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Johnny please let Doyoung love his baby ♥♥

This is ugly. Jackson loves the Tuans just as much as the rest of the boys, but he is not obligated to spend every waking moment with them. Ben Baller is a friend of Jackson and he’s already said he wants to hang with him, so even if he did (which he didn’t) it’s not a shot at Mark’s family. Now, we all know how hectic Jackson’s schedule is. If he isn’t filming in China he’s promoting with the boys. HE BARELY HAS TIME TO SLEEP. How is he rude for wanting to get some rest for once? He has a fanmeeting to attend that’s three hours long tonight, he’s freaking exhausted. No one says anything when they go to China and Jackson stays with his parents by himself without the other members. You all claim to want Jackson to rest 24/7 but I guess it’s clear that that only applies at certain times or when the mood hits you. Please leave him alone. Please stop making him out to be the bad guy in every possible situation. Thank you

It’s inconvenient truth time. 

Felicity Jones had the weakest performance in Rogue One. Like…it was not good. It was nearly impossible to connect with her as a character. There’s an emotional moment that relies on her ability to emote and the camera is focused on her face for an extended period and it just falls flat and even becomes awkward and uncomfortable to watch because she can’t sell it. All of the men of color in the film? Brilliant, heartfelt, emotional, strong performances. 

Which got me thinking about The Force Awakens. While Daisy Ridley does a decent job for it being her first film, her acting performance is, frankly, mediocre and the weakest of almost everyone in the film. There are key moments in the film where the emotional translation and meaning isn’t clear because her facial expressions and ability to physically emote lack necessary nuance and depth. The men of color in the film? Again, brilliant, heartfelt, emotional, strong performances. 

And what gets me is that Ridley got the role after like 3 months of auditions while John Boyega had to audition for 7 months and JJ Abrams had to have a come to Jesus moment with Disney execs because they were resistant to casting a Black man as the male lead. 

I’m just struck by how all of this is a blatant example of how PoC have to be twice as good and work twice as hard as white folks to get half as far. And to add insult to injury, even with a comparatively weaker performance, Ridley still got more leading role offers post TFA than Boyega and well all know that Felicity Jones is gonna get more shine & opportunities than the men of color in the film. I’m just tired of white people building careers and getting accolades on mediocre performances and calling it progressive because they happen to women, meanwhile PoC are consistently excellent and continue to be ignored and sidelined. 

“I want a LGBT film that has well  rounded characters” 

“I want a LGBT film that has an interesting story”

“I want a LGBT film that has good subtext”

“I want a LGBT film that has a happy ending”

“I want a great LGBT film”




Bump: Sebastian Stan imagine

Finding out that you were pregnant wasn’t a surprise. It wasn’t like you or Sebastian where doing anything to protect against it. No condoms nor birth control, yet neither of you brought up even the idea of having a child.

You knew you were pregnant when you woke up one morning and it seemed like everything in you was nauseous and dull. You knew you had to be pregnant. Sebastian finding out was even a better moment. 

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The most “zen” I’ve ever felt was when I was working in a darkroom, developing prints of my own black and white film photography. That was fulfilling for reasons I can barely explain. Seeing my negatives come to life again was like time-traveling or revisiting faded memories in HD. Single moments captured in time - not special moments, not really, just short breaks from mundanity to admire a cicada shell or the creases in a friend’s lips.

It was an opportunity to think about ephemerality and my experience of the present, all while creating and acting out a chemical ritual… a way to satisfy artistic, spiritual, and scientific impulses all at one time.

What I took away from Fantastic Beasts:
  • First moment Percival Graves came on screen I accidentally and audibly said “Daddy” in the theatre
  • I am married to Jacob Kowalski 
  • I am Jacob Kowalski. I am married to myself. 
  • I enjoyed the little furry man who wanted the jewelry
  • First moment Percival Graves started fighting Tina I accidentally and audibly growled “Kill her” in the theatre
  • Realized in that moment I’m a bad person
  • I really love Jacob Kowalski you guys I don’t even give a fuck about wizards actually I just love Jacob Kowalski I would watch a film of him canning beets. 
  • There were some beasts also and they did a good job

I really hate how the films never wanted to linger too long on Snape’s Death Eater days. For example, the Snape’s Worst Memory scene never even showed Snape calling Lily a “filthy Mudblood”, and all his memories from Deathly Hallows never showed his turn towards Voldemort’s ideology. Those moments are dark, especially for someone you are trying to make your antihero, but they are so essential. Instead, the films just paint him as an embittered heartbroken victim, and Snape is much more morally grey.

