckenna, she’s really a doll. I can’t wait to watch ‘Gifted’, I’m going to sob like a baby.

Chris’ head titled as he watched you with a smile on his lips; he still couldn’t believe that he finally got to meet you in person. You’d both been in attendance of the same award shows and parties before, but he’d never gotten to chance to cross paths with you. It wasn’t until the 89th annual Oscars, at the Vanity Fair after party, that he finally caught you. You were talking to Octavia Spencer, who was a dear enough friend to Chris for him to butt into the conversation and introduce himself to you. The second your hands touch, Octavia excused herself. The look of adoration in Chris’ eyes did not go unnoticed, by you or Octavia. You were a fan of Chris’ so you’d heard him talk about how much he liked you on his interviews which was incredibly flattering, and as for Octavia- Chris had told her numerous time that he’d kill for a chance to speak with you; she wanted to get out of there before he killed her.

“You’re staring again,” you said and chuckled when Chris darted his gaze away. “I’m teasing,” you laughed and placed a hand on Chris’. “You’re fine. I like it when you stare, it’s very flattering.” He smiled and turned his hand palm up, entwining his fingers with yours. “So this is Chris Evans flirting, huh?”

“Actually,” he chuckled. “This is Chris Evans trying very hard not to freak out.” You smiled, brushing your thumb over his hand. “I’m so honored to be in your company, like you have no idea how happy I am right now.” You felt yourself blush. “You’re just such an amazing person, Y/N. This is the first time I’ve officially met you and I can say without a doubt that I’m in-love with you already.”

“Okay,” you chuckled, “I’m not that amazing.”

“I’d beg to differ,” he smiled. “You are that amazing.”

“You just met me, Chris. Are you seriously that sure about me already?” You quizzed and he nodded, smiling. “Oh please,” you giggled. “You think you know me, but you just know the person I portray when I’m in public. When you take me out on that date, you’re going to realize that I’m not all that and you’re going to get over this little crush you have on me.”

“That’s not going to happen,” he shook his head, chuckling. “Because sweetheart,” he pulled your hand to his lips and mumbled into your skin, “I’m going to marry you one day.” You laughed and nodded mockingly. “Just you wait and see,” he winked.
• • • • • • • •
You sat backstage with Lisa and Mckenna’s mom at the Ellen show where Chris and McKenna were being interviewed for their upcoming movie, ‘Gifted’. You smiled as you watched your husband through the TV, enjoying his interaction with Mckenna as you subconsciously smoothed your hand over your small baby bump. He was just going to be the greatest father when your child came along and you couldn’t wait until your little one arrived.

“Was it fun working with this guy here?”

“Yes,” Mckenna looked over at Chris, smiling. “We were always singing and dancing and he’s so nice. He has such a kind heart. He’s always doing charity and…” She trailed off, giving Chris time to respond to her sweetness.

“I pay her,” Chris chuckled, waving it off though he thought it was a huge deal that Mckenna liked him so much. It gave him a glimpse of the life he was about to have with you, hoping his own child would adore him as much as his on screen one did. “It’s not a big deal.”

“You know what’s a big deal though,” Ellen began, smiling because she too was incredibly happy for you and Chris. “You’re going to be a dad soon,” she said. Immediately Chris smiled and Mckenna clapped, bouncing excitedly in her seat. “Your lovely wife, Y/N, who is someone I absolutely adore.” Chris nodded, his smile growing wider with each second. “She’s how many weeks now?”

“She’s about fourteen weeks, so um- we’ve still got a while to go before the baby comes,” Chris answered. “We’re very excited, yeah. It’s been a long time coming, I’ve been waiting for this moment for what seems like forever.”

“Yeah,” Ellen chuckled. “I think she said the last time she was on the show- I believe it was your second wedding anniversary?” She quizzed and Chris nodded. “She said that you actually told her you were going to marry her the night you met her.”

“Uh…” Chris chuckled, scratching the back of his neck. “Yeah, I did.” He nodded and the audience clapped. “Um- She’s just one of those amazing people that you have a small window of opportunity with, y'know? I’ve been waiting for a chance to speak with her for so long that when I finally got it, I knew I wasn’t going to let it get away. She’s the one,” he shrugged, smiling. “Um-” He glanced over his shoulder when the audience clapped; Ellen had put photos of the two of you up on the screen. “Yeah, she’s beautiful and perfect and- I’m just the luckiest man on the planet.”

