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Hearts Don’t Break Around Here (Part 1)

Characters: Bones x Reader

A/N: a little fluffy fic based on ed sheeran’s song “hearts don’t break around here.”  Legit it’s my favorite song on the album.  It’s just so sweet <3 This is just a little something to tide y’all over until i get to doing my massive spring break write a thon.  prepare yourselves.

p.s. there aren’t any specific parts planned after this, since there’s basically no plot, but it’s open ended, so i may add more when i need to post something nice and fluffy. <3

Warnings: None, just fluff

Words: 1385 (including lyrics)

tags: @outside-the-government @feelmyroarrrr @yourtropegirl @malindacath @jimtkirkisabitch

She is the sweetest thing that I know

You should see the way she holds me when the lights go low

Shakes my soul like a pot hole, every time

Took my heart upon a one way trip

Guess she went wandering off with it

Unlike most women I know

This one will bring it back whole

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Why is Ja/al's the "worst romance" ???

Well I’d like to say before I start that if you enjoy this romance I’m totally cool with that. But without further delay: hoo boy. Where do I begin?

1. The clear targeting at straight women is distracting. I can’t imagine what this romance would have been like if Jaal were bi. (Even though I still wish he was…)

2. This is creepy as hell. What, can he not have a normal conversation without saying he wants to eat Ryder out or whatever he’s implying? (Vore maybe?)

3. He’s honestly out of character. Maybe it’s just my interpretation but I saw him as a very soft and nice boy. In the romance he’s some ravishing sex demon who spouts innuendo. I was disappointed, to say the least.

4. He kind of acts like a white knight? I really get the vibe from his emails. (Or the condensed version) (Temptress?? Really?) Also though my Ryder had no hair so it was funny to read that part lmao.

5. I’m 99% sure he set up this date just to have sex with Ryder. You see that smirk on his face?? The way he barely listens to what Ryder was saying before he’s like “…Interesting. Wanna fuck?” He’s schemin’…I don’t see it as a nice gesture really and it set a bad tone for the entire romance. Mixed with the “devour” comment I honestly didn’t feel like he loved Ryder more than he just wanted to hook up, really.

6. The sex scene made me mad uncomfortable because of the above.

7. Please compare to this, aka the sweetest thing ever. Vetra tried something new, probably out of her comfort zone for Ryder, but she did it because she loved her. The way she gets choked up feels genuine to me, especially compared to Jaal’s shit.

8. I felt Jaal’s romance was targeted at a very specific Ryder, and it sure as hell wasn’t mine. This was my own fault for getting my expectations too high, but I assumed that, like most romances, if my Ryder was good friends with Jaal (as she was), they would have a similarly positive romantic relationship. I could feel her discomfort during every overly romantic gesture, and the worst part was that I couldn’t even break up with him!! Why? It was made for somebody else, and I can, in a way, respect that, but since this entire thing is my opinion it just didn’t fit right. Randi (my Ryder) deserved better.

9. Can everyone stop harassing Ryder over her relationship with him? Lexi is creepy, his mom sends me weird ass emails (I understand being interested in your son’s relationship but don’t ask me these things), and even SAM has something to say about it! Leave me alone…you’re all weirdos.

In summary (TL;DR) The mix of ooc behavior, white knight-ness, awkward sex scenes, and superior competitors (Vetra), Jaal’s romance ended up making me and my own Ryder uncomfortable and dissatisfied. I loved Jaal’s character and was severely disappointed. My advice, Bioware? If you’re making a character bi, make it Liam. He’s a good dude.

  • *watching Skam Season 1*
  • Jonas: *acts suspiciously, hides things from Eva*
  • Me: Jonas is cheating, omg, he's such a bad boyfriend I can't believe it, I'm so disappointed.
  • Eva: *talks to Ingrid* *kisses Chris*
  • Me: well, he's doing the same or more
  • Jonas: *apologizes* *tells Eva he's just doing drugs* *says he can't handle them breaking up and that he would never do anything to damage their relationship*
  • Me: omg Jonas is the best boyfriend ever, he's the sweetest, most caring guy. I wanna hug him, my poor boy
Summary: Dean takes care of Reader on her period: he feels awkward at first, but quickly lends a helping hand.

Shit, shit, shit, shit! Maybe I’m just hot and that’s sweat I feel in between my legs, and not blood, you thought. Holding your breath, you pulled back the covers to reveal your once white covers to be red. “Damn it!” you curse under your breath. This is nothing you haven’t handled before, and jumping out of bed you run to the bathroom with new clothes. Once you’re well protected against blood leaking, you strip your bed. 