Let’s just get into the full Christmas spirit by looking at some of the sweetest moments from pieces of Jaspar vlogmas 2014 which was when love happened

Can you put on the present I bought for you?

Joe and I are about to film our special scene

It looks like a romantic scene because I got my arm like this

“looks like a romantic scene”

sure, it only looks like this

ain’t no love in the air here

Look at this domestic cuteness

Joe really likes to do close-up shots of Caspar

For Christmas I just want some reins to put them on Caspar

Calm down there mate

Caspar’s smug face after his massage prank on Joe :’)

I’m so annoyed

Nice annoyed face you got there

Anyway, this was very random and not a proper analysis, more like random shots, but if you enjoyed it give this video a thumbs up I might do a part 2!

Today’s question that can be easily answered with the word “racism”– Why did everyone think Kylo was abused as a child?


I mean, we see it in the news all the time. A white man shoots up a school, and we need to have instant coverage on every moment in his life, from his siblings to his dog to his prom date, and we have to pick everything apart to find the reason he did what he did, rather than just– I don’t know. Acknowledging that some white men are entitled assholes who think they’re allowed to do whatever they want?

(Compare to any nonwhite men, who must have done it because [insert reasoning based on race or religion here.])

And this happened exactly the same way it always does with Kylo Ren (or, for these folks, Ben Solo.)

The second the film came out, everyone just assumed Snoke showed up and bullied Ben Solo into submission at age five, and because Han and Leia criminally abused him, Ben became mentally ill and turned to the dark side at age fifteen. 

But there’s… nothing that suggests that specific line of reasoning?

Sure, Snoke was watching Kylo from a young age (at least, from Leia’s perspective.)

Sure, it sucks ass to have voices in your head that you don’t like (though there… doesn’t appear to be evidence that Kylo didn’t like having Snoke around.)

And sure, Han and Leia may not have been the best parents.

But Kylo went to the dark side when he was a full-grown adult. He went dark at 22, just seven years before the film. He was never the innocent, poor tortured child everyone thought he was. On the contrary, he’s an entitled man who thinks he deserves to be just like Vader.

Adam Driver’s comments on Kylo’s family can also be chalked up to his own entitlement when you compare them to Pablo Hidalgo’s words on the matter. 

As @the-bi-writer put it, Kylo essentially had the same type of parents as someone whose parents worked a lot. As much as I hate to be the guy who talks about what is and isn’t abuse, you need to have a pretty lax definition of neglect for this to count– hell, Han was still around in Bloodlines, he wasn’t even an absent father then.

There was never anything specific to suggest a tortured boy.

Fandom made that up.

Just like we made up a whole bunch of other stuff. There are thousands of tropes and concepts we made up, and when we combine this sympathetic view of young Kylo with the entire fake personality given to Hux and the characterization of Finn as ‘aggressive’ or ‘disrespecting Rey’s boundaries’ and the fact that some people still think Poe isn’t part of the new trio, it’s pretty obvious that the things fandom makes up are generally racist.

Ok ok ok! I just…this fucking film, people! I was laughing and smiling throughout! So many bat references, so many shippy moments! Just. So. MUCH!!!! Anyone wanting to avoid spoilers just fucking scroll past cos I’m on mobile and I can’t do that keep reading linky shit! (Also apologies for language but I’m so hyped up right now on cake and gay and happiness and BATJOKES!)

List of what Mellie fucking adored about Batjokes: The Movie (aka Lego Batman Movie)

Man in the MirrorI died. Every single fucking time! Opening the movie with a quote from the lyrics and then having it playing at Gordon’s party and then using even more of the lyrics throughout? God! It was just bliss!

PEW PEW PEW!!!! Aaaaaah! This was so fucking CUUUUUUTTTEEE! The way J came out guns a-blazin’, shooting up the place making those noises! ASSGDAAAH! And then the rest of ‘em doing it later! It was just the best!

Blinkity blink blink blink! Ahahahaa! You ain’t foolin’ NO ONE J!