“Awwww,” Mckenna cooed, making Chris laugh. “That’s so sweet! You see what I mean? He has such a kind heart! He’s such a nice person, Ellen,” she told Ellen who nodded in agreement. “I just think he’s going to be the best dad and Y/N is going to be the best mom. They’re so lovely and I really like them together.”

“Aw,” Chris laughed, wrapping an arm around Mckenna, “you’re such a sweetheart. Y/N and I love her, we’ve told her parents numerous times that we’d gladly take her in if ever something happened to them.” Everyone laughed; you looked over at Mckenna’s mom, smiling, and she chuckled. “I just hope that my child loves me as much as this one.”

“Oh, of course!” Mckenna looked shocked that Chris would even say that. “Chris, you’re going to be so amazing as a dad and your baby is going to love you so much.” Chris smiled. “Trust me, you’re so much fun. There’s no way that your baby is going to love you any less than I do.”

“I agree,” Ellen nodded. “Both you and Y/N are going to be amazing parents. I wish you all the best and I urge everyone to watch ‘Gifted’ which comes out on 12th of April! The movie is absolutely amazing, the two leads are just so incredibly talented.” Chris and Mckenna smiled at each other before turning to the audience. “Chris Evans and Mckenna Grace, everyone!”
• • • • • • • •
“Hey you,” you smiled at Chris when he entered the green room with Mckenna by his side; she ran over to her mom to talk about how well she did. Chris, on the other hand, smiled and walked over to you, pulling you to your feet to hug you. “You did so good, baby. The tap dancing was top-notch,” you teased and he chuckled.

“Thank you for marrying me,” he whispered into your hair after pressing a kiss to your head. “I don’t know where my life would be if you didn’t say yes. I definitely wouldn’t be as happy as I am now, and-” he pulled away to place his hand on your bump. “I wouldn’t be a father.”

“You’re going to be an amazing father,” you smiled and placed your hand over his. “And I believe I’m the one who should say thank you. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you, Chris. So thank you,” you wrapped your arms around his neck and his hands landed on your waist. “Thank you for fulfilling your promise to marry me one day.”

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Check to the Heart (Part 6/?)

Bucky x Reader

Modern day Hockey AU

SUMMARY: You are the daughter of one of the greatest hockey players to ever play the game, now as owner of the Avengers, he is bringing your childhood crush Bucky Barnes to the team.  The minute he sees you in your father’s office, you can tell by the smirk on his face he hadn’t forgot about your crush either.  This is going to be fun.

CTTH Masterlist

The night after the bake sale, you tossed and turned, unable to sleep.  Peggy’s words filled your mind and you knew she was right.   You assumed Bucky had some sort of feelings for you.  At least he did in the past according to Steve.  Why would he make so much effort to get back in your good graces if he didn’t feel something for you.   Plus he kissed you yesterday, just on the cheek, but still.  It had to mean something right?

You were set to meet up with the guys after their morning skate to wish them luck.  You would be sitting in your father’s box to watch the game.  Most of the spouses only showed up for a game every once in awhile but you were there every game.  Partly because it was your job, and partly because you loved the game so much.

After a lot of thought, you decided Peggy was right and you were going to take a chance.  You look at the jersey you were wearing taking in the Avengers logo, you’d hoped this would be enough of a hint for Bucky as to your feelings.   Wearing Bucky’s jersey would make a statement, not only to him but everyone else.  You hadn’t been this nervous in a long time.

Sitting at your desk you pick at your fingernails, the boys would be here any minute.   A soft knock on the door tells you that you were right.  “Come in”

Your two favorite men came in wearing matching grins.  They both plop down on the plush couch you kept in your office. “Well sweetheart, tell me how awesome I am so I can win this game.”

