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so i was playing junkrat and there was this mercy that kept hanging out with me. my sister thought it looked like they were on a date, so she switched to roadhog and tried to separate us, but we ended up hanging out again. 

When the victory screen showed, all i saw was roadhog exiting in the distance in the most tragic manner.

also we found a very fitting song

the REAL klangst (and utter disappointment) is lance turning out to be straight and keith developing feelings for lance but lance mistakes his affection as platonic, and so keith’s love goes forever unrequited.

keith would be hurting all the time but tries to hide it, especially when lance is around, but whenever lance notices the suppressed pain in keith’s eyes and asks him what’s wrong, the burning wound in keith’s heart only grows bigger and digs deeper as he hurriedly fakes a smile and assures lance that everything’s fine, trying his best to never give away the tiniest inkling that he’s the cause of his suffering. lance’s worry never ceases though as he still feels that keith is hiding something from him; that he’s not telling him anything because keith doesn’t trust him, that he’s not of enough worth or value to be trusted or depended on. both progressively start distancing themselves from each other for a very selfish common reason- to not get hurt by the other’s oblivion, never realizing how much pain and suffering each causes the other


All is not fine in the House of Dahl.

So… Mimi is a Dahl now. What’s her relationship with Vivi, then? Well, not a very good one, that’s for sure. Yikes, family rivalry.

Love & Joy & Me & You

I hope someday I can spread love and joy and hope and happiness and peace and kindness and support and friendship the way Jared and Jensen and Misha do….

They inspire me and I would love to be “the smile that lights up the room”

and “the one everyone is just drawn to…”

Don’t let life make you bitter.  Life should make you better.

I love this fandom.  I even love the anons who leave me hate notes about my Sam stories.  I love you too because you are humans and you deserve it.

Since I joined here and have made a nice handful of friends…I am happier, lighter, more easygoing.  And I write better.  And I hope to inspire some of you and bring you some joy in your life…

I’m tagging people…

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