Bruce not being invited to the JL anniversary party. WTF Supes? Just…what. the. fuck?! Actually, sad lonely Bruce was so fucking heartbreaking in this movie I just wanted to hug the crap outta him! This film did that surprisingly well. He’s presented as an arrogant prick but he’s such a sad little sweetheart underneath! I cry. So much.

Unhappy J slouching in his seat Ohhhhhhhhhh! Poor sad little clown baby! J was just too fucking KEEEEEYYYOOOOOOTTTTEE throughout this movie! His facial expressions just made me wanna die and can we just all take a moment to appreciate Zach’s vocal work? His voice was just gorgeous, I think and he did such a great job of mixing the crazy with the vulnerable without ever going over the top! Same for Arnett. He’s a legend and I love both of them to death for what they’ve done.

CONDIMENT KING! I. Fucking. Lost. My. Shit!

Rick Astley Ok. Anyone who knows me well will know of my deep love for the genius of Rick Astley! And when that started playing, even if only for a couple of seconds, it made my heart leap with joy!

Robin!!!!!! He was so cute and sweet and so not annoying that it was a wonder to behold! And don’t even get me started on his excitement about having two dads! That strikes a deep personal chord with me and I just wanna fucking smush the little bundle of plastic’s face and squish him to shit!

“British robots! Google it nerds!” ok so I dunno if I got the quote exactly right but I fucking squealed at that bit! What can I say, it’s the Whovian in me?!

Jerry motherfucking Maguire!?!?!!!!

Bane! Just fuuuuuck! They used the Tom Hardy voice for him and I was just wetting my self!

BATJOKES! Ohmyfuckinglifesomeonekillmenow! The moments between J and B just ASSSHGAAAAAAAAAAA!!! J’s sad face, B saying he doesn’t do “ships” (fuck you bruce we all know you fuckin do!) and J screaming cos Bruce loved the film Serendipity! Aahahahhaaa! That moment when J first tells Bruce he hates him, holding his hands together and those fucking eyebrows all curved upwards *clutches heart* and Bruce being stubborn by only saying “me too”, I need twenty thousand fics about that moment RIGHT THERE stat! And when Bruce starts hitting those villains just to make J jealous! And don’t even get me started on J’s comment about Bruce being a briefs man! Also, ALSO, at the end, when Bruce chin bumps J’s face just made me hug myself with joy! Das so cuuuuute! And including that sad J face when Bruce is being shown what a bad personal he is? Oh, come on Lego! But the moment that got me (and probably everyone else) was Bruce saying how he needed Joker and everything he did was just for him and… YOU HAD ME AT SHUT UP!!!!

I HATE YOU FOREVER Don’t fucking touch me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God, there were just so many other things too, like the fact they’ve made the Gordons POC and all the nods to the other bat movies made with the score and the fact that Ralph Fiennes is voicing Alfred and Voldemort is in the movie too? Ahahaha, it’s all too much! I need to see this film a billion more times and just bask in all the details I’m probably forgetting and just AAAAAAAHHHHH!


“One of my favourite scenes, which is a perfect example of what [director] Jeff [Nichols] does so masterfully, is when Richard and Mildred come back to Virginia. They’re not saying a word and Mildred just takes a moment to feel the sun. In that moment, without any dialogue, you not only sense what coming home means to her — you also feel it. You feel the temperature, you feel the light, you can smell. It’s like adding another dimension to watching a movie.”

“And it’s not just that, you see him looking at her. And the tiniest bit of a smile breaks through his reserve, because he’s given her what she’s wanted so badly. And then he looks up the road, where all the bad things may come from, and he feels the anxiety again. And all of that happens in a few seconds of screen time.”

–  “Loving” producer Colin Firth describing his favourite moment in the film 

Top 15 unexplained larry moments

The most questioning moments in all of Larry history.

Starting off at #1 The standing out to film. What even was this? We all thought it might have been a coming out video, but we actually don’t know. Note how it’s just the two of them and supposedly Eleanor? (Debatable)

#2 The Wellington. What even happened here? It’s debated that Louis shouts “boyfriend” and “waitress” here. And apparently they kiss? They were obviously very drunk. Also note that the camera is blurry and it’s the only beautiful footage we have.

