just wanna hug


Joanne. { @babyv } what’s the name? #1 coolness. #2 a lady gaga album. and obviously, #3 the epitome of zanessa. today, i’m sending u a billion bear hugs. radiating some good vibes. all the love!

i do, in fact, love you and i’m thankful for you and your amazingness as always. sometimes i look back at what started as a mutual following on tumblr and smile while lookin into the distance (kinda like gabriella standing by her locker and reading the note and being in absolute LOVE with troy. just to give a visual representation) and think about how it all blossomed into a wonderful friendship. incredible. i’m cryin in the club ft. camila right now. happy birthday you. peace, love, and quirrelmort. you are a real fave. much love, grace. ♥ 

anonymous asked:

My crush is the most wonderful human ever who is good at literally anything and it makes me so sad to see her doubt herself and I just wanna give her a hug and tell her how spectacular she is!! Also to just smush my face into hers....


(I love crush stories, oKAY??)

I keep on thinking about how many parallels Ruby has to Pearl (Like having a significant other of a high ranking, willing to sacrifice self for their protection, the going against ‘what they’re made for’, how their own experiences with love went to opposite sides of the spectrum, etc, etc) and it’s paINFUL

your fave is problematic: dan howell

- 2 squishy 4 life
- claims to be articulate but rambles a lot
- uploads videos “regularly”
- falls of his chair twice per month
- loves phil lester more than you
- also loves kanye more than you should
- legs that don’t end
- sleeps with a haru pillow wtf
- contemplates the universe facedown on the floor
- obsessed with his hair
- uses words like “spoilerino” and “hecky dizzle”
- “so my name is [dan]”
- twice as tall as a regular person
- unfairly beautiful
- why is his dimple sad
- he needs to be stopped
- who will stop this boy
- *raises fists*
- *pinches cheek v softly*
- fight me howell