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Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

i’m a nice person until you insult sam winchester

I wasn’t planning to do one of these, but 2016 can’t end fast enough and I think we all need some love at the moment so whatever. This year may not have been the best overall (understatement of the year, 2016 was a disaster), but I also made a bunch new friends who became very dear to me so I can’t say that everything that happened in 2016 was the Worst because I’m too happy to have found some of you.

Everyone on the following list is quite precious to me! Some are new (thank you for following me), some have been with me forever (thank you for staying with me), some allow me to get on their nerves a lot and actually talk to me (i love you, darlings! ♥), and I can’t believe that most of these guys are actually following me (seriously, you’re all way cooler than me), but no matter what, you all deserve the best!

Happy New Year! Let’s hope 2017 will be kinder.

Special Mentions: @taurielsilvan – My dear little sis. Life woulnd’t be the same without you. ❤ • @ladyalatariel – My wonderful & amazing Ylva. • @blaackpanthers – Olivia, darling. Making me jealous by showing me her dog all the time. • @lucifersmaze – Izzie aka the one that makes sure I get some sleep. • @jacontodd & @luciocorreiaa – My children Kesh & Prairie who never sleep. • @skyyequake, @karlurbans & @obiwanjedi – Always there to listen, always a pleasure to talk to. • @celebrlan & @eveenstar – Sam and Mr. Frodo and just overall precious cupcakes. • @spacvengrs & @ravenrcnan – The cutest.

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                                                                ( art cred. ) 
honestly this is so lousy, but can i just say thank you? you’ve been such an amazing part of my experience and the idea that i have managed to gather a wonderful group of sweet, kind and thoughtfully talented people is so baffling. all my threads have been amazing, i’ve seen my own improvement as a writer and finding myself more confident in myself amongst a sweet group of people who have kindly accepted and gotten to know me over the weeks. i’m so immensely grateful for every single one of you, seeing you around on my dash and enjoying your lovely presence always makes me look forward to be here. 

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Thank you, all of you, for following me and helping me make this blog as great as it is. Keep being positive in life!!!

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5. “I’ll walk you home.”

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Sorry if this isn’t as fluffy as you guys like it to be but I’ve just been having pretty bad and tiring days at work so I felt like writing something chill. Hope you guys like it nevertheless ~

Another date, another night at the studio – y’know, just one of the things you had to get used to when it came to dating someone like Kiseok.

He tried his best, though. That you knew. But having you voluntarily deliver meals to him for the past week despite him reassuring you that it was perfectly fine got him feeling hella bad and just when he thought he could finally take a break for the night and take you out on a date, the car ride home after he had picked you up from work just had to make a return trip back to the office when Gray made an urgent call to him after pointing out a problem in the track they had been working on.

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i drew some clef! because secretly i am actually scp trash i kno im horrible

also as u can see i have no idea how to draw a ukulele or someone holding one

non gif form under the cut!

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