#3 The almost kiss. During a radio interview Louis doesn’t think the camera is on him and harry, so he turns his head and somewhat puckers his lips, kinda asking Harry to “kiss me” Harry then takes notice of the camera and jokingly slaps Louis’ cheek. Louis sees that the camera is on them then mouths “oops.”

#4 The couch moment. What exactly happened here? A “I’ll just causally whisper something supposedly dirty into you ear” moment? Well what ever happened made Louis have a “loaded gun” for the rest of the night.

#5 The chocolate coin fight. Somehow opening chocolate coins lead to throwing them at each other, which lead to the “Now kiss me you fool!” Totally platonic right? (not to mention Harry tweeted “chocolate coin problems” which is a code for gay sex or this moment?)

#6 The same love performance. When Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Mary Lambert performed, Harry rested his head on Louis’ shoulder. Maybe totally platonic, or not; not to mention the song is about gay rights.

#7 The moment when Louis jacked off a fern plant and look at Harry. What even was that? Mid-interview and everything. Just looked at Harry and waited for him to look and then shamelessly did it. We saw that Louis. The poor fern. 

#8 The supposedly whispering into Harry’s ear. (as antis said) A famous concert part.  But his ear isn’t there, is he whispering into his cheek? 

#9 The “Harry’s getting head.” When Louis and Harry were questioned about what they were going to do after the BRIT Awards, Louis said, “Harry’s getting head.” They were all a bit drunk and then Harry high pitch squees and Louis smirks and licks his lips. Like ok, just friends.

#10 The Paris interview. That was extremely painful and sappy oh my. I don’t think I even need to go on about the flirting, the soft hair touches, the soft laughs, and full on heart eyes.

#11 The “How do you whisk?” Ok, on national TV Louis just so happens to forget how to whisk? Like we get it, you don’t cook, but do you really need a hands on example? Apparently he did, and he also mentioned how Harry loves sweet corn and how they live together, and how Harry does all the cooking. 

#12 The “My first real crush was Louis Tomlinson.” Harry said it so straight forward with such a serious expression. And the interviewer says “who” and Harry replies and later says “It’s mutual, we’ve discussed it.” Like ok. Then the lady says “That’s beautiful Harry” and he just nods.  

#13 The “Next to you.” The infamous “Where do you want to sit?” “Next to you.” And of course management’s right there and says “you can’t sit next to each other.” Which is an example of management’s ability to do what they want.

#14 The “Do you all want to get married and have kids someday?” Oh you know just answering it while looking into your pals eyes and turning away blushing. ‘100%.” from Louis. And then a “Even as young as you are?” And a “yeah” from both of them. 

#15 The “Lou can I give you a blowjob?” Ok, who even says that? During Niall’s interview you can hear Harry ask that. Which Louis’ responds, “I’d love it if you’d just wait.” And of course they’re whispering so they didn’t mean to get heard. Which makes Niall stop and laugh. Totally platonic pals. :)


Right so I know Collateral Beauty got really bad reviews, but I saw it today. The trailer intrigued me and a friend wanted someone to see it with her.

I don’t understand why it got bad reviews.

I mean, sure, I understand that a lot of those negative reviews were “the plot is stupid” or “the trailer was misleading,” but I honestly feel like people are missing the point. I feel like our society is so much like WHEN IS SOMETHING GOING TO BLOW UP THOUGH? Can’t we be patient with a film that is relying on dialogue rather than special effects?

Or maybe it’s because people don’t want to face harsh realities of life. Maybe we would just rather watch something entertaining and not think about the hard stuff and that’s why there’s poor reviews.

I felt the pain of the characters here. I understood we were dealing with abstractions. There were moments when what was said felt so honest and so real that it cut like a knife. “Yes, I was there in her laugh, but I’m also here in your pain.” “You don’t get to choose who you love.” Which brings me to the point of…

Collateral Beauty. What the heck is that term supposed to mean? People were saying wow, what a dumb phrase that means nothing. I’m not 100% sure what it means but it did get me a bit teary eyed (though I didn’t actually cry because I never cry at movies). I think it means that in every loss is beauty. In every blessing there is a curse. In every curse, there’s a hidden blessing. Yes, you lost someone you loved. But how wonderful, how beautiful is it, that she was there? That she existed? That you loved her and she you? It’s bittersweet. It’s loss that defines some thing’s value. Loss… value. The shadow proves the sunshine. Our lives are so fragile and people die every day, yet that fact that we are so fragile and our time so limited gives us a sense of beauty in life and loss and death.

