just want to chat

inspired by a chat with my dear Sarah @wolfiezen. i just wanted to put together some images of zayn awkward running bc he’s cute when he does it lol :D

running into buildings like

gravity? i don’t know her

this one is so funny ajsgasjds 

bc football player!zayn & kids is the best thing to happen to me


running AND jumping? ADORABLE

run boys run!!

External image

this is me after i annoy my siblings and they get mad lmao



he’s just so cute i want to cry you guys

Paul and Paddy’s worst nightmare lol

gotta be you was a gem

and don’t get me started in the alternative version lmao

and to finish: running up the stairs never looked this cute

thank you for your attention! 

(none of the gifs are mine, all credits go to their owners)

Head canon that Mari could get into music but she would want something small, just to play for fun when she’s bored. Chat finds her playing on the balcony one day and she serenades him with “What’s New Pussycat” and he absolutely dies of amazement. 

Then she’d play the Twenty One Pilots cover of Can’t Help Falling in Love With You and he would fall head over heels in that moment.

Please do not repost/reupload/edit

Tried to go back to overwatch for the first time in forever, but it’s just not fun playing alone :(

i just wanted to showcase some fucking iconic nicks from the WGW chat… we have/had:

  • bunch of roombas in a trenchcoat
  • tiddyful hug
  • tiddy lovin’ gay assfuck
  • corvo attano’s thong
  • Gay and Tired
  • muscle lovin’ gay assfuck
  • artisanal cheese
  • beefcake connoisseur
  • moon moon deity ver.
  • pisz, Julia! (or piss, Julia! depending on who you ask)
  • outsider’s crooked cock
  • Xx_tiddylover_xX
  • gAY
  • Reese’s Pieces
  • DAD ZEN 

if you nerds remember more then feel free to add ‘em; @keearis, @tendous-satoris, @kakuseis, @dadmondmiles