just want this on my blog cuz i accidentally deleted the others

Please read

Since I’ve been losing a lot of followers on a daily basis, I just want to say that this blog is clearly a multifandom blog, and I post about all the groups I’ve mentioned in my description, (infinite, got7, monsta x, seventeen, knk and exo) and some days I post about one group more than the other. I sometimes even post about only one group the whole day. (It all depends on my mood)
When I do post, I usually always post in short bursts of spams (because that’s just how I always ran my main blogs), so if any of you dislike what I post or any of the groups I blog about, then please unfollow this blog right now, because it’s really discouraging to lose 5 followers every time I reblog. No one is obligated to follow this blog, and what you want on your blog is completely your choice so PLEASE do not feel bad. Your also doing me a favor because I want to start fresh and I don’t want to feel bad about what I post. Thank you