So that’s what I think it’s about. Pain is the proof of beauty and love.

Or maybe the movie really did suck. But I thought it was wonderful.


“Vivien was very patient while Steiner dressed and re-dressed her hair and we made unmemorable small-talk between the shots. However, at one point the old man, who was obviously delighted with his model, said while brushing Vivien’s beautiful locks round his fat fingers, ‘I don’t really have to do anything. I just brush and it stays where I want it. You are lucky, my dear, you will never had to spend money on hairdressers.” Perhaps it was from that moment that Vivien took against her own hair. She could be oddly perverse about things that people praised and she appeared to disliked her hair forever afterwards, always wearing a wig on-stage, and often off-stage, when possible.” -Angus McBean

incoming christmas feelings

so in UK land its just ticked over to Christmas day and as I prepare to go to sleep I’m feeling mushy as fuck so prepare your anuses (ani? eh who cares) aANYWAYH

i wanted to take a moment to thank someone who’s literally been the best thing that has happened to me this year. And no I’m not talking about Stefan Karl Stefansson, god bless his heart. I’m just talking about Steph, (Star, Starbot, yknow) and I can already feel the son comments on this oh boy here we GOOOO

but yeah so essentially not many of you will know this but before this channel became a part of my life I wasn’t doing super hot. My aspirations had always been to act, do YouTube, and to make films, but that was a far-fetched, dream, a silly idea for me to daydream about while I got on with a “real” job. It was around May last year, when I was doing the last of my Secondary school exams that I realised how I would need to make some serious choices soon. And given that I had no idea what choices to make… let’s say I was sorta desperate for some guidance. That’s when Steph came along.

See I had no idea what this channel would’ve become when my friend sent me the Starbot Dubs audition video. i’d never heard of this channel before, hell I never watched comic dubs before aside from some SuperShadic here and there. I was just happy to be on board, I figured it’d be something to do over the summer and nothing more but BOY WAS I WRONG

The person I met when I first signed up for this channel, I never expected to be the person I’d know now, or rather I never expected to be quite as indebted to them as I am. She was the first person I’d ever met who was smart, efficient, hard working, talented, and most importantly, fun as hell to work with and who’s probably the best friend I’ve ever had. It was seriously more than a blessing to think of how narrow my chances were of meeting someone who changed my life quite this much.

And I do mean changed. as you see after Summer ended I fucked off to my new school and well it was SHIT

The channel had helped me realise that my passion was for film, and that getting an A level in Drama, English Literature and Psychology wasn’t gonna help me achieve that. I was bloody terrified of my choices. I feared there was no way out. I was too scared to let anyone know how bad I was doing. And by the time I did, no other school would take me. So now this channel is my job, it’s all I do. And next year, I’m gonna be going to a school where I can do what I love, and pursue a life I’ve always wanted. That’s how much this woman has done for me and I genuinely don’t want to imagine what kind of a shithole I’d be in if not for her.

All I’m saying is, I am the person I am because of her, and although she might be busy most of the time, she is my best friend, and I hope to God that doesn’t change anytime soon. I love her to death and wouldn’t want anything bad to happen. THAT IS PLATONIC LOVE YOU SINFUL FUCKS I SEE YOU THERE

anyway yeah merry christmas 

okay but can we just take a moment and appreciate this?

when we first saw bts’s short films, we only saw them in the realms of the hyyh/wings series.

but after reading the lyrics to bts’s new album, we can see that it’s so much more.

like in jungkook’s short film, he was crying for his “hyung”. we took it as him crying because somebody died and/or he was forcing himself to let go of his past and loved ones. 

his solo was a love letter to his members, about how they took in his 15 year old self and cared for and raised him. How they “made him”. How whenever he sees his hyungs cry, he wants to cry instead and whenever they’re sad, he wants to die.

in rap monster’s short film, we saw him in a wall of mirrors. we thought it was him reflecting on himself for not picking up taehyung’s call and being there for him.

his solo was the thoughts and emotions he has when he’s alone. It was a reflection of himself. It talked about how even though he’s loved by so many, he still feels lonely. How he’s trapped in himself and how he’s learned to become familiar with darkness.

in j hope’s short film, he took on a character with munchausen syndrome. His symbol is Eva, Demian’s mother. We took this as a continuation of his character in the I Need U and Run mv 

in his solo, he calls his own mother his “placebo” (which is the typical treatment for someone with munchausen syndrome) and tells her that now she can believe in him and trust him. That she doesn’t have to work hard anymore, that he is there for her.