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Our Little Secret (Part 4: Bucky’s Point of View)

Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, flirting, touching (nothing inappropriate)
WC 1439
Summary After your friendship with Steve ends, you’re sent on an undercover mission with Bucky. This is Bucky’s point of view into what’s happening.
AN: You’re gonna love this part… or you’re gonna hate it (I think love!). This is turning into something big. Like, it has a mind of it’s own. I hope you’re all enjoying it!

When Fury assigned me to this mission, I was apprehensive at first. Y/N and I weren’t really close and with everything that happened with Steve, well, I didn’t know how things would go down. Would we be believable as a couple? Would we even get along?

The night before we were to leave, I requested to meet with her so that we could plan some things out but mainly I wanted to get a feel for how things might be. I knew myself well enough to trust my instincts about people and I had to see if we would be able to pull it off. If not, I’d have to back out from the mission.

Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. When we talked about what to wear as a couple, she was relaxed and kind of funny, to be honest.  Like I said, we didn’t really know each other well so I had no idea how funny she could actually be. And the detail of her waxing? It should’ve made me feel uncomfortable or awkward but it came out as lighthearted and funny. I hated to ruin the mood by bringing up you know who but I had to make sure she was as comfortable as I was.

“Y/N, are you gonna be okay with me coming on this mission? With everything that happened?”

She looked me dead in the eye, “Bucky, you’re you and he’s him. I’m more than fine going on this mission with you. Besides,” she stood up to leave, “It’ll give us a chance to get to know each other better.”

Damn. She was blunt. I appreciated it. I nodded, “Okay but…. Okay.”

She smiled and I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she looked. The worry line between her brows melted away with the smile and I felt bad. Whether she realized it or not, she was really stressed. She motioned to my stuff spread around my room, “Better finish packing,” 

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Summer Revelations Part 2

Request:  omg!! summer revelations part two? i need more sirius fluff i’m sorry 🙁

Pairing: Sirius x Reader

Word Count: 2002

Warnings: None, just fluff

A/N: My Beatles obsession may be evident in this fic but oh well. I couldn’t choose between the two gifs, so enjoy them both :) Also this one is just kind of a ‘what happened after’ thing, so there’s not much plot. Let me know if you liked it :)

Previous Parts: Part 1


The rest of the week past too quickly for yours and Sirius’ liking. You couldn’t make up for lost time, only managing to share desperate kisses. It was strange at first; transferring from the close friendship you had into an official relationship. Sometimes, the thought alone became too much to handle, because you were dating Sirius Black, and nothing could wipe the goofy smile off of your face. But, your five days were nearly up, and Sirius had already packed, ready to go to the Potter’s. Now, you were both laid on your bed, your back pressed against his stomach while he traced shapes into the side of your arm. Neither of you wanted your time together to end.

“You will write to me, won’t you?” You asked, turning your head to look at him. Since his confession to you, you had rarely missed an opportunity to admire his features because of the simple fact that now you could.

“I’ll see if I can find the time,” he replied cheekily.  

“Oh, ha ha,” your sarcastic tone not going unnoticed by Sirius. “Honestly Black, you should be a comedian.” You fling the covers off of you whilst you search through a cabinet in the corner of your room, leaving Sirius in the bed alone.  

His eyebrows furrow slightly at your sudden decision to get up, but he disregards it, more intrigued in what you said. “Oh yeah? What’s one of them?”  Sirius noticed you were distracted with finding whatever you were looking for so he gave a little cough to get your attention.  

“Oh sorry. Erm, it’s pretty much a job where you tell jokes. If you’re good at it, then- AHA!” You exclaimed, jumping up and holding up a blank vinyl sleeve. “I found it!”

He looks at you in confusion. “Found what exactly?”

“You’ll see,” you smirked.

You carefully place the vinyl onto the record player and lower the needle. Soon enough, the static sounds stop and song starts. Climbing back into the bed with him, you see that the puzzled look on his face was replaced by one of fascination. You had to smile at that. “What, you’ve never seen a record player before?”

“No, I have. I’ve just never heard this song before.”

“Oh. It’s ‘Eight Days a Week’ by the Beatles. They’re a muggle band, probably why you’ve never heard of them.”  

“I love it,” he beamed. He suddenly lifted himself out of bed and offered his hand out to you, bowing slightly. “Care to dance, sweetheart?”

Giggling, you take his hand as he pulls you up. “Certainly, sir,” putting on your best posh voice as a playful smile tugged at his lips.  

At first, the two of you just circle around the room, his hands resting on the small of your back, and yours wrapped loosely around his neck, not caring if you weren’t following the rhythm of the song. But then he began to get more playful, spinning and twirling you around. When the song ended, you were both laughing at each other in adoration, happy that you could be with someone who you could still have fun with. Unfortunately, the effects of dizziness soon took over your body, so you had to sit down in order to stay balanced.

Sirius sits down next to you, still laughing slightly. “You have got to send me some of those.”

“I’ll send a new one with every letter I get.” You coyly smile at him, though he caught on to your thoughts.

“Well, you were reason enough, but now you and Beatles albums? Darling, I’ll be writing to you every hour.” And if that wasn’t enough to make you swoon, he goddamn winks at you.  

Merlin, the rest of these holidays were going to drag.

The first letter you got from Sirius was short. He let you know he got the Potter’s safely, and how unused to he was to their kind attitude towards him. He mentioned that James had already decorated his entire room for him with Gryffindor colours and images of you and the rest of the Marauders. Happy he had finally found people he could really call his family, you make your way over to your cabinet where you kept your vinyl records. As promised, with every letter you received from Sirius, you would send a Beatles song, this time choosing ‘Kansas City’. You mutter a quick charm to prevent it from scratching and write a quick note to him saying how you hoped he was enjoying it there. You attach them both to the owl’s leg and watch as it flies off into the distance.

It had been three days since you had sent Sirius your reply, and though you had spent almost all your time looking hopefully out of the window, you still jumped in shock when an owl flew into the kitchen, carrying a rather large looking piece of parchment. You rush over to the owl, stroking its feathers once before going to retrieve the letter.

You carelessly tear open the envelope and read the letter.


Just so you know, I will not be returning any of the songs you send me because I enjoy them too much. (Kidding – but please let me keep them for just a while longer).  

I love it here. Mainly because Euphemia makes me my favourite meal everyday but also because she’s just generally amazing. Yesterday I told her that I wished I was her real son and she told me to stop being silly, because she considered as much as a part of the family as James is.

It’s been weird not seeing you. I guess I got used to seeing your face whenever I woke up. When I listen to the songs I just imagine we’re dancing again.  

James says hi. - He said other things as well but I’m not going to repeat them.  

Miss you,  


You hurriedly write a reply and find a new record to send him. Eventually you settle on 'I Saw Her Standing There’, and once again, you were left to wait for his reply.  

So far, you had sent three more records for each letter Sirius wrote to you. There was no pressure on either of you to respond right away, you both knew that you would be seeing each other when Hogwarts started again. You didn’t really have any plans for this Summer, (Lily was in Italy and Remus said he was too busy studying for his N.E.W.T’s), so to say the knock on your door was unexpected would’ve been an understatement.  

You prepared yourself to talk to muggles but instead you were confronted with Sirius, wearing an ear-splitting grin.

“Miss me, Y/N/N?”

You run to him, his large arms enveloping you in a tight hug. “What in the world are you doing here?” You ask in disbelief.

He releases you and bends down to pick up a basket. He holds it up, showing it to you. “Picnic?”

You giggle, still looking at him in bewilderment before giving him a short kiss on his cheek. He tried to suppress his laughter at the fact you had to stand on your tiptoes to reach him. “Let me grab something.”

When you go back downstairs, you hear Sirius humming 'Hey Jude’ to himself, not aware you had returned. You walk past him and ruffle his hair, loving how soft it felt in your hands. He jolted slightly at your sudden appearance but smiled when you called back at him. “Are you accompanying me on this picnic, or are you just going to stand there and look hum the Beatles?”

He shakes his head at your comment, but catches up to you anyway. “You don’t even know where we’re going anyway.” He says smugly, halting you in your tracks.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I found a good spot, so you need to be accompanying me, sweetheart.”

Sirius led you through woods, and winding paths until you came to a secluded lake, a large grass bank surrounding it. “Found it on my way to the portkey to James’.” He looks at you anxiously. “So, what do you think?”

