just wanna smooch him

trashy-scribbles  asked:

Me every time you draw Jefferson: look at those eyeBROWS. Look at those bODY PROPORTIONS. Look at that nOSE. Look at those lIPS. Look at that hAIR. JUST LOOK AT HIM.

Goal when drawing tjeffs: make people wanna smooch the art

anonymous asked:

Crosshairs, Bumblebee, Drift

Kiss, marry, kill.
Send in three names for the mun and/or muse to pick from!

Raising a servo to rest upon his helm, Roadbuster vented. “ This ain’ gonna be easy..”

Kiss: Drift…. I like the lad..
Marry:.. Crosshairs. Know the bloody bastard knows how tah deal with wreckers.
Kill: Oh boy… Sorry Bumblebee but ya got that spot there lad

selfinsertheaven  asked:

I saw that you ship yourself with Sully form Monsters Inc! Do you mind telling me about it?

oooooo goodness me /////

I don’t even have a backstory on how we’d get together; would it be a monster/human thing or a monster/monster thing??? how would me as a human and him as a monster even work?

All I know is that he’s probably the first ever F/O I had cuz when wee lil me was like- 4 or 5 watching Monsters INC for the first time I saw “Kitty” and thought he was so cool that I’d love to be friends with him. timeskip like- to when im 13 and watching it again and im just like WOWIE I WANNA SMOOCH HIM–

I’ve never really done much selfshipping with him- but again, he’s got a huge softspot in my heart that everytime I watch Inc or University and see him, I wanna smooch him QvQ

abemiha au where mihashi is the sweet flower god and abe is the grumpy storm god and one day mihashi comes out (with much blushing) to thank abe for watering his plants all the time and abe looks at this sweet lil birb and thinks that he’s gonna start paying more attention to the earth now