Now for the hard part. You have to run to the bunker’s washing machine without any of the boys seeing you. Obviously they know you get your period, but it’s just not something you talk about with the boys, they’re like your brothers. Peering out your door, you see the coast is clear, and you begin speed walking to the washing machine, just down the hall. 

“Good morning sunshine!” You hear Dean call and you freeze. Today is just not your day. “Want some breakfast?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a sec. I just wanna throw some clothes in the wash!” You yell back, praying he doesn’t get suspicious. 

He doesn’t respond, and you continue walking down the hall, only to be scared by Dean putting a hand on your shoulder. You’re so startled you drop the bundle of blankets in your arm.

“Jesus, Dean!” You yell, accidentally sounding angrier than you felt. 

“Sorry….” He looks confused for a moment, “I’ll help you pick up your blankets. I just wanted to know if I could throw some clothes in with yours.” And with that, he begins bending down to get your blood soaked sheets.

“No!” You shout. Quickly recovering you say, “I’ve got it, go get your clothes." 

Sadly, Dean has already picked up the blanket, and sees the blood. He quickly drops the sheet, and grabs you. "Are you bleeding!? Where?” He’s panicked and looking all over you, for any cuts or signs of bleeding.

“I"m fine, Dean.” You answer, your face becoming completely red.

It takes him a second, but Dean eventually figures out what’s going on, you can’t get anything past him. Once he’s worked it out, his face goes red, and he hands you the blankets. “Is there anything you need?” He asks, cautiously. 

“No, I’m just gonna wash these and watch a movie or something." 

"Okay, I’ll….uh… leave you to it then.” And with that, Dean awkwardly walks away. 

Still embarrassed, you throw the blankets in the washing machine, and head back to your room. You’re completely startled when you see Dean with five movies, chocolate, and new blankets. 

He looks up and sees you, face going red he says, “I thought maybe you’d wanna watch these?” He hands you the movies, and of course you’ll watch a movie with Dean! This is the sweetest thing ever! 

Once the movie’s in, you both lay on the bed, you wrapped in blankets, him with his arm around you. 

“Thanks, Dean.” You say, snuggling up to him.

“No problem.” He says, and winks at you.

Today was going to be a good day.

Exo reaction when a little kid asked them to pick him up

Sehun: *surprise Sehun*Are you sure you want a hug for me?

Kai: Isn’t he the sweetest thing ever, makes me wanna pinch his cheeks!

Tao:*shy zitao*

Kyungsoo: *acts like he’s the fan*Will you let me hug you?

Chanyeol: I think I’m going to die from your cuteness! Come here and give me a hug before that would happen.

Chen: Can I say no to a cute kid like you?

Baekhyun: You don’t have to tell me twice little one!

Lay: You’re so cute, just like a little angel

Suho: Do I have a choice when your so cute and you’re looking at me with those eyes

Kris: *after he pick the kid up*  You get a kiss also cause you’re such a cute kid

Luhan: You want me to pick you up? then come here kido

Xiumin: Promise me you won’t go to the other member to hug them too! 

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Hi! If you're still doing prompts, would you be able to do something with Derek trying to ask Stiles out, but Stiles ends up doing something embarrassing/misunderstanding Derek?

“Okay,” Stiles tips his head back so he can look at Derek, tissue covering up his face. “What were you saying?”

“Don’t tip your head back,” Derek snaps, gently pushing Stiles’ head forward. 

Stiles makes a disgruntled noise, snorts blood, it’s disgusting and gross and Derek can’t believe he was in the middle of trying to tell this dumb fool he’d brought him coffee because he wants to date him. To be with him. Derek wants to be… ugh, boyfriends, or whatever dumb term Stiles would prefer should he say yes. Except, he didn’t get a chance to agree, or break Derek’s heart, because he was too busy breaking his face against a glass door. 

“You’re a moron,” he says flatly to the top of Stiles’ head. 

“I know,” Stiles groans, shudders, “Dude, it hurts, a lot.”

Derek slips his hand down to Stiles’, squeezes it tight. 

"You doin’ your mojo thing?”

He can tell without looking that Stiles is making ridiculous innuendo eyebrows at him. “Yes, sure,” he drawls, “My mojo thing.”

“Ahh, that helps, thanks,” Stiles pulls the tissue away, winces when he looks at the dried blood, “Gross.”

“Charming,” Derek reaches up to touch the bridge of his nose gently, “Does it still hurt?”

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