You try to wipe the look of complete awe off of your face, though unsuccessfully. “I think it’s perfect,” you whisper. “Thank you, Pads.”

You had to give credit to Sirius; the food he brought tasted amazing. The freezing charm he placed in one of the compartments even allowed you to enjoy eating ice-cream. Well, you say eating. Really you mean Sirius tackling you to the ground and attempting to wipe some on your nose. You talked about his previous weeks with the Potters in more detail, learning that James had bought Quidditch tickets for them both for the following week. When you had eaten as much as you could, you found a spot of shade beside the lake. Grabbing your bag, you rummage through it.  

“What are you looking for?”

You answer him by pulling out a book, its spine bent and broken, and holding it out to him. “It’s what I went back for. I was going to read it to you if you wanted?”

He nods eagerly, and allows you to rest your body against his stomach. You manage to read through four chapters before you become too tired to continue.  

Eventually, after half an hour of just lying next to one another, you both decided to head back when the heat from the sun became too much, both of you becoming exhausted from the sweltering heat.

The walk back didn’t seem to take as long, probably, you thought, because Sirius had taken you the scenic route to get there.

As you were walking through the village shops near your home, one of the items in one of the shop windows caught your eyes, suddenly sparking your interest. “I’ll be right back!” You shout.  

A few minutes later, you come out of the shop carrying a small bag. “What did you buy?” He asks.

“Oh, just food,” brushing off his question. But something about the mischievous glint in your eyes told him you weren’t being entirely truthful.

Sure enough, when you both got back to your house, you had quickly disappeared out of sight, leaving Sirius alone in the garden.

He doesn’t see or hear you approaching, but instead is alerted by your presence by cold water splashing on his back. He swiftly turns around to see you curling over yourself with laughter.  

“'Just food’, huh?”  

“Hey, water balloons are the best way to cool down. They’re right here if you want 'em,” you remarked.

“Well, I’m definitely in no position to refuse that offer.” He comes over to the bucket where you had placed all the full water balloons and grabbed a few. He throws one which hits your shoulder, and instead of shivering at the cold water, you welcome it as it makes the heat more endurable.  

You and Sirius continue the water fight for a few minutes, but the balloons quickly run out. You were both soaking, hair dripping and clothes tightly attached to your bodies. Various different colours littered the grass and the two of you were laughing at each other. You were determined to win, so you slyly go to get the bucket which had a small amount of water remaining at the bottom. When he turns completely away from you, you run up behind him and throw it. You knew you only had a few seconds to run away before he would try and grab you, but he was too fast.  You both fell to the ground, his arms pinning you beneath him. The water from his face falls onto your face, and he leans in, sweetly kissing you.  

When his lips finally detach from yours, you look up at him. “Love you too, Sirius.”

And even though you knew this summer hadn’t even ended yet, you couldn’t wait until next year.

Just a Day in the Office

a/n: I know that i have been dead for the past million trillion years. My first ever fic was overwhelming liked by the Hamilton fandom community. but this is not a Hamilton based pic. this is a fic about  the office… the only blog, that i know of, that does The Office based fics is @theofficeimagines  Anywho,, i hope you enjoy it, whether you follow me or you dont: i hope you enjoy

Pairing: Jim Halpert (The Office U.S) x reader

Prompt(s): “Is that what your parents tell you?” “No, they usually tell me I’m a mistake.” AND “Have you considered space?”

Warning(s): I just typed this up and posted it, no joke, so grammar or spelling errors, unedited 


Background info: if ya care to read dis: You are a salesperson at Dunder Mifflin and sit where the big post is by Stanley and Phyllis.

worlds: about 1,283 - pretty short

Originally posted by sweetscarlett

it was 8:56 am. four minutes till work officially starts. you and Jim decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator. you tell yourself its to change it up a bit, get a bit of exercise, but who are you kidding? you just took the stairs to more time to talk to each other before you have to go sell paper and printers for the next several hours. 

you giggle and smile shyly up at Jim as he opens the office door for you, he smiles at the back of your head and tells you with a chuckle, “okay, yeah, laugh it up sweetheart. i’m not the only one to ever trip while going up the stairs. in fact didn’t you so the exact same thing on halloween?”

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