In suga’s short film, we seem him automatically attracted to a broken down piano inside an abandoned building

in his solo, he calls the piano his first love and talks about his guilt for leaving it despite it always being there to comfort him throughout all of his struggles.

in taehyung’s short film, we see him locked in a cage singing the phrase “i’m sorry my sister”. we thought that he was saying this because his character failed to protect his sister from their abusive father.

In his solo, he not only says “I’m sorry my sister” but also “I’m sorry my brother”. In real life, Taehyung has a younger sister and a younger brother. He was talking to them through this song, and was begging for their forgiveness because he felt as if he failed to protect them from the things that life threw in their direction. Taehyung has been extremely busy this year with all of his schedules, it is possible that this song was the manifestation of his guilt for not spending more time with his family and being there to be an older brother to his siblings.

in jimin’s short film, we see this push and pull within his character. He looks at the camera smiling, but in the next frame he’s choking himself. We thought it was because he was forcing himself to pretend that he’s alright without j hope.

But in his solo, he’s asking his listeners to save him from his “lie” where he feels as if his true self is being swallowed up and forced to be something that it’s not. it’s possible that this is referencing the personality he has on camera and the personality he has off it, or maybe even referencing him being an international idol when he first started off as just a young boy.

in jin’s short film, we see him leaving the room and thus leaving all the symbols of the other six members. We see him burning 6 flower petals. we thought that this was his “awakening”, him forcing himself to wake up from the illusion of happiness he had with the boys throughout the hyyh series.

in his solo, he also speaks of six petals that he holds in his hands. this is still the same symbol that represents the members of bts. but, we also see him singing of how he can never fly like “those” flower petals and that he’s scared and hurt. Yet, despite this, he still wants to fight and run longer. This is referencing how he knows that he’s overshadowed by the other members of bts and he knows that he may never be able to shine like them. But he still wants to try his best and go all the way. Why? because those flowers are precious and beautiful to him and no matter the pain he may suffer, he still wants to fly and keep on going.

like the songs are not just to be seen in the context of the hyyh story, BTS took it and made it something extremely personal to them

it is here that their characters in hyyh are no longer just characters but true representations of themselves.

This is just a rough overview of each song, but literally no words can ever be enough for the emotions and thoughts that each member poured into their solo. Please go read the translations and learn more about the meaning behind their hard work.

Lee Sung Kyung: Even though the schedule was crazy busy, it was a production that allowed me to gain energy and healing through filming. I can still remember every moment as if it’s still alive. Everyone on set was beyond just colleagues and more like family. It was a production that overflowed with pure love and passion. I want to thank the writer who wrote a script of healing that allowed me to comfortably engage in acting, and the director and staff members who created the set. Being with the name ‘Bok Joo’ was a time of happiness.

Nam Joo Hyuk: I enjoyed filming so much that it made me wonder if I’ll ever get to act in such a happy environment again. I was happy to meet 'Joon Hyung’. When I received the script for the last time, I got very emotional and sad, thinking that it’s now the end. Every filming was fun, affectionate, and special. I was able to successfully complete it to the end thanks to the many viewers who loved Joon Hyung. Thank you so much.

anonymous asked:

Do you have think Jensen's heart was beating fast when Misha said those lines "I love you"?

I think Jensen was probably more torn by the sight of Misha, all bloody and beaten–saying those words with a strangled breath.

After all, he’s heard them from him before– in the middle of a dumb joke, the moment they see each other after a long break, in the shower– whispered against his ear with the rush of water …

But hearing them from that man, gasping and in pain … that probably made his heart hurt, and he couldn’t wait until they were finished filming that scene so he could just wipe the fake blood away, and hold Misha in his arms– hold a healthy, happy man, because that’s when and how he always wants to hear those words … slipped through smiling lips, carried on a laugh, and hiding a kiss just behind them.