just want cake

  • Ravenclaw: I decided to go on a diet.
  • Hufflepuff: Oh yeah? Would you like me to recommend some healthy tasty snacks to you?
  • Ravenclaw: No, it's fine, I gave up on the diet.
  • Hufflepuff: Why?
  • Ravenclaw: Because cake exists.

all good things in life start with the letter b

- bacon
- birthday cake
- ben wyatt
- bouncy castles
- bo burnham
- blue raspberry flavored candy
- brendon urie
- boy, fall out
- bread served at restaurants before the food
- burnin’ up by the jonas brothers


I can’t see Albus willingly walking into Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, even for Scorpius, so instead I like to think he stole his brother’s invisibility cloak and whisked Scorpius away on a late night date to the lake. It included a picnic (which was 100% sweets and cakes) and stargazing, because sometimes the most magical moments require no magic at all ♥︎


happy belated valentine’s!

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meliss-cake  asked:

do you like the next generation? If not, why?

I don’t like the next generation of Naruto at all.

They’re the least aesthetically pleasing bunch I’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing, especially Boruto, with his weird-looking banana hair. I mean, which side of the family does he get it from? How does it make any sense?

And regarding his temperament, you’d think with both of his parents around he’d at least be a bit more disciplined and less obnoxious than Naruto was in his youth, but no. He’s a carbon copy of his father in his youth, through and through. Himawari is no better - sure, she looks cute (oh wait, no she doesn’t) but 

unrealistic, unrealistic, and unrealistic, with a side of stupid, stupid, and more stupid.

It doesn’t matter if your mother is from the Hyuuga clan and your father is an Uzumaki with the Kyuubi inside of him. NO ONE has that kind of power at that age. Think about it: her mother was basically useless until she ended her ninja career as a Chuunin, and her father wasn’t able to hone any of his skills until he was twelve years old, and his life had been in danger.

What happened to Himawari for her to unlock such power? Oh right, her stuffed animal got torn. 


As for the SasuSaku aspect - other than the fact that Sakura basically turned into a housewife and could have done so much more with her life - most of it focused on the drama about whether or not Karin was Sarada’s actual mother instead of Sakura, solely because of the fact that she wears glasses. 

Like, is this really the most important thing they have to focus on at that moment? Do the shinobi - the Hokage - have nothing better to do?

Then, it was Sarada’s determination to find her father who - oh wait, tries to kill her the moment they finally meet due to him not even recognizing her.

And the sole fact that Sasuke and Sakura’s own daughter questioned the stability of their marriage is so, so stupid. Ninjas, with such incredible power and the ability to make changes in the world that need to happen, worrying about crap like this.

Boruto has turned Naruto into nothing but a shoujo manga at this point, trying to incorporate tasteless domestic content and humor in a way that appeals to audiences who don’t know any better. Every aspect of it is wrong and totally against the fundamental meaning of the original Naruto series as a whole. It’s sickening, and I’m so disappointed in Kishimoto for letting this happen.

It's the thought that counts.

He Tian: Alright… let’s see what’s in here.
*opens the fridge *
He Tian: *reads the recipe* It can’t be that difficult.
GuanShan: I’m home. He Tian, did you saw the firefighters downstairs? Something must happ-
He Tian: Happy birthday!



Everybody say my name! It’s my birthday!” 🎈🎈🍰🎇

Happy birthday, dear sunshine TEN! Our eternal beautiful smile, sweet lover, innocent baby, you’ve been blessing our eyes and hearts with your hardworking, spectacular performances and even during hard times your smile never faded! You are the best like always! The one who always helps the others before him, the one who always makes you smile, the one who always makes your heart flutter…once again, happy birthday precious baby!♥♥♥♥♥


jasper jordan appreciation week » day 2 - favourite quote
˪ 2x06 - jasper’s first attempt at holding